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A friend is doing stem cell transplant.Was told will inject some to body & some to pancreas.Doing for diabetes though not in insulin.Is it

A myelofibrosis patient with enlarged liver&spleen been told transplant no option as i've 1in2 chance of fatality. On jak2, is death where i'm heading?

After kidney transplant surgery will I have to follow a special diet?

Are cancer patients where the cancer is localized to a specific organ eligible to receive an organ transplant? Just curious.

Are hand transplants possible?

Are pancreas transplants possible?

Are people with organ transplants at more risk for complications with tapeworms?

Are there any articles of a patient receiving an organ cloning transplant?

Are there any doctors that have information on light exercises that I can perform after four months of having a kidney/pancreas transplant ?

Are there any doctors that will transplant a new pancreas into a 22 yo who has had juvenile diabetes since the age of 5 and is in good health. ?

Are there any other options besides transplanting a kidney?

Are there certain types of birth control I cannot have if I am on immunosuppression for organ transplantation?

Are there new innovations or research done on pancreas transplants?

Are uterian transplants safe? Who does them in the US?

As I have cirousis In the liver and it is currently stable, will I have any complications in the future?

Been doing dialysis for 8 months. What are the chances of success if kidney transplantation is performed?

Cadaver renal graft removed due to aneurysm, 4th week after transplant, can he get another transplant soon ?

Can a diabetic request a pancreas transplant?

Can a dialysis patient get an organ transplant if they have herpes 1?

Can a kidney transplant patient have a shingles vaccine?

Can a kidney transplant patient have sex with someone with herpes?

Can a liver failure patient be refused a place on the transplant waiting list if he abuses alcohol?

Can a pancreas transplantation surgery cure a patient from type 2 diabetes ?

Can a patient with history of drinking get a liver transplant?

Can a person who has had a kidney transplant still have bypass surgery?

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Can acute kidney transplant rejection be fixed? Need expert opinions!

Can an intestine transplantation be done to a patient with an intestine comletely removed and currently is in icu?

Can animal organs be used for human transplant surgery?

Can having a pancreas transplant cure type 1 diabete?

Can I do masturbation after my kidney transplant?My transplant got over before 2 months back..And how often can I do.. I m just 22 years old..

Can I get cancer from taking azathioprine for my organ transplant?

Can i get free liver transplant ?

Can I get toxoplasmosis by organ transplantation?

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Can it be possible for someone to have a pancreas transplant?

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Can patient with fsgs and aiha undergo kidney transplant ? Whether the patient should go for live donor or cadaver transplant ? What r success rate?

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Can someone with diabetes receive a pancreas transplant?

Can the liver protect a new transplanted kidney from being rejected.?

Can the organs from people who have oded be used for transplant?

Can there be an issue with having cosmetic surgery after I have had a kidney transplant?

Can undergoing live kidney-transplantation cause any future reproductive problems?

Can we use bifilac in renal transplanted patients.?

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Can you cut out the cancerous parts of the pancreas and replace it with donated pancreas?

Can you have a kidney transplant while undergoing radiation treatment?

Can you reverse chronic organ rejection?

Can you tell me about post kidney transplant,how avoid CMV infection?

Can you tell me about post liver transplant consultation?

Can you tell me how far is "islet cell transplantation" is successful for type1 diabetic , what are its side effects?

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Can you tell me how to find out if the islet cell transplant is for me, or if im eligable for it?

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Can you tell me is it possible for a 14 year old girl to give a partial pancreas transplant to her 16 year old sister?

Can you tell me what do I have to do to get a transplant?

Could transplant patients eat kimchi?

Could a pancreas transplant cure diabetes?

Could pancreas be replaced in case of failure by birth?

Disseminated adehocarcinoma this along with immunosuppressed + renal transplant is on my fathers death certificate?

Do everyone who have organ transplant have to be on anti-rejection medicine forever?

Do I have to move my cats if my dad is having a liver transplant?

Do kidney transplant patients can have hair transplantation?Does it effect on tx kidney(pod of 1year)?

Do people with transplanted organ need immunosuppressive drugs forever?

Do you think organ cloning is possible in the future, for diabetes and other illnesses?

Do you think transplanting small amounts of tissue can prevent transplant rejection?

Docs, is there any new research on pancreas transplantations?

Does anyone have any experience treating rejection of a double lung transplant?

Does blood type affect kidney transplantation?

Feces transplants successful? What are the known risks? How do they do it

For post kidney transplants, what is your duration of prograf use?

Has anyone here ever heard of a corneal transplant that worked?

Has there ever been a successful case of testicular transplantation?

Have there been any successful instances of brain transplantation?

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How do the transplant doctors decide how much or how long to give you prograf?

How does a meld score translate to priority for a patient's potential liver transplant?