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I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear I am not on any medication and am feeling very well is this normal?

I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear on the mastoid bone but no sign of infection and has been there for over a month what could it be?

I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear that is painful and has happened before. ?

I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear. Its been swollen for well over a year. Last night 2 holes opened up & started leaking puss?

I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear.. What can I do to get it to go away/reduce the pain?

I have a swollen lymph node behind my left ear. Very painful. It has been about 2 days. What could be causing it?

I have a swollen lymph node just below my ear and under my jaw. Been there about 3 weeks and fluctuates in size but is moveable and hard?

I have a swollen lymph node& a knot is forming in front my ear?

I have a tiny size lymph node that is swelling under my ear, also my Supratrochlear is swollen too, what could this possibly mean?

I have an earlobe infection in my right ear piercing, could that cause my right lypmh node on my neck to swell?

I have an enlarged lymph node behind ear. There was a near infection but dr concerned b/c very hard and immovable. Could this still be from infection?

I have an infected cyst on my head and swelling of the glands around my ear - could they be connected?

I have bilateral swelling behind my ears that is shaped like a long vessel. There is no pain. Is this my posterior auricular vein or lymph node?

I have had a cough AND have an infected ear piercing. Small lymph node under left ear is enlarged. Hurts to touch. Should I get looked at by my doc?

I have had a swollen lymph node at base of skull and my right ear as well as itchy scalp for well over two months. Any idea what this could be?

I have had a swollen lymph node behind ear and cough for 4 weeks. Not bigger. I did have eczema on scalp but now better, should I worry?

I have had a swollen lymph node behind my ear for my entire life. It is not painful and doesn't grow should I tell my doctor?

I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck behind my jawline for 3 weeks. I have taken antibiotics and it hasn't gone away. What could it be?

I have lupus and am remission. I have a sore on my ear , a fever, a large node in front of my ear and jaw pain. Can a swollen lymph node cause jaw pain. Dentist said teeth are ok. Derm says ear infec?

I have lymphoma and i can't hear out of my right ear but can hear my heartbeat most of the time I have swollen lymph nodes what can I do?

I have sjogren's. my left ear is full of fluid and not draining. now the tragus is swollen but no infection. Dr said maybe lymph node draining?

I have swollen lymh nodess behind my ear and a bad headache?

I have swollen lymph nodes and sore throat a week after wisdom teeth removal, what should I do?

I have swollen lymph nodes between ear and jaw. How can I get the swelling down?

I have two swollen lymph nodes behind my ears, I have no other symptoms. Size fluctuates. Why do I have them?

I have two swollen lymph nodes behind the ears. 1 just developed in a matter of hours and it's painful. Help!

I have very painful swollen glands on my jaw, in front of my ear, and my lymph nodes behin my ear and neck are swollen and extremely painful. I have seen a doctor and I was told that my body is fighting infection, but I don't have any other signs. Could t

I have what i think is a swollen lymph node in front of my ear where my jaw connects. what could be the cause of it? and should i go to a doctor?

I have what i think to be swollen lymph node in my neck behind my ear near jaw it doesn't seem to be getting larger but it burns what can cause this?

I stretched to an 8g and now my ear is swollen and bleeding. My lymph nodes behind my ear are swollen and tender. Im letting my ear close up. Plz help?

I think I have an enlarged lymph node behind my ear that is about a cm. Should i worry? It has been there for 3 years and i'm healthy?

I'm on antibiotics for tonsillitis and almost done with them, but my lymph node behind my left ear is sore and has a bump in it what can I do?

I'm on antibiotics for tooth infection. I now have large swollen lymph node right in front of my ear. Is this from my tooth infection?

I'm taking otodex for ear infection. Ear now feels swollen and lymph nodes are swollen. Is this normal?

I've been having a lot of sinus drainage and i've never had a swollen lymph node behind my ear from what i know. Can this cause this to happen?

I've had a 0,5 CM swollen lymph node for 2 months. Doc said nothing to worry about. Now I think I can see 3 wisdom teeth hidden in my gums. My ear/throat hurts. Can wisdom teeth cause a swollen lymph?

I've had a swollen lymph node behind my ear for years. Now it is getting larger. I have found 3 more on my other eye and on the back of my neck. When?

I've had swollen lymph nodes behind my ears an under jaw for like 2 months an been on 3 antibiotics an am currently on allergy medication not improving?

If a spider bit my ear would my posterior cervical lymph nodes swell?

If my lymph gland is slightly swolen, could that mean my tragus piercing is infected or being rejected?

If you have an ear infection, can you have swollen glands on the back of the head?

Inner elbow (below fold) is swollen. How do I know if it is the supratrachlear node?

Is a sunmandibular linmph node less than 1 CM normal?

Is it common for cancer to start or spread to lymph node behind ear? Male 19 no other problems except irritated outer ear skin.

Is it normal that lymph nodesm swell when ear is infected from peircing?

Is it normal to have bumps and ridges on the skull just around the ear? I noticed this for some time. Are there lymph nodes in the skull?

Is it possible that an armpit lymph node can swell with no pain from an infected wisdom tooth?

Is it possible that an enlarged lymphnode on your mastoid bone (behind your ear) be hereditary?

Is teething can cause enlarged lymph node behind/middle part left ear??

Is there a lymph node in between jaw bone and ear?

Is there anything that can cause sore swollen lymph nodes behind both ears?

Lower lymph node behind ear is swollen. Have had earaches & drainage, but wisdom teeth are coming in, too. Is it an ear infection or the wisdom teeth?

Lymph nodes behind ears, where are they located?

Lymph nodes under the ear is big about three months ,what is the seutibal treatment?

Might infected pirerced ears spread infection to the parotid gland?

My 10 month old had an ear infection and now a enlarge lymph node on the opposite side of neck behind ear. Is that normal?

My 2 year old son has swollen occipital & facial lymphs.The occipital lymphs have been swollen for 11/2 yrs.The facials go back and forth. Suggestions?

My 4 yo has a perforated ear drum that is being repaired in a few days. He also has a swollen lymph node under his jaw on same side. Related?

My 4 yo has a perforated ear drum that is being repaired in a few days. He also has a swollen lymph node under his jaw on same side.Related? Leukemia?

My 7 year daughter was recently bitten by a tick on her scalp. Now she has 3 swollen lymph nodes behind her ear. Will they go away by themselves?

My 8 month child has several swollen lymph nodes behind both ears. What can cause them?

My doc said I have infection cyst behind my left ear can this infection cause swollen lymph node and burning and inching in and around that area?

My dr wants me 2 see an ENT bc I have a hard lump behind my ear she doesn't know what it is said it might be a hardening lymph node should I be worried?

My four-year-old has a ear infection and and an URI. He has a slightly palpable supraclavicular lymph node in one side. Is this normal?

My glands behind my ears swell up the week before my period, is this anything to be concerned about?

My lymph node behind my left ear is swollen & has been for about a year. I have a noninfected psoriasis patch also behind my left ear. What's wrong?

My lymph node, behind the ear has swollen. L had severe fungal infection in my hair follicles.Isthe swelling related to the infection.

My one wisdom tooth is bothering me, and my one lymph node is swollen when will the pain go away ?

My soft palate is swollen from ear infection, what should I do?

My son is 15 months old and about 2 months ago he had roseola w/swollen glands behind ear they are still there and one in groin. Is this common?

My son is 2years and 6 month old. i have noticed lymph nodes behind his ears and neck when he was 4 month old and they are still there. is this norml/?

My Son is experiencing enlarged or tender lymph nodes for 4 weeks. He has a large lymph node swollen behind his ear and smaller ones throughout left side of neck. He was diagnosed over 4 weeks ago with Cellulitis of the cartilage on his ear.

My teenage son has a hard swollen left occipital node, and swollen node behind right ear for a year now. He's seen ENT, Immunologist and 3 other doct?

Need doctor's help! will lymph node infection go into ear and gums?

Normal to feel 4 or more cluster of occipital lymph nodes on toddler. Mobile and only one enlarged. Just got over ear infection.

On antibiotics for sebaceous cyst, it's resolving. Now lymph nodes swollen in neck on both sides. From the cyst?

Over the last day I have found a swollen lymph node behind my left ear, it is painless. What could it stem from? Is it cancer?

Pain behind ear, ear infection and lymph nodes little swollen?

Pain in ear and around ear. Swollen lymph node below ear, loss of balance. Had 2 abscessed teeth removed. Could another tooth infection move to ear?

Painful (not swollen) lymphnode under ear near jaw. Neckpain from sleep. I also clench my jaw and teeth when anxious. Should i worry for lymph nodes?

Painful lymph node behind the ear.

Pea sized palpable lymph node behind ear in neck. ENT says it is respiratory infection but ive had no symptoms. May feel another in neck, is dr wrong?

Posterior auricular lymph node is swollen, not painful. Have had earaches & drainage. Wisdom teeth are coming in, too. Is it ear infection or teeth?

Posterior cervical node is pea sized, ENT says tonsillitis. I had no symptoms except for ear soreness is that common?

Should i be concerned if a lymph node swelling behind my left ear persists long after an ear infection clears up?

Should I be concerned if I have swollen lymph node and ear fullness?

Should I be concerned with a hard, swollen lymph node and ear fullness?

Should i go in to a doctor if my lymph nodes behind my ears have been swollen for two weeks after gauging one size up? (ear stretching)

Sore nodes above ears, what is this?

Sore throat ; lymph node under chin and behind ear swollen . what does this mean?

Swelling under the jaw. Could it be lymph nodes? Or the salivary glands? I don't think it's my teeth or wisdom or jaw. Symptoms on my other question.

Swollen and painful ear piercing with lymph nodes around jawline. how to treat?

Swollen and tender below the ear?

Swollen lymph node behind ear around 1cm size. A bit hurts when pressed. No other symptoms. What is it?

Swollen lymph node following a bug bite behind ear, a week of antibiotics later, lymph node is still sore, tender, swollen, neck sore still?

Swollen lymph node only on left side underneath jaw infected tooth was removed Monday been on penacillin for a week why is lymp node still swollen?

Swollen lymph node under jaw and behind both ears under jaw 2 months and behind ears 3 days lack of sleep and drinking for 6 day and staph inf on head?

Swollen lymph node under jaw CT scan neg how do you know if you have Pathogens left behind the bone? Been swollen for 2 months

Swollen lymph node under jaw neck and behind ears under jaw 2 months ears and neck 2 days a lot of drinking and lack of sleep what can this be?

Swollen lymph node, painful to touchand moves around. Jaw pain ringing in ears. No fever at all! what could this be?