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'interstitial plasma cell pneumonia.What is a lay term used for it?

13yr old collapsed, lungs keep collapsing filling w/blood, something w/kidneys, on a vent, no brain damage. Gpa had a kidney disease. What is it?

16 m.o. son, reactive airway disease, needs PE tubes, I'm afraid of anesthesia and it's effect on his RAD. ?

1yr/5mos had 2 pneumonia history. Now another bilateral pneumonia occurs. what to do to prevent this in the future?

3 lung masses finded in my right lower lung 6 years ago with poor prognosis , no simptomps, no terapy, stop repeating tests after 1 year.I am healthy.

33 male w/son (fertile ) &yearly sinusitis and EUS minor findings of chronic pancreatitis, even though I never had attack. or issues. Cystic Fibrosis?

33y male have anatomic bullea emphysema and chronic bronchities with normal pft my dclo is 87% dc said mild COPD can i live till 70 what should i do?

46 has pnuemonia and just found out she has congestive heart failure. Does this mean every time she gets sick fluid will build up around her lungs?

58y woman with brain injury, history of CHF and aspiration pneumonia. High fever, "extensive double pneumonia". O2 sats dropping. Odds of survival?

75-year-old severe COPD with pfts in 20-25% range, newly diagnosed lung ca. Considering cyberknife. Your thoughts about complications from scarring.

82y/o w/ community acquired pneumonia&coronary artery disease given 1l normal salinesolution in just 2 hours, is fluid overload a possible complication?

84 year old being weaned off a non invasive ventilator with suspected COPD. What will happen next if lungs don't cope?

A 4 yr old boy had interstitial pneumonia, bilateral result by x-ray procedure what is treatment to her. thank u very much?

A 45 yrs old female is in late pulmonary septicemia stage, on ventilator. A bacteria legunela and AC virus has been found. Will she survive?Any drug?

A 58 year old patient was given 3% saline mistakenly. Why does he have breathing difficulty, sacral pitting edema and inspiratory rales next morning?

A friend diagnosed with fibrosis, does. to quaff for lung transplant, without oxygen she is 30% how long can she live like this?

A patient got COPD after thyroidectomy - suggested there might be a relationship between thyroid function and COPD. Any reason to think there is?

A pulmonologist reviewing my pft says moderate obstructive lung disease with no evidence of reversibility. What does that mean?

Ace, would low levels would show with COPD and lung disease, could they relate to billary cirroshis of the liver ( autoimmune) Hib related meningitis?

After getting cured frm PTB should I conceive? I hv fibrotic element on my upper lung.During pregnancy will breathing problems start?

After multiple respiratory, cardiac, and other organ tests, pulmonary fibrosis was ruled out as cause for my sob. Reduction of propranolol usage has helped somewhat, but not completely. What next?

Albuterol inhler and also nebulizer, reason for oneuse, no relief. Lung function test normal while having an attack. Is this a long healing proCess?

Alpha 1a. Sorted it through this site, and ACE meds affecting lungs.My daughter 23 as had breathing/digest for 4 years, how can I help without scarring?

Angioendema?Can it be caused by ACE inhibitors.Can a ACE test level be decreased in other conditions.Emphysema, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis.Copd ?

Anyone ever heard of coccidioidomycosis, (valley fever), and is it related to a 'nodule' in your lung?

Anyone know what is a pulmonary infiltrate?

Anything proactive i can do for a 4mm lung module grown from 2mm 11 months ago? Does anything help? Steam? Homeopathic? Exercise? Breathing deeper?

Are children more susceptible to invasive pulmonary aspergillosis?

Are pulmonary fibrosis and fibromyalgia at all related?

Are smokers with non allergic rhintis at higher risk of developing lungcancer? sinuses and lungs involve breathing.Or are these completely unrelated?

Are the symptoms of COPD the same as CAD as my mother had CAD in her mid 50s and i'm growing more concerned, i know I have COPD symptoms more often.

Are there any anti-depressants I can use if I have pulmonary fibrosis?

Are there any effective treatments for interstitial lung disease?

Are there any good treatments for pulmonary fibrosis?

Are there any known ways to treat interstial lung disease?

Are there any new treatments for COPD and emphysema that can extend my life?

Are there any treatments to cure idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Are there any vitamins to help people who have pulmonary fibrosis?

Are there any ways to suppress/treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Are there different types of lung abscess? Bacterial/fungal after pnuemonia & flu a? How is the recovery after lung damage in 21yr old ventil' patient

Are there different types of pulmonary fibrosis?

As a hiv positive can I believe that a chest x-Ray is enough to eliminate possible Kaposi sarcoma of the lungs?

Asbestos - how long does if it hapensfor pleusry or diffuse pleural effusion symptoms to appear after exposure. I was xposed 3mo ago. Could I have it.

Aunt- stage 4 lung cancer, no treatment weak heart, swollen neck lymph, coughing up blood, oxygen, hospice, life expectancy?

Back in 1972-74, I was on a U.S Navy shift aircraft carrier, which was full of asbestos. In 2005, I was diagnosed with that left lung nodule, which was removed in 2008. In your personal opinion, do you think that may have caused my lung nodule? If so, ple

Barrel chested" is a term used to indicate increased chest diameter due to hyperinflation. It is commonly seen in copd?

Besides asthma, what can cause a deformed chest/harrison's sulcus in a 4 yr old boy? History: severe croup, born with tortocolis, recent tonsillectomy

Bill was told he has start of Emphysema and he's never smoked. They said scarring from child hood asthma. Is there anything to slow progression?

Can intense greif/ psychological trauma cause one to ve tb? It is said by ppl in some countries that TB of lungs is a disease caused by greif

Can a lung scar caused by pulmonary tuberculosis (already treated) ever disappear? It's been 2 years and the scar is still there every xray exam.

Can a person with asbestos in school end up with severe lung damage?

Can a person with chronic lukema have swollen lympnotes in there lungs?

Can a regular spirometry test not big machine show what stage COPD is? I did the small one that u blow into a few times and was told stage 3 COPD ?

Can acute urticaria cause lung spots? Need expert opinions!

Can an abdominal ultrasound detect if u have lung problems or disorders?Can it pick up problems of the lungs too?Thanks

Can an airway obstruction in chronic lung disease cause hypercapnia?

Can any doc tell me what's pulmonary fibrosis and is it often fatal or is it just chronic?

Can anyone provide me with further information on spontaneous pneumomediastinum?

Can asthma[ if not treated properly] also sometimes cause bronchiectasis. I ve this condition but am unclear as to why?

Can barrett's eusophagus cause more complications or visa versa with someone with emphysema?

Can calcium build up lead to cancer if someone has multiple pulmonary embolisms and scar tissue?

Can chronic nausea come from my restrictive cardiomyopathy ( heart biopsy found this I have sarcoidosis)?

Can drs hear indications of lung cancer through stethoscope?

Can GERD cause pulmonary fibrosis?

Can GERD LPR cause pulmonary fibrosis or any type of lung damage?

Can hamsters as pets contribute to pulmonary fibrosis?

Can idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis be treated?

Can invasive pulmonary aspergillosis relapse?

Can liver problems cause pulmonary fibrosis?

Can LPR reflux cause pulmonary fibrosis or any lung problem?

Can lung blebs heal with chinese medicine?

Can lung cancer cause sudden mental impairment?

Can lung disease be associated with dysphagia?

Can lung problems cause you to have whole body severe edema? If so what kind of lung problems. Thank you

Can mould be a cause for kidney cancer. I have contracted hypersensative pnumonitis from this?

Can one contract tuberculosis/lung infections, etc. From cpr training?

Can one have small collapsed lung with few symptoms. Could this spontaneous collapse be deadly? Some studies say that progression to tension is rare.

Can peg feeding prevent/reduce the re-occurence of aspiration pneumonia in a 49-yr old person with dysphagia due to advanced multiple sclorosis?

Can pulmonary fibrosis be cured?

Can pulmonary fibrosis result from viral pneumonia?

Can pulmonary hypertension resolve when my babies chronic lungs grow?

Can someone explain to me what COPD is? It's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but what is that exactly please?

Can spiriva be taken to treat pulmonary fibrosis?

Can there be some homeomedicine to cure interstitial lung disease ?

Can tuberculosis lead to copd?

Can vomiting during PTB treatment makes the lungs week?

Can you cure lung disease if u stop smoking ? I'm 41 over weight and been tested for lung disease due to lungs blocked. Dr think it's weight issue.

Can you explain further what hyperaerated lungs mean and how does a person get into this illness?

Can you please explain bilateral pulmonary disease and what causes it?

Can you please explain why asthma is classified as an obstructive and not restrictive disease?

Can you please tell me how obstructive and restrictive pulmonary disease differ?

Can you scuba dive with interstitial lung disease?

Can you tell me changes seen in tissues owning to emphysema?

Can you tell me how could chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affect your gas exchange?

Can you tell me how is lung sacoidosis and enfluzema medically treated, what is the prognosis?

Can you tell me how likely is it that a baby with meconium aspiration will develop lung problems etc. In later life?

Can you tell me is a COPD patient likely to go from 29% to 63% lung cap in less than a year?

Can you tell me of any good sources of infromation about copd?

Can you tell me what is interstitial lung disease?

Copd patient aged 71. Triple bypass 4 years ago in inhalers .moderate copd stage . What is prognosis like?