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A kidney that's working on 30% and also has an infection and kidney stone, can this be life threatening? The hospital is refusing to operate

A kidney that's working on 30% and also has an infection and kidney stone, can this be life threatening? The hospital is refusing to operate.

After a kidney transplant i can't get an erection?

After transplant do you have to take immunosuppressants for the rest of your life?

Anny food can't be taken patient kidney failure ..? Give example..? And person who can get the kidney failure?

Anything to know post-radical nephrectomy? Is there anything life threatening? When should one wait on the kidney transplant list?

Are sit ups safe after a receiving a kidney transplant 4 months ago?

Are there any medicines you should avoid if you have donated a kidney?

Can a 76 year old man get a kidney transplant? Is it safe?

Can a kidney transplant stop working in a month? If so, why?

Can he take alcohol moderately after 2 yrs of kidney transplant?

Can i get pregnant after donating a kidney?

Can I live as normal lifestyle while on kidney dialysis with work, family, vacations etc.?

Can i put henna on my hand after kidney transplant? Ty

Can i take hairinfinity with one kidney?

Can kidney function recover once dialysis is started?

Can kidney transplant patients keep cats in their homes?

Can kidney transplants take place in small children?

Can prednisone and prograf repair my kidney?

Can somebody tell me how much ibuprofen does it take to cause kidney damage?

Can someone with kidney transplant take plexus slim?

Can we masturbate after kidney transplant! and after how much time having sex will be a good option? ?

Can you have kids if you have one (1) kidney? I've been wondering because i unfortunately have one kidney.

Can you tell me how long can someone live with non working kidneys?

Can you tell me how long is the recovery after donating a kidney?

Can you use steroids if you've had a kidney transplant in the past?

Chronic unylatoral kydney stenosis how long I have antil dialisis ?

Could kidney donors have to take medicine for the rest of their life?

Could you have a kidney transplant whilst pregnant?

Could you tell me what happens if a person forgets to take his medication after a liver and kidney transplant?

Do I have to go on dialysis if my kidneys fail?

Do nephrologists only take care of the kidneys or other stuff too?

Do people stay home for a few weeks after going through a kidney donation?

Does a kidney transplant require staying over night in a hospital?

Does age matter when kidneys decide to fail?

Does complete renel failure effect the other organs?

Does dialysis happen when the kidneys completely shut down or when they're still functional to some degree?

Ever since I have been on a diet, I have had problems with bowel movements. Is it safe to take laxatives once a week? Also, my husband has kidney failure. He is doing peritoneal dialysis at home. How long can he live on dialysis before he has to have a

For how long does a kidney transplant surgery take?

Friend is young and healthy other than his renal failure. What is the success rate of the kidney not rejecting his body and realy working?

Had a kidney transplant 7yrs ago. Thank god kidney is stable and working great. Problem is I have a few broken teeth & need implants... Safe?

Had kidney transplant can smoking can cigerettes and marijuana hurt my transplanted kidney in anyway or even make it fail on me.

Had nephrectomy 15yrs ago. I only have one normal functioning kidney now. Can i donate blood? Why yes and why not? Help

Hi.. my name is ronald.. i have lost one of my kidney in an accident in 2006.. now im living with 1 kidney. is it okay for me to take sildenafil?

Holding urine for long time can damage kidneys?

How can the urinary system work in a patient going through dialysis?

How close are they to having artificial kidney?

How could i stop quadricep failure?

How do kidney donors live out the rest of their lives other than experincing the immediate pain and recovery after?

How do you tell if your kidney is starting to fail?

How does one undertake kidney dialysis done; is it very uncomfortable and do you feel better after a treatment?

How does the dialysis machine act like a kidney?

How long a post kidney transplant patient prevent from sexual activity?

How long 75yr old man can live with two kidneys fail without treatment?

How long after a tissue donation do I have to take medications to prevent rejection?

How long after kidney surgery can you have sex?

How long after starting dialysis until my kidneys get better?

How long before kidneys start to work again with sepsis?

How long can a 70 year old survive with stage 3 kidney failure and a bad heart that is not taking meds and recently had a stroke ?

How long can a person with kidney failure be on morphine?

How long can a pt. Take lithium before. They have kidney problems?

How long can a severe diabetic with a kidney transplant go without any medications i.E. Insulin, anti.Rejection?

How long can an eldery man live if he is blind, diabetic, has kidney failure and has shingles?

How long can I go without my Rapamune, cellcept, and prednisone before I would expect to experience symptoms of kidney transplant rejection?

How long can you go on with permanent kidney stands before needing dialysis?

How long can you live after kidney failure if you receive no treatment?

How long can you live without kidneys producing urine?

How long do I need to take immunosuppression after a kidney transplant operation?

How long does a kidney transplant surgery take?

How long does a live kidney donation surgery take ?

How long does a transplanted kidney typically last?

How long does it take for a kidney to work after a transplant, and when will it stop working?

How long does it take for somone with microalbumin to progress to kidney failure.

How long does it take to get a kidney transplant when a family member wants to give you a kidney?

How long does it take to get back to normal after acute kidney failure?

How long does it take to get normal kidney function after donating a kidney?

How long is a female kidney?

How long is it normal for a kidney stent stay in?

How long is the recovery time from a kidney transplant?

How long is the wait for a kidney transplant?

How long pasent can survive if both of his kidney is workibg only 10%?

How long should I expect to take anti-rejection medications after my kidney transplant?

How long will a transplanted kidney last in your body ?

How long would a kidney transplant surgery take?

How long would it take a minimal amount of cocaine to leave your blood stream if you have 3rd stage kidney failure?

How long would someone be on immunosuppression meds after kidney transplant?

How many times can your kidney handle dialysis before failing completely?

How many times must your kidney fail before you have to go on dialysis?

How much a 5.5 mom kidney stine is dangerous?

How much dialysis is needed for a patient that urinates every day, his kidney trnasplant failed after 5 years?

How much time does it take to die after going off of kidney transplant anti- rejection meds?

How much time will someone live with non working kidneys?

How often to kidney stints fail?

How serious is kidney dialysis for someone twice weekly ?

How soon do you know if a kidney has been rejected by the body?

How well will my one kidney be able to support my body if I donate my other kidney to someone else?

I am a post kidney transplant recipient of 10 years with good renal function. I was prescribed invokana 100 mg but concerned weather I should take it.

I am on dialisis now , can I use this treament of 4life .That can help me?

I donated a kidney and was wondering how can I tell that my 1 kidney is going bad?

I had a kidney transplant 14 years ago. I want to start skydiving on the weekends. Any concerns?