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Random muscle twitches all over body. Mostly in arms in legs, pretty much occur daily, have been present for years. No noticeable weakness.Cause?BFS?

20 year old male random body wide twitching no weakness?

22 yo female, random muscle twitches mostly in legs, but in eyelids and arms as well. Intermittent mild pain in legs as well. What could cause this?

22/m had weaknes in arms n legs on and off , some twitching in legs , now notice some muscle jerking , it's not constant it varies places , any ideas?

22/m have twitch all over my body, and neck when I make gestures,weak hands, Arms,legs, what are the chances I have als?need peace of mind please!

22/m i been having ,cramps on my hands ,arms ,lil twitches all over my body , also in my neck when I make a gesture ,weakness in arms , can it be als?

22/m/190lbs have twitching in neck when I do a posture Also in my face , weak left hand and left leg can it be ALS it does not run in family , ?

22/m/190lbs I have muscle twitching on my face , neck, and sometimes arms shake , what can it be ? And can I have dystonia? Is it deadly?

22/m190lbs I' have neck twitch , and all over my body , hand cramp some times , weak hands and legs can it be ALS or what can it be please help!!!

22yr m ,my legs are kind of weak , so are my arms , shake when i squeeze something hard ,can it be ALS , have twitching when I make facial gesture ?

23 /m my left arm, hand is fealing a little weak also my leg, foot , I also have body twitches ,the weaknes comes and goes! Can it be ALS , ideas?

4 days of constant right thigh muscle twitch. Now my eye, left calf and arm are twitching randomly. Metabolic screen normal. Im hydrated, suggestions?

6months ago I started having tingling in hands. Now I have muscle twitching all over my body. The tingling is more here and there. ?

7 month old stiffens both legs intermittently and arms twitch at the same time?

7 weeks old was sleeping on my chest and I felt her leg twitching/jerking for about 5-10 seconds. Only noted one episode. Is this normal?

About 6 months ago, my legs will just jerk involuntarily. What could it be?

Achy legs and random twitching in body. Very scared! could this be als?

Along with fleeting twitches in both legs arms and my back. The twitching didn't seem to start until after at once?

Any ideas on what can muscle twitching and some jerking on leg and body , had on and off weakness and left hand leg ,no diagnosis just ideas?Plz 22/m/latino

Are frequent muscle twitches normal? Throughout the day a muscle (arm, leg, thigh, or stomach) twitches/pulses for like a second im 18 not exercising

Arm hand and leg trembling last few years getting worse withmuscle aches can't keep foot on gas pedal keeps jerking around and off of it?

At night my leg or arm will jerk on its own at least once and Sometimes I loose feeling in my arm while asleep, what could cause this?

Both calve muscle twitch I can watch my leg and see the dents from the twitch coming n going all over, after my calves tighten up like a Charlie horse?

Brief muscle twitches in hand, fingers, feet, knee, thigh, eyebrow, etc occasionally during day. No weakness. Worse when I think about it. Concern?

Burning hands and feet, anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitches. What is this?

Burning pain in top of leg,calf muscles feel like their tightening, inner tremor,tingle in side of face,hot showers cause weakness and tremor in legs?

Can a pinched nerve cause visible and non-visible muscle twitching sometimes painful in the legs and feet? Twitching also in face, hands and arms.

Can alcohol withdrawl cause muscle twitching in my calves and feet?

Can depression amd axiety cause muscle twitching in legs calves eyes lids and loss of weight without trying?

Can I get ALS if I does not run in my family?Currently have weak legs and arms also shake and twitchin muscle in face when I make a jester , 22 yr old

Can klonopin (clonazepam) cause weakness in the arms and legs?

Can MS cause weakness in legs and twitching?

Can poor circulation cause non painful muscle twitching(not spasms) in legs and arm?

Can your fingers and toes shake when you have muscle fatigue?

Constant isolated muscle twitch right upper arm tricep. Been going on for months. Also have body wide twitching. What could be causing this.

Could arm muscle strain cause finger twitching and forearm fasciculations? Arm & Neck pain?

Could depression cause twitching or hitching in arms, legs and inside the ears?

Could there be a connection between the muscle twitching throughout my body and the unilateral leg swelling below the knee? Neurological?

Describe arm weakness with brain tumor. Is the weakness so bad that someone can barely lift an arm, or like muscle fatigue?

Do muscle twitches start before weakness in ALS ?muscle twitches for past 12 days.arm feels weird and that's arm w twitches but twitches other places

Does essential tremor cause muscle tiredness and pain?Do i've essential tremor, as my body (arm, leg, abdomen). Starts shaking if I do work/exercise

During the past 2-3 weeks I have noticed twitching in: calfs, quads, stomach, arms, hands, eyelids, back of neck, foot, back. Could this be als? 21, male.

Feeling some twitching in limbs and stiffness in other parts of limbs, what to do?

For 2 months I'm experiencing involuntary movements in neck, arms and legs. They appear when I'm tired and in a bad posture. What can this mean?

For 2 years I have had muscle twitches that look like my muscle is pumping all over my body at random times. Ex: neck, arm, leg, abdominal

For 3 years, my muscles twitch in a way it looks like it's pumping. This happens anywhere on my body at random times.Ex: neck, abdominal, leg, arm?

For a month, i've had fleeting twitches in both legs arms and my back?

For the past 4 months, I've been having muscle twitching in my arms and legs and knee collapsing. Does this need to be evaluated or can I let it be?

Had all over muscle twitching for 4 months. I feel a one-time twitch in one part of my body and then it moves to another. Mostly legs. Bad or benign?

Had clean emg on right arm and leg. Left side of neck is stiff and cramps. Been going on for 4 months twitches after cramp is over still worried als?

Had RLS for yrs in legs, now arms. Always very painful, and now spasticity, numb, weak, fatigued day & night.Ms is in family. What should I tell neuro?

Have a sudden movement in my calf muscle at times in the night mostly cause? Restless leg syndrome?

Have felt random muscle twitches for weeks all over. (arms/legs/face/back) normal thyroid, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium. Stress or other?

Having back and leg twitches, almost 30- 40 twitches a day. Most are in upper right leg. What could cause this? I have nf1 and chiari

Having sudden spasms in my arm and leg and upper back when laying down. Limb spasms start with sudden burning pain then the limb twitches/jerks hard.

Help plz! Can sleeping on your arms cause muscle damage of any kind?

Hi I get constant twitches in my body all over ( toes fingers arms lips legs etc) constantly through the day small spasm like twitches. any idea why?

Hi I am experiencing some issues such as arms being heavy but weak, body jerks I hands and legs, numbness, hands shake when not jerking. ?

Hi I been shaking while standing up and it's not weak muscles it's my hands legs and feet why is this happening to me.?

Hi I'm a 23 year old girl, I've been having muscle twitches in my right thigh and knee for about a week now only when relaxing could it be als?

How come girls twitch their foot when their legs are crossed?

How do I make my arms less muscular?

I am concerned i might have ALS. Muscle twiches, dead sore arm and locked up and clumsy hand?

I am experiencing muscle twitching mainly in arms legs back and abdomen. It's been happening for over a month and is concerning me now ?

I am having muscle spasms in my upper back and right arm that cause my right arm to actually visibly jerk. It's very unnerving loss of control. Ideas?

I am having trouble sleeping my arms and legs are restless they are tingaling and twitching they are also very heavy can you please give me advice?

I can see and feel my muscles flickering/shaking when in flexed position. Quads and biceps, along with twitching sometime, is this ALS?

I have a few questions about als, been having muscle twitches all over, had a emg just of the right arm and neck neuro said not to worry. 32 yr old. Left arm weak and hand feels fat. Takeadvilhelps?

I have a lot of twitching/jumping nerves in my head lately. Why could this be?

I have a question and nobody seems to answer me, 23 /m left hand, arm, leg, foot sometimes ate weak and shake , also have twitching all over ? Als?

I have a weird pulse in my thigh on the right hand side of my knee. Could this be a muscle spasm? Or is there something wrong?

I have an 8 year old girl that is having muscular spasms in her left hand and foot. There is minimal twitching when she is asleep. What can it be?

I have an itching sensation that causes me to twitch my eyes and nose, tense my neck and calves and flick my wrists, sometimes uncontrollably?

I have been having a twitching/jerking feeking in my head. And also my arms legs and other body parts jerk too. Doc said I have tension

I have BFS (twitching in calves). I wake up with a swollen feeling in legs daily, but moving will loosen; but always tired feeling in the legs. BFS?

I have constant muscle twitching all over my body like a heartbeat under my skin and recently having problems with my hands and feet falling asleep?

I have had a muscle in my right thigh twitching for four days now, I do run daily but never had this. What does it mean?

I have had twitching in my left arm (mostly near pinky side under wrist) for about a month. I am concerned about ALS. No weakness or wasting. ?

I have hairy arms and legs and sometimes I can feel one or two of the hairs twitch or move, I think something is on me and nothing!

I have involuntary twitching.It can be noticable I have bad neck and bad lower back.The twitching is uncontrollable and can be in megs arms neck hand?

I have jerking all over my whole body from neck 2 feet everytime I ly down after about 45 secs the jerks start ! what are fibro jerks like this called?

I have minor involuntary movements like a finger twitch or a leg jerk especially when I'm lying down. What cud this be due to?

I have painful muscle jerks while trying to sleep, it first started in my legs then all of a sudden my arms and now my whole body.They go on all night.?

I have severe muscle spasms in my left leg. Weakness in both legs. Both hands fall asleep and I have a loss of sensitivity in my fingers?

I have some muscle tremors in my right hand while i'm not doing anything?

I have soreness in my arms and legs if i sleep a certain way at night. What could this be caused from?

I know have muscle twitching in my right calf muscle 24/7. I can see it twitching, coincides with the twitching on the sides of my head mri,emg norm?

I left strenght training 3 months ago. Now there are muscle twitching in my whole body, no weakness , no atrophy. But nowthere are pins & needle (leg)?

I mostly feel weakness in my calf and vein is very visible in left calf , my claf sometimes shakes .?

I was stretching my leg and my muscles started twitching crazily..Is this worrisome?

I'm having a a lot of symtoms such as heavy head I fill like my head is full, stiff neck, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, weak muscles in my arms and legs. I'm also having tremors and muscle twiches in my legs. I'm a 23 year old black female.

I've been experiencing small muscle twitching on the right side of my body. Under my eye, my calf, my hand and my fingers. Is this something serious?

I've been getting twitches in my arms or legs it's like jumpy twitches sometimes they so strong my whole body moves what do you think this is?

I've been have twitching all over but mainly in my thigh for 2 weeks now what could it be?

I've got muscle twitches everywhere all of a sudden. Why?

I've had calf twitching in both calves for 2 months, but had an anxiety attack a month before that. Twitching stops when standing or sleeping. Benign?

If upper leg muscles are deconditioned, are they constantly weak or is there intermittent weakness when using them?

In my case I'm 22 , I have twitching n n jerking in some body muscle , left leg and arm feal weak on and off , could that mean ALS , what's the % ?

Intermittent Muscle twitches random all over be caused by cervical stenosis 8 mm?felt on upper thighs,calfs, feet,arms,hands

Involuntary arm movements my arm moves and hits on the head continuously?