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As we all have same brain weight and shape then why some people are clever and intelligent than others?

"video games cause kids to become violent and kill people in real life" is this true?

About how many people die from C.F. each year?

According to actual us stats, how many people have bad eyesight?

Any danger to spending the night at major us airport? Heard more people are doing it now.

Anybody suffer from schizophrenia and live on their own?

Anyone know if the jo-1 antibody is common?

Approximately how many people are living with aids in bay area?

Approximately what percentage of people who overcome eating disorders regress back?

Are all people with ADHD usually very slim?

Are bi-polar people dangerous to their spouses and children?

Are people in all developed countries expected to age in place due to economy?

Are people that have pets happier and healthier than those who do not?

Are people usually born with schizoid pd or do they become that way as they grow?

Are people who live their lives as "loners", secluded, more likely to get acne?

Are people who work two jobs less or more healthy in this economy?

Are there any charities that direct helps people with spondylolisthesis?

Are there any charities that directly help people with spondylolisthesis?

Are there any diet books made for mentally impaired/retarded people ?

Are there any Dr. left who are willing to help patients with Social Security Disability.I've heard a lot of people say their Dr or surgeon do not help?

Are there any group homes for people with low IQ in ne?

Are there any movie stars or, famous people that have had to take antipsychotics?

Are there any totally free transgendered people?

Are there differences in the health of religious people vs non-religious people?

Are there group homes for mci retired people?

Are there group homes for people with retardation?

Are there special concerns for older people with prosthetics?

Are there unpreventable changes and all elderly people do have to end up with dentures?

Aren't aarp programs just grand schemes to rip off people?

At what point are people considered anemic?

At which heights have people got altitude sickness, curious what the lowest point would be that people know of ?

Can normal sized people have a dwarf?

Can people have achalasia and still be on the job?

Can people with a.D.D or a.D.H.D get moody on a daily basis?

Can people with anemia be allowed to have surgery?

Can people with HIV work on restaurants?

Can there be any way i can educate people about diabetes?

Can they hospitalize people for cutting and si in america?

Can you tell me how are people living with herpes?

Can you tell me the outlook for people with spondylolysis?

Can you tell me the prevalence of mental illness on young people in australia.?

Congenital cataracts--what percentage of the world's people have them?

Could anyone suggest the diets for hyperglycemia in elder people?(age above 55)

Could fertilaid work for anyone and everyone?

Could people with Asperger syndrome take care of themselves and live alone?

Could you tell me if people can die due to lack of sleep, how do people with insomnia live?

Do all people people with aspergers syndrome have to have a specific routine that they have to stick too?

Do all people with MS eventually become somewhat physically disabled later on? What are the stats?(if u have them)on this chronic illness taking over

Do doctors think it's fair to claim obesity is an epidemic, when people are still dying of malnutrition?

Do only skinny people have eating disorder problems, or does that happen even to average size people?

Do people ever recover from gastroparesis, or is it a lifelong challenge?

Do people really have facelifts for their jobs?

Do people who exercise regularly experience a higher sex drive than sedentry people. What is the scientific reason behind this?

Do people who suffer clinical depression die younger, generally?

Do people who suffer clinical depression throughout their lives die younger than the average person does?

Do people with ADHD happen to have a low IQ usually?

Do they have to hire people who have steatorrhea?

Do you help pay premiums or taxes for most people who get lung diseases from first-hand smoking?

Do you think overweight people face a lot of unnecessary discrimination?

Does anyone have any information about deaths involved with athsma in kids?

Does anyone hear of people with mvp that affects them?

Does anyone know some facts about hemochromatosis?

Does anyone suffer from labyrinthitis and do ok as a pilot?

Does everyone have wisdom teeth or is it just the majority of people? If you parents have them, is it guaranteed that you also do?

Does the army accept people with heart conditions?

Evry year more than half a million pple undergo gllbladder surgery in usa.So how many people of total population r living lives without a gallbladder?

For nearly 10 years I haven't reconnected with the world or even people much. Is this normal? How can I reconnect again?

For people with emphysema, asbestosis, and a marathon runner. what do their spirographs look like compared to that of an average person?

Generally, are alcoholics as a group, more likely depressed people than the general population?

Gestational surrogacy--sick of hearing about rich nyc career women hiring poor women in rural america. Anyone?

Have scientists found things that can put a non-ocd sufferer in the world of an OCD person?

Hi I am colorblind person is there any chance for me to be an aircraft refueler?

Hi.Please help me with these quations Can anyone become a genius?If yes What to do?How to increase intelligence?

How are baby boomers leading a patient revolution?

How can a person who is highly prone to becoming overweight due to their genetics live an enjoyable life style?

How can communities help older people to drive safely?

How can I get people in the public to help me as a disabled person?

How can I get people in the public to respect disabled parking?

How can I makeover biceps for common people?

How can people continue living after losing a parent?

How can some people with a hole in their heart live a normal life up to certain age?

How come people who live in warm climates are happier than people who don't?

How could having disability change how people look at me?

How could people believe in scientology?

How did the medieval times people deal with pest/rodent control?

How do fat people to experience hypoglycemia?

How do people cope after they have become a victim of a sex crime? How do people get over their trauma afterwards?

How do people manage to live at high altitudes?

How do some people get really tall if most others are average of their parents?

How does H1N1 infect people?

How does sleep apnea affect people's lives? Patient and spouse

How high is the percentage of people in the world will have vision problems in their lifetime?

How many different people die from choking each year on average around the world?

How many different people in the united states suffer from diabetic retinopathy?

How many group homes are available to people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia?

How many people are there in the world with hiv-2?

How many people have pku in the world?

How many people in United stated have hiatial hernia ?what is percentage population of people with hiatial hernia ?

How many thousands or millions of people in the u.S. Have aids as of the end of 2011?

How many young people die from DVT in uk?