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Any alternative treatments for pleural effusions?

Anyone know what is a pleural effusion?

Are there any differences between Pleural effusions and pulmonary edema? If so, what are they?

Atypical mesothelial cells, pleural effusion, do I see chest or other surgeon?

Bilateral pleural effusions and some ascites that was not there previously following a percutaneous liver bx. What exactly would be the cause?

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Can a patient suffering from pleural effussion work again?

Can a patient with pleural effusion be contagious?

Can a percutaneous liver biopsy cause bilateral pleural effusions and ascites?

Can any doc tell me what's plueral effusion all about?

Can bronchial asthma cause pleural effusion??

Can ibuprofen alone treat pericarditis w/ sm pericardial effusion? Is there anything else I can ask me dr. to put me on?

Can pericardial effusion w/o pericarditis cause pain still. MRI and blood work shows no inflammation, but I do have mod-large pericardial effusion?

Can pleural effusion and atelectasis post pneumonia cause pain in ribs and back?

Can pleural effusion create pressure on the lungs?

Can the inflammation from pericarditis go away before the fluid. A MRI showed a mod-large pericardial effusion.

Can to you have a slight injury to the chest and still get a pleural effusion or pulmonary edema ?

Can you fly after a pericardial effusion?

Can you give me advice.i suffered pleural effusion with sepate fluid, breathing problem even after aspiration.?

Can you have small pleural effusion in both lungs post pneumonia being only in left?

Can you let me know how many times can pleural effusion be drained?

Can you please describe intramural hematoma of ascending aorta, pleural effusion etiology?

Can you please describe minimal pleural effusion versus pleurodiaphragmatic adhesion left..?

Cardiomediastinal silhouette. Lungs are clear. No pleural effusion or pneumothorax. Do I have heart murmur?

Colour of pleural effusion fluid if you have pneumonia?

Could a pericardial effusion cause a heart block?

Could albuterol clear pleural effusion and atelectasis after pneumonia is already cleared?

Could pericardial effusion cause a heart block?

Could proforol cause pericarditis? I had endoscopy w/ dilation then the next think I know is I had pericarditis w/ pericardial effusion.

Could you explain what is plural pericardial adhesion?

Doc.What is benign pleural effussion?

Docs can you explain, is the pleural cavity inferior to the diaphragm?

Doctors, what is the difference between pleural effusion and thoracentesis?

Does anyone know about cirrohssis and reaccumulating ascites/pleural effusion ?

Does echocardiogram show pericardial effusion?

Does malignant minimal pleural effusion resolve on its own without treatment ?

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Does pleural effusion create pressure on lungs?

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Does pleural effusion of 600ml post CABG need to be drained?

Does the pericardium close after having a pericardial window for tamponade?

Goodmorning. Which are the differences between pleural effusion end pulmonary edema on lung auscultation?

Had heart surgery in june to remove paraganglioma. Dr. Says i now have murmur and bilateral pleural effusions. Is this a sign of chf?

Help please! could dental work cause pericardial effusion?

How are pericardial effusion and overloading related?

How are pleural effusion and thoracentesis different?

How bad is pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) if temporary?

How can one differentiate pulmonary embolism from extra pleural effusion tuberculosis?

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How dangerous is a small pericardial effusion?

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How is pleural effusion diagnosed?

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How many times can pleural effusion in a baby be drained?

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How much time does it usually take to get pleural plaques and pleural effusion ?

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How to manage pleural effusion?

How to treat loculated peritoneal effusion?

How will pericardial effusion affect the fetus?

I got small pericardial effusion due to upper endoscopy & dilation of esophagus. How would this type of pericardial effusion be treated?

I just found out that I have an enlarged heart with pleural effusion. Is this serious?

I need information on pleural effusion causes?

I was wondering what are common symptoms of a pleural effusion?

I was wondering what are the differences between pleural effusion and empyema?

If a person has a pleural effusion, what does that mean?

If the echo &ECG doesnt show pulmonary edema or pleural effusion or pleurisy, then how to diagnose them in early stages?

If the pleural effusion is associated with pulmonary TB is this serious?

Is a pleural effusion always dangerous? Does it need to always be drained. What are the symptoms?

Is a pleural effusion serious? Is it usually a sign of cancer?

Is fluid restriction helpful for pt has pleural effusion?

Is it common to have normal ECG with Pericardial effusion ??

Is it normal to have palpitations with small pericardial effusion? I got the effusion from pericarditis.

Is pericardial effusion contageous through cough or sneezing ?

Is pericardial effusion diagonised as tuberculosis contagious through cough or sneezing or by any means?

Is pleural effusion dangerous?

Is pleural effusion recurrent? And what are the pros and cons of doing thoracentesis repeatedly?

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Is there a difference between pericarditis and pericardial effusion?

Is there any difference between pleural effusion and tb?My doctor told me you have pleural effusion, not tb. But he is giving me rifampicin.

Is there any specific position to sleep when you have pleural effusion and atelectasis post pneumonia?

Is there treatment for trivial pericardial effusion?

Is trivial pericardial effusion normal in echocardiogram?26years old.

Is tuberculous pleural effusion infectious?

Life expectancy malignant pleural effusion?

Mesothelioma induced pleural effusion, chemo failed,surgical given to adhese the gaps between mesothelium tissue to improve pleural effusion.

My mother has pneumonia. Ultrasound shows pleural effusion. Fever has subsided but there is heavy breathing. Is it due to pleural effusion ?

My MRI said I have a mastoid effusion a month ago should I have been treated for it?

My pleural effusion healed without treatment . How?

Pericardial effusion? Treat with diuretic?

Pericaridectomy, pericarditis. What is the difference?

Please help! what is the difference between pleural effusion and thoracentesis?

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