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pneumonia has been gone 6 weeks and now have atelectasis and pleural effusion? Was healthy prior to this. Blood work is good. Will I get better?

" they found a scare on my lung. I also have cops?

5 weeks post wedge recession on lung how long will it take for lung to heal?

5 years ago I underwent a VATS pleurodesis on my left lung after a ruptured bullea from COPD caused a pneumothorax, can I take a long haul flight?

58yr male 40yr smoker quit hyperinflated lungs flat diaphragm no symptoms can I live almost normal longevity waiting on breath test scared to death! ?

81M w/stage4lungcancer + subdural hematoma 4/16 now has pneumonia in both lungs+ a bloodclot in one lung and C-diff chance of getting better?

After a case of pneumonia & plural effusion, collapsed left lung, They took three weeks to decide to drain chest cavity. They removed 1.6 l blood colo?

After a collasped lung can I ride from ks to mich. Had a spontaneous pnemothorax a wk ago

After a collasped lung can I take a long road trip my collasped lung was a week ago actually got out of the hospital a week ago today

Am i high risk for getting another pulmonary embolism even if i get my tubes tied?

Are a 17 year olds lungs damaged if they were filled with fluid for 4 months left untreated. We didn't know she had asthma until a dr visit?

Are lung infections more common as you get older?

At what point does fluid in the lungs become deadly to you at 88?

Aunt has lung cancer, having chemo, rushed back to hospital throwing up blood. Ive been told good sign, means collapsed lung re-inflating. Any advise?

Besides taking inhaled steroids, are there other ways to reduce lung inflammation. Also would the lungs heal themselves overtime if nothing was done.

Blood work is getting better, but my symptoms and pain is getting worse! swollen nodules in lungs, 6yr smoker, lung caner runs in family, is it cancer?

Can a man who is 70 survive with water in the lung. His heart is okay but he can't eat or walk and he is on treatment of Bones Tb as well. How long ca?

Can a person get a fungus on their lungs?

Can a spider get into your lung and how would you know if one was?

Can air get caught in your shoulder?

Can anybody give me advice about lung fungi how can you get it?

Can anyone tell me a little about lung cavities and what they could mean?

Can drainage from your head get into your lungs?

Can embolus be caused by a tear in a capillary due to coughing too hard from pneumonia? My boyfriend was hospitalised for this. What can I expect now?

Can i get pulmonary embolism from getting a nose job & my tonssils removed?

Can it be possible to get black lung disease from working in gold mines?

Can someone get underdeveloped lungs later in life?

Can someone recover from a pulmonary hemorrhage with Staph infection?Currently hooked up to breathing tube to help him breath. Any hope in recovering

Can you get a collapsed lung from holding your breath for too long?

Can you get a pulmonary embolism from getting shot by a bullet?

Can you get black lung disease from working in mines now?

Can you get more oxygen if you breath with your diaphragm instead of lungs?

Can you get shot in the lung and still survive?

Can you get shot through the chest and lung and survive?

Can you tell me how I could get to phlegm on the top of the lungs?

Can you tell me how to know if I got pulmonary aspiration?

Can you tell me if i could get tested to find out if i inhaled enough asbestos to more than likely eventually cause mesothelioma?

Can you tell me the possible diseases for coughing up blood and not breathing properly?

Child in icu with urine infection and collasped lung well now her heart has moved and back is crooked how is this possible?

Coughing extremely hard. Could this be lung damage?

Could it be possible to live with a paralyzed diaphragm?

Could it happen that a simple xray on the back find a tumor near or around my lung?

Could pleurisy resolve on its own if I give it enough time?

Could they have lungs at the hospital already they keep for matches?

Could water get into you into your lungs?

Could you tell me what happens when you go to hospital with lung cancer?

Do any doctor offices in new jersey remove tar from people's lung cuz i was wondering if i go to the doctors if they can remove the tar from my lungs ?

Do doctors ever open up the lungs to figure out what's wrong?

Do i need to wait until my lung infection clears up before getting a chest X-ray to check for cancer? Would the infection mask the cancer on x-ray?

Do inhalers work to cover up the problem or help the lungs heal?

Do people with bronchiectasis constantly get lung infections?

Do your lungs ever go back to normal after smoking? How much time would it take?

Doc said Mri of aorta can be bad because of air in lungs and picture can be hard to get clear does this mean he uses bad technique?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get tested to find out if I inhaled enough asbestos that might lead to mesothelioma?

Doctors said a friend of mine has spots on her lungs from chickens, what do they call this?

Does having heart surgery recently make me more susceptible to lung infections?

Does mild lung fibrosis get worse gradually ?

Does phlegm really get into our lungs when we swallow it? What happens to it then?

Does pulmonary fibrosis get worse over time?

Does tuberculosis lung scar disappear completely after treatment? Or it will stay visible in chest xray even for decades? Help please. Thanks

Dr say im having trouble getting air in, not out and my lungs are only working 69 percent. Also said i don't have athma?

Dr.Says I am not getting enough oxygen to my lungs & there is nothing I can do about that. So what now ?

Every now and then I find I get breathless doing everyday things. Its not everyday. Could it be lung cancer?

Food went into lung, down wrong tube. Will it come out?

For how long would you live if you get stabbed in the lung?

For what reasons don't lung and asthma doctors take lung xrays when you go to them?

Found scarring on left lung during xray. I have asthma. What causes scarring? Been coughing few weeks now. Hard to hold my breathe. Use to scuba dive.

Goodmorning is it possible to have an infection on the upper right lungs even without smoking? What are the possible causes and home remedies if have?

Grandaughter in icu with urine infection and a collasped lung now her heart has moved and back crooked how is that possible?

Had a collasped lung (pneumothorax) aug 28th but i dont feel the same im a smoker trouble breathing what happens after the surgery im scared ?

Had primary pneumothorax 2 weeks ago, they did VATS and removed bullae. Can pneumothorax reappear again? Also, is lung capacitty now smaller? Thanks

Had two lung collapses five years apart, it's been 10 years what are the chances i may have another one? Any advice besides "go see a dr".

Hard to breathe, chest Xray "clear" but never heard back from dr, Advair helped, still need to take big inhales to breathe. No smoking. Lung cancer?

Hat could be the cause of getting subcutaneous emphysema randomly again?

Have had dust on the lungs since 1980 and am as pack a day smoker.Doctors at hospital in 1990 looked and said i would be dead by age 40 to 45 if i didn't quit right away. I never did. I am now 54 and just had an X-ray taken. My doctor said lungs look clea

Hi does vaping makes your lungs black and does it makes your organs black?

Hi there ,I had pneumonia ,while 25 week pregnant, and had to be ventilated for 9 days ,in icu,i made a great recovery but am concerned of lung scari?

How bad does my bronchitis need to get before my doctors will consider a lung transplant?

How can a person with coccidiomycosis prevent from getting one lung removed?

How can a pneumothorax occur at the apex of the lung after wedge resection? Chest tube still in place since 1/15/15.

How can a shadow on your lung be there one month and gone the next?

How can fluid get into the lungs and where does it come from?

How can I get my lungs back to being fully functional after bronchitis?

How could a lung become paralyzed?

How do I get rid of pulmonary nodules?

How do I know if got small lung capacity ?

How do we ensure that air gets to lungs and food gets to esophagus?

How do you cure hyperactive lungs that have developed 5 months after pneumonia? I can't get my lungs back to 100% and nothing is working.

How do you know who is most likely to get tension pneumothorax?

How does it really feel when you get a part of your lung removed from a thoracotomy procedure due to pneumothorax? Do you feel short of breath?

How does someone get subcutaneous emphysema?

How fast can I make my pulmonary fibrosis go away?

How likely is it for broken ribs to puncture a lung? And if they do, how long does the person have before they die?

How little of a lung can one live with without needing oxygen?

How long can it take for pneumonia to spread from just one lobe of one lung to all of both lungs and get into the blood stream?

How long can water on the lung go undetected?

How long can your broncail tubes be affected and the beathless?

How long could someone live with a punctured lung before getting to the hospital?

How long does it take for bullae on lung to be formed (bullae from smoking for example) and can it rapture immediately (same day when it is formed) Ty?

How long is a stay with a collasped lung???