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2.5 yr old fever of 104 for 2 days no other symptoms took to doc said he has an enlarged spleen & liver. possible causes?

2011 had vp shunt placed. Had sterile peritonitis. Now have enlarged head of pancrease (pancrelipase). Elarged right side of liver 17.5 cm. Multiple lymph nodes seen?

21 year old son has mono in the later ending stages. He has heterogeneous spleen. What exactly is this, and what do you do for it?

66yo female w indolent sll has small but enlarged node at main portal vein. No enlargmt of liver or spleen. Might this cause stomach pain & fullness?

Any connection between enlarged spleen and autoimmune disorders? Recovered from meningitis, recent ultrasound shows spleen on high end of normal size

Baby has enlarged spleen symptoms what should we do?

Been diagnosed with cll stage 0 however going for cat scan and may have enlarged spleen. Wbc 13, 000. If enlarged does that mean chemotherapy?

Borderline enlarged spleen, the doctor says baby is fine.?

Can a bad gallbladder have a connection to an enlarged spleen? Hida: gallbladder is not working and u/s says that my spleen index is 900 too.CBC OK.

Can a child who had an enlarged liver and spleen play sports?

Can a person feel enlarged spleen symptoms?

Can a person with an enlarged liver and spleen safely carry a baby to term?

Can a small hiatal hernia be blamed for an enlarged spleen? Is 138 mm really enlarged?

Can a toddler have an enlarged spleen without any other symptoms? What would be the cause? Would symptoms eventually show up?

Can an enlarged spleen cause heartburn when laying down?

Can enlarged kidney push on ribs?

Can enlarged spleen as a child with rocky mountain tick fever and still enlarged spleen as an adult give problems? Blood test showed low neutrophils

Can I drink alcohol with an enlarged spleen? I don't know the cause for the enlargement and all my doctor has told me is that I have to do blood tests

Can i get advice? I've got and enlarged spleen but no mono and blood test look ok what could it be?

Can i go to dance class with an enlarged spleen?

Can menorrhagia be related to whatever causing my enlarged spleen&liver?Had hormone levels run&endometrial biopsy, both ok.Bleed 12dys on 10 off bad.

Can mildly enlarged liver and spleen NOT be something serious? Currently waiting to see doctor for results and I'm FREAKING OUT :)

Can servere coughing for weeks give you enlarged liver?

Can smoking cigarettes effect your spleen if it is enlarged from mono? Can it effect your liver while recovering from mono.

Can Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma ever present with recurrent, interrmitent splenomegaly, where spleen is large may times, and other times normal?

Can the spleen swell due to stomach diseases? Or could the spleen be swollen from mono 7 months ago?

Can u see a enlarged spleen lying on your back?

Can you get a spleen infarction from having hidradenitis suppurativa i went to the hospital and they told me i had a infarction of the spleen?

Can you smoke marijuana with an enlarged spleen?

Cat scratch disease & enlarged spleen, how are they related?

Clot traveled to spleen and its oversized and have viral infection symptoms. Sore spleen and chest, kidney.How long do I have to live?

Diagnosed with an enlarged spleen while deployed to afghanistan. Labs were taken, i had blood work dealing with my liver off, cleared of mono and maleria. Since I have been statewide, 8 months now, I have had pains in my upper left quadrant of my stomach

Do some children gets an enlarged spleen with all viruses? My son already had mono but he seems to get a slightly enlarged spleen whenever he's sick.

Doc is sending me to an infectcious disease doctor because I have a calcified spleen. What to expect?

Does bed rest helps in swollen spleen to recover during Mono. Also Can one do short walks with swollen spleen?

Does cat scratch disease give you an enlarged spleen?

Does running full speed make your spleen bigger,after recently having mono ?

Does the liver return to normal size and health after recovery if it gets enlarged and inflamed by a Hepatitis A infection?

Dr said i have enlarged spleen with a cyst on it. What is the treatment? Have lots of nausea, pain & lack of appetite.

Enlarge spleen 12 CM solucation for ?

Enlarged spleen-CT scan normal. They decided not to take it any further. It's 13.5cm. Stomach problems for 6month+.. What else can cause this problem?

Enlarged spleen? (12.7cm, my height 5'3) bad pain in my left side. Blood tests normal. Just recovered from water/kidney infection (bacteria e-coli)

For those.Without a spleen when should they see the doctor when they are ill?

Had an us scan today, report said i had slightly enlarged spleen (13cm), should I do anything?

Had CT for RUQ pain- mildly enlarged spleen found 13cm-/19cm liver with Reidels lobe. Mild iron deficiency. Should I worry about spleen? Doc says no

Had kidney stone passing & CT showed enlarged lymph node in the lower thorax and an enlarged spleen. WBC was 10. Healthy 29 yo. Cancer or infection...

Had mono 9 yrs ago and splenomegaly for 2 yrs after. Now am having same spleen discomfort. Do i need to see my doc? (savella (milnacipran) 100mg/day past 3wks?)

Had mono a year ago and still have enlarged spleen. It measures 11.5X12.3X5.1 cm. Is this anything to worry about?

Had mono over the summer. Spleen was swollen & high liver enzymes. Im in college and a few days after drinking it feels like my spleen hurts. Ideas?

Has anybody at 34 had an enlarged uterus and what caused it?

Having my gallbladder removed I have had temps of 99.5-99.7 for 2 months I have past epstein barr virus. So dr is doing liver biopsy. Why?

Hello doctor.. can sickle cell anima cause head of pancreas enlarged? with pain episodes .. alot of them latly??

Help please? I've got a large spleen and high WBC what could be wrong?

Hematologist said my spleen is upper limits normal size. All other organs ok. Can some spleens vary in size without a serious problem?

Hey I just found out I have an enlarged spleen and liver what is the best thing to take ?

Hey i m suffering from enlarged liver and spleen does liv 52 help in recovering to my normal state?

Hi I got mono in july and it's october now.I want to work out and I feel like my regular self, is it safe to do this knowing I have a inlarged spleen?

Hoping you can tell me, is palpable spleen tip normal in a 10 month old?

How can I self examine myself to see if my liver is enlarged... I'm 19, and I'm scared I might have hepatitis ?

How could having poor spleen function hurt you (symptoms)?

How do doctors check for swollen spleen?

How do doctors check to see if my spleen is enlarged?

How do doctors treat swollen spleens caused by mono?

How do you feel when your liver is enlarge?

How does the mono virus make the spleen or liver larger?

How likely is it that my spleen will explode if i try to work out while having mono?

How long can glandular fever, abnormal liver function and swollen spleen last?

How long does a patient experience spleen pain after being infected with mono?

How long does it take for ALT to go down and liver to no longer be mildly enlarged after mono? Never was tested for mono but still elev after 4 months

How long does it take to have ur spleen enlarged with lymphoma? I had CT abdomen in march spleen normal- now I have left quad pain scared of lymphoma

How long does the spleen stay enlarged during mononucleosis ?

How will you come to know whether your liver is enlarged or not?

How would i be able to tell if I have a swollen spleen?

I am 18 and my doctor told me I have an enlarged spleen after several visits with countless symptomes. She is doing nothing about it what should I do?

I am getting mono, enlarged spleen, symptoms etc.?

I am not getting when they say that spleen should not rebleed . They vill observe the spleen for more 15 days . What happens in a spleen Wen healing ?

I guess since I am not be monitor by my dr for this enlarged spleen. That i will go to er. And pray to be ok. Will i die if spleen ruptures?

I had a CT in dec showed enlarged spleen, had another this week & the spleen is now even larger.Appt w/dr not for 3wks.Feeling bad. What can I do?

I had a sonogram for gallbladder symptoms. Everything was OK but my spleen was enlarged with an index of 900. Doc didn't seem worried but I am. Advice?

I had mono last year. It was extremely severe. I had trouble with my spleen and liver being inflamed. It swelled. Still does. Is that normal?

I had mono& my spleen was enlarged recently. Left shoulder has been stiff/sore for 12 hours, my abdomen doesn't hurt that much- did my spleen rupture?

I have a bump under my left rib cage where spleen is. It's pretty large. The doctor thinks I have mono. Is it normal to see the swollen spleen?

I have a huge spleen that flares up a lot. I want it removed. Someone can look at me and literally see my spleen. I have no insurance. What to do?

I have a perforated spleen and I have noticed in the last several days that my hypoglycemia is acting up. Can the two be connected?

I have a swollen, painful spleen two years after having epstein barr. Is this dangerous?

I have a very symptomatic enlarged spleen and lymphangiomas on my spleen. Is there an expert specialist in boston or nyc who can treat me?

I have an enlarged spleen a cyst on it too and aneurysm splenic. I havw been sick and now smell a burning smell? Thats some of the health.

I have an enlarged spleen for over a year. And now also have an enlarged liver. I would like to know can these be related and how so. Treatmnt option?

I have anxiety and now I have mono. What are the chances of my spleen rupturing? I also have a bump under my left rib cage from it.

I have been diagnose with enlarged spleen however i would like to know of i can do stomach exercise?

I have been diagnosed with mono again and have been told my spleen is enlarged. I was wanting to know is it a bad sign if my ULQ is silently painful ?

I have borderline lymphoma, therefore my spleen is enlarged. I recently had a colonoscopy done and the doctor was only able to go 20 cm. Was it due to the spleen?

I have chronic ebv. Enlarged spleen and now a enlarging liver.My platelets are at 67.I'm suffering from extreme fatigue. What can be done 4 all this?

I have chronic pancreatitis (idiopathic) with swollen spleen. Why is my spleen becoming involved? What can I do to prevent further complications?

I have diverticulitis and chronic prostatitis but hematology blood test is normal can these infections cause for my spleen to be enlarged?

I have enlarged spleen and enlarged liver and sugar count was 375 . Typ 2 diabeties, tx includes med every day. The enlargements just started 2 weeks?

I have hbv, chriosis, enlanged spleen and a blood disorder. Any help?

I have mesenteric masses in my spleen. And the spleen is swollen. I would want to know what the course would be and how i can get rid of them.

I have mono and all of a sudden i keep sneezing can I rupture my spleen from sneezing?

I have mono and can't have sex, so can I "take care of business" by myself, or will my spleen rupture?