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"im diebetic been a big drinker but i stop I have liver failure don't no the stage how do you no if you heart failure and fluid in the lungs?

“60 year old woman non-diabetic, early stages of liver failure, habitual alcholic has had a 2 year old woulnd on her foot that won't heal. she has had?

A person diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis and having a complete damaged liver; what are the treatments that can help survival?

Advice for patients with end stage liver disease?

Age 58, non-alcoholic.have liver cirrhosis due to Portal Hypertensive.still have 40% liver can be stable always or what is life expectancy?

Any home remedies for cirrhosis of the liver?

Anyone know what is a liver lesion and how does it effect people with cirrhosis?

Are there any home remedies for cirrhosis of the liver?

Are there different levels of hepatic encephalopathy? Is the condition reversible if liver transplant is ruled out?

Biopsy says chickenwire fibrosis bridging cirrhosis. assuming stage 3 fibrosis does this turn into cirrhosis if husband stops drinking? if so how long

Biopsy shows liver fibrois bridging cirrhosis. how long until progress to cirrhosis if drinking one shot of vodka every other day.months or years?

Can a cirrhosis patient have normal liver results?

Can a decompensated liver from cirrhosis ever return to a compensated state? I've heard varying answers!

Can antibiotic be given to liver cirrohtic patients ' also there is an inguinal hernia, can this patient be operated. Liver cirrhosis is due to alcoho?

Can cirrhosis of the liver affect someone's lungs? My mother in law, has affected liver and kidneys from drinking but now her breathing is affected?

Can decompensated cirrhosis be seen on imaging?

Can father doner liver for your son with liver cirrhosis but father carry this disease ?

Can i get pregnant with advanced cirrhosis of the liver?

Can large liver cause death?

Can liver fibrosis be measured in patients with hiv/aids?

Can liver fibrosis due to drinking be reversed?also does acute liver failure cause long term damage over time as it heals?biopsy revealed fibrosis.

Can lupus cause liver scarring?

Can malaria lead to liver failure?

Can paracetamol cause liver failure?

Can patient of liver chirrosis protect against complication?

Can repetitive hepatitis with jaundice cause cirrhosis or cancer?

Can someone diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver have a produtive life? ( early stage)

Can someone get cirrhosis of the liver if they have never had any alcohol in their life?

Can someone have liver failure if they have jaundice, even with completely normal cmp?

Can stage hepatic cirrhosis be cured?

Can there be a possible relationship between COPD and cirrhosis?

Can there be anything that can reverse liver failure caused by secondary liver cancer?

Can they only diagnose acute fatty liver of pregnancy if you die?

Can you die from gastric varices associated with liver failure and hep b?

Can you die from liver failure?

Can you please describe the final stage of cirrhosis of the liver?

Can you please tell me what exactly is chirrosis of the liver and what causes it?

Can you tell me about life of patients with ascites and liver cirrhosis of grade iv?

Can you tell me about primary biliary cirrhosis?

Can you tell me about primary biliary cirrosis?

Can you tell me can I get liver failure while 16?

Can you tell me more about effect of alcoholic on end stage liver disease?

Can you tell me some information about end stage liver failure/end stage liver cirrhosis?

Can you tell me what pbc stand for in end of liver diease stages?

Can you tell me what to do for end stage liver failure and ascites prognosis?

Confused - liver cirrhosis or not, how do I know?

Could yellow pee be cirrhosis of the liver?

Cousin's husband has stage 4 liver cancer from cirrhosis due to alcoholism and hepatitis c. But no metastasis. Any hope for him?

Dad has cirrhosis of the liver and had esophageal variceal bleeding, how long does he have after surgery?

Diagnosed with acute alcohol induced hepatitis and early cirrhosis denied a liver transplant bleeding and infection are risks. On dialysis--prognosis?

Diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2009 taking lactulose & Lasix (furosemide) what is my prognosis without liver transplant?

Diet for liver in case of cirrhosis stage b .Would you recommend liver transplant or notnot?

Do all hepatitis b patients die of chirosis of the liver or cancer of the liver ?

Do i need to be on bed rest with liver failure ?

Do most people with cirrhosis of the liver get it due to malnutrition?

Do you have to be on bed rest with liver failure?

Does cirrosis cause anemia? No symptoms , no hepatitis, normal liver enzymes, no alcohol. So can I have cirosis. When usually u check for cirrosis?

Does a normal Fibrotest, Fibroscan and liver biopsy 100% rule out cirrhosis?

Does a normal liver biopsy rule out cirrhosis?

Does alcoholic cirrhosis present/look differently from other cirrhosis causes? is it more difficult to diagnose? i mean decompensated not compensated

Does anyone know cause of liver failure?

Does anyone know what causes palmar redness in people with liver cirrhosis?

Does everyone with liver failure jaundice before they die?

Does fatty liver generally turn into cirrosis and if so how long do you have to live?

Does hepatitis b lead to liver cancer?

Does hepatitis C lead to liver cancer? How?

Does marijuana harm the liver, I have stage 4 liver disease?

Does the presence of ascites in cirrhosis always indicate the patient is in a decompensated state?

End stage liver disease, what is the prognosis?

End stage liver failure and ascites prognosis, what to do?

End stage liver failure just beginning to jaundice an started vomiting a lot. Is this from the jaundice?

Fatty Liver/Liver disease cause encephalopathy and brain swelling person is also unresponsive. What are the chances of survival?

Fibrosure says stage 4 Cirrhosis, how can I help myself ? Thank You, Chris

Fluid in lungs related to liver cirrhosis?

For what length of time can lactulose work for someone with end-stage liver cirrhosis?

Graph on liver cirrohsis cases in scotland?

Hallucinations from liver failure, what to do?

Has anyone survived primary biliary cirrhosis for long?

Have fatty liver, gastro doc said can lead 2 Cirrhosis.Is there a cure 4 liver disease? What's Cirrhosis? Never consumed alcohol.Why am I @risk 4 cirh

Hello Dr's 3 years ago was diagnosed with liver sarcoidosis. now I have cirrhosis with portal hypertension. was is the life expectancy with this?

Help please? How many years can someone live with primary biliary cirrhosis ?

Hepatic steatosis. How is it treated?

Hepatitis a develops in to hepatic damage or cirrhosis?

Hepc, cirohsis, portal hypertension, hepatic enceyclp. End stage liver disease, ascietes n edema...How much time left as doc says no treatment?

How accurate is a Fibroscan in detecting advanced fibrosis/cirrhosis of the liver? Biopsy is out of the question

How are you tested for liver failure?

How bad is liver failure?

How bad is stage 4 liver cirrhosis and what is the life expectancy?

How can death occur with someone with cirrhosis of the liver?

How can a person have cirrhosis of the liver if he is not a drinker or drug user?

How can a person have cirrhosis of the liver when they are not a drinker or drug user?

How can cirrhosis of the liver affect sexual function?

How can hepatitis, haemolytic anaemia and pancreatic cancer lead to jaundice?

How can we cure edema..Have hepc and cirohsis?

How could alcoholic liver disease have led to a brain bleed?

How do I know if i've suffered cancer-related liver scarring?

How do you define cirrhosis?

How do you tell if your liver is failing?

How do you tell your grandkids grandpa got liver failure from too much liquor?

How does cirrhosis cause liver cancer? I have liver cirrhosis, and i’ve read that increases my risk of getting liver cancer. How does that work?