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My AST/ALT/ALK PHOS and MCH are high. Doctor at ER said to monitor it but nothing to worry about. I'm freaking out. ?

last year my alt 23 , ast 20, this year alt 34, ast 19, all normal but I noticed alt rised a little why? Is this normal ? rest of liver panel normal.

18 years old and recently did a blood test. Result : alkaline phosphatase level of 165, ALT of 16 and gamma glutamyl transferase of 16 . Normal ?

2009= AST 27 ALT 23. 2013= AST 81 ALT 40. Drinker, . Your diagnosis?

A liver panel showed AST = 28 and ALT = 23. Is AST being higher than ALT significant when they are both in the normal range? All other tests are okay.

Alkaline phosphatase, amylase, lipase and GGT. Wouldn't these be elevated in almost all cases of biliary obstruction??

Alkaline, direct test AST (sgot)and ALT (sgpt) high levvel its test report so what we do. And what we eat .

All labs normal but ALT and AST are low end of normal range, 8 and 13. Cirrhosis?

ALT (SGPT) is 42, the limits were 0-32, should I be concerned & what does it mean?

Alt level from 51 to 60 in liver is it normal?

Alt, Ast and Alp within normal range. Alp isoenzyme also within normal range but GGT elevated to 129. Ab ultrasound scheduled for monday. ??????

Alts to vincristine?

Any connection between RA and elevated sgot & sgpt, ?

Any diet chart to reduce alkaline phosphate , sgpt and sgot. ?

Any medication for elevated sgpt-sgot?

Anyone know what these liver test results mean: AST ALT ldh?

Apple juice can cause elevated sgpt?

Are AST and ALT elevated in the chronic pancreatitis?

Ast (sgot) 33 ALT (sgpt) 39 high..What could be wrong why is the ALT high? Is this bad?

Ast 43 and alt 69 and bun 7?

Ast and ALT numbers elevated - which medicines can do this?

AST and ALT were both 16 before doxycycline (21 days at 200mg). Now 26 and 29. Is this normal?

AST elevated (65), ALT elevated (50) and total bilirubin elevated (3.0). All other enzymes are normal. Is this significant??

Ast is 37 u/L alt is 64 u/L albumin, serum 4.6g/dL are these good readings?

Ast level 32, is this normal?

AST level 59 Alt level 27 anything to worry about?

AST level 59 Alt level 27 anything to worry about? all other liver test in the blood normal

AST. ALT and Alkaline Phosphatate levels have been continuously decreasing for several years but are still in the normal range. Is that good or bad?

Bili AST ALT elevated over a yr ALT AST is now normal it has been double. Bili is 1.3 total and direct 0.24.have fatty liver could it b cirrhosis?

Bilirubin high liver ast, GGT normal?

Blood test for liver: Alt (Sgpt) and Ast (Sgot) were very high, and Alkaline Phosphatase was a little high. Everything else normal. Should I worry?

Can 0.375mg Lexotan daily cause GGT level to be elevated to 124U/L? AST and ALT are normal. Non-drinker. No hepatitis. 120 lbs. 5'3 tall.

Can a stomach virus/bug on the day I did bloodwork cause an elevated alkaline phosphatase level? All other values in range and I have hep b.

Can alcoholic hepatitis present with normal alt/ast?

Can ALT numbers be high and AST low?

Can diflucan or Lamisil (terbinafine) cause elevated AST and ALT levels?

Can exercise cause slight increase ALT and AST but still normal range with normal ggt, alk phos and bilirubin?

Can glutathione help lower the sgpt?

Can high triglyceride make your ALT an AST slightly high?

Can I reverse a fatty liver with results like AST (SGOT) 115 ALT (SGPT) 315?

Can I trust the results of my tibc, alt(sgpt), ast(sgot) if it states afterwards hemolyzed result may be affected, and what would have caused it?

Can imuran (azathioprine) lower AST and ALT levels?

Can iterax cause high sgot reading?

Can liver disease CAUSE cholesterol to go high? A year ago, mine was very low, now it is very high. Liver values (AST) slightly elevated for 1st time

Can sgot (ast) and sgpt (alt) levels be lowered with dietary changes?

Can strenuous exercise elevate AST alt?

Can to much green tea raises your alt or ast?

Can ursoidal an antibiotic cause sgpt sgot increase?

Can vitamins or too many vitamins cause elevation of AST and ALT levels?

Can you tell me is high sgpt and sgot level fatal?

Can you tell me what alkaline phosphatase level in the liver mean?

Checkup bloodwork revealed "perfect" levels according to my md. But I read about ALT AST ratio. My AST is 16 and ALT is 18. Is this cause for concern?

Could alt elevated to 76 mean I have cirrhosis?

Could chronic appendicitis cause mildly elevated ALT enzyme levels?

Could eating a lot of fruit raise my ALT/AST? I was eating a fruitarian diet and they were elevated and still are. 115 alt 70 AST?

Could Hep C cause elevated granulocytes?

Could you tell me what is the risk of having high ALT (sgpt) and is 45 okay?

Cure for high sgpt and sgot?

Diagnosed of HBV in june with sgot 2400, sgpt 2200, bilirubine total 10.8, alkaline phos 220. My aug 23 test sgot 23, sgpt 18, bilirubine total 0.7.?

Diet for control the level of sgot sgpt ? And causes of increase sgot sgpt?

Do digestive enzyme supplements causes elevation of AST? AST 65 ,Alt normal range

Do I have a liver problem last 4 years ALT 11 and AST 13 last august went to ALT 24 AST 20 alk phosphate from 67 to 71 now ALT and previous # alk 68?

Do liver pills have lower your ast and alt?

Does being a night shift worker have an effect on my high sgpt sgot level. I had a sgot level of 51 and sgpt of 151?

Does exercise daily help reduced sgpt and sgot ?

Does fatty liver cause elev bili Mine was 1.2 direct was 0.17. It has been high for over a Yr Alt and AST been high for 10 mths but normal last 2mth?

Does ibuprofen cause high ALT and AST levels?

Does lower SGOT(AST) and SGPT(ALT) levels (10 and 14 respectively) means weaker liver function? what is the average number of these hormones in blood?

Does Metformin increase ALT (SGPT) level?

Does propolis help with positive hbsag, hbeab, hbcab, even though alt, ast, ggt, alp are all normal? How much should be the daily dose? How to take?

Does sgot and sgpt indicate jaundice?

Does smoking raises sgot and sgpt level ?

Does your ALT and AST fluctuate when you have hepatitis C ?

Elevated alt/ast/ldh and bilirubin?

Elevated AST (75) & bilirubin (4.0). ALT was low at 15. Everything else normal. Liver enzymes normalised a week later. What causes this??

Elevated bilirubin, alcohol free for 20 years, what might be the cause?

Explanation of lab work. BUN, CRE, AST, and ALT.

For many years AST 13 ALT 11 all phos 58 last year went AST 20 ALT 24 alk 71 this year went back to AST 14 ALT 11 alk 68 do I have liver disease?

GGT 124. ALT and AST normal. Non-drinker. What can be the cause? Is high GGT a serious problem?

Ggt of 331 non drinker. Other lfts raised. Elevated iga?

Hello I'm 25 years old and my SGOT is a 28 and my SGTP is a that normal??

Hello, I am 23 years old male. I have ALT 61 and AST 27 so my ast:alt ratio is 0.44. Is there any problem with that?What is the possible problems?

Help please! is AST liver count 61 high for a 26 years old female?

Hep c, to lower bilirubin (4.4mg/dl)?

Hepc, cirohisis, last monthreport ast/alt veryhigh, bilirubin, albumin-abnormal range. Thismonth report ast/alt, bilirubin, albumin all normal.Isit posble?

Hi i ask what the mean of sgpt(alt)? Because my sgpt is 130

Hi my serum ggt is 29 iu/l and ast alt ratio is .93 I am occasional drinker but drank for a week before the test Is this something serious ?

Hi there, if a patient has a high level of BUN,ALT, ALKP and GGT what condition may the patient have? (On a blood test)

Hi what causes high GGT, AST and ALT? No hepatitis and don't drink alcohol or do drugs any relations to high LDL and high triglycerides?

Hi. Im 28 yrs old. My blood uric acid, sgpt and sgot are high. Bua 442, sgot 88, sgpt 110. Should i see a doctor?

High ALT in the liver.

High gamma GT, ALT and Alk Phos related to liver. High glucose. What should I do? Thanks.

High levels of ALT enzymes, can be hiv?

How can I control high sgpt and sgot?

How can I lessen the elevated value of sgpt?

How can I lower levels of AST (sgot) and ALT (sgpt)?

How can I reduce my sgot and sgpt?

How can I reduce sgot and sgpt?

How can one decrease sgpt and sgot levels?

How can we reduce ALT AST level?