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15months old fever 101.12F, Gagging on saliva, pulling his both ears. enlarged lymph node behind/middle left ear means?

24 yr old with painless mastoid lymph node enlargement for 10 months and unilateral serious otitis media in ear same side as node. Possible cause?

A few swollen hard/some soft lymphnodes on collar bone. I have a sinus infection could this be why? Cbc normal

A lump show up behind my left ear in the crease, just before the ear lobe starts, is this a swollen lymph node and should I see a doctor?

Allergy flare up and two lymph nodes behind the ears mildly swollen - is it the allergies?

Are inflamed lymph nodes under my chin/jaw something I should visit my doctors over? Is it possible to rupture one if you put too much pressure on it?

Are there bumps behind your ears near scalp or lymph nodes? Not sure what I am feeling.

Bottom left molar is very painful when biting, jaw and lymph nodes hurt and are swollen (lymph node swollen only). Would extraction solve my problem?

Can lack if sleep and a lot of alcohol cause lyph node swelling behind ears?

Can a broken molar tooth cause swollen lymph nodes and nausea?

Can a decay tooth cause a large swollen node at the base of the throat?

Can a Infected tooth swell your lymph nodes in chest and neck? I needed a root canal for a while and the tooth was infected and my nodes are swollen.

Can a long-term wisdom tooth eruption cause symptoms like swollen lymph nodes under chin, behind ear and enlarged gland right under the tongue ?

Can a piercing cause inflamed lymph nodes behind the ear?

Can a sew in weave cause you to have a swollen lymph node behind ear.

Can a shellfish allergy cause swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck? Left side under ear lobe/had a lot of shrimp?

Can a sinus infection or an ear infection cause neck pain, more specifically, the lymph nodes? Is this a normal occurrence?

Can a tooth abscess create painful lymph nodes in the neck on the side of the tooth ache? I've had on/off lymph pain for about 3 mos.

Can a tooth that is cracked and rotten cause a lymph node behind my ear to swell and be a little tender?

Can abcessed tooth cause pain in ear and axillary lymph node swelling?

Can allergies cause a swollen lymph node? I had one behind my left ear. But it comes and goes...

Can an ear infection cause swollen neck lymph nodes?

Can an ear infection cause swollen tonsils?

Can an eye stye cause a swollen lymph node in the jaw/cheek area?

Can an impacted tooth lead to swollen lymph nodes, and cysts on the jaws line?

Can an itching deeply inside my ear cause an enlarge lynph node?

Can an outer ear infection cause a swollen occipital lymph node?

Can bell's palsy cause complete deafness in the ear and swollen lymph nodes down to the clavicle on the affected side of face?

Can byetta cause lumps or big lymph nodes near the ears?

Can cartilage piercing cause lymph nodes to swell behind the ear?

Can chikenpox cause a swollen lymph node behind ear?

Can compacted wisdom teeth and infections for a year cause shotty nodes in neck and armpit? Been on antibiotics twice need to be removed very costly

Can dry itchy (irritation?) ear skin causes lymph node behind ear to swell? Kind of hard and ever so slightly movable.

Can I fly with an outer ear infection ? Currently I have some mild discomfort and a swollen lymph node behind my ear.

Can impacted and cystic wisdom teeth cause a swollen lymph node on neck behind right ear?

Can infected pirced ears spread infection to the parotid glands?

Can my infected ear piercing cause the lymph nodes behind by ear to be tender?

Can my scalp be tender because of infected sinuses?

Can my wisdom tooth be causing the enlarged lymph node under my jaw?

Can one have bilateral posterior cervical reactive lymph node swelling on the neck after wisdom tooth extraction? If so, how long does it last for?

Can SCM cause mastoid process to be slightly enlarged. It's not sore not tender no ear infection. It's more razed up, rounder, than the other one ?

Can someone help please? My tragus is very swollen, what should I do?

Can surgically removing lymph node behind ear cause serious problems in future? 25 y old male, have 1centimeter movable node behind right ear.

Can teeth germ (germ on teeth) cause swollen lymph nodes under the jaw?

Can too many root canals cause cancer to the jaw,mouth, throat or lymph nodes?

Can tooth abscess and tooth infections cause enlarged lymph nodes in neck?

Can untreated ear infection/tooth abcess/sinus infection/gum disease cause lymph nodes in left supraclavicular? Any possibility?

Can viral conjunctivitis cause swollen lymph glands around the neck and ear area?

Can wisdom teeth cause swollen lymph nodes in front of the ear?

Can you give me suggestion: I have really annoying swooshing sound in ear and swollen lymph nodes!?

Can you have swollen or inflamed divercular without an infection ?

Can you tell me if there are lumph nodes inside mouth?

Can you tell me what is the cause of the swollen lymph node at the back of my ear?

Causes for swollen ear?

Could an infection in tooth or gums cause a swollen cervical lymph node in neck? I have been having problems with teeth on the affected side.

Could dying your hair and/or piercing your ears cause swollen, hard, kind of movable lymph nodes?

Could I have gotten a swollen node in neck due to otitis media?

Could it happen that a lymph node behind your ear kill you?

Could pierced ear infection spread to armpit lymph node?

Could sinus infections cause an inflamed lymph node in upper gum area?

Could swollen lymph nodes with normal CBC in neck be from wisdome tooth extraction 10months ago? Had bad infection & hole in sinuses at the time

Could the growing of wisdom teeth cause swollen lymp nodes and ear pain?

Cyst in my ear and was swollen. Now cyst is gone but ear is still swollen. What can I do at home?

Decreased hearing, middle ear effusion in right ear only, enlarged mastoid lymph node for 10 months. No history of ear infection. What could cause?

Do you have lymph nodes ON your ear? I know there are nodes on front of it and behind it on your scalp, but are there any ON your ear? Front or behind

Do you think I should be concerned if I have a hard, swollen lymph node and ear fullness?

Does infection in the jaw cause hashimotos?

Does lymphoma or swollen lymph nodes affect gums or jaw? Have been having issues with crowns breaking?

Does my 8 year old daughter need to go to the doctor for swollen lympth nodes & ears hurt?

Enlarged lymph nodes under jaw and down neck. Dead tooth with infection. Root canal scheduled in 3 weeks. Should nodes go down with just penicillin?

Firm lymph node behind my ear on my neck by jaw that's been swollen for a few months. what are the chances that's cancer? is that likely?

Gum abcess for 1 year no pain(draining). could this cause a lymph node in the posterior triangle on the same side to swell with no pain ?

Had a bad ear infection abot 2/3 week ago had 2 lots antibiotic its now 2/3 week after and node behind ear still swollen fluctuates in size biger/small?

Had node behind left ear swollen urgent care said no worries next day occipital node swollen was not painful until last night. Now it's very tender?

Hard, non-painful lumps in my neck. Thought it were lymph nodes, because I have the same behind my ears, but I have a cold now and they're not swollen?

Have lymph node behind ear is enlarged to about the size of a pea..Doesn't hurt , also have an abscessed tooth on same side, infection or cancer?

Have swollen lymph nodes behind ear, under jaw, skin near my Adam's apple is tender to touch and sometimes itchy and i feel constant stiffness there?

Having ear fullness. Also feels like lymph node behind my earlobe next to jaw is swollen. Ear infection?

Hello, I feel ache behing my ear and feel like something crawling in ear along with swollen lymph nodes. What should I do ?

Hello! I have 2, 1cm lymph nodes behind my ear, they are rock hard and not movable. Could this be cancerous?? what is the typical way lymph nodes feel when they are behind the ear on that bone? I'm very worried.

Hi Dr, both of my lymph nodes behind my ears are swollen idk why? My wisdoms teeth r coming out but there is no pain. I had esr, PCR tests all normal

Hi dr. I foolishly let my brother pierce my ear a couple weeks ago now I have a swollen painful lymph node under my ear how nuch should I worry?

Hi! can an upper wisdom tooth that doesnt hurt cause a swollen lymph node ?

How can I know if I have a swollen lymph node or a paraganglioma below the ear lobe. The swell is about 3cm and it doesn't hurt. I have no infections?

How could i tell if pericoronitis has spread to the neck?

How do I treat swollen lymph nodes behind both ears?

How far away from the outer ear are the preauricular lymph nodes? Are they against the outer ear and more over.

I am experiencing a swollen preauricular lymph node, ear pressure and ringing in ears (which is constant and been happening for 2 years)?

I believe I have a canker sore on my gum. If so can they cause swollen lymph nodes underneath the mandible?

I don't know what this is but there is something behind my ear and I think it is a tumor or node. What can I do?

I had a swollen lymph node behind ear.took lymph node is moving inside ear.dont see a visible lump but I can feel by touching.recovering?

I had an ear piercing get infected and now my lymph nodes behind my ear are swollen, I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go to a doctor?

I had two cellulitis infections (one behind ear and one on lower stomach) at same time with a very swollen lymph node behind my ear. Is this unusual?

I have 2 wisdom growing in and my gums are swollen. My lymph nodes under my jaw are swollen. Can this be the reason?

I have a "swollen lymph node" behind right ear for about 3 wks. Saw dr who said its immovable and hard and referred me to ENT. Should I be concerned?

I have a large painful lump on the back of my head. May be my occipital lymph node inflamed but not sure. hx of tick bite, ear infection, 19 weeks IUP?

I have a lymph node at the back of my neck I pierced my ears less than a week ago and I am also experiencing a swollen tonsil .?

I have a lymph node under my ear for about a year now that swells up and down all the time but never goes away what could this be?

I have a small hard lymph node next to my tragus , it's not visible to the eye but I can feel it if I press it. I have an ear infection?

I have a swollen lymph node behind ear that kind of hurts. I've been having sinus and tonsil issues for a while now. Could this be the reason why?