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After lymph node excisional biopsy will my lymph node chain reconnect by itself? Or will it always be disconnected

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Axillary lymph node dissection 2008/ lumpectomy, then bi-lateral mastectomy. The left side still painful at the site of sentinel. Is this normal?

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Can an intramammary lymph node trap cancer cells?

Can anal cancer spread to the lymph nodes in the neck? I suspect I may have anal cancer and I also have a swollen lymph node in my neck. I'm only 18.

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Enlarged lymph node and a doctor who ignores me. Should I refer myself to cancer doctor?

Enlarged lymph nodes can be a one of the symptoms of HPV or cervical cancer?

Haw bad is metastatic prostate cancer to a neck lymph node?

Histopath of breast mass shows papillary neoplasm while that of the lymph node shows adenocarcinoma. Is it possible that this is Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Hoping you can tell me, is lymph node a sign of cancer?

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How to differentiate between cancerous and benign lymph node?

How to know if i'm sick with cancer, or is it just a lymph node that never returned to normal?

I had surgery last january to remove an enlarged lymph node, after the surgery the node biopsy was castlemans disease. I am still having night sweats.

I have 3 supraclavicular lymph nodes 1cm in size for a year. Can just an ultrasound detect lymphoma or should I push for a biopsy?

I have a palpable supraclavicular lymph node that has been there for a long time around 6 months or more is this a cancer?

I have breast cancer, can I do a sentinal lymph node biopsy before i decide on which procedure to do (lumpectomy or mastectomy)?

I have IDC and ct scan said 2 12mm indeterminate lymph nodes found in same area. Lumpectomy in two days. Do the those lymph nodes have to be removed?

If a breast mass has not spread to the lymph nodes then there can be no metastasis to any other area correct?

If a lymph node in biceps has some cancer cells but the one in the armpit doesn't, is the tumor only in the lymphatic system or it could have spread?

If a lymph node is very soft and very moveable but 2.5 CM and never grows is it cancerous?

If I have nodes or masses on my renal glands, could they be cancer?

If my bladder cancer has invaded my lymph nodes, will I have to have surgery?

If my lymph nodes are "clear", do I still need chemotherapy?

If you have lymphoma or a cancerous tumor doesn't it have to grow? If I have swollen lymph nodes that never grow are they ok no matter where?

In follicular lymphoma will they ever remove lymph nodes?

In general,Does lymph nodes for about month always mean they are cancer?

In stage III colon cancer what is the significance of spread to 2 of 17 lymph nodes? What are lymph nodes?

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Mass r axill and enlarged lymph node surg removed for path. What are odds of seriousness?

My doctor found 4 masses in my breast and one in my lymph node under my armpit. They have been biopsied could it be cancer?