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Can lymph nodes swell for no reason on one side of neck ??

Have a whole line of swollen painful occipital lymph nodes.. behind my ear in the hairline and down my neck ? Neck is very painful?

I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, head, jaw, armpit and groin and I have a very small bump on testicle you can barely feel it. What do I have?

Large Hard Movable painful Lump in left Breast surface feel like cauliflower over12 months no swollen lymph nodes GP says Seed Cyst after exam True?

.05 cm lymph node in lower right neck same side as recent sucked in eardrum painless to touch feels rubbery moveable first notic 1 week ago worried?

.5 CM bump under skin, 8 weeks discovered. Center below chin, where neck curves and meets chin. Shotty node? Seems squishy and moveable. No pain or sick

.5cm bump under my skin below my chin near where neck meets. Shotty node? No pain or Illness. Noticed 8wks could've been there longer. Moves and soft.

1 centimeter movable node behind ear?25 y old male. Been there for about 3 months, I don't think it has grown. Does movable mean its not as serious?

1 swollen lymph node 5 months in neck, movable, unattached, no other symptoms. Is this lymphoma?

1.5 cm soft movable left cervical node on neck for 10 days, blood normal Dr wasnt concerned, but tissue swelling around it on SCM, possibly lymphoma?

1.5 inch lymph node upper arm.Big Cluster maybe on lower neck cluster in armpit Bit bigger than pea by Adam's apple 1 inch back of neck? Not sick help

1" hard movable mass, no pain in occipital lymph node in my 9yr old boy, he sadi its been there a few weeks and itches sometimes. ... any concerns?

10 swollen lymph nodes bilaterally in neck for 3 years. Painless; immobile, soft, rubbery about 1 to 2 cm. Normal chest xray. Fatigue is only symptom.

100.2 fever after lymph node biopsy in neck what's normal and what's not normal?

11 mth old baby has swollen lymph nodes at back of neck. Size of a marble, 4 days. Should i be concerned? Can teething cause it? No other symptoms

11.5 wbc. 85% neu. 8% lymp ct. Not well since Aug. Swollen nodes in neck, hard moveable lump in back inner thigh with more popping up around it?

18,have two painless movable lumps(>1cm in size)on the right side of neck n doc said its normal and cuz of a throat infection.Im scared its lymphoma.

19 Y/O Male, Skinny, 2 movable nodes in right armpit, and 1 movable node in neck, anxiety, had nodes for quite a while now, feel fine. Advice please?

1cm swollen lymph node under chin from 1 week. I don't have any other symptoms. I have shoulder pain. May be cancer? I am 18

2 bruised looking lines on left breast been there for 3 weeks, also a hard, painless/red left axillary lymph node. Any ideas?

2 hard, somewhat immovable lymph nodes in axiallry area.Not close to each other one. Feel like connected to muscle when flex. Dontseem biggerthan 1.5cm?

2 lymph nodes in the left posterior cervical region, painless, firm & one small hard lump on scm n scm slightly swollen at the base of head. Wat is it?

2 movable lumps on left collarbone near shoulder.dr said it's fine but didn't say what they were. Lipomas? Lymph nodes?no other symptoms.

2 year old has an enlarged lymph node in his neck. Seems size of a small marble. Not tender and no other symptoms. Should I be worried?

2 yo has two small bumps on back of head near bony prominence. They feel like lymph nodes but don't move. I their not nodes b/c location. Any ideas?

25 y old male. Feel 1 lymph node on bone behind ear its movable. 0.8-1cm diameter. Been there for at least 3 months. Is this normal size? Lymphoma?

25 yr-old woman has gradual (5 weeks) increase in size and tenderness of left supraclavicular lump. What could a 4 cm matted soft tender mass be.....?

27 year old female, 115 lbs. When i lay down i can feel lymph nodes on both sides of my groin, each about 2 cm. They are movable. Is this normal?

3 lumps in my neck i think they are my submandibular immune lymph node glands , they are soo tiny and moveable don't hurt and I am able to eat?

3 nodes movable painless in neck about 1cm and one in right supraclavicular Doctor said they are fibrosis But no changing in size for about 1month?

3 swelling soft painless lymph nodes in neck (about 0.5cm) And there is pea sized lump near lateral malleolus in two legs I'm scared of lymphoma ?

3"smaller than a pea"sized in neck one under jaw one on the mastoid.on the same side of the three,the tonsil is bigger than the other.nopain?

33 f found pea size lump on lt side of back beside spine not on.. Are there lymph nodes on bk and what to do it feels hard not movable cancer healthy?

4 mos ago i 1st felt a sml swollen lymph node (submandibular) & an even smaller one directly adjacent to it. They're moveable, blood tests ok, worry?

5 yo has had a small movable lymph node on side of neck for about two months now. Occ. sneezing. No pain. Gets smaller and larger. Should I worry?

6 x 7mm lymph node above jaw line on chin. round and firm. mobile. 3 weeks since discovery. no pain. have another 2 nodes 1cm near base of neck.

6 yr f healthy no other symptoms found a semi hard pea size lymph node on back of neck . Doesn't hurt what to do?

6mo has 2 swollen lymph nodes on the back of head on left side for months. Her pediatrician says not to worry. haven't changed in size. Should I be co?

7mm x 7mm node on chin above jaw line. Feels round, mobile and rubbery. Around for a month or more. Another few prominent nodes on neck and groin.

A month ago i noticed 2 swollen painless groin lymph nodes, i now have 5+. Rubbery and moveable. Blood test showed nothing. What could it be?

Am very congested 3 weeks post-flu. Have 5 nodes on each side of neck swollen (small marble size). Is this normal? Some are tender.

Any ideas on what can cause swollen lymph nodes under jaw headache, and fatigue?

Any reason why are lymph nodes on neck swollen?

Approx 3mm size node on back of neck. Have had for years but seem to feel it better would a dry, itchy scalp cause or is that just a normal size nod?

Are lymph nodes in back of head more palpable in toddlers than big kids? My 2 yo has about 3 on each side. 2 are small, 1 pea size or bigger, normal?

Are lymphnodes less then 1 CM in diameter for over a year a concern? (groin, neck, armpit) all been checked by dr. All movable pea sized

Are lymphoma lymph nodes moveable? I have a lump in my neck that is tiny but when I turn my neck it gets slightly bigger. It is also quite mobile.

Are small palpable lymph nodes in the armpit area almost always related to cancer? I have one that seems pea sized and easily moveable.

Are supraclavicular nodes normally noticeable upon exam? I have a small hard lump on my right clavicle for over 6 months now, maybe 1cmShould I worry?

Are swollen lymph nodes in neck a sign of breast cancer?

Are swollen lymph noids in your neck on the bottom common and if it was cancerous would it be smooth or bumpy and would it be movable?

Are swollen pea sized lymph nodes swollen longer than a year with no growth a concern? One on top of caroided artery

Are the (external) iliac lymph nodes in front of or behind the intestines? Would I be able to feel them?

Are the lymph nodes on the armpit located closer to your back or closer to your breast?

Are the two equally sized non tender lumps just on the edge of the soft pallet before the neck salivary glands or lymph nodes?

Are ther lymph nodes in your back?

Are there any non-suspicious causes for a 2 cm long I-shaped, hard, irregular lump (possible lymph node) in the right supraclavicular area?

Are there lymph nodes behind shoulder blade?

Are there lymph nodes behind the knee?

Are there lymph nodes in back of neck near base of skull? I have two lumps im going to get checked but no pictures on web shows lymphs nodes are there

Are there lymph nodes in shoulders? Trapezius muscle?

Are there lymph nodes in the back of your neck?

Are there lymph nodes in your left cheek on your face?

Are there lymph nodes in your left knee?

Are there lymph nodes in your lower back?

Are there lymph nodes on the spine of your upper neck?

Are there lymph noids on the front bottom of neck injured my neck is it possible that I have a swollen muscle there or could it be a cancerous lymph?

Are there lymphnodes on the scalp?

Are these black-eyed pea sized neck lymph nodes a cause for concern?

Are these tender neck lymph nodes a cause for concern?

Are thre lymph nodes in my upper arm?

Are you supposed to feel your lymph nodes in your neck?

Armpit lymph node suddenly and painfully 6 days ago with mild sore throat.Soft and like a small marble. It is still palpable. Breast cancer?

Below ribs I have a marble size nodule, that is tender, what is going on?

Besides breast cancer/lymphoma, what else causes a hard, immovable, non-tender lump under collarbone in area of infraclavicular node on left side? Thx

Billions of lice in head , can cause rubbery hard swollen lymph node on right side of neck for more than one month?

Bodybuilders with lymph nodes in the neck nsaids is is bad?

Bodybuilders with lymph nodes in the neck nsaids is it bad?

Both cervical lymph nodes enlarged on both sides of my neck, but my right lymph node seems to be more enlarged than the other one. No pain. Why?

Both submandibular lymphs swollen for 4 months.Theyre moveable & vary in size daily. ENT removed tonsils 12 days ago,still swollen? No other symptoms

boy 5, after pain in throat had pea- sized lymp nodes along the throat but one is also in the supraclavicular fossa cca half a centimetre? Normal?

Bump on right side of neck been there for months small and squishy to touch disappears when i force veins to come out. Is this a lymph node or a vein?

Can a benign solid node that is small in axillary node in armpit hurt a little?

Can a breast lump removal cause lymph nodes along neck to swell?

Can a CT of sinuses see swollen lymph nodes? I have one directly under my chin and half way down my neck

Can a lymph node be on the frnt of collarbone,not above or behind but on the front?i have a small movable thing on the far left frnt of collarbone.

Can a pinched nerve cause swollen lymph nodes in the groin?

Can allergy to shampoo affect lymph nodes on the back of the neck?

Can ankylosing spondylitis cause swoolen lymph node in the neck and knees I do not have swlling in my body or joints besides lymph nodes?

Can anxiety, stress cause soreness of the neck i'm worried doctor said no swollen lymph nodes?

Can anybody give me advice about lump/swollen lymph node gland on neck?

Can cocaine use cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck?

Can cocaine use cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck?

Can cocaine use cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck?

Can enlarged lymphnodes be brought on from pregnancy? My doctors think so but it sounds weird to me. Some are pea sized others are bigger

Can enlarged turbinates in nose cause a painless lymph node in neck? I think it is an enlarged turbinate in my nose and I have a lump in neck.

Can gingivitis cause swollen lymph glands in neck and groin?

Can HSV cause enlarged lymph nodes in neck and collor bone ?

Can hyperthyroidism cause swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck?

Can I have one or two swollen lymph nodes in my neck(one side) for 10 months and be still healthy? Can have them for no.Reson?