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How do you diagnose interstitial lung diseases?

How do you know if somebody need another or another X-ray of a subcutaneous emphysema?

How do you treat pulmonary eosinophilia?

How does a doctor look for pulmonary fibrosis?

How does airway obstruction happen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

How does pulmonary fibrosis affect a person?

How is chronic lung disease in infancy diagnosed?

How is fibrosis of the lungs treated?

How is interstitial lung disease dianosed?

How is it that lung disease might be more common than it was 100 years ago?

How is it that oxygen supplementation is contraindicated for pts with obstructive lung diseas?

How is pneumonia treated? A friend of mine was diagnosed with pneumonia and has been hospitalized for nearly 3 weeks. Her treatment consisted of antibiotics, intubation, bronchodilators, oxygen therapy. She had a tube placed through her chest to drain the

How is pulmonary fibrosis treated?

How long before chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) take your life?

How long is someone with 50% lung function likely to live? Based on fev1.

How many blebs or bullae can a person have w/out underlying lung disease. I am 29, female with total 9 or 10 between both lungs, and one pneumothorax?

How many confirmed cases of hyaline membrane disease hmd have there been since surfactant has been used?

How many months would it take for a typical lung carcinoid to reach 1.4cm?

How many people a year in the us are diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis?

How many times chest physio should be used each day 4 bronciectasis patients?

How much and how often should I use oxygen if I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

How much risk of a doc to get infection while dealing pt of tb. N pulmonary dz?

How much time for esophageal cancer to narrow tube to 6mm with breathing issues? My father gone 2 months after diagnosis. How long did he have tumor?

How often should I use oxygen if I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

How quickly does interstitial lung disease progress?

How to contract fibrosing mediastinitis?

How to determine whether I have sarcoidosis or berylliosis?

How to diff bw bronchiectasis and lung abcess patients by clinical presentation ?

How to support someone who is dealing a tumor on the lung brought on by his own smoking?

How to tell is my husband has herpes on his nose ? It inflames all the time, dr. Ruled out sarcoidosis on lung test . My husband doesn't have with me.

How to treat 68 year old with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

How will I know that my mum has only a few weeks/ days before she dies? She's 64yrs old and is in late stages of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis .

How would I know if I have lung disease?

Husband diagnosed with wegener's granulomatosis. Will his lung & kidney function return to normal?

Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy Is it possible to get the above disease from asbestos plaques....thanks?

I am 41, non smoker. asthma for 35 years. recently diagnosed with bronchiactisis, 50% lung capacity after meds. suggestions for improvements?

I am a pt with stage 3 COPD emphysema. extensive Bullous on lungs. question a 9mm sub pleural nodule present in upper lobe something to worry about?

I am guessing that if an elderly person (not me) has COPD & a pleural effusion (even if the person doesn't have a lung infection) then this would make it harder to survive sepsis. But if so, would either be likely to make a significant difference?

I am of 49.My liver is developing fat and my lung field shows emphysematous change.I am not experiencing any symptoms till now.So is this serious?

I earlier suffered my 2nd ever acid reflect in 41 years. I've have blocked lungs I've been tested for lung cancer. Is the cause to the blockagedlungs?

I got leaner fibrosis in my both lung ..... Is there any treatment for this ? ... What is the treatment process ? I m very scared .. Please reply.

I had been diagnosed with bronchiectasis, I'm 29. What can I do to reverse the damage to my lungs and to stop it for further develop?

I had meconium aspiration when I was born. Can that cause lung problems?

I had pneumonia twice and bronchitis twice in the last year. I also have had digestion problems entire life. Should i get tested for cystic fibrosis?

I had T.B which caused pulmonary fibrosis in my upper left lungs. will it have future implications?

I have been diagnosed COPD w/Interstitial lung disease. I had sarcoidosis at 24 I am now 59 yrs. old. I am short of breath. What is the treament?

I have copd. My recent xray said- No sign of active pulmonary disease is present. What does this mean?

I have a ten year old son. He is having memory problems. Sometimes he is unable to repeat simple things he was just told. As an infant, he was in nicu for 3 weeks with under developed lungs. He suffered a collapsed lung, had pulmonary hypertension and

I have ARDS, Bronchiolitis obliterans, and,interstitial lung disease. Is this one way of saying Can I really have all or do they not know what I have?

I have asthma,hypothyroidism,hypertension, and carry fluids around my heart, lungs and stomach.. Im seeing cardio, endocino, and up coming lung specia?

I have been diagnosed with Atelectasis and now have several nodules in my lungs. Can this be asbestos? I served in the navy as a boiler technician and

I have been diagnosed with calcium deposit in lung. Any concern about this?

I have been diagnosed with having "desquamative interstitial pneumonia" or dip which is a lung disease. Can this disease be reversed? Can it be fatal?

I have been diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease and post inflamatory pulmonary fibrosis. o2s are 94-98% when awake and 88-89% when sleeping. should I be using oxygen when sleeping? prognosis?

I have been given a diagnosis of abnormal lymph nodes in lungs however a specialist says i can not have a biopsy until i stop coughing??? is this normal?? i have multiple auto immune diseases and have been coughing chronically for 5 weeks now

I have bronchitis obliternas and am due for a lung transplant soon. Do you guys think my voice won't change because of my illness?

I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, what to do?

I have cystic fibrosis but i'm wondering about trying a joint (weed) once. Will it effect my lungs/health?

I have depression, as a result i'm a smoker. Would this worsen my biliary atresia?

I have had pnemonia twice in my early life and have been diagnosed with mild right basilar atelectasis. What can I do to strengthen my lungs? M

I have hp, with fibrosis, uip, COPD with emphysema... Etc. I'm on cellcept (mycophenolate mofetil) and prednisone but dyspnea gets worse, CT is better but pft is worse. Should i focus on antigen determination or what?

I have just experienced acute fiberglass inhalation I am a non smoker aged 25 with no medical diaorders should I force coughing should I take ventalin?

I have just found out that I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) has anyone got ideas on treatment of it?

I have known anemia/gerd/scarring in my lung & recent lar of rectal ca (ned now). New onset of shortness of breath. Do i need to see my dr? Which one?

I have mild lung scarring from gerd. I have never smoked. If we can stop the acid, can my mild lung scarring remain static?

I have occasional blood in my saliva NOT DENTAL - chronic sinus problems and asthma - former smoker - worried about lung cancer but no other issues. ?

I have pulmonary fibrosis, cause as yet undetermined (never smoked). Please comment on the safety of putting nebulized DMSO into the lungs.

I have pulmonary Langerhans cell histocytosis and the pain is bad at times is there and meds , to help my pain ?

I have residual fibrosis on lungs.Will i still have the chance to work abroad and local?Thank you.Hope for your response.

I have residual fibrousis on both upper lungs, is there a possibilities that it will be an active again as category to ptb.? Medecine to intake if ?

I have stage 4 copd. Recently had a chest X-ray that showed no active infections. How is that possible or does that damage done by cops not show up?

I have stage 4 emphasema and nonischemic cardiomyopathy. I am worn out all the time even after a good niter sleep. Is this from copd? All labs r good

I have stage 4 emphysema and secondary polycythemia; take inhalers, weigh 86 lbs. And can't have lung transplant. Prognosis?I'm 58. Don't need 02.

I just got diagnosed with a very rare lung disease called desquamated interstitial pneumonitis. What is this & how could I have got this & lifespan?

I m too much worried abt lungs i hve read on healthforums tht LPR can lead to pulmonary fibrosis or COPD m just 30 now what to do for long term?

I recently fit tested for a respirator and was told I may suffer from a superimposed Obstructive Pulmonary impairment? How can I fix this?

I recently went to my pulmonologist and said my lungs are clean but they are under attack from the three autoimmune diseases. How can that be, what to do?

I smoked heavily for 6 years. I had a diffuse alveolar hemorrhage in June. I cut down from 3 ppd to 1/2 ppd. However, I just started rehab for IV drugs after almost dying from sepsis. Rehab says not to stop smoking now; but what about my lung issue?

I take atrovent, symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) and pro-air daily since a lobectomy in 2005 to remove a lobe of my left lung d/t lung cancer. Can i donate platelets?

I think i may have pulmonary fibrosis and i'm only 19, can you help me?

I ve bronciectasis & heard that its a progressive condition, i ve cough, for 2 years, generally how many yrs before I am likely to need transplant?

I ve bronciectasis of lower lobe and i heard its a progressive disease, is it true?, does it means i now ve a shorter life? I've regular chest troubles

I ve lung consolidation, nodule&bronchiectasis dr.Wants to do keyhole surgery from 3sides, do drs do this under sedation or after making me unconscious?

I was diagnosed idiopathic interstitial lung disease on 23-02-2012.I suffer frm severe breathlessness aggravated after bathing, talking& least exertion?

I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease at age 10 and needed a transplant. Is it true that it can be hard to find lungs because of size?

I was diagnosed with asthma as a kid & had spots on lungs 8years ago. Am I prone to all lungs illness because of my health condition before?

I was exposed to chlorine gas and was diagnosed with acute broncho spasm. Is this permanent or can I recover from this?

I was just diagnosed with pneumonia. What should be value on the spirometer be a goal to reach to know my lungs are better. I am a 40 yr fit female?

I was looking at my medical records which said I have mild pulmonary lung scarring - likely due to smoking. Is this common and should I be concerned?

I was treated for sob, after tests they saw scarring on my lungs. But I never had phenumonia, serious injury or trauma.What causes the lung scaring?

I was wondering what are symptoms of "pulmonary fibrosis"?

I was wondering what are the causes, pathophisiology & management of subcutaneous emphysema?

I would like to know about interstitial lung disease?

I'm 65 female, ex-smoker and my spirometry show 82%. Is this an early sign of copd?

I'm a teenager and I have bronchiolitis obliterans I'm going to do a transplant and I need some advice before I do it?

I'm an rt. My pt. Has 50% lung function and severe copd. What are the recommended medications?

I'm curious as to what are obstructive and restrictive lung diseases?

I'm diagnoised with retroperitoneal fibrosis . Is there a medicine for it and if so what?

I'm worried because my daughter who has had a bilateral lung transplant has been diagnosed with a new superbug in her lungs, what do you suggest?

I've been told I have pulmonary fibrosis. Is this copd? What is the prognosis and/or treatment? I had a stroke 7 years ago.