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Hemochromatosis is always hereditary or congenital? I have cirrhosis in the liver and moderate iron accumulation, which one caused the other one?

3 drinks a day will lead to liver disease?

After an emergency cholecystectomy, pancreatitis, and liver disease, i was diagnosed with sle. Did the lupus cause all that damage?

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At what stage of liver disease does palmar erythema manifest?

Can a Fibrosis (Fibrotest) score of F2 be enough to produce liver disease symptoms??

Can any types of myopathies affect the liver? If so, which types and how is the liver affected?

Can chlorthalidone affect fatty liver disease in any way?

Can dementia caused from cirrhosis be cured?

Can doctors tell me what does the liver have to do with having Crohn's disease?

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Can hemorrhoids be associated with liver disease?

Can liver disease cause cholestasis?

Can liver disease present with only hepatic encephalopathy, with normal bloodwork and no other symptoms or is this something else possibly?

Can there be any cholesterol medication for those with chronic liver disease?

Can there be any cure for pancreatic disease in the brain?

Can ulceratve collitis lead to liver diseases? Does liver diseases cause lower back pain?

Can wilson's disease present as fatty liver or nash?

Can you die from a liver disease ?

Can you please list the risks associated with liver inflammation?

Can you provide an overview of how wilson disease affects the liver? 

Can you tell me about liver disease cissories of the liver?

Can you tell me if a liver disease with cirrosis of liver is called eropathy-brain fog what is it?

Can you tell me what is parenchymatous liver disease ?

Chances of developing chronic liver disease?

Co2 is 23 is this low? Is this a sign of serious disease? I have fatty liver

Could mage4 be positive in liver diseases?

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Do all alcoholics develop alcoholic liver disease or liver damage?

Do I need a liver biopsy with NASH disease?

Do viruses affect the spleen? Are there any viral diseases that affect the spleen, much like they do the liver or pancreas?

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Does alcohol cause liver disease?

Does cod liver help to prevent thyroid disease?

Does hepatomegaly leads to the destruction of hepatocytes?

Does liver damage and disease always involve high or abnormal liver enzymes?

Does liver disease cause parotid swelling?

Does this cause liver and kidney disease?

Hepatology = liver disease?

Hepatology liver disease?

How and why is there an increase in urobilinogen levels in hepatocellular dysfunctions like alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis and malignancy of liver?

How are chronic liver disease, esophageal varices and hematemesis interconnected?

How are emaciation and pancreatic disease linked?

How can you tell whether you have a pancreas disease?

How common is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in the general population and how often does it develop into cirrhosis in the non drinker?

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How is an enlarged liver + spleen treated in Stills disease ? Thanks !

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How serious a disease is non alcoholic fatty liver disease?

how to heal diffuse liver parenchymal disease

How to reverse fatty liver disease?

How?Does ?Gallbladder disease affect the liver?

I am 23 years old and it looks like I have some form of liver disease. Will my young age contribute to my liver's regeneration?

I am curious to know all symptoms of liver disease?

I am having liver disease, what to do?

I have cirrhosis and hepatocellular disease.I know that cirrhosis is not reversable, but what exactly is hepatocellular disease?

I have liver disease what is some foods that may help me?

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I was diagnosed with liver disease 10 months ago. My liver hurts really bad. What should I do?

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I've been diagnosed with a serious but potentially reversible liver disease. What should I do now?

If you have liver disease will jaundice always appear?

In a nutshell, what is chronic liver disease?

Is amyloidosis in the liver genetic?

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Is cirrhosis the only liver disease that can cause spider nevi?

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Itching cause by liver disease?

Liver enzymes 500 and newly diagnosed with Lyme disease can they be related ?

My aunts been diagnosed with chronic liver disease, she's in hepatic encephalopathy, she's also having 4.6 creatinine, what could be the cause?

Please answer! what physical diseases does alcoholism cause?