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Can a reactive post auricular lymph node be fixed?

I have a result of probable intramammary lymph node in right axillary tail and reactive axillary lymph nodes bilaterally. What is follow up or ideaa?

"a solitary reactive lymph node was noted in each axilla" after routine 2 yearly mammogram. Do i need to do anything about this?

"Multiple fatty replaced lymph nodes in the neck", what does this mean?

10 yr old with one large tonsil and lymph nodes gland for 5 weeks now. What should we do?

2 enlarged lymph nodes in the ant mediastinum, pet suv of abt 4.7, suspected thymoma nearby. Can this be lymphoma?

22 yr F. Palpable bilat submand.lymph nodes 5 mo. Mobile, grape like ~1cm now cervical lymph node too.Hx of chr. rhinitis.CBC good initial Ix? DDx?

7 months post radioiodin therapy for thyroid cancer. No lymph nodes involvement at that time. But I have tender, sowllen neck ln?

After having a biopsy on my lymph node in my neck two weeks ago, should the area where the lymph node is, be swollen to three times the size it was?

Am on 5th month of TB lymphadenitis treatment.cervical lymph node regressed but another existing tiny node has enlarged now. What could be the cause?

Are "shotty" lymph nodes abnormal?

Are all supraclavicular lymphnodes considered virchow's node, or is there one particular node that is virchows node.

Are cancerous lymph nodes moveable or fixed?

Are cancerous lymph nodes typically identifiable on a chest x-ray?

Are enlarged stomach lymph nodes and autoimmune disorder hereditary?

Are lymph glands big with lymphoma?

Are lymph nodes in the neck that can be easily felt normal? What is the normal size of lymph nodes and when should be alarmed that theres wrong on it?

Are lymph nodes that move aren't cancerous?

Are lymph nodes under jaw cancerous?

Are lymph vessels during lymphadenectomy normally clipped?

Are painful occiptal lymph nodes benign?

Are palpable supraclavicular lymph nodes usually cancer?

Are reactive nodes common in axilla?

Are there alternative therapies for enlarged lymph nodes?

Are there lymph nodes above adams apple?

Are there lymph nodes in the brain?

Are there lymph nodes in the shoulders?

Are there lymph nodes located around my ankle?

Are there lymph nodes near collar bone?

Are there lymph nodes present in the pancreas or liver?

Are two lymph nodes each one of them is 1 CM in size, matted, movable a cause for concern?

At what rate does a lymph node become hardened?

Atypical groin lymph node. Does this mean cancer?

Axilary & supraclavicular lymph nodes swollen both underarm, neck node not swollen beta2-microglobulin 2.21h, poss sarc dx, no infection, cancer issue?

Breast lump related to lymph nodes?

Breast ultrasound shows enlarged lymph node in auxiliary armpit. He says nothing to worry about. isn't lymph nodes associated with cancer?

Caffeine and marble size lymph node?

Can a 7mm intramammary lymph node reduce in size?

Can a fixed retroauricular lymph node (about 6mm in size that has not changed in eight months ) be a lymphoma?No symptoms & others swollen lymph nodes

Can a intramammary lymph node be malignant?

Can a lymph node fna with flow cytometry rule out lymphoma?

Can a UTI cause enlarged lymph nodes in groin?

Can abnormal lymph nodes be detected on an ultrasound?neck lymph nodes

Can allergy cause large anerior cervical lymph node?

Can an abnormal shape of a lymph node indicate anything other than a neoplasm?

Can anemia cause enlarged lymph nodes?

Can autoimmune disorders cause permanent swollen/enlarged cervical lymph nodes? I have hashimotos of the thyroid

Can bilateral supraclavicular lymph nodes 0.5cm each be caused from Lyme disease? Moveable and rubbery.

Can CBC show the causes of swelling lymph nodes ?

Can cystic acne cause lymph node?

Can docs explain what does reactive adenopathy mean?

Can doctors tell me what does shotty lymph nodes in the mediastinum and hila mean?

Can endometriosis cause lymph nodes to be inflamed?

Can enlarged lymph nodes in breasts be caused by CSF leaking?

Can having a thymoma also have enlarged lymph nodes nearby?

Can HIV caused ln enlargement resolve on its own?

Can HSV 1 cause enlarged lymph nodes ?

Can hsv1 cause enlarged lymph nodes in neck and collarbone ?

Can i feel iliac lymph nodes?

Can leukemia and lymphoma have very similar symptoms, includng the swollen lymph nodes?

Can lice cause enlarged lymph node?

Can lupus cause calcification of lymph nodes in the abdomen?

Can lymp nodes and enlarged glands shrink after treatment for TB lympadentitis. Can extrapulmonary TB cause lung scarring because of enlarged glands?

Can my lymph node be lymphoma?

Can my lymph nodes be scaring me?

Can my neck lymph node infection have anything to do with my thyroid nodule?

Can normochromic normocytic cause lymphadenopathy(generalized or localized)?

Can radiation to chest and clavicle cause enlarged lymph node?

Can strep cause enlarged lymph nodes ?

Can strep cause enlarged lymph nodes near the collar bone ?

Can stress cause enlarged lymph nodes ?

Can sweating cause a enlarged lymph node?

Can swollen, firm lymph nodes be predictive symptoms of non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

Can TB lymphadenitis cause permanent enlargement of lymph node? Will the lymph node size decrease after treatment?

Can thyroid cancer cause unexplained enlarged hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes?

Can type 2 diabities cause enlarged lymp nodes?

Can you feel a calcified lymph node?

Can you feel supraclavicle lymph nodes?

Can you have a benign reaction in a lymph node?

Can you have a lymph node in your neck after having a abscess on your breast?

Can you let me know how many lymph nodes can you live without?

Can you please explain the function of lymph nodes and the lymphatic system in the body ?

Can you please explain the function of the lymph nodes?

Causes & treatment of reactive follicular hyperplasia of lymph node?

Chances lymphoma with no noticeable enlarged lymph nodes? CBC, CMP normal. CT normal- mildly enlarged spleen 13cm

Chronic generalised lymphadenopathy, inguinal nodes 2-3cm and fixed, can nodes be this size and fixed without cancer? Awaitin biopsy results ....

Chronic lympadenopathy for 3+yrs l+r auxilla biopsys that just inflamation how malignantly indicative are nodes that are near my collarbone..

College student confirmed mono by monospot . Only symptoms are enlarged lymph nodes and itchy all over at night. One week. Can it be lymphoma? Help!!

Completed 5 months TB lymphadenitis treatment node regressed but another node enlarged which was present from the beginning.what caused it to enlarge?

Could a first molar eruption cause enlarged submandibular node in a child? The node is 1.7 CM w/ bening features in us ('"reactive node").

Could an autoimmune disorder cause an enlarged spleen and lymph nodes on day but then normal sized a few weeks later?

Could parasites cause lymph nodes to enlarge?

Could shotty lymph nodes cause headaches?

Could there be a relation between my chronic hives and enlarged painless inguinal and cervical lymph nodes?

Could you tell me if the tumor is gone, why are the lymph nodes still enlarged?

Could you tell me what are lymph nodes and are they threatening?

Could your pelvic lymph nodes enlarge because of endometriosis?

CT showed left lymph node 12x10mm, supraclavicular left lymph node 12x8mm, and left lymph node near internal jugular 14x8mm, thyroid enlarged, dysphag?

CTshows Spleen 17cm ,small Axillary Lymph nodes, retroperitoneal lymph nodes& mesentric lymph node noted, normal blood count &bone marrow,no infection?

Diagnosed with inguinal lymphadenopathy last year, node was biopsied, no cancer detected, node returned to normal. What could it have been? Thank you!