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86yr old decling health is turning septic. Family devides not to treat. 86yr old has advanced directives and is a dnr. Has chills how long to live?

A choking person becomes unconscious, what steps should be taken to secure them assistance?

After being diagnosed at the hospital with enlarged seminal vesicles what can my brother who is 17 yrs. Old expect to feel or expect to get. ?

After being diagnosed with cervical spondylosis can anyone still go on to lead productive lives?

After recovering from anxiety can you develop a terminal disease ? I feel like i will and i'm paranoid please respond asap! please i need comfort.

After two months sober post acute withdrawl still seems to be getting worse. When does this peak and how long until i can live a normal life? Alcohol

After you have seen a CKD patient for a few times in doctors visit, can you predict what's going to happen to he/she?

All I want to know is if gull stones can kill a person. Yes or no based on two years untreated ?

Anyone have gone mad due to lot of stress will she recover or stay same for rest of life she recover in hospital and again go mad if she don't sleep?

Are all cases of c diff treatable? Does it ever go away? How long until u can say your free of it? Any affects afterwords

Are serious nightfall patients able to have a baby?

Are there any diseases or life-long conditions that can be managed properly enough to hide any serious effects?

Are there any Lyme doctors who take insurance? This is slowly killing me and I need help. Going downhill and none know how to treat. Late stage lyme.

Are there any serious diseases you could get by talking to a vagabond in close proximity and shaking his hand? Esp. diseases that kill in stealth?

At what age should a person first be checked for plaque in the arteries? Dont tell me "only if you have symptoms" i don't take any chances. What age?

At what stage in pregnancy a person finds themselves peaing often?

Bc of my symptoms, my doctor and I believe that I have hyperthyroidism. Waiting on blood results. I'm 19 and pretty fit. Would it be life threatening?

Because I can't go to the doctors I suffer everything I ask you doctors and just deal with it . I'm js worried it may end up causing a deadly disease?

Because of work I have to get up at 05:15 in the Morning 2-3 times a week for about 10 months. Is this bad for my health or even dangerous?

Blackouts which last minutes. I live alone. Should I get alert bracelet ?

Can a fungus infection go into the bloodstream making a person sicker with multiple symptoms and not taken seriously/ immediately will the person die?

Can a kidney transplant patient become a doctor? I thought they couldn't cuz of the risk of getting infections.

Can a person get really sick because they have only been sleeping about 4 hours for 9 weeks. I know I could get more colds, but any long term consequences? Damage to organs, cancer, etc

Can a person with terminal illiness for a long long time? With eating right. Excercise right ...treatmeants ... and has one good family gen

Can an older home cause arsenic poison? Family of 5, all presenting w/ different chronic ailments. Wondering if our home is making us sick?

Can anyone tell me how long after a stroke i'll speak again?

Can endocarditis pateints by completely recovered? I have a family member who has a substance abuse problem, she contracted endocarditis from dirty needles. What is the liklihood that she full recovers wuth no lasting damage to her heart?

Can i get a disease from a blow job?

Can I get rid of Periodontal Disease or will I have this the rest of my life? I'm very young and feeling down about it. I'm 26.

Can i live a full life with lupus? Im 27. All I am reading on google is bad things

Can i still be active in full contact sports with Marfan syndrome?Lets say its a mild one and i don't take any treatment yet

Can infection from your teeth go through your your your body and put you near death what is the risk?

Can laziness be a cause for not getting optimal grades? I used to get average grades but I wasn't very motivated either. YES or NO response please

Can one know at the age of 18 whether a person will go bald in the future?

Can pinguecula be cured if caught early enough and do they ever go on there own?

Can pots every go away is it possible i can be an athlete again or do I have this forever ? I developed it at the age of 24 this year.

Can some rare genes make you look young even though you are old and give you a longer life expectancy(120 years)?I am not talking about any diseases.

Can somebody have mild form of Psoriatic Arthritis throughout his life if it is in his family? Or it will essentially get worse with age?

Can someone go through 65 years of life normally not knowing that they have pku/hpa and then suddenly at 65 have an onset of symptoms?

Can someone, from experience, tell me the best places to live in with breathing problems?

Can stopping an antipsychotic be possibly life threatening? Does the brain have a save or back up plan?

Can surviving giardiasis lessens or eliminates the possibility of getting it again?

Can you explain if it's possible for a person to have TMJ but no pain throughout their entire life?

Can you get epilepsy late in life?

Can you let me know how many times can a person go thru chemotherapy?

Can you recover fully from Depersonalization Disorder after having it for decades? Is it possible for everyone to recover if they do the right things?

Can you suggest a means to get my depression treated while also being allowed to stay in the navy?

Can you tell me for osteoarthritis in neck and telling me that they will affect my quality of life, and that they aren't the way to go?

Can you tell me if someone is put on life support do they induce a coma or can that person b awake just not able to talk?

Chances of recovery?? Person has severe brain damage and in a vegative state not responsive or aware of whats going on.

Congestive heart failure - what is the life expected with this ? I do follow my doctors orders. However, i read articles about this and people seem to die very young do you agree with this?

Could an ingested button battery in a baby go unnoticed for a week or longer without any sx? This didn't happen. Just trying to educate family.

Could asymptomatic problems still be insidious, killing you slowly? If so, what would be some examples? This would open whole can of worms.

Could palliative measures make you die sooner?

Could staying at home for last of my life could lead to painful illness n death? meaning without exercise

Could you please tell me why you go into a hospice and if it is likely you will ever come out alive?

Could you tell me what happens when a person with active TB walks into the er?

Curios..2 patients are waiting for test results. Ones are normal and the others are more serious. Does doc prioritize who to contact first?

Dad's triglycerides were at 850. Medication has brought them to 300 in only 2 months. Will they most likely go back to normal within a month or 2?

Dear doctor, i am a 28 years man. i have LAFB. i want to know if this problem can be automatically go away or will affect my whole life? and how many

Depression is destroying me, it's actually palpable. Bedridden my entire life, and right now. Is there no hope for me?

Diagnosed w/macro prolactinoma. Dr. Says i may always need cabergoline. Is it possible to live a long happy life with this in my head or am i doomed?

Did h1n1 ever toatally go away?

Do addicts get more abscesses than the general population, and what causes them?

Do doctors "count" a suicide attempt if no medical help was provided and person survived? Like if the rope didn't hold or body threw up the pills.

Do majority of people get cured for life with epididymitis? Or do a lot of them have to take antibiotics for the rest of their lives?

Do most people clear for life after acutane? I'm scared to death it can return I'm almost done my 2 yr 5mg treatment.

Do people who have to get their gallbladders removed in their mid 30's can live nrmal lives say upto their 60's or 70 or 80.If theres no othr.Problem?

Do people with a seriouse heart problem need to live near a trauma center?

Do prostate cancer victims usually choose not to get treatment if they are very old, like over 90 years old?

Do we need to be careful when embracing a person who is being treated with radiation for his head?

Do we need to report cavernous sinus aneurysm as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated? My teen is getting ready to go to college.

Do we need to report delayed sleep phase as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated? My teen is getting ready to go to college.

Do we need to report ehlers-danlos syndrome as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated? My teen is getting ready to go to college.

Do we need to report low platelets as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated? My teen is getting ready to go to college.

Do we need to report tendon rupture as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated? My teen is getting ready to go to college.

Doctors say to go to a major medical center for cancer issues. What do people usually do when they live hundreds of miles away with follow up visits?

Does every one get acne at some point in their life?

Does getting palliative care mean you will die soon?

Does life get any better with a tbi after 2 1/2 years

Earlier this week, i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I've been doing research and was hoping to get more info as to this may affect my daily life.

Emergency situation, baby had high suspicion for whooping cough.At least 100 people exposed-what would be the appropriate course of action? Thank you

Family member having problems swallowing after hemiplegia. How long to recover and also for talking.?

For an eating disorder. Can you get put on an NG tube without being sectioned or being inpatient?

For what length of time can a human go without food before fainting?

For what length of time can you be dead and come back to life from stroke?

Gd mn Doc.plse will like to sex bad to older persons.and also how do I live a healthy life?

Generally, just how often is it that a healthy spouse/partner will soon suffer a major illness directly due to the demise of the other spouse/partner?

Get repeated styes.... Am i doom? Or is this normal or am i the unlucky ones.

Given that 99.99% of a person's time is spent outside a physician's care, how important is patient activation and a person's ability to self manage?

Going on 12 years with transverse myelitis full recovery am i going to survive? Death scares me

Going to fly west soon but I suffer from Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome for years. I liked it until now. How can I cure it? I need to.

Had bacterial meningitis symptoms for days, still recovered- but others die in same amount of time. Why is that? I don't understand why I made it

Has anyone ever suffered a major depressive episode and recovered enough to be able to go back to work full time?

Have graves' disease as a result put on weight, i went to Africa to see whether i can get a liposuction, would it be safe to do it with the illness?

Have seen things saying HPV goes away within a few years but Dr says it stays your whole life, any truth to it eventually going away, can't transmit?

Having this rash on my breast come and go for 4 years ... how long can a person live without treatment of Paget's disease of breast ?

Healthy 19yo. Never had headaches but now get the frequently. Is it likely that it is something fatal? I had a baby 5 months ago.

Heard of "eat, fast and live longer"? What are your thoughts on this type of life change? Specifically fasting twice a week?

Hello I just turn 20 old and I'm very short and people call me short I'm about 163 Centimeters what doctor should I go for this problem?