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Increased echogenicity of the pancreas?

Is "increased echogenicity" a standard radiology term for fatty liver, or would it mean that the echogenicity increased since the first ultrasound?

Is diffuse moderate pancreatic fatty atrophy serious?

Is fatty liver reversible if it is borderline enlarged?

Is hepatic biopsy the only way to diagnose NASH? What about imaging?

Is it normal for a pancreas to have a slightly increased echogenicity on the ultrasound scan?

Is liver measuring 15.1 CM craniocaudal normal? What is a normal range? Ultrasound report said no acute abnormalities in liver or kidney. Concerns?

Is there a good treatment for hepatomegaly / liver enlargement?

Is there anything that can mimic cirrhosis symptoms? fibroscan and biopsy was negative for liver scarring

Is your liver supposed to be homogenous?

Latest abdominal ultrasound reveals well distended gallbladder, fatty liver, mild gallbladder wall thickening.But lft normal.No pain.What can this mean?

Liver biopsy = hepatic parenchyma showing moderate to severe chronic hepatitis w/bridging fibrosis &focal changes of early micronodular cirrhosis. Grade 3-4 stage 3-4. Can thyroid cause this? Or what?

Liver biopsy: Section reveals liver parenchyma, shows 12 portal tracts. Scattered portal tracts areas are infiltrated by lymphocytic inflammatory?


Liver enlarged size with fatty changes (gr.l).

Liver is normal and increased parenchymal ecogenically.grade 1 fatty liver. What does it means??

Liver shows increase in echogenicity suggestive of fatty changes. Intra and extra hepatic biliary passages are not dilated. There are 2 -3 calculi not?

Liver shows mild diffuse hepatosteatosis what is this?

Liver to be homogeneous without focal mass - what does this means?

Liver ultrasound revealed 'mildly coarse liver in a subtle finding' - end stage cirrhosis?

Liver ultrasound says that liver enlargement by 1 it a concern?

Mild ascitis, mild hepatomegaly with slightly coarse echotexture to r/o liver parenchymal disease, mild spleenomegaly and electrolyte imbalance?

Mildly enlarged liver 18cm echogenicity and contour normal all blood work normal. Could this just be my normal liver size? How enlarged is 18 cm?

MRI - the liver appears normal without mass, porta hepatis lymphadenopathy or venous thrombus. U/S hepatic echogencity normal. Please interpret.

Mri showed nodular liver, liver biopsy showed tiny bit of fatty infiltration. Any suggestions what this am be or should I be overly concerned?

Mri shows fatty tissue spot in liver. What does that mean?

My abdominal u/c say; liver shows Inhomogeneous echotexture and gallbladder appear small. No focal mass is seen in liver. Is it hepatitis???

My aunt is alcoholic CT showed Atypical Hepatoma hypodense lesion in lobe 4 of liver abutting gall bladder splenomegaly varices & portal HTN. Rx?

My dad's usg report says hepatomegaly with fatty change, splenomegaly, moderate ascitic fluid ..What does this mean?

My doctor referred me to do ultrasound upper abdomen.The report is *hepatomegaly with grade i fatty infiltration.Prominent spleen.*what does it mean?

My father is 66 years of age and he is diagnosed intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. What does this mean?

My liver is 16.1 mm long, the us says it is enlarged and fatty. What does this mean?

My liver is borderline enlarged because of fatty liver from obesity how long will it be enlarged and is this dangerous?

My liver is normal in size, but with increased parenchymal echogenicity. Intra and extrahepatic duct are not dilated. common duct measures 1mm.

My liver shows "minamal swelling" meaning what?

My liver shows increased parenchymal echogencity what to do?

My pornography report is fatty infiltration in liver. Is it dangerous for me?

My recent US report read Mildy echogenic and coarsened echotexture no focal mass. Does that mean cirrhosis now or just fatty liver? Ultra sound Impression read: Mildly ecohgenicity of the liver may signify fatty infiltration's or early hepatic parenchymal

My sgpt lebvel is 66 and my sonography report is fatty infiltration in liver is it dangerous and what is precotion i need?

My sonography report says, mild generalised fatty infilteration of liver. Pls explain what is it. And suggest reasons and precautions?

My sonography shows calcium deposit in the right lobe of liver along with generalised fatty infilteration.Is calcium deposit harmful.

My ultrasonography report say : diffusely increased parenchymal echogenicity of the liver of homogenous texture(bright liver) correlation liver functn?

My ultrasound report says echogenic liver with fatty infiltration, what does this mean?

My ultrasound results are mild fatty infiltration of the liver, a stable angiomyolipoma in the left kidney and a small polyp in the gallbladder.

My ultrasound showed " mildly echogenic liver throughout, consistent with diffuse fatty changes. No focal lesions noted." Is my liver enlarged?

My ultrasound showed an echogentic lesion in my liver. What does this mean?

My us report read Mildy echogenic and coarsened echotexture no focal mass. Recent lfts normal platlets good at 303 albumin 4.9 ast 13 alt 14 ggt 22 ldh 131 fibroscan 5 months earlier was only 5.7 kpa. Does that mean cirrhosis now or fatty liver? My liver

My US says mild hepatomegaly 17.5cm after cholecystectomy. Should I worry?

My usg reveals-acalculous mild gallbladder wall thickening, fatty liver.Lft normal, can reducing fat intake correct both?

My usg shows 2 small right hepatic lobe focal calcification & diffuse fatty infiltration do i need to worry my LFT was absolutely normal please advise?

Need doctor's help! what do docs mean by hepatic hemangioma?

On a liver ultrasound what does mildly echogenic parenchyma mean?

On ultrasound study, my liver appears enlarged in size and parenchyma shows increased echo patterns. Porta hepatis is normal. Is something wrong?

Pancreatic parenchymal abnormalities consisting of echo geniality suggestive of fatty infiltration... Can the fatty infiltration cause pain?

Please explain this for me: there is mild dependent atelectasis near both bases. Liver: liver is lower in attenuation than the spleen, please correlat?

Radiologist told me that there is early commencement of liver disease after scanning of liver. What does that mean?

Reading a CT report, it says "mild enlargement, normal contour, enhances normally" regarding my liver.

Recently had an abdominal ultrasound and my liver shows the echo texture is coarsened and suggests fatty changes. Is this serious?

Right abdomen ultrasound results demonstrates diffuse increase in hepatic echotexture relative to normal. Fatty liver infiltrated. What does this mean?

Sonogram of ruq read echogenicity of hepatic parenchyma. Is borderline mild increased what does borderline mild mean?

Sonogram says liver is increased in echogenicity and coarse echotexture compatible with fatty infiltration. Liver measures 15.7cm in length. Concerned?

Spot on the liver or kidney means?

The iron stain reveals 2+ hepatocellular iron deposition in a distinct periportal distribution-was part of the findings in my liver biopsy, meaning?

This is the UTZ result mild hepatomegaly uth fatty infiltration, Renal parenchymal cyst, left grade 2 prostatic enlargement with minimal concretions ?

U ultrsound showed a coarse liver what does this mean?

U.S results extrahepatic bile duct 0.5cm . Echogenic liver consist with fatty changes , an echogenic pancreas consist fatty infiltration ? Help

U/S - Liver Hepatic echogencity is norm. No focal hepatic lesions visualized. Norm hepatocellular blood flow is demonst w/in portal veins. Means?

ULTRASOUND - WHOLE ABDOMEN Mild hepatomegaly with fatty changes. LIVER : Measures 164 mm, mild hepatomegaly with increasee in echogenicity of liver?

Ultrasound for liver says liver echogenicity appears somewhat coarsened and inhomogeneous but no focal liver mass is evidnet?

Ultrasound one year ago said diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver, now it says fatty infiltration of the liver with focal fatty sparring, meaning?

Ultrasound report says echogenic liver with fatty infiltration. What does this mean? What do I need to do?

Ultrasound report says liver size normal but also indicates liver cirohsis. What does it mean?

Ultrasound reported liver 'mildly coarse, nonspecific' but fibroscan reported 5 kpa and 230 cap meaning no fibrosis or fatty liver. what could it be?

Ultrasound revealed 'mildly coarse' liver but fibroscan says normal or no fibrosis? which one do I trust? could i have invisible cirrhosis

Ultrasound said liver was "mildly coarse" but liver biopsy was normal except for 10% steatosis. Are these conflicting?

Ultrasound showed fatty liver. Heterogeneous pancreas. Please tell me what can I free From this problems ?

Ultrasound shows homogeneous but coarse echopattern, mild reduction in liver size, in LFT only SGOT elevated to 66. Is it cirrhosis?

Ultrasound shows liver is 16.5 CM sagittally. Liver is markedly echogenic and also heterogeneous and coarse. Whats this mean?

Ultrasound sound shows increase echogenicity of liver related to steatosis vs hepatocellular disease. What can do to reverse it. I drink moderately. ?

Ultrsound report reads liver parenchyma is course echogenic and difficult to penetrate suggesting diffuse fatty infiltration no gross abnormality?

Unintentional wt loss over 2 months, 30+ lbs. CT shows "diffuse infiltration of liver, no focal lesions". Fatty liver progressing to NASH or disease?

Us normal except-"mild heterogeneity to the spleen with borderline splenomegaly.Cannot rule out lymphomatous involvement." what does this indicate?

Us results: liver is enlarged msg 19.5cm in the midclavical line. Diffusely incr. Hepatic echogenicity is noted compatible w/infiltrative disease?

Us shows hypoechoic & hypovascular rt liver lobe nodule 1.7 x 1.6 x 2.2cm; however; no corresponding abnormality on the ct. Liver enzymes normal. No liver disease. What could this be?

US: "Liver is homogeneous in architecture with no focal abnormalities. Prominent, 18cm." Does this mean fatty? 6' 1", 188, drinker, 27yo, LFTs normal.

Usg wa shows liver parenchymal to cure?

Usg-fatty infiltration in liver.Both hepatic biliary ducts nrml, cbd nrml, no focal lesion.Mild acalculous gb wall thickening|meaning?My lft is normal.

We recd test report hepatomegaaly with focal fathy infiltrations as discribed. What is the treatment.

What a hypoechoic area in the liver means?

What are the pssible causes of calcification densities in the liver?

What are the ultrasound findings for a hepatic hemangioendothelioma?

What causes enlargement of the liver in someone with pre-eclampsia?

What causes homogeneously reduced echotexture of the liver in ultrasound?

What causes hypo densities on the liver and kidneys?

What could cause a slightly enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) with normal liver values?

What do mild fatty liver changes indicate?

What do splenorenal and prominent umbilical varices mean?

What do you suggest if i'm 62, female diagnosed with hepatomegaly want to know the treatment for hepatomegaly with hepatic steatosis?

What does mildly echogenic liver throughout? Please

What does 'CBD 3mm at porta hepatis' mean on an abdominal ultrasound?