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biopsy results shown non alcoholic fatty liver disease. im not obese and other main causes dont apply to me, how's this possible? I am active/healthy

"Enlarged liver w/fatty infiltration" per ultrasound. Diet in progress; will it reverse the enlargement or reduce fat infiltration? Long term impact?

1-is grade1 diastolic dysfunction with EF72% can be reversable or regress? 2-Is liver fatty disease degree1 can be revearsable?if yes how? What to do?

24 y.Bmi of 19 with healthy diet & healthy, nonsmoker, nonalcoholic, presenting for asymptomatic elevation of ALT 170 for 6 mos. Nafld? What to counsel?

27 years old female (asian), diagnosed with a fatty liver having sgpt level of 315. I don't drink or smoke. What can I take for pain and discomfort?

28 y medically free found to have fatty liver on u/s but normal lft, bmi=28. What to do ? Ist reversable ? Risk to get diseases ? Thank you...

3 years old has GERD since 6 months no eating solid just drinking supplement . Now presents high liver enzymes and has petechiae in palate suggests?

30, in good physical shape, exercise. High liver enzymes, 100/200, moderate drinker, but have been drinking a lot of carrot. Could vit a cause this?

38 f obese (but losing weight) have fatty liver. My right side under my arm around back be cramping. Could this be from the fatty liver?

38 f obese. Have lost 41lbs. How can you tell if fatty liver is getting worse or better?

38 f. Fatty liver from obesity. Lost 38lbs so far. How likely is it that I will get cirrhosis. Enzymes are good. Iron is a little low?

43yr old 210ibs, 5', 10", suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver and metabolic syndrome , and tg340., will metformin help or any other medication?

54yo wm history fatty liver. Had cholecystectomy 5 months ago. Better diet/excercise, have lost 80 lbs. Can fatty liver be cured/go away?

A 26 year old male patient has seizures, hypertension and mildly enlarged hepatomegaly. he also consumes alchol?

A relative of mine was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease, can this be reversed?

Advice please? My mom has liver cirrohsis acites portal hypertension diabitic type 2 what is the best diet plan or food?

After my physical i found out that i have a fatty liver. Is there any suggestions to help me clean out my liver. Does vitamin C and B12 help? Thanks.

Age 23, not overweight, non smoker, and doesn't drink too often having liver cancer. How is this possible?

ALT 65, AST 214, Hep B,C Neg. 2 Gasteroenterologists its ok & Leave fried food. I live in India. Plz suggest liver friendly foods & other tips if any.

ALT slightly deranged over 3 months (74). Ultrasound shows excess fat on liver. I do drink at weekends and I am over weight. Reverse possible ?

Am 90 kg and 1.76 cm. Am 34. Got fatty liver sice 8 years. Do not drink. Liver enzymes normal. What s the risk of cirroais. How many years it takes.

Ana positive c3&c4 low triglycerides now high and dr said I had fatty liver due to weight gain no symptoms of lupus could it be causing fatty liver?

Are some people more prone to getting acute fatty liver of pregnancy?

Assuming i'm in perfect health, can weightlifting by itself raise my liver enzymes, and if so, why? Thank you.

Been diagnosed with gastroparesis, no known cause, SBBO, have hep c, now fatty liver...loosing tons of weight and muscle what should I do? Tests ran?

Been thinking about bariatric surgery what are the chances of it helping to improve Fatty liver disease?

Best diet for raised liver ALT&AST? I see conflicting reviews on high carb diets, awaiting MRI, trying to avoid biopsy in 2mths if not Improved :(!

Borderline fatty liver and at times glucose in a.M. Is 105 but normal all day lost 20 lbs and quit all carbs and sugar can I reverse & how long?

Can a high carbohydrate diet cause both metabolic syndrome and fatty liver in a thin person?

Can a type 2 diabetic (not following diet) cause the liver to become hepatic. Liver counts out of whack.

Can a vegan diet help with fatty liver and how long for a liver of 16.7 cm to return back to normal size?

Can an improper amount of ceon still cause emesis in a person with pancreatic/liver cancer?

Can being obese cause an enlarged spleen? I was severely overweight, have fatty liver, but LFT's are NORMAL. So the liver seems to be functioning fine, wondering what could cause the spleen issue?

Can changing my lifestyle help me avoid liver cirrhosis and transplantation?

Can fatty liver cause dry cough for nearly a month?

Can Herbalife help with a abdomen lipoma since it's made out of fatty ?

Can high estrogen cause digestive problemse(liver/pancreas/gallbladder, etc)?

Can I have any type of bariatic surgery having hypotirhoid fatty liver and diabetes?

Can marijuana brownie/pill affect the pancreas with someone who pancreas disease?

Can milk thistle reverse fatty liver? I've been taking them for over a year and my enzymes are back to normal and us shows no fat. My albium is at 3.5

Can Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (no inflammation) speed up your metabolism and cause you to poorly absorb antidepressant medication?

Can poor gum health elevate your liver enzymes?

Can severe fatty liver disease not quite cirrhosis be stopped from getting worse with diet and exercise?

Can someone diagnosed with pancreatits consume ghe?

Can sweating reduce load on liver i.e less toxins to be removed.

Can vegetarians have bad livers?

Can you get pregnant when you have fatty liver disease ?

Can you tell me is increasing glycolysis better for tumors in the liver?

Could borderline heptmegly with fatty steososis be from obesity? I have been tested for all heps and hiv. All liver test good. I lost 62 lbs dieting

Could fatty liver from obesity cause hair loss? Or is it from losing 52 lbs since march or could my fatty liver be getting worse

Could fortified food worsen an enlarged and fatty liver due to their being synthetic vitamins in them?

Could you tell me how much drinking does it take to get fatty liver disease?

Ct says possible hepatic steatosis.drink very little alcohol,BMI is 20.62,cholesterol and liver enzymes are excellent.can this be reversed? Follow up?

Dad age 58, he is non-alcoholic.Have mild liver cirrhosis & 40% liver working fine.any chance if balance liver will remain stable always.whats future?

Dear doctor i am rajesh last month i had medical checkup , while did the ultra scan , report say's have a fatty liver what shuld i need to take food ?

Diag. Gastroparesis other day, having rough time trying too find out cause I have hep c with high liver enz untrted, lost 50 lbs all muscle mass help?

Diagnosed wit cirrhosis & fatty liver. Ive startd a vegan diet but is it ok to eat crawfish & shrimp?

Diagnosed with fatty liver (no details, except diffuse, not enlarged/infla. All function tests normal. Is the outlook good with changed diet/exercise?

Diagnosed with fatty liver disease by CT abdomen. I'm overweight. I'm on Bupropion HCL XLpast 6 months any interactions with antidepressant and liver?

Diagnosed with fatty liver on ultrasound while heavy drinker, blood work great at time and continues to be! could this be cirrhosis?

Diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver ,cirrhosis& its enlarged. A dr. told me bein vegan would help is this true? Or can l eat healthier meats?

Diet for chronic pancreatitis? how many grams of fat are recommended for chronic pancreatitis. 128 pound male 5ft10

Different liver tests have been elevated for 5 months now by atleast 50pts. Dr says just keep observing for now. I have fatty liver. Need 2nd opinion?

Diffuse atrophic pancreas on MRI, 6wks ago MRI normal. No pancreatitis, Controlled DM1, no alcohol drugs, low fat diet,what could cause sudden change?

Do all food go through the liver? What about do all work out supplements go through the liver to?

Do fatty liver affect rate of alcohol metabolism than a normal person? If yes, how much ? My liver ALT is at 76.

Do fatty liver disease cause higher bac levels than normal person? My friend had 3 drinks in 6 hrs and had 0.11 bac. Wasn't aware of his fatty liver.

Do l have to not eat after 12 to get a liver biopsy?

Doc said diffuse fatty liver, but not enough to cause enlargment. 6 mo follow up. No cirrhosis. I don't drink, underweight. Is it reversible? 27 yo

Doctor diagnosed acute fatty liver of pregnancy. What will do this to my wife?

Does 11 mm foci in liver need further follow up?

Does anyone have loose stool when liver enzymes are high?

Does hep b increase chances of having a fatty liver? Should I take metformin for diabetes & fatty liver issues? What're symptoms of fatty liver?

Does non-alcoholic fatty liver cause freq generalized skin itchiness? If so, how to reduce the itch? High cholesterol well controlled. New onset of sx

Does the body really gets rid of all gadolinium from an mri? Will having a slightly non alcoholic fatty liver affect the process?

Eat healthy, young, not overweight, why do I have fatty liver? Alt 76 and mild echogenicity on ultrasound. Doesn't make sense.

Fat found in my liver but normal numbers all around what does that mean?

Fatty gynecomestia how dr deal with in the operation.It is moderate and not glandular?

Fatty liver I have a fat liver and chronic pancreatitis, im so tired of being seen as alcoholic, I don't drink, what can be done about this stigma?

Fatty liver and bad gallbladder. Protein is 8.4 bilirubin was 2.0 also may have strep throat. What could this be. Why would protein be high?

Fatty liver and gallstones what are the treatment should I be very worried really scared 27 year old male 270 weight?

Fatty liver bad gallbladder: liver enzymes good protein 8.4 billibruin 20. What could it be? Possibilty of strep throat

Fatty liver from obesity. Wt274. Lost 46lbs since march. How likely will this develop into cirrhosis.. Or should I see about weight loss surgery?

Fatty liver wil have any problme in future?

Fibroscan vs MRI of liver? Unexplained elevated alt, not medications, alcohol, diet or viral. On a long waiting list, what else is left?

Following colon cancer surgery, is it safe to undergo chemo treatments when the liver isn't 100% healthy? Liver damaged slightly due to past drinking, no alcohol consumed for over 25 years now. Always healthy and strong. Exercise and healthy diet always.

Found out that i have started to get a fatty liver from obesity (non alcoholic)'does vitamin C and B12 help? Any other suggestions I'm worried. HELP!

Gallbladder function 17% is it safe to have it removed I have a fatty liver asa and asd. Is there a risk that the liver can be cut during incisions.

Gallbladder polyp went from 6.5 mm to now 4 so is that goid and lost weight but borferline mild fatty liver still there why

Glucose intolerant... What is a good diet to follow? Also have fatty liver..

Had NASH with LFT 4x normal, stage 1 fibrosis. Lost weight and have normal LFT one year. Is it possible to reverse fibrosis? Is my liver still injured

Have a cousin who is a alcoholic && just been diagnosed with liver failure. Will not tell the docs that she has a problem. Can she get a trans plant?

Have boarderline mild fatty liver with sugars at times in a.M. 105 but niormal all day stopped carbs lost 20 lbs can I reverse all and how long if yes?

Have fatty liver due 2 alcohol doctor said enzymes wernt that high .Eating healthy stoped drinking, how long be4 it goes back 2 normal? 26 male

Have fatty liver.Doc said need 2 b careful bout what I eat&need 2 lose weight n 6-10 weeks.I'm obese. It can turn n 2 Cirrhosis.What is fatty liver?

Have Lupus and Parkinson's and just found out I have a fatty liver is there a reverse on fixing it? If not how fast does it progress into failure?

Have you noticed any links between the use of isotretinoin and the development of various liver/ biliary system disorders (i.E.: hepatic cholestasis)?

Hello Doctor my father is facing from grade 2 hepatomagely.He has reduced his alcoholic consumption to twice a week.Will that help in curing.

Hello, I am 25 years, 171cm and 97kg. I am suffering from grade 2 fatty liver. I don't drink and don't smoke. Please help me.

Hello, I am 32 years old. Gender- man. I have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Grade 1. So what kind of Treatment or Medicine requires for Me? Please help Me