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*SCARED* Can ptosis get worse with stress? Always had uneven eyelids/slightly uneven brows, but lately one brow looks a lot lower/I feel weakness?

had fast pulsating twitching feeling in right side of my chest. It was a verysmall muscle. I could feel it, and even see it. It'd start and stop. Ok?

10month baby tic/twitch, responsive after, eyes are open, does randomly 4 times a day depends, sometimes more, this just started happening 2 days ago?

14 y/0 sister randomly giggles, bites lips until it bleeds, left leg shaking, since age 7 but now worse, can it be tourettes or something?

18 year old female never hungry but i make my self eat, and recently have gotten a muscle twitch in my right arm? My brother had myasthenia gravis.

19m week ago my right thigh had begun twitching. Few days later it went from spasms to a feeling of heaviness. I'm under a lot of stress. Causes?

23wkspregnant and fighting a cold. I've been having fast painless muscle twitches between my shoulder blades. And few other spots. Normal? Worry?

24 y/o male. I get strange muscle twitches often. Like in my thumb or eyelid sometimes. Concerning?

28 weeks pregnant, muscle spasm in left ring and middle fingers. Feels like an eyelid twitch?

42 yr old man woke up with scratch like marks all over his back n side, twitching tricept, can't open jaw fully, vomit, heavy breathing. Relat?

6yr old son rolls eyes -looks upwards jerky movements is it a tic?He doesn't seem to disappear! any suggestıons

7 yr old with a choroidal fissure will fall asleep and then eyes wil open muscle spasm in face and twitching limbs is that normal.

9 yr old daughter seeing neurologist next week for possible tourettes.Has tic tightening arm muscles repeatedly. Veins starting to bulge. Dangerous?

9m old boy eyes twitches or tics while eating sometimes.also jerks occasionally and sometimes while playing rolls head up and down.possible causes?

A month or 45days back, I noticed a twitch/tremor in my left hand 2-3times. Don't know what it was.'m 22, could it be early onset parkinsons?

A twitch above one of my ears has grown and now both in front and above the ear twitch randomly at a higher intensity. Is this an emergency?

All day, for 6 months: jagged movement only when moving limbs. Limbs don't shake when sitting still. Recently slightly worse. Also facial expressions are slightly jittery, like smiling slowly.

Any advice? I have developed a nervous twitch recently. It's in the back of my head.

Are painful twitches lasting a second part of MS sx's?

Been having leg and lower back twitches for over 6 months now. I have nf 1 and chiari. The twitches don't hurt but they happen at least .30 times a da?

Been having vaginal bleeding, uncontrolled muscle twitching, twitching of the left eye, and "lighting bolt" pain in left side of my mid back, ideas?

Before i closed my eyes to sleep, my body jerked in a way that brought my knees almost to my chest. Like an abdominal contraction. What happened?

Bright eyes, weird speech, violent behavior sec.To minutes. Then left eye moves up and out and left hand shakes. Then normal. What is it?

Can a pinched nerve in my neck cause my eyeball to shake back and forth? Two days now when i wake left eye shakes for a minute then stops . Scared!

Can ALS have sudden onset within 3 weeks? 35 yr old female. Started hand aches, now right forearm tightness. Muscle twitching random. Scared

Can amitriptyline cause eyelid to twitch? On ami for ibs-d. Not currently anxious or stressed. Right eyelid twitch for two weeks. No other neuro sympt

Can random body twitching both sides be a sign of brain tumor? From months i got it as a single twitch each time and sometimes it last 6 to 7 sec?

Can the side of Bell's palsy feel hot at times? Twitching?

Can too much tea cause twitch and tingle?

Confused. Tics vs. Twitches. Have twitches every day for the past few years, in feet, fingers, legs, head, & mouth. Still twitches? or called tics?

Constant twitching on left side of nose at the bridge. Daily for 7 weeks. Not painful. Tried mag, no response. Worse when I squint or clench jaw?

Could twitching (almost like an eye twitch) under right rib cage be a sign of pregnancy? she has irregular periods and would be about 19 weeks.

Diagnosed with moderate internal hydrocephalus. Later i start noticing left eyelid twitch, same side face, arm and leg numbness. What's happening?

Do ALS fasciculations come and go? I feel twitches in my tongue sometimes, but they always go away after a few seconds. What are thoose?

Do you know when you get a muscle twicth or you eye twitches involentry really fast? Well thats what it feels like just inside my anus no pain or owt

Drooping sensation left side of mouth for 24hours, no visible droop. Internal shaking in legs for the last week. What's happening? Gp on friday.

Eye problem, weird shaking or something like jiggling?

Eye started twitching 10 days ago followed by calfs 8 days ago. Painless. Is this worrisome?

Eye twitches, both eyes and lids 2 mths ago(fr 5 wks),now gone.Now,my lips have startd twitching along with other body parts(arm,thigh).Is it serious?

Felt twitch near my forehead..above brows. I haven't gotten sleep lately due. To pinched nerve in my neck ? What's the twitch thing about ?

Female 42, numbness going up righr compression across chest, tiredness, puffy eyes/eyelids. Has happened 3 times in : weeks. Doctor said is nothing?

Few weeks back, my upper eyelid was twitching and then it stopped. Now, it's the lower eyelid. Should I be concerned?Both on left side like mytinnitus

Fine shaking in hands, gross twitching in large muscle groups, right eye seems lazy since last year but MRI is normal - any suggestions?

Five days ago I started have slight twitching on my left eye. The twitching seems to have subsided but area feels a little tight. Mini stroke?

Fluttering/twitching in upper left abdomen. No pain, similar to an eye twitch. Should I be concerned?

For a month now I have had muscle twitches in my upper left arm at random and you can see it occurring. i don't have the best diet, but am freaked ou?

For a number of weeks, my left bicep has been twitching constantly. I can see it twitch if I flex my arm. Will this go away? Whats going on?

For as long as I can remember I've experienced frequent twitching/throbbing in my thighs. What could be causing this and should I be concerned?

For eleven years my spine from my neck sometimes down my back has itched randomly, it causes me to start twitching unless I fight to stay still.

For past week, when i blink left eye , the cheek immediately below it often pulls a bit tighter as if on the verge of a twitch. What could cause this?

For the last 2 months, I've gotten a muscle twitch under right eye every time I have an orgasm. It lasts several hours. What could cause this?

For the past few days my left knee has been twitching off/on. I have no idea why, is there anything i can do to stop it?

For the past few days, my left eye has been twitching. My cheek also twitched today. Should I be worried? When should I go to a neurologist?

For the past four months,my lips have started to spasm. It's not like a normal muscle twitch,they just both purse at the same tim?

For the past week, my upper lip has been twitching (between nose & lip left side). Is this normal? When should I be worried? I experiencing spasms often with eye, body, etc..

For wks a muscle jumps continuously when lying to L side. Finally stopped resisting it and it travelled up my body. Now my L ear twitches. No joke.

Full-time nursing student. Left eyelid twitch for 3 weeks straight. Can stress cause twitch for this long; or more likely vision problems b/c lasting?

Had a clean EMG on right side body, but twitching is more active on left. The right side twitches as well, just less. Is this enough to say no ALS?

Had a normal CT scan of brain.What could be causing random really fast uncontrollable eye movements ? They move left and right really fast then stop.

Have had both eyelids twitch for 3wks if i sneeze yawn or shut eyes tight. Lasts for 10 sec. Lft arm bicep twitch started today. Should i worry?

Have lower left eyelid twitch for just over a monthperiodic throughout the day. What could this be? Some stress, low caffeine intake. When to worry?

Have muscle spasms and twitches in my arm for past hour what could that be from ? Feels like keeps bubbling

Have nf1 and chiair1 but having a lot of twitching in lower back and legs. What could be causing this. Happens at least 10+ times a day. ?

Have twitching & sudden involuntary movements. Went to hospital & had an EEG done. It came back normal. What other tests can I take for movements?

Having a muscle spasm on right side cheek next to mouth EKG and bloods normal spasm comes and goes daily very annoying and scary any thoughts?

Having eye tics for more than 3 yrs now, occurrence is irregular,comes and goes.Recently had jerkish movements while I am about to sleep, is it bad?

Headache, drowsiness, pressure behind right eye, uncontrollable shaking in head/neck, uncontrollable twitching with eyes, body muscles contract?

Hello dr , I have been getting twitching in my left eye for a few weeks now . And I'm starting to get very nervous and concerned?

Hello, Doctor. For the last few weeks my right eye has suffered frequent twitches. They've become more prominent recently. The past few days I've also suffered a lot of twitching in my lower lip. I do have a very stressful job and have struggled with th

Hello. today I've Been noticing this spasm/constant twitch in my right hand that is causing my thumb to move. it's really irritating me and I would like for it to stop. any advice? should I ice it, massage it anything to make it stop please and thanks

Hey, simple question. What causes occasional "vibration" feelings in the calf and eye lid twitching .Both happen at different random times .

Hi for a week now I have noticed my right lower eyebrows twitch. I don't know if it's cos of something i ate. Please is this normal?

Hi for over a week now my finger next to my thumb on my right hand keeps on twitching like a jerking movement like it tightens and spasms . Age 35?

Hi I have been getting violent tight twitching vibrations deep in my lower right abdomen which can be seen by eye. It comes on when exersising ?

Hi I noticed half of my lower lips moving involuntarily for over a month now. What can it be? May be 10- 15 times a day

Hi, Having simple tics like eye blinking and shoulder shrugging since 3 yrs recurrent.My eyes and shoulders hurt. So afraid. Need help what to do?

Hi, I'm having a twitching or vibrating sensation in my anus off and on for the past two weeks. Should I be concerned? I have cut out carbs in my edit

Hi, my left eye has started twitching/spasms for almost over a week. Doesn't hurt, but very annoying - how can I stop this or do I need to see a doc.?

Hi, recently been experiencing twitching / jerking while walking, not big twitches only small but worrying. also after eating i feel sick and bloated ?

Hi. My left cheek is twitching from 10 days. It occurs for a few hours and then its normal for some time. What could be the basic cause of it?

How can I stop twitching/jerking my head?

How come i twitch sometimes?

How come my upper arm to my elbo keeps twitching? How can I stop this?

How do you get rid of a nervous neck twitch?

How does stress and anxiety cause causes muscle twitches? How is that possible? My right thumb has been twitching for several weeks. It's annoying me!

How long should muscle twitches last if you have bfs or will they not ever go away. I twitch in my calves constantly and in random spots all over?

How, to does anxiety symptoms last, cause everytime I think about stuff or worried my muscle twitch ..But only when im up this veen goi.G on for three or two weeks, in a, half?

I am a 28 year old male. For the past week I have noticed twitching in both calves when relaxed, and also a twitching feeling above my eye. als?

I am B12 upper right arm is twitching.only thing different is using a laptop and mouse i got for christmas. It twitches when i shut my arm?

I am experiencing intermittent spasms or tremors in my right index finger and thumb. Also my teeth chatter when I am not cold. I am 52 yo female?

I am getting tremors of right side since 3yrs thyroid functions normal,NCS done last year was normal, happening randomly,lasts 10 secs. I am 23?

I bite my lip most times when I eat and occasionally have a nervous twitch. What is wrong with me?

I can feel my tongue twitch o couple of times a week. Should I worry?

I could feel my tip of tongue jolting every now again is it twitching or spasms ?

I did pushup's for the first time yesterday and since 2 night's I have a finger spasm/tremor/twitch. It moved for a few sec's and now it feels weird.

I feel a nerve jumping and twitching in my head. What could this mean?

I get random "shivers" in my right arm. You could say its almost like tremors. Very violent and ends quick. I'm 16?

I get slight twitches occassionally. So I have dystonia?

I had an odd condition that just began about 6 months ago. My soft palate has a constant tremor. What is the cause?

I had bells palsy a few months bak but it went away now my left side has been twitching a lot non stop for three days straight why? Is it bad?