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Anyone else have this happen?

Bleed on brain ..2nd stroke 3weeks after the first , is that a normal thing to happen? What happens while in induced coma?

Can aneurysm symptoms last for.Days to weeks or does it happen suddenly one time?

Can hemoptysis happen from a trauma?

Can i tell me if my heart stopped, and i got struck by lightning, what would happen?

Can someone go completely blind? If so, what happens?

Can you die from multiple phlebolithes in pelvis, and/or what happens?

Can you tell me what could you expect if this were to happen?

Could something happen to me internally if i carried something too heavy?

Could stressing over the pvcs and waiting on them to happen every second be causing them?

Could you please describe what happen to people who lost their mitochondria?

Could you tell me what are hiccups and what happens in your body whem you get them?

Could you tell me what happens for instance, if a cancer returns?

Could you tell me what happens if i just ignore my pinkeye?

Could you tell me what happens if someone continues to hyperventilate?

Could you tell me what happens if you wake up during surgery?

Could you tell me what happens when enamel is gone?

Could you tell me what happens when someone goes into remission?

Could you tell me what happens when the pancreas shuts down?

Could you tell me what happens when there is no sperm to act on in case of emergency contraceptives?

Could you tell me what happens when you have add?

Does a DVT happen gradually or suddenly?

Does Bartholin's cyst happen to all age? How does that happen? Can masturbates be the reason?

Eardrum has been twitching all day. Never had this happen before. I hear and feel a thud when it happens. Occurs every minute or so. Any idea why?

Had bacteremia and meningitis, told likely from sinuses. Please explain how this can happen? I'm in fear 24 hours a day- that it will happen again

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is spontaneous combustion and why does it happen!?

How could it happen that one moment one speaks normally, the next moment he suddenly passes out?

How do I know exactly what happens when someone has a seizure?

How do I stay prepared when i'm with a friend with epilepsy? At any moment, something could happen.

How do you make conception happen more quickly?

How does bleeding on the brain happen after a fall?

How does galactorrhea happen?

How does it happens and why?

How does pneumothorax happen for no reason?

How fast can jaunice happen?

How likely is death to occur with todays abortions?

How rare is a brain hemoridge I'm so frightened incase this happens to me?

How rare is an amniotic embolism? I'm due to give birth in a month and scared this is going to happen to me and I'm going to die

I have a fear of breaking my neck. Is this a common injury to happen to someone and does it take alot of force for it to happen or can it happen easy?

I have been over bleeding very often. It first happen in 2013 and reoccurred in April of this year and has happen again in the month of June ?

I have had nonsustained VT one time now, how big are the chances it wil happen again?

I have had spontaneous Peneumothorax twice each time the doctor put a tube in, the dr.said if it happens again i could have a suragery to fix it will?

I have surisis why it is happen and what is the solution?

I just want to know what's the best that can happen in my life now that I am empty nester and single woman?

I see fat people all the time but never expected it to happen to me. What do I do?

I think I have vcjd, how did this happen?

I was black out when I awake in the middle of midnight after consume alkohol. It been happen for few times, what happen to my body?

I'm curious what could happen if you don't treat a sprain well?

I'm curious what could happen when someone is experiencing a stroke?

I'm curious what could happen when your vocal cords are removed? How can that happen in the first place?

I'm curious what occurs during a tonsillectomy?

If a person binges and purges four days after a burst eye vessel will it again happen?

If I do go to the doctor, what will happen there? 

If i went to ER because i think i took too many pills, what would happen? Was trying to be numb&not trying to die but don't care if i happen to die

If shoulder distocia happens during childbirth does it mean it will happen again with the next childbirth?

If someone doesn't respond to chemotherapy, what happens next?

If someone has had an accidental finger amputation, what happens next?

If you have a tumor that big what will happen?

If your cartilage leaks what's happens?

Is it possible to get stuck in an adrenaline rush? What happens?

Is it possible to see a stroke in the delivery room if something happens to the woman?

Is it true if someone thinks too much and it will eventually happen?

Is spontaneous human combustion real? Scared i will explode for not reason?

Is TSS deadly? does it happen a lot? Can I go more than 8 hours? Or should I do 6 hours? What exactly "in the tampon" causes it to happen? The blood?

It happens that a pacemaker recipient be shocked continually by the leads?

Just to know in case it ever happens, what are you supposed to do if you choke on food when you are alone?

Last month, i woke up not being able to breathe at all. This occurred several times a week, but eventually stopped. Why did this happen?

Might it happen that a CT smight it happen that of the abdomen detect colon might it happen thatcer?

Might it happen that a simple CT smight it happen that show small intestine might it happen thatcer?

My arrythmia is within normal range how did this happen?

My newborn has bleeding in brain. why would this happen?

Need doctor's help! will implementation happen twice?

People who pass out at the sight of blood, why does that happen?

Please answer! what would happen if the theoracic wall were punctured?

Please explain what happens when your pancreas is cut?

Please help! what happens during an appendectomy?

Spontaneous erection: why does this happen?

What happens to people with syringomyelia over time?

What about after the earthquake ends, what happens to people then?

What actually happens after a child dies at home due to natural causes?

What actually happens when you bleed to death?

What am i supposed to do if the breathing doesn't work? Because i can't control it when it happens or after it's over. I hace panic-attacks often.

What are some reasons that rape might happen?

What can happen as a result of purging?

What can happen if we don't have enough b2?

What can happen when you come out of a coma?

What can happen with hangnail?

What can I expect to happen during amniocentesis?

What could happen if we didn't have melanin?

What could happen if we don't have enough chromosomes?

What could happen if your penis was severed and you survived?

What could happen to someone who got struck by lightning?

What could happen when you have an epsode of af?

What do I do if this happen to me?

What does happens if myopia groes faster than normally?

What does it mean to die of natural causes? What happens?

What does it mean when a doctor says most likely something will happen and what percentage will it happen 50%? Ex: Your hymen will most likely bleed.

What exactly happens after a child dies on the scene due to natural causes?

What exactly happens do you faint and die?

What exactly happens during a shuttle walk test?