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My dad has pulmonary fibrosis can you explain how serious this is?

My dad is 84. He has stage 4 lung cancer. Hie also has lung disease. His heart functions at 50%. He is on oxygen and is skin on bones. He still drives?

My doctor diagnosed me with pulmonary fibrosis. Just checking - what's the best treatment.?

My father 75yo has had COPD now for 15 years or so it seems that he might also have developed tuberculosis what can I expect in terms of treatment ?

My father has biapical paranchimal scares in his hrct report .He is 65y old , 40y heavy smoking and has dry coughs, what it may be?

My father has terminal stages of lung cancer in one lung and his other lung has pneumonia he has very high fever antibiotics are not working he is sweating profusely what should we do ?

My father is 61 years old and is diagnosed with pulmonary lung fibrosis. What is the ideal diet for such condition?

My father is 65, never smoked, no asbestos. Has a mass in the lungs, severe joint pain and stiffness, history of gout. What is most likely diagnosis?

My father is diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, copd, polycythemia and cronic asthmatic bronchitis. Is he a candidate for lung transplant?

My father is on oxygen all the time for copd. Is it normal that he is seeing things, especially at night?

My Father is suffering from lung cancer and has completed his 6th chemotherapy cycle no improvement but severe breathlessness and cough. Pls suggest?

My friend was suffering from TB and after he treated from it they told him that he have fibrosis in the apex of his lung..Why does that happenes?

My friend who has forth stage breast cancer has fluid around her lungs, tumers inside her lungs and is tired. Could oxygen therapy help her at all?

My friend's father who had Tb bones has been found with full water in the lung. They are removing per day 1 liter, pls help what to do?

My friends lungs are full of tumers from forth stage breast cancer, she is having coughing fits and her docs haven't given her oxygen therapy, why not?

My grandad has just been diagnosed with esophagus cancer & 2 blood clots on his lungs what treatment will he get as apparently wharf in can't be used?

My grandmother, 72, has pulmonary edema. What causes this? This will remain forever? Thanks

My husband found out that he has interstitial lung disease. What do I need to know about this disease?

My husband has a chronic cough for least 3 yrs. Had acupuncture, lung biopsy nov 2012 found ipf, throat specialist. Doesn't cough when laying down.

My husband has developed large brown water blisters on his lower legs, can they be related to his lung diseases ipf and copd?

My husband has ipf, since his last lung function test (30%) he has had 4 infections, hes on 4l 02 24/7, will infections lessen his lung function, ?

My husband has severe COPD and lung cancer. He is now getting delirium and body twitches. His mind is not there most of the time. What's this?

My husband is 83 and has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis - now weak, losing weight, on ox, coughs sputum. The prognosis is vague. Can you help?

My husband is suffering from asthma for 15-16 years. He is non-smoker and he has a heel in his lung. What can he do for repairing his lung damage?

My husband's MRI results said ild / pulmonary fibrosis. But he's not coughing and is in good health. He had the MRI 5 yrs ago. Could it be wrong?

My mom had 2 attacks before a year.Then she had cardiomegaly, lungs with water&short breathing. A doctor(medicine) was treating.She died in 6 days.Why?

My mom is end stage COPD she has 4 aneurysms also cardiac I have asked her why the doctor doesn't have her on spiriva and she said because it is contra?

My mom is in ccu. She is 63. She has copd. She has a very bad case of pneumonia. She also has a compromised immune system and needs dialysis. Recover

My mom was diagnosed with bullous emphysema from her general doctor. Does she need to go to a specialist for this?

My mother has ovarian cancer, c. diff., pulmonary vascular congestion, bibasilar pleural effusions and cardiomegaly. Is prognosis days, weeks, etc.?

My mother suffered from a rare form of copd. She received a lung transplant which eventually rejected. For the last few months my right lung has been hurting off and on. Not bad enough to seek medical attention, but I do wonder if COPD is genetic .?

My mother was 55 years old. She died due to cardiomegaly and lungs filled with water. I think doctors had not treated will. I m in great dipression?

My mum has a major stroke shutting down her left side of the brain and advanced lung cancer suppressing her upper airway. What treatment can be given?

My nana has pulmonary fibrosis and she also just got pneumonia. Will she be okay?

My newborn son had meconium aspiration pneumonia and chest x-rays twice daily for 1 week. Does the radiation increase his risk for cancer?

My niece is 4 and her xray says basal pneumonitis.does she need medication?

My oxygen deoendant baby has severe chronic lung disease will it take years for her to grow out of it. Shes in one litre of nasal oxygen ?

My preemie (12 month adjusted) has just been diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and I don't know what to do?

My primary doctor has never examined me except for listening to my heart and lungs. He just refers me to other doctors. Should I change doctors?

My pulmonary doc diagnosed me with sudden death asthma. It's severe w 42% lung function what can I do to gain more function? Life is difficult.

My relative just passed away due to intensive pulmonary tuberculosis. Do I have anything to worry about?

My sister had a heart surgery the outcame was good but now she has fluids in her lungs. And also breathing problems?

My sister has pulmonary fibrosis. Can she take valerian to help sleep?

My son had acut infection and cystic leison and fibrosis in the lower love of right lung.What can I do?

My son had n1h1 at xmas 2010 can you catch it again and can weaken the lung further as he already has chronic lung desease?

My son has a congenital lung bulla. Is there other way of treating it other than surgery (removing the affected section of the lung)?

My uncle 60/m normotensive, normoglycemic developed swelling of tongue at night so much so that it obstructed his airway.What is the likely diagnosis?

My uncle has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, please suggest treatment?

My uncle is having paracardiac cyst and also emphysematous changes in lungs field. Could these be connected at all?

My upper diagframa is paralysed have 70 oksygen capasity in my lungs is this possible to treath with stam cells?

Narcotic pneumonia 6yrs ago. Multi organ failure septic shock. Bronchoscopy done everything normal. Cough up mucus still and get breathless. ?

Narrowing of the airways is the resultat of not taking medicine for asthma for several years. Does this narrowing show on ct?

Need advice on what is the the lung infection cure for a 74 year old man who has emphysema?

Need expert help here. What are the causes of asbestos lung disease?

Newly diagnosed pulmonary fibrosis in 70 year old female with no other medical conditions. What should I do?

Not sure why doctors think my mom would qualify for gastric bypass surgery or the band? Yes she's 350 lbs but she has copd, chf, diabetic with fluids around lungs and her legs swell up a lot due to the fluid . How could she qualify?

On a chest x-ray, what would you expect to see on when someone has idiopathic pulmonary hypertension?

On pulseoxeter my oxygen level is between 95-98 I have stopped smoking have COPD new diagnosed are these levels good even though I've lung damage ?

Other than asthma and "chronic lung disease", what can cause chronic pneumonia?

Pallindromic rhuematismeffects of this and how it can get with other conditions such as emphysema?

Patchy pulmonary infiltratewhat's the treatment?

Person (65 years old) suffers from sever cough and difficult in breath . Doctors said its pulmonary fibrosis? Please what's drug or treatment to him?

Please answer me. Is a COPD patient likely to go from 29% to 63% lung cap in less than a year?

Please describe the types of restictive lung diseaseses?

Please explain why is pneumonia not an interstitial lung disease?

Please help, how much or how often should I use oxygen if I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Please suggest a homeo medicine for interstitial lung disease?

Pleural effusion cp angle x ray left lung hosp taking long time in tests n dates for pleural aspiration em fed up will delay make disease more severe?

Pulmonary finrosis hypersensitivity pneumonitis not progressed during 1,5 years on CT but breathlessness and low SPO2 started. Heart been checked, its ok.Can drugs cause it?( micophenolate mofetil)

Reason for high fever in interstitial lung disease patients?

Seen many docs, no diagnosis- Fit 38 yo female w/chronic lung issues- frequent pneumonia&fever, abnormal CTscan&biopsy. No allergy or asthma. ?

Shot for lung development successful?

Should a person get breast radiation treatments if she already has a history of lung disease?

Should elderly patients be tested for cvid, if they have never-ending lung and sinus infections? Even if they have other medical issues, like ra?

Should i be concern bout no treatment for known minimal lung base collapse? Cxr 3/10/13

Should I be concerned that i have been told I have a Lung infiltration. Been treated for pneumonia but still hasnt cleared. Hasn't changed either.

Should ibe coal mining now that I have been diagnosed with chronic organ pulmanary disease?

Should people with COPD emphysema undergo adenosine scan to the heart when they had problems with the scan previously ?

Sir my xray reports says tht lungs fields are congested ...Can u tell me why it happens wats the major cause .......Is this is due to smoking habit?

Sir can u tell me the difference between constrictive lung disease,restrictive lung disease and obstructive lung disease???

Sob despite clean xray CT lung and echo every1 on here says interstitial lung diseaseim scared already havepots/lupusdont want to die young, anxtious!

Subsequent to a lung surgery 5 weeks ago, and a pnuemonia 3 weeks ago, my husband has a fever 99.2 and high pulse 104.?

Sure, i've heard of pulmonary fibrosis. But now that my child may have it, I want to know what it really does to the body.?

Tell me about interstitial lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis?

Tested MS phenotype of alpha 1. diangosis with COPD in my 20s. History of Smoking w/ asthma. Is the alpha 1 playing a major role in my lung disease?

Thin ex smoker 28yo shows hyperinflated lungs in X-ray would it indicate asthma or copd?12 pack year history. Fev values normal.odds of emphysema?

This is probably a common question but how do you know when the end is near when you have stage 4 non smoking lung cancer and Atrial fibrillation?

Tretment of acase of breast cancer .With pulmonary hypertention. T2n0m0, pr -ve er- ve , her2/neu+3?

Underdeveloped lungs in new baby and just finding out I should have got steroids. Any hope now?

Was pulmonary lymphoma one of the diseases caused by working at ground zero after 9/11?

What are blue bloaters with regards to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

What are good herbs for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

What are inflammatory and fibrotic lung disorders?

What are myelodysplasia and pulmonary fibrosis?

What are other alternative treatment for lung cancer with extreme shortness of breath if the oxygen treatment is not effective as it used to be?

What are pulmonary fibrosis chances at the age of 19?

What are some abnormalities seen in asthmatic patients?

What are some herbs to take for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

What are some interstitial lung disease treatment?

What are some lung diseases in newborns and what causes them?