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fatty liver in 2013 liver enzymes high but been good over a yr ast & alt stay 19-20 went to dr. Yesterday Alt is 45 ast 27 is liver bad due to rise ?

is a fatty liver a side effect of taking accutane? I took accutane 3 years ago and currently have a mild fatty liver. No one can tell me why.

Over active liver what could it be"and can it be controled ?

"high ALT liver enzyme only", what does that means?

1 of metformin's functions is to regulate liver glucose production. If it's taken 4 a while, should the body tell the liver to produce enough in order to get off the meds?

1.44 billirubin which is apparently slightly high. Enzymes and rest of liver functions all normal. AFP norma. CBC normal. What to think?

117 Lipase and 133 Amylase for 27 year old healthy female. Is that normal now? Ercp pancreatitis over a month ago

117 Lipase and 133 Amylase for 27 year old healthy female. Is that normal now? Ercp pancreatitis over a month ago, no pain

18 yrs old, 5'4, 110lbs. I take max daily dose of tylenol (acetaminophen).I heard about staggeredod/liver damage. How much extra/how many days till liver damage/failure?

2013 was diagnosed mild fatty liver enzymes elevated until June 2014 they have been normal my albiumn has been 3.1 lowest then 4.3 to 3.5 is it bad?

28m,nonjaundic nonalcholic BMI-37 ALT246 AST116 USG-heaptomegaly20cm/steatosis AMMONIA-82 ug/dl sleepiness,inattention can this be encephalopathy?

3 weeks on rinitidine for gerd. Having pain around my liver area and diagnosed with fatty liver. Does rinitidine damage the liver? Better drug?

3 yr old TPN dependent for 2 yrs. She has splenomegaly (measured 8.9) alt/ast looks great. Can TPN cause spleen enlargement w/out affecting liver?

36 year old with cholestasis of pregnancy during 2nd pregnancy. 6 months after delivery liver enzymes were still elevated, but GB been removed.....?

42yr old husband has been having bloods taken for liver function,liver reading has shown 317..normal is serious is this and what can lower?

50 % of my liver is affected by liver cirohsis . Now I am monitering it and taking diet as adviced by doctor. What would you recommend to me.

60% VA disabled for my back. I take hydrocodone 10-325 4x for pain daily. I quit drinking alcohol 3 years ago. I have moderate heptic steatosis, Liver 16.3 midclavicular line. Is this too much acetaminophen daily or ask for just Oxycodone,Age64?

650-1000 mg of Tylenol (acetaminophen) on daily basis for the last 2 months planing keep doing it. Is there a risk of toxicity for my cirrhotic liver?

7 weeks postpartum-had obstetric cholestasis. How long before liver heals? Some of my liver enzymes still high and B12 is elevated. Other problem?

74yrs suffering heart disease, hep c , liver cirohsis, gallstone..Advised to take neksium.Is there any alternative to neksium which is lite on liver?

9 yr old f enlarged liver, 6 liver enzymes hi, hi bilirubin, hep abc -, cmv-, mono-.1 mon later enzymes lower&hi cholest., now hi alp&triglycer. Help?

A fatty liver that is borderline enlarged and the enzymes are fine does that mean the person has NASH ?

A tumer 9mm at the right side of liver, liver function is normal, hepaties a, c are normal, hepaties c need vaccination, any problem?

Abnormal liver functions.. A "93" don't have hepatitis a or c... Never drank before why could this be im 24?

Ace levels high, liver enzymes high, possible sarcoidosis dx, can sarcoidosis cause fatty liver on ultrasound. Dr scheduling liver& lymph biopsy.

Acetaminophen and alcohol - could taking both cause me to have chronic liver issues?

After gallbladder removal can elevate liver enzymes, can liver be congested cause stone to be performed in the liver, can affect pancreatic?

After using a duragizic patch for over five years what damage cod it do to kidney and liver?

After years of being diagnosed with Hepatitis A, my husband still has elevated ALT and AST. What does this mean? He has no symptoms of liver damage.

Age 36, no alcohol. Bilirubin 4 sgpt 127 sgot 79 liver size 14.5cm. Diffuse fatty liver. No biliary dilatation. Common duct 2mm. Confirm fatty liver?

Alcohol caused husbands liver fibrosis. ammonia levels are slightly elevated and he takes lactulose. does fibrosis cause this when it's not cirrhosis?

Alt 114 AST 85 keep fluctuating diagnosed with mild fatty liver in july by ct. Jan had us it showed nothing why would enzymes b elevated.No hepatitis.

Alt 142 AST 77 are these bad? Duagnosed with mild diffuse fatty infiltration of liver in july 2013 if enzymes keep rising does it means its worse

Alt 188 AST 88 does changing statins cause the elevation? Nevver had abnormal liver function test before

Alt 93 bilirubin 1.4 CT diagnosed in july with fatty liver alpha 1 negative all ANA testing was normal. Could this be cirrhosis? Us showed no fat.

Alt elevated (76, 63) after 2 blood tests and increased parenchymal echogenicity on us. Nafld or nash?

ALT has been mildly elevated (76) for 4 months. US showed no fat but did show a mildly enlarged liver. What are causes? Not a drinker.

ALT is 48 (elevated) but all other levels pertaining to the liver are normal. Does this mean that my liver is failing?

Alt jumped from low 20's to 69 in about two years. Drink alcohol once a month but could this be from my biliary dyskinesia or sludge in my gallbladder?

ALT reading -50 ALP reading -140 Bilirubin 74 Is this suggestive of liver failing Metastic colon cancer ?

Alt21,ast19,alp144 u/l,ggt37u/l bilrubin 0.33..doc advised this serious liver condiotion? I take alprozam medicine everyday.

Am 19 and my total cholesterol 202 sgpt 105 bilirubin 1.5 have idiopathic pancreatitis doc said fat is in liver so how to reduce it my weight is 58?

Am 70 yrs. I never drink alcohol. No medicines. No hepatitis b or c. Liver enzymes sgpt , sgot, alkalibe, gamma are normal. Can I have liver cirosis?

Ammonia from liver disease which med or natural would help?

Anascara, r/o"d liver, kidney, veins, thyroid, cardiac and meds.

Andrographis paniculata safety, contraindications, interactions -- liver, blood clotting/bruising, constipation/diarrhea?

Any correlation between high hemoglobin and liver cysts?

Any thoughts on TUDCA? (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) Read that some docs recommend to improve liver enzyme function tests?

Anyone know what is a reason other than hepatitis for liver enzymes to be elevated in the blood?

Anything to help speed up acute pancreatitis healing time? cause was from ercp. It's been over a month, Lipase still 120 Amylase still 133

Are blotchy red palms a symptom of fatty liver. Liver functions just slightly elevated.

Are constipation and kidney pain common side effects of a liver detox diet?

Are elevated ANA levels and Hepatitis C diagnosis enough to warrant liver biopsy to test for autoimmune hepatitis?

Are hydrocodon s harmful to my liver?

Are liver damage, caused by taking very high doses of nicotinic acid for years, irreversible?if you block the intake, will the liver return as before?

Are liver enzymes readings (ALT = 99 U/L and AST = 89 U/L) considered very high and alarming in a liver cancer patient?

Are my elevated liver enzymes (790.5) (R74.8) high and can they get back to normal if I abstain from alcohol and ibuprofen?

Are pancreatic enzymes (amylase and lipase) always elevated if pancreatic cancer is present?? What about insulin blood level?

Are slightly or mildy (not significant) elevated liver enzymes to be expected or common from Accutane?

Are the metabolites: "4- oxo- isotretinoin", "tretinoin" and "4- oxo- tretinoin" harmful to the liver or any other organ? If so, why?

Are there any vitamins or herbs that help 'cleanse' the liver? Sometimes I have to take high doses of acetaminophen.

Are there benign causes of elevated liver enzymes in teenagers?

Are there health complications that can come from taking regular but correct doses of paracetamol for liver damage pain?

Are there natural drugs to take to treat liver injury?

Are there supplements that are harmful for my liver?

Are there ways to make percoset easier on the liver?

Are these liver count numbers ok? AST 34, ALT 54, IFCC 92, G-GT 48. I was told I have a nonalcoholic fatty liver.

Are these liver counts indicative of any serious liver problem? AST 34 , ALT 54, IFCC 92 , G-GT 48

Ast 146 ALT 190 alk phosphate 206 hscrp 17 from normal to this within 6 months. Dr wants biopsy after cat shows fatty liver. What will biopsy tell us?

Ast 58 alt91?

Ast increased, but liver is clean otherwise. Wassup?

Ast increased, but liver is completely clean, what to do?

Ast level was 8 (normal 15-37). All other blood results are normal. Even heart enzymes. What can cause this?

AST/ALT 0.5,LFTs NL,hepatomeg and fatty liver on US,spleen 16cm.No DM,BMI32.,no alcohol.Dr.Suggested fibroscan&advised liver bx,isnt fibroscan enough?

Bad effects of copegus (ribavirin) treatment and liver enzyme levels?

Been a superdrunk, have high liver enzymes in blood, its not hepatitas and don't have chirosis symptoms what is it? Im not obeese.. Help please

Been constipated for 2 weeks, used enema Sat. had very small bm, have elevated liver enzymes and bilirubin in urine, ultrasound was normal. now what?

Besides taking milk thistle, what should I do to reverse the effects of a fatty liver (not from drinking)?

Best cough med that doesn't effect liver?

Best serum tests for liver damage (fibrosis/cirr.)? Ggt, apo a1, a2 alpha gammaglobulin, ldh, haptoglobin? Others? How to interpret? Caff breath test?

Between liver tests for ALT and ast, how many weeks should I wait after giving up alcohol to see if the liver has healed. Is 2 weeks enough?

Bili ALT AST elevated on off for a yr.other labs normal high rdw. Hep viruses autoimmune disease neg . Ct fatty liver US 6 mth later nothin cirrhosis?

Bili ALT AST have been elevated on off for a yr confirmed mild diffuse fatty infiltration. hep viruses and autoimmune disease ruled out. Cirrhosis?

Bili elevated after gallbladder removal 1.4 also have mild diffuse fatty liver infiltration. Can bili b elevated to fatty liver or would it b advance?

Bilirubin has been high on and off for 2 years. Did have a fatty liver but enzymes are normal since June could they b high due to something serious?

Bilirubin level is 1.4. Rest of bloodwork including liver stuff was normal. Does the raised bilirubin level alone warrant liver ultrasound ?

Bilirubin on 5/29 was 1.2 put on pravstatin on 5/29 liver enzymes ok. 7/15 liver enzymes 114 and 54 bilirubin 1.7 why was bilirubin high before meds?

Bloodwork A1c 13.5.. bilirubin 9.. not .9 but 9 .. alp 153.. am i dying.. do i have liver damage.. i am not immune to hep b per the test ?

BMI 32, glucose intolerant, had baby 18 mo ago, all labs and enzymes nml-- am I to young for fatty liver? u/S says mild enlarged liver 17cm.

Borderline liver function is bad or still normal?

Both my n my boyfriends liver enzymes are elevated. I have barretts disease and fatty liver disease is it just coincidental both of ours are elevated or is something else going on with us?

Calprotectin 95, ALT & AST chronically fluctuating elevated,sigmoidoscopy normal,MRCP normal, could it be IBD causing elevated liver enzyme ?

Can 'vaping' (e-cigerettes) with nicotine in a propylene glycol solution cause elevated liver enzymes. Not sure if nicotine has an effect on liver? Ty

Can "Himalaya's Liv52" be used while on Doxycycline hydrochloride (100mg) to reduce hepatotoxic effects and help support/maintain liver health?

Can a bilirubin of 74 in a mcrc pt mean liver failing ?

Can a cold have an effect on liver function?

Can a fatty liver affect PTT results ?

Can a hepatic dysfunction cause an elevated INR?

Can a high ferritin level 647 ug/L (12-250) be caused by nonalcoholic steatohepatitis? How do you tell its not haemochromatosis?

Can a liver biopsy cause cholangitis? Also can you have cholangitis if Alt,Ast and amylase are norm but CRP 257,ESR 50,hi wbc,1700 d dimer. RUQ pain.