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Swollen lymph nodes behind ear and one on neck for 6 weeks. Nauseous and tired. Blood work is normal. Any ideas on what this could be?

Swollen lymph nodes but no infection doc says, on amtrymitline for headaches, but what is hard lump behind jaw under ear if I have no infection?

Swollen lymph nodes in my neck for 3 month from throat infection. They are moveable and much smaller. I left it untreated. Will i need antibiotics?

Swollen lymph nodes near ears and down jaw line with no other symptoms. Causes?

There is a lump under my jaw , could it be lymph node from bad tooth or is it something else?

Took antibiotic for 10 days. Swollen lymph node under jaw on the R on day 9 and day 10 have another swollen lymph node in front of L ear. help?

Tragus swollen what's the cause?

Two enlarged lymph nodes behind right ear for over 10 years, had two abscessed teeth totally taken care of a year ago...Still same size. Why?

Was diagnosis with bell's palsy had CT scan it was normal. I have swollen lymph nodes and can't hear. Ear feels swollen could this still be bells or neuroma?

What antibiotic is good for swollen lymph node behind ear?

What are the nodes right below your ear?

What are the possible problems i might have? Swollen lymph nodes and pain behind eyes?

What can be the cause of lymph fluid causing swelling all over?

What can cause ear cartilage to be tenderness. Is there a gland there?

What can cause inlarge lymph nodes along scalp behind ear?

What can cause one swollen painless lymph node on left of neck blow ear?

What can cause swollen lymph node behind the ear?

What can cause swollen lymph nodes between ear and jaw?

What cause lymph nodes to enlarge behind a toddler's ear?

What causes a salivary gland behind my right ear and jaw line to swell ?

What causes swollen lymph node behind the ear?

What could be causing the following symptoms: swelling of lymph nodes in neck and "clogged" ears?

What could cause a swollen, painful lymph node in front of the ear?

What could cause chronic middle ear effusion in right ear in an adult? There's also a swollen lymph node behind ear present for 10 months (painless).

What does a bacterial/viral infection of lymph nodes located behind the ear look like?

What is it? I have one enlarged lymph node behind my ear - and just recently had my cartilage pierced on that ear. Is this normal?

What lymph nodes swell due to wisdom tooth infection?

What might be causes for enlarged lymph nodes near ear, in front of it?

What serious conditions would result in a lymph node swelling only on one side under jaw same side 3 weeks ago infected tooth was removed still swolle?

What tests would u run for right, unilateral, swollen nodes; 1 occipital, 2 posterior cervical & 1 on mastoid 3 months? Could it be dental abcess?

What to do if my armpit. I forgot to mention the one behind the ear. Could this be lymphoma?

What would cause drainage from one ear, swollen lymph nodes that don't subside and intermittent hazy vision in one eye? Thank you.

What's the most common cause for swollen lymph node behind ear?

What's the name of the lymph node located behind the ear?

Where are lymph nodes behind ear used for?

Which infection cause swell & pain to the occipital node?

Why did i get swollen lymph nodes behind the ear?

Why do lymph nodes behind your ear swell?

Why has my lymph node under my left ear been swollen for months? I have allergies but it's never been swollen for this long.

Why is my left tonsillar lymph node so painful? It's not swollen. PCP said WBC count is normal and to check with my dentist about jaw? Not eust. tube.

Why is ther pain in my wisdom tooth and lymph node?

Why would a lymph node be swollen above a childs eye, by the eyebrows?

Why would a pericardium be swollen?

Why would I have swollen lymph node in neck and behind ear swollen does this mean I have infection had a CT was negative?

Why would two lymph nodes be swollen above a childs eye, by the eyebrows?

Will antibiotics help with a infected gaged ear and swollen lymph nodes?

Will fluid behind my ear drum cause lymph nodes to swell?

Will impacted wisdom teeth cause swollen glands/lymph nodes?

Would dental infection cause sweinf behind ear lymph nides?

Would it be unhealthy to have the lymph node under my ear hurts when im eating?

Would lymphoma in a 4 yo present with only one swollen lymph node under jaw? He also has a perforated ear drum on the same side. Could that cause it?