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how long does acute alcohol hepatitis last? I had liver discomfort wen I quit drinkin.Bloods taken 2weeks after I quit. Normal. How likely I had it?

my blood test showed abnormal liver enzymes and elevated pancreatic enzymes. Hepatitis negative. I don't drink alcohol. Ultrasound and CT negative. ?

""im diebetic been a big drinker but i stop I have liver failure don't no the stage what are the symptoms if your suger gets really high?

"im diebetic been a big drinker but i stop I have liver failure don't no the stage what arethe symptoms if your suger is really high?

0.45direct billirubin&1.44total.Rest of liver functions,CBC&AFP all normal.21yrs.Overweight.No Dr asked for the test just me checking up.

1 or2 shot of any alcohol getting me very drunk, wasnt the case 2 years ago. Is my fatty liver to blame for this sudden intolerance?

15 weeks pregnant. Mild itching 4 weeks on legs-Lotion helps. Normal LFT's. Do I need bile acid test for ICP?

1yr ago at age 46 (female) vomiting blood black stools, diagnosed with severe liver damage, ascites,varies and a damaged spleen, I would like to knoPl?

27 yr old. Dr says I don't ovulate. Yrs without period. Red palms. Online it says liver disease. My liver func. tests perfect. Why red palms?hormonal?

4.5 yrs male child with mild hepatomegaly. Liver function test normal. Possible cause and treatment advise if needed?

40yr lady u/s shows swollen intestine, fibriod in uterus, fatty liver. What should be the next course of action?

47yr old female I yr no alcohol, rushed to er, I have a severely damaged liver, ascites, varices, un active spleen, told my survival is 1to 3yrs.true?

4wks to live prognosis. Biliary obstruction due to tumor bilirubin level 112 which reduced to 33 after 24hr drip. Pse explain how bilirubin reduced?

6 yr old with liver issue developed enlarged spleen+high tem+bloody vomit&diarrhea. Docs say splenectomy not possible at this stage. Solution?

76y +history of colorectal CA.Few days ago, his liver enzymes went very high+itching+feeling tired+dark urine.This suggest Hepatitis. What shall I do?

A 2 year old has fever for 7 days and was taken to the doctor on Thursday. The spleen was enlarged. All the labs were done and liver enzymes, bilirubin and WBC were high. The follow up is today and the spleen has returned to normal. The labs have to be re

A plaque like coating over part of the liver, could this spread into the liver. My wife is an ovarian cancer sufferer aged 54?

Abnormal liver function test on blood work very slightly out of range?gp said simple fatty liver how can she tell with jst blood test?im book for US

Abnormal liver function tests, should I be concerned?

After 10 years of heavy drinking, an ultrasound showed fatty diffusion of the liver with mild enlargement. Spleen normal size. No ascites or anything like that. I have now been sober for 9 weeks! Is it too late to reverse the liver damage even though i a

After gal bladder removal, my dad still gets large amount of fluid out. His direct bilirubin levels are too high. Worried much. Please advice?

After I get off accutane and my liver enzymes got back to normal (hopefully), will I have to worry about liver damage when I'm older?

After i got dengue i had liver inflammation .....Is it due to the virus or other reasons...... Thank you.....

Alcohol and mild hepatomelagy related to obesity hello i would like to inquire about mild hepatomelagy. I was recently given an ultrasound and it showed that my liver was mildly enlarged due to being overweight. I am not a drinker but i would l like to k

Alcoholic. Yellowing skin. Confused and agitated.

All my liver functions are normal but I have high bilirubin, after drinking my eyes turned yellow (again), should i be concerned?

Alt 142 ast77 diagnosed mild fatty liver infiltration in july could cirrhosis develop this quick? Easy unexplained bruising to all other blood work ok

Alt of 84. Have pain around liver area. Auto immune, hep a b c and all other blood work fine. Us shows excess fat in liver. Worried about pain. ?

ALT result is 63 (9-46 u/L). The rest of the hepatic function panel are negative. Big concern?

Am 34. Can you have liver problems if no vomiting, no jaundice color, no fatigue. I did all hepatitis was negative. I just worry coz overweight 12 kg?

Am not sick, do not have pinguecula or jaundice, liver & blood tests all normal. My eyes look yellowish. Why!? Under severe stress and fatigue, that why?

Anemia and thyroid test which i understand but also added a liver and kidney blood test. Why would doc order these tests?

Antibiotics affect liver function test?

Any advice? What test can be done for kidney failure?

Are LFTs reliable ? Do they just tell if liver damage is present or how well the liver is functioning ? Thanks

Are pancreatic enzymes usually on routine blood work?

Are there portable liver function tests? Where can I get them?

Been drinking 60-70 units a week since end of october 2015, is liver damage likely or unlikely? I have no symptoms and cut down to 20 units a week

Been on meteprolol 12.5 since june. Liver enzymes have been up since july on and off. Could this cause it? Never been up before. Had baby in may too.

Bilirubin 2.5, direct . 8. Cbc normal , liver tests normal , ultra sound normal . Excellent health. Does this sound like gilbert's ?

Bilirubin blood work needed to detect kernicterus?

Bilirubin is increasing alot . Metastic liver cancer . Other liver function tests appear normal . What is going on ? No bile duct blockage . Is liver failing ?

Billirubin Total is 2.94. Direct is 2.5.occasional drinker once a week 4 pegs. No symptoms of jaundice. No fever. Is it curable? need to forget drinks

Blood result for bilirubin was 27. All other liver function tests were great though so my doctor said it doesn't matter about the bilirubin. Ok?

Blood test results showed elevated liver enzymes and elevated kidney function. What does this mean?

Blood tests show abnormal liver function, normal ultrasounds, feeling fine, non drinker, abnormal for over 20 years.

Brain stroke.severe hypotension.enceplopathy.cirohsis.infection due to aspiration.LFT deranged.bilirubin 5.left side very advice?

Can a bad case of babesiosis still leave liver damage after 20 years and can alcohol make it worse at this point?

Can a blood test find liver cancer? My mom gets regular liver function tests. I think because of cirrhosis, or maybe another liver problem. I’m afraid the disease will cause cancer. Will cancer show up on the blood tests?

Can a gallbladder problem cause body tremors? Normal ultrasound in june 2013. Endo doc says still possible even with normal liver function test?

Can a hepatitis immunization cause an abnormal hepatic functions panel?

Can a lacerated liver affect a breathalyzer test ?

Can a liver laceration mean there was child abuse?

Can a normal result from a liver function test mean i don't drink too much alchohol?

Can a person still have jaundice or something causing jaundice even if bilirubin blood test came back normal?

Can a person take NyQuil 8 hours before having liver,kidney,bilirubin blood tests and gallbladder test such as CT scan ,x ray ?

Can a person with skin bronzing symptom have hemochromatosis if his liver function tests are normal?

Can alcohol use cause 'spider nevi' ? neg. for cirrhosis/hepatitis and hormones normal

Can all autoimmune diseases be detected in blood work? I have had extensive tests ran. I have fatty liver disease with borderline enlargement.

Can ammonia form on the liver? Need expert opinions!

Can an abnormal liver test result be a sign of porphyria?

Can an enlarged/fatty liver put pressure on diaphragm to cause breathing trouble? What are the possible treatment options?

Can anyone tell me what could cause an abcess in liver?

Can atenolol cause blood work to show a slightly abnormal liver function?

Can bilirubin or fatty liver affect home pregnancy tests results?

Can cholestasis of pregnancy cause long term inflammation to common bile duct? Can hormones affect liver enzymes and itching during period?

Can cla make your liver count go up?

Can couph medecine hurt my liver? Have bad couph & juz found out liver is damaged in bloodwork.. Male 26 yrs due 2 alcohol

Can fatty liver disease affect home pregnancy tests results?

Can fatty liver or bilirubin affect pregnancy test results?

Can glandular fever elevate a child's liver enzymes in a blood test if so how long till it goes back to normal?

Can high level of bilirubin like 8 damage organ if it os present for a long time. Time like 2 months ?

Can high liver enzymes occur if my pancreas is going bad?

Can i ask for a liver function test at the er?

Can i gauge my liver status by symptom? 4 toenails have the vertical cracks and i get bouts of acute hepatitis (swelling), with minimal jaundice.

Can liver function tests reveal autoimmune hepatitis?

Can liver or kidney damage cause a foul taste in your mouth?

Can my baby do blood test for liver when he is on antibiotics?

Can my high liver function tests recover from abstinence from alcohol?

Can nebilet affect the OGGT test?

Can normal kidney function be determined via urine test?

Can one stressful event (my wedding), cause ongoing vomiting and nausea that's lasted for 8 weeks? Liver ALT 111, u/s 13.5 CM spleen.

Can prednisone affect liver panel tests?

Can sarcoidosis cause the liver to spasm on regular basis? What to does this mean?

Can seroqual make your liver hurt?

Can smoking affect a liver function test?

Can someone with cirrhosis patient have normal liver lab results?

Can stoping alcohol all of sudden is dangerous?And also liver fat can be get cured..?

Can the medication serequel hurt my liver? Becuz im 18 years old and a male and i already have enough mental problems going on and high liver enzymes.

Can there be a way to reduce or stop fluid gathering in the feet due to bone and liver cancer?

Can u have normal lft and normal kidney function tests and all radiology tests negative but still have kidney or liver cancer?

Can you explain results of liver and spleen ct-need help understanding?

Can you give me suggestions i had a blood test for a job and my ALT (sgpt) liver enzym was 84 and he won't pass me on my physical?

Can you see if your liver is starting cirrosis on a ultrasound?

Can you tell me how can a doctor test the function of your gallbladder?

Can you tell me if I have muscle pain like the flu. Is it possible to have ammonia overload with normal liver function?

Can you tell me if you had jaundice as a baby, is your liver bad later in life?

Can you tell me what can it mean if your liver has antibodies?

Can your gallbladder not functioning cause liver emzymes to be high on blood work? Mine where a little high. Also I'm on prilosec and took fluconazole

Can your liver cause pain? If so is there a cure to stop the pain? What cause hemangionomas in the liver and are they dangerous? Im scared cause I don't want my liver to fail. I was never a drinker or drug user so why does the liver get attacked if you do