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Abdominal ultrasound demonstrated mild intra and extra hepatic biliary dilatation. CBD: 1cm. MRCP demonstrated no ductal dil but pancr enlargement?

. Liver biopsy in 8/2012 showed G2S2-3. What would that mean ?

"The liver demonstrates mild diffuse increased echogenicity, most consistent with fatty liver infiltration or fibrosis." What does this mean?

17 68cm liver and i inceased echogenicity what does this mean?

Abdomen Scan today:"hepatomegaly with fatty changes" Previous scan 3 years back - Grade 1 fatty liver. Am I not having fatty liver now?

Abdominal ultrasound:what does the following mean?"the liver shows mildly increased echogenicity compatible with fatty infiltration.No focal hepatic

Acase of cirrhotic liver with focal lesion 6*5 CM serum albumin 2,3 portal vein normal what is the ideal treatment for focal lesion ?

After minimal echotexture of the liver and few mildly prominente blood vessels at the splenic hilum what a should be done an MRI or a doppler?

Are there cancers that could cause mild liver enlargement (16.7) without focal lesions? Also mild elevated ALT. Or would cancer always show focal?

Are these related? Hyperechoic liver and hyperechoic mass (no shadow) in kidney. Elevated labs include LFT, Microalb & hsCRP.

As per usg of my abdomen I am having grade two fatty liver. Kindly suggest me reasons, remedy and seriousness of grade two fatty liver?

Biopsy of gall bladder revealed mild lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate and cholesterosis what's that i'm 29?

Can a liver biopsy miss cirrhosis or alcohol liver disease?? Mine showed no fibrosis but mild steatosis

Can a liver met from mcrc be ablated which is 6.1 7cm and three other liver spots .

Can an ultrasound see difference between fatry liver and hepatitis?

Can CT scan tell difference between mild diffuse fatty infiltration of liver vs cirrhosis?

Can echogenicity of hepatic parenchyma is borderline mild mean auto immune hepatitis?

Can fatty liver cause mild acalculous gb wall thickening?

Can fatty liver cause right axis deviation?

Can mild diffuse fatty liver infiltration cause elevated bilirubin? Gallbladder was removed with no stones.

Can milk thistle reverse fatty liver? If ct shows mild fatty liver a year ago but us shows no fat now does it mean it's better or is us not accurate

Can someone explain. Liver normal contour. Diffusely increased in echogenicity compatible with hepatic steatosis. 17cm in longitudinal dimension. ?

Cirrhosis for years and now the last biopsy Shows mild hepatic steatosis ( no drink OH and I weight 130 )so does this mean I have two liver diseases?

Confused. Is fatty liver without enlargement considered mild, moderate, severe...? Normal liver panel.

CT from radiologist says. 1. Normal size liver with diffuse fatty change. 2. Spleen at the upper limits of normal in size. Meaning?

CT of abdomen says dome of liver partially excluded,Liver is normal in size and attenuation.Does this mean I have Cirrhosis?having pale yellow stool.

Ct of abdomen- granular high attenuation material in both kidneys. Multiple stones in each kidney. Uniform attenuation in liver. What does this mean?

Ct said slightly desreased attenuation of liver can b early fatty liver. But does not fulfil criteria for heppatic steosis? What does that mean

CT scan says moderate hepatic steatosis with focal fatty sparing and enlarged liver. Pain, swelling, nausea for 2 weeks. Should I worry?

Ct scan tell difference between mild fatty liver infiltration vs cirrhosis? Alt 142 AST 77

CT w/contrast. It said low attenuation throughout the hepatic parenchyma. Is that liver cancer?

Dear doctor, in recent ultra sound of my wife 52 shows hepatomegely and moderate fatty liver infilteration, non alcoholic steato hepatitis, guide?

Diagnosed with "borderline hepatomegaly with mild fatty infiltration of liver and pancreas" in ultrasound. Please suggest the reasons and treatment.?

Did an three-phase CT on my liver And for this impression; Hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration of the liver. What does that means?

Difference b/w fatty liver w/no enlargement & fibrosis distinguishable on an ultrasound? Would the liver be detectably abnormally small w/fibrosis?

Diffuse mild low attenuation hepatic steatosis Several sub centimeter lesions is the something to worry about ?

Discrete coarsened increased echogenicity of the liver with history of hemochromatosis meaning on ultrasound?

Docs, what does borderline hepatomegaly with grade 2 fatty liver mean?

Does a borderline enlarged liver with mild fatty infiltration mean that its inflammed?

Does a hepatic hemangiomas mean I will have chronic liver problems?

Does fatty liver show up as "suggestion of coarse echotexture" on us or does that always mean cirrhosis? All my labs and other organs were normal onus

Echogenic areas in liver shows what?

Echogenic liver slightly enlarged and slightly enlarged spleen, in normal BMI range and normal hepatic blood work, should I be concerned?

Echogenicity of hepatic parenchyma upper normal but my labs are ALT 13 AST 12 does that mean I have fatty liver ?

Elevated AST=48 ALT=83 with diffused fatty liver and slightly small liver size. What does it mean and how can it be treated?

Elevated liver enzyme , mrcp indicated mild intrahepatic ductal dilatation, mild splenomegaly, normal ercp, what causes that, how it treated?

Enlarged liver 22 CM showing homogenous echo pattern no definite focal lesion or biliary radicles dilatation?

Fatty liver grade II . What does grade II mean ?

Fatty liver with 2 focal calcification of 2.5mm each what does this means is there anything to worry please advise?

Gall bladder Sludgeball noted 6.5 mm and liver measures 16.22 cm. (Enlarged) parenchymal echogenicity increased (grade II fatty changes). What to do?

Good morning my ultrasound says i have borderline liver enlargement ; liver texture normal and bile ducts not dilated. Is this something to worry?

Had a normal EUS, except they noted a bulky pancreas? What can cause this?

Had CT of liver indicates hepatic portal vein mildly enlarge at 15 CM . Is this a sign of cirrhosis ?

Had ct w/contrast. It said low attenuation throughout the hepatic parenchyma of the liver what does that mean?

Have borderline mild fatry liver what does borderline mild mean?

Have Cirrhosis of liver. After an ultrasound to monitor for Cancer, it showed a 1 cm hypoechoic nodule in left hepatic lobe. should worry about cancer?

Hello i am 23 yrs old i got my liver ultrasound done the size of my liver is 17.2cm which is mildly enlarged, but my lfts are normal ALT measuring 50 ?

Hello, i'hv fatty liver with heterogeneous pancreas as usg report said.Other points are normal. Main problem indigestion, gas & acidity, please suggest.

Help please? What is borderline hepatomegaly with grade 2 fatty liver?

Help..Us results..Extrahepatic bile duct 0.5cm, echogenic liver consistent with fatty changes, a echogenic pancreas consist with fatty infiltration ?

Hepc , cirohsis, report shows portal vein is mildly prominent and measures 12.5cm. No evidence of thrombosis. How bad is it?

Heterogeneous liver, what is this?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is focal fatty infiltration of the liver?

Hi. Can a ultrasound miss mild fatty alcoholic liver?.

Hi. What do u mean by an Ultrasound impression of diffuse liver parenchymal disease but the patient has no vices and no history hepatitis infection?

Homogenously increased hepatic echotexture likely due to diffuse fatty infiltration?

How accurate is a Ultrasound of the liver for finding Cirrhosis?

How bad is a focal area suggestiv of central fibrosis within liver. Mild centrilobular cholestasis and attached fibroadiposed tissue with fat necrosis?

How common are low-level density lesions in the liver?

How do doctors diagnose severe fatty infiltration of the pancreas?

How do u classify hepatomegaly based on size-my usg says 20 CM so is this mild, moderate or massive hepatomegaly and what are their respective causes?

How is a "fatty" liver diagnosed from a CT scan? Does "fatty" necessarily mean "enlarged"?

How was the shadow of fatty liver shows in ultrasonography?

Hypodense liver lesion what does this mean?

I am a male, 46 year old and 83 kg weight. sonography reveals fatty infiltration grade 2, but liver function tests are in range. what should I do.

I got an abdominal ultrasound and my results say "Liver: Increased in echogenicity" and "echogenic liver" what does that mean?

I got my abdominal scan done. It shows mild fatty liver. is fatty liver dangerous? how can i reduce fat and have normal report?

I had a CT scan & an ultrasound. It revealed a 1 inch nodule on my liver. They also said i had a fatty liver. What causes a nodule on your liver?

I had a fatty infiltration of the liver show up on a ultrasound for either my kidneys or gallbladder cant remember. Does that warrant a liver biopsy?

I had a mri on my liver and the report says i have severe hepatic steatosis would inflammation be involved and would it be nash?

I had an ultrasound and the right lobe of liver measured 15cm. Is that considered enlarged?

I have acidity and liver is enlarged reveals normal shape and smooth margins no intra hepatic lesions

I have an ultrasound showing enlarged liver measuring 16.9 CM with raised echogencity,c.b.d,portal vein,ivc & hepatic veins are normal.

I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. What does that mean?

I have borderline liver enlargement but bile ducts not dilated and liver texture is normal. what does it mean?

I have fatty liver with borderline enlargement. Does that mean I have nash? Or early cirroisis. My enzymes are perfect

I have hepatic steatosis with enarged liver, 18.2 exhibits significantly echogenic, echotexture. what does this mean and is it serious?

I have lupus sle. I have a fatty liver I have been told. what does this mean?

I have mildly increase liver it is 17.3 with normal echogenicity no dilated radicals and no lesion and I have distended colon please what are these me?

I want to know what that mean " the liver is mildly enlarged yet showing homogeneous c.T. Density "?

I was diagnosed with mild fatty liver with border line heptomegly per ultrasound . I am 38 f could this be beginning of cirrhosis?

I was told by my Dr I had both hypotenuse and hyperdense lesions on my liver. What is the difference, what do they mean, what is it?

I was told I have a mild borderline bile duct prominence what does that mean?

I'hv fatty liver with heterogeneous pancreas as usg report said.Other points are normal.Does it mean, fatty pancreas, please suggest also wt r the risk?

I’m a alcoholic liver cirrhosis patient. Recently have ultra sonogram and the interpretations are i) Cholelithiasis; ii) Hepatomegaly with evidence of?

Iam suffering from hepatomegaly with steatosis , my liver measures 17cms,enlarged in size with diffuse increase in echogenicity what to do?

If have just been diagnosed by grade II fatty infiltration of liver, how serious is the matter?

In ultrasonography, liver is fatty, what does it mean, who I should contact for this problem?

Increased /coarse hepatic parenchymal echotexture (liver parenchymal disease ) with prominent portal vein and splenomegaly? Wat it means

Increased echogenicity in the hepatic parenchyma is consistent with fatty change?