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Could there be negative affect on lung function slightly below average performance 1yr after being on heart and lung machine for Open Heart Surgery?

Hi, What is the meaning of normal spirometry - TLCO was reduced to 65% and DLCO/VA at 76%. Many thanks. ?

what Other things can cause the chest X-ray appearance of hyper expansion/air trapping. ?

70 % lung function - will this patient require oxygen?

A person with emphysema often needs to be given supplemental oxygen, but why is it important?

Are deep breathing exercises beneficial to increase lung capacity?

Are there problems with breathing jet fuel over a period of time that could lead to obstructive lung disease?

Aside from steam bath and deep breathing exercises, how can I optimize my lung function?

Asthma attack. Will peak flow reduce if the person has pulmonary fibrosis?

Been coughing for over 2 years with diminished lung capacity? Do you think a CT is needed?

Being the fact that i was born at 26 weeks gestation could that be why I have fuctional residual capacity?! docs say I have asthma but i also have frc

Breathe by using the upper thorax rather than the diaphragm, and have chronic overinflation of the lungs. How do I fix this? Is it reversible?

Can a normal, healthy person die from a spontaneous collapsed lung before making it to the e.R.?

Can a peak flow meter show if I have interstitial lung disease?

Can albuterol improve peak flow in people without lung disease, even if only slightly?

Can breathing polluted air increase stress on heart's regulation capacity?

Can having scheuermann's kyphosis of thoracic interfere with lung function/breathing?

Can i get a voice amplifier to improve my dad diminished lung capacity ?

Can i maintain an oxygen level greater than 88% with pulmonary fibrosis?

Can mechanical ventilation aid lung cancer patients?

Can muscle tightness affect lung capacity?

Can pulmonary fibrosis reduce peak flow?

Can running improve lung capacity and reduce asthma symptoms?

Can severe vitamin deficiencies cause poor lung function and lung inflammation?

Can the average person breath enough air pollution to give them lung cancer in their lifetime?

Can they ever give the patient more oxygen than the lungs can hold?

Can we tire out or damage our lungs with exercise?

Can you please explain the function of the chest cavity?

Can you please explain why decreased lung compliance is seen in emphysema?

Can you please tell me why it'snecessary to limit o2 flow rate with people with copd?

Can you tell me if jogging increases your lung capacity?

Can you tell me in obstructive lung disease, why is expiration difficult and not inspiration?

Concerning my Father whom has pulmonary Fibrosis and only has 39% lung capacity left.

Could adult onset infolding of arytenoids upon inhalation increased breathlessness when talking &with activity and strider be relate to UCTD?

Could having a heart bypass have made fluid accumulate in my father's lungs a few days later?

Could oxygen therapy help improve long term lung problems such as COPD or malformations?

Could someone explain a person's COPD deteriorating during the night and then improving in the morning?

Could you give me some exercises for a person with COPD and limited mobility can do?

Could you give me straight forward info on pulmonary fibrosis?

Could you tell me what is the percentage of oxygen returned to the heart after it leaves the lungs?

Decreased lung capacity due to scoliosis. Not eligible for a brace or surgery. What can I do to help this? Run out of breath walking up stairs even.

Do cilia function of moving mucus from the lungs and sinuses recover ? (i stopped smoking 1 year ago) what other agents paralyzes the cilia ?

Do lung diseases result in increased dead space in your respiratory system?

Do people ever pass a lung capacity test but still have asthma?

Docs, when thoracic volume changes due to movement of the diaphragm, what leads to the lungs to move?

Does a decrease in frc always mean restrictive lung disease? I am not obese. & my fvc was 95% of predicted fev1 was 96% fev1/fvc is 81% w/significant improve. W/bronchodilator, why was frc decreased?

Does age effect the lung capacity?

Does anyone know why the trachea shifts in a pneumonthorax?

Does anyone out there know how to build heart/lung tolerance with asthma?

Does being dehydrated affect lung capacity?

Does being less stressed affect the lungs recovery from asthma?

Does caffine improve lung function ?

Does chronic exercisce get the body to adapt and increase the number of alveoli in the lungs?

Does difficulty exhaling fully always point to asthma/COPD?

Does having emphysema make it harder for me to live on a breathing machine?

Effects that hyperinflation has on pulmonary compliance and chest distensibility?

Elderly relative with breathing difficulties. Do lungs get tighter or smaller as people age?

Explain this? Lip pursing annoying habit can actually increase end-respiratory pressure (the eep of peep) and improve gas exchange in lungs. Thanks.

For obstructive lung disease, why is expiration difficult and not inspiration?

Good food to improve lung capacity?

Has acetaminophen been linked to respiratory disease and lung function capacity reduction?

Have Asthma 60 yrs old. Is there exercise that can increase lung function? Is so what are they? Also small leaky heart valves that don't cause issues.

Have COPD 2years ago had flu and pneumo from then to now have been on oxygen 24/7. At 71 yrs of age would pulmonary rehab help me ween off oxygen?

Hello docs! can you tell me what determines alveolar pco2?

Hi i have had results of my lung function. Spirometry just within normal limits but corrected CO is reduced at 74%. I have rhf also?

Hi, being a medico, i wanna know, surfactant reduces the surface tension of what in the alveolus ?

How are static & dynamic lung compliance measured in children?

How can asthma affect vital capacity?

How can smoking affect my breathing, lungs, and muscles?

How can a respiratory infection affect the tital volume in your lungs?

How can I learn to exhale fully? I definitely have anxiety but asthma/allergies may have remodeled my lungs and i can exhale all air from my lungs.

How can you best expand your lungs and breath more efficiently?

How compromised would your lung function have to be to be turned down from surgery?

How do I mataine health heart lungs and kindeys?

How do the spirographs differ between someone with emphysema, asbestosis, and a marathon runner?

How do you stop chronic hyperventilation syndrome? Either my mind or my lungs have become accustomed to breathing large volumes of air. I can't fix it!

How does a pulmonary embolus interfere with respiratory function?

How does hyperinflation affect pulmonary compliaance and distensibility?

How does pleurisy affect exchange of gases (external respiration)?

How does pneumonia affect the ventilation – perfusion ratio?

How does pulmonary embolus interferes with respiratory function?

How does your diaphragm breathing and ribs change the volume of the lungs?

How effective is lung reduction surgery for treating copd?

How long can a person live with lung scarring and and on oxygen ? Husbands levels are staying below 88 on oxygen .

How might the respiratory volumes on the spirogram be affected by asthma?

How should asthma lead to a decrease in muscular performance?

How should the body compensate to cope with a restrictive and obstructive lung disease?

How should the body compensate to cope with a restrictive lung disease?

How to find the residual volume of the lungs?

How will a punctured lung affect a person's breathing?

How would the results of a capnography be different if you had CHF as opposed to COPD?

I am 35 years old.My spirometry answer is: further examination for extrathoracic flow obstruction & expiratory tracheal stenosis.Help me.Is it cancer?

I am 53 (f) my lung capacity is at 80% and I was told by specialist that what that means is I have the predictive lung capacity of a woman that is 70,?

I am a grown adult who was a micro preemie at birth, weighing 1lb, 9oz. Could I still have impaired lungs and impaired lung function from BPD?

I am smoking from last 3 year....Can i measure it how it affected my lungs and other part? Can it come in X-ray ?

I had 23% of lung function , I now hane 50 is that better?

I have 70 % lung capacity but it drops to 50 - 53% when im ill. What type of exercise can I do to work it up to 80% or am i being unrealistic.?

I have a 27% lung capacity from severe asthma. I am 71. Prognosis?

I have been a packet a day smoker for 38 years and I have just given them up. Will my lung capacity improve over time or not?

I have been diagnosed as having a lung capacity of 80%, I am 53 years old. Should I be concerned and can I do anything to improve my lung capacity?