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Anyone creeped out by people touching your neck?

Anyone ever notice that some old people have very large ears?

Are hypnic jerks bad? If so, how can I make them go away? I've heard that many people wake up from them, but i don't. People have told me I have them.

Are left handed people more prone to mental illness than right handed people ?

Are there any conditions the cause people to have extremely large ears?

Are there good ways to prevent people with night terrors from hurting themselves or the surroundings?

Can anyone tell me what causes a person to stop breathing while asleep?

Can people that have aspergers, hear voices in there head?

Can you tell me how I could be calm and be myself around such people whom I am forced to be around?

Can you tell me how I could move on with my life without hurting other people?

Can you tell me if a person is in a coma, can they feel, smell, or hear?

Could people in comas hear or smell or feel?

Could people sneeze when they are asleep?

Could you explain why do people hit themselves while sleeping?

Do a lot of people have a hard time breathing at night? Is it a common affliction?

Do people ever squirm or yell during a colonoscopy procedure?

Do people in coma hear you?

Do people normally babble a lot under anesthetics?

Do people overweight and outta shape tend to hyperventilate more ?

Do people snore if they are unconscious?

Do some prominent people feel no shame?

Do unconscious people snore?

Do you find that asthmatics or people with chronic pain tend to cry more easily? I would rather express myself verbally. It's frustrating to cry.

Elderly people complaining and cranky - is it a syndrome?

For the past 2 years, i noticed that i had a different breathing frequency than other people. I tend to need to breathe much faster. What's happening?

How can a change in your surroundings prevent illness? I hear some people say that.

How can I be less nervous and anxious round new people?

How can I be more inspired to bathe more often?

How can I change my breathing pattern so people can hear me less?

How can I explain without seeming to complain?

How can I feel from being ignored as a deaf person?

How can I tolerate a severely annoying mother?

How come autistic people have such sensitive hearing?

How come I yawn when other people around me yawn?

How come kids don't snore but adults do? What changes happen to make us snore and why are some people louder than others?

How come overweight people grunt and sigh more than other people?

How come people annoy me about my eczema?

How come people who have been in a coma look younger than they actually are when they wake up?

How come people with a mental impairment tend to wiggle their fingers in the air?

How come some people snore, while others make noise with their teeth when they are sleeping?

How come some peoples breath stink so much more than others?

How do I control my fetish with people's ears?

How do I get over my fear of people holding our baby?

How do people come out of a coma?

How do people feel a day or two after a cardioversion?

How do people feel about dealing with an injury?

How do resentments hurt people who harbor them?

How frequently do people vomit at the dentist?

How often do people wake up during colposcopy?

I am constantly making a humming noise but i sometimes do not realize I am doing it, it has become quite annoying and really effecting me..

I am fine being an introvert. But people don't seem to get me. I'm not snobby, i'm just not really a talker. What should i do?

I clear my throat an abnormal amount of times Daily, it worries me and people stare and notice, it's really loud and drives me crazy :/ , is it normal?

I could be talking fine&then i sound nasally& people ask if have a cold. I could start a conversation&people think I have a cold/nasal when i'm ok. ?

I dislike people and everyone is starting to wear on my nerves?

I don't cwhy do people cry when someone close dies?

I don't fart often - not that i'm complaining but I tend to burp a lot. Do people do more of 1 or the other? Thanks!

I don't like to be around people & now I have a flat emotion. I can't smile, cry, laugh, etc. Usually i show fake smile when near people. Am i crazy?

I feel super lonely and anxious when i'm not around people. I live with others, work around lots of people by myself, but feel so uncomfortable alone.

I have a facial deformity and i feel uncomfortable with the way people are staring at me. What can I do?

I have a friend who thinks aloud, but is often unaware that she's spoken her thought. She's caught off guard when people notice. Normal?

I have asthma. I am a male, slightly overweight I have been told I snore alot, very loudly. How can I fix this? I am driving people crazy, please help

I have blackouts think I'm sleeping turn into different people one is angry and violent one is scared. Don't remember anything at all. Hear voices too?

I have involuntary head jerks. I only get them around people usually because i'm always so tense and afraid of everyone. How can I stop it?

I have tinitus but have noticed when with a group of people and everyone is talking can't always hear what's being said. Is it normal to get headache?

I have trouble speaking in front of people, what can I do?

I lie too much! i even do it unconsciously and i can't help it. What should I do?

I speak really softly. People at work complain about my voice. Is there anything I can do?

I tend to do repetitive actions while I work or when I'm alone. I would feel uncomfortable if I didn't do them . When I'm around people, I can hide i?

I think i can hear people's thoughts and i feel that everyone is mad at me. I'm very paranoid and i see shadows of things like demons and people. The air around me shakes constantly. What should I do?

I was in the shower and I almost blacked out? Do normal people do that sometimes?

I was sitting perpendicular to someone at the library and he kept letting out huge sighs. Why do some people sigh so loudly and often? He looked happy

I'm afraid to eat in front of people. Think I might burp or something?

I'm very angry, snappy, aggitated, irritated and anything sets me off. I can't think straight and people annoy me a lot! i hide myself and don't socialize?

I've been told i've schizophrenia because i hear voices and imagine people i really need to know what to do i am getting tired of it, please help me?

I've had repetitive sneezing all my life? Some people sneeze in intervals but I do it right after the first one is this normal?

I've had repetitive sneezing all my life? Some people sneeze in intervals but i sneeze right after the first one and so on is this normal?

If we can breathe thousands of times a day without feeling any problems, why do some people get costochondritis?

If you have a mild stutter will people still notice you stuttering?

Interested to know if people have a worse sense of hearing when they have a stroke?

Interested to know if people normally wake up violently after having anesthesia?

Is it common for Alzheimer's suffers to ramble through others stuff? She goes through peoples cars and purses

Is it natural to become angry & ready to defend my right and for my body vibrate shaking when people irritate and tease me?

Is it wrong to have sexual fantasies about pushing elderly people down stairs?

It's a struggle for most people i'm sure, but how can I get energized when I first wake up?

My husband who is quite obese grunts as he breaths. He is totally unaware of this. Why might this be?

People can be born unable to smell?

People say I talk really weirdly. Somehow when I talk, I tend to sometimes mumble & people can't hear me even if I try my best. I have hearing loss. ?

People talk to my grown children but not to me. Why is that? I want a voice in what happens to me.

People tell me I make noises with my throat & sniffle my nose, I don't realize I'm doing it but I have anxiety I notice I don't do it when I'm happy and busy why is this is it Tourette's?

Please explain why people say that a shift in weather causes sickness?

Please explain why people sneeze?

Please tell me if there is a disability that makes people feel uncomfortable when they are touched?

Please tell me what's the disorder called where people have trouble walking?

Saw films of people screaming with night terrors. Sounded like insane asylum. Could people have been falsely locked up?

Sometimes i feel breathlessness when i go in closed surroundings where others react normally. Is it a disease?

What about white noise causes people to relax?

What are ways to keep myself from crying in front of people?

What can cause older people's heads to constantly twitch?

What can cause shaky hands in young people?

What causes people to be uncomfortable with facial grimacing?