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Random periods of... Fatigue Facial flushing Headaches Moments of blurriness in eyes Waking up w/ numbness and tingling Dragging foot causes falls ?

extreme fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, spacey, onset of weak hands, tingling hands and feet, slurring speech,blood work ok, thyroid ok, ?

I have more pain, spasms,tingling and numbness at night. Could this be the cause of my anxiety attacks that is affecting my sleeping. what can help?

weak (both side) arms/legs, sometimes paralysis. Icepick headache with pressure, hard to think clearly, very sleepy. Hot/cold flashes. Hypokalemia?

? Symptoms: Faintness, short of breath, shaky, tingling in arms/legs, head pressure, extreme weakness & fatigue-anemia? hypoglycemia?

(For about a month) Sharp cramping headache, Feeling of fluid moving around inside head, Difficulty thinking clearly. Weak arms/legs Any suggestions?

102 fever, then tingling in limbs and5 min episode of completely rigid limbs, feeling of weight pushing on stomach, constricted breathing, can't talk?

17yr old daughter has flushing on cheeks & hands,unexplained tachycardia,jaw tremor,dilating eyes,continuously tired & feeling sick no diagnosis found?

18, male, tingly hands&feet, dizzy, tremors, some coordination issues, stumbles on some words, lost weight, hot flashes. 4 blood tests, 2 MRI's- clean?

18yrs female red face w/patches of red on body.Tingling in face hands feet & just not feeling right. Temp 99.1 w/feeling light headed & mild headache?

1st sign of guillain barre? Flu shot this am. Slight trouble swallowing (have had before. Feels like dry mouth ).No weakness or tingling in limbs.

1st, bad neck nerves (old injury), then headache when waking up (no more now), then watery eyes, swollen hand/face, legs tighten, lower backache.

20 year old male sick to stomach eyes burning face feels tingly lot of pressure in head ?

20 yr old female w/ MS. sudden onset intense tingling, temporary paralysis and claw position of hands. MD told me acidosis. concur??

20 yr old female w/ MS. sudden onset intense tingling, temporary paralysis and claw position of hands. not breathing abnormally and was very calm?

20yr old female. has MS. sudden onset peripheral neuropathy (weak, numb and tingling) lasts up to an hour then resolves. not anxious/ breath. normal?

21 y/o famale ,extreme tiredness,chronic headache ,tingling and numbness in left arm and leg,and brisk reflexes in all limps ..what this could be?

21 yr female.Depot shot in arm 30 days ago. Arm shakes w/numbness &doctors said it's physiological.Now headaches, fatigue, stomach&spine pain, numbness?

22 yrd old f, history of migraines, new symptoms of left arm and hand numbness, blurry vision, & sharp head pain waking me up at night--is this bad?

23 weeks pregnant, excessive thirst, tired, headache, numbing in hands and arms? Should I be concerned?

28 years old male: face numbness, all over body twitching, neck pain, rarely speech problem, headache all over sometimes?

28y.O. Female; decreased thirst; numbness to arms/hands; neck bothersome and feels need to be cracked or for a massage. Symptoms related?

2days head cold move between stuffy nose or plug ears & equilibrium off occas. Today getting numbness diff areas on arms/hands & R shoulder. Worry?

30yr old female, 4 a month now severe tiredness, needing 2 rest but can't sleep, headaches, dizziness, pins in needles, dull right arm&tingling in face.

32 weeks pregnant. Headache strange leg weakness. Should I call doctor?

33yr female.sudden onset of achy bones,pins&needles in arms/hands.forgetfulness,1 eye twitching,complete exhaustion. happens every 5 months or so. ?

35 male eye twitching, dizziness, face numbness, arm and leg weakness & fatigue, tight muscles MRI clear for MS what are other possibilities?

38y f. Twitch right eye.Tremor in head&neck.Constant headache for 3mo.Trouble breathing.Balance off&vertigo.Walking difficult.Trip often.Pain.Advise ?

48 hrs post thyroidectomy, experiencing tingling in hands and feet intermittently, and some in face. Taking increased Ca. Will this go away?

7 x 17 mm large thyroid nodule, others also, cause dizziness, tingling, head numbness, sick feeling?

73y female dragging left leg, hands very shaky, stuturring. And very weak.

7year old had tremors and weakness in the legs. Was scared and complained of nausea. ?

A burning sensation in my hip escalated to dizziness, simultaneous urge to vomit and defecate, numbness and tingling along my body and visual noise.

A few days ago i fainted after hot tubbing. I have demyelination in my calves and have tremors & migraines often. What could cause this?

According to my doctor, my vitamin D is low. Could this be causing my on/off headaches and random tingling/numbness in body? Or something more serious?

Acyclovir side effects? Can it cause numbness in legs or sensitivity to hot and cold in the leg

Advice?I have many symptoms, some seem linked to diabetes; Demobilising numb &prickly limbs Dizzyness Sickness Tiredness Soft nails Head aches

After a year of symptom onset of altered sensation and or perceived weakness in left leg and left arm with no change, how likely is it als? 20 male.

After having odd tingling numbness feeling in hands feet and legs severe head pressure for over a week pressure isnt too bad but severe dizziness and lightheaded now along with tingling numbness. And idea why?

After one week from leg amputation does the patient start to have shaky hands and slurred speech?

After taking ZZZQuil I notice a gradual tingling in my legs. Not painfull but I can feel the tingling. Can this be caused by ZZZQuil?

Age 65, Head numbness and sweating on the back of head at random times. Diabetic since 14 years. Also Numbness in Feet. Reason of numbness?

All over numbness(different sensation) on&off 1 speech difficulty, headache, difficulty staying asleep?

Almost faint a few minutes before a bowel movement, also have fatigue and tremors in the hands.

An 11 year old girl has acute onset of tingling and numbness together with decreased sensation in her right arm and leg. She became weak on same side?

Ankle surgery 3 weeks ago pain in leg opposite foot numb face numb nausea very low heart rate 60 dizzy and not feeling right. unexplained bruises too

Antipsychotics withdrawal is causing tiredness and weakness in legs when waking up. Will the strength return?

Any reason why am i having jerking movements in my r hand and r leg with extreme pain?

Are there any effective ways to wake up due to coldness?

Are there any medications that cause weakness in the legs and trouble walking?

Are there any STDs related to constant sweaty hands and headaches for weeks? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Aside from a stroke what can cause slurred speech, blurred vision, tingling on the cheek, foot and arm on one side of the body? Complex migraine?

At night when I am dosing off to sleep I get this pressure in the back of my head, lightheadedness, and numbness in my arms and chest tightness???

Awoke several times with dizziness and dim vision in one eye that'll resolved after a couple min. I also have had numbness and tingling in arms with n?

Bad dizzy spell and white middle finger with numbness, what do you recommend?

Bad headache for about a month with left arm numbness and tingling and feeling really weak. Also getting real short of breath much more easlier now. ?

Bad headache one side face feels numb worried stroke?

Bad symptoms for 4 months. Now shoulder tingling every 5 seconds all day. Really annoying. Slowly having a change in concious. Different vision. Wierd?

Been experiencing moderate numbness/tingling throughout my extremities. It comes and goes, and with it a splitting headache. Onset 3 days ago. ?

Been having tremors where my finger will shake, or my arm, my leg. Also fatigue, balance issues, not dizzy, fell to the left, in church into old lady!

Been overdosing on vitamins for 2 months (via juicing + disc splmnts. Have tingling in fingers, light headed, mood change, fine motor weakness in both ring fingers. Possible neuropathy? Permanent?

Been to various doctors w/no concrete answers. having dizziness, heavy head, shaky hands and pain in random areas. what is causes this??

Bilateral hand tingling and dizziness from ritalin (methylphenidate). Could this be a sign of stroke?

Black out, racing heart, face numb, tunnel vision could be signs of what?

Black spots in vision daily, lightheaded, pressure in back of head, tingling in left hand and foot. Out of breath. Brain fog. 24 years had since 15.

Blackouts followed by hearing ringing/loss, fuzzy sight, numbness arms, body going limp, heart racing, hard to breath. What is it? Im 16 female.

Bluish-gray hand and severe headache, should I be concerned?

Body tremors causing headache and blurred vision. Hand tremors to match. Been going on for a week. Tingles and numbness to match ?

Body tremors trouble speaking walking trouble walking. Can't hold neck up feet r stiff. Hands r stiff eye twitching. Leg r stiff. Feeling depressed?

Both cheeks on face still tingling on and off since 12/24. I don't have visual probs, no stiff neck, no headache. Does this sound serious? I'm 18.

Bp 120/135. Shortnes of breath. Complete numbnes of left arm. Tingling in my extremities. Dreaming sensation. Disoriented. But all symptoms lasted ?

Brother had very bad headache and then a sudden onset of weakness on right side of body only arm is still weak now. Stroke? Will not go to doc.

Burning pain all throughout the body? With tremors in both hands and feet. Head too, loss of 80 lbs in six months handwriting changes to, depression.

Burning/hot feeling on front of forearms that is sometimes accompanied with a headache. What can cause this? Blood work and EKG are normal.

Can severe anxiety and depression cause neuropathy symptoms in legs feet and just numb feeling inside abdomen?

Can a TIA cause a subtle dull weak. feeling in only one leg and not the arm of the same side? Also have low back and neck prob. Not numb. Tia?

Can a tooth infection affect ur heart rate, make u feel dizzy, cheek numbness, tongue numbness?

Can acid reflux cause left arm numbness and blurred vision?

Can anxiety attacks cause numbness in legs?

Can anxiety cause fingers or hand to tingle? I've been diagnosed with anxiety, but fear als. I have no weakness or motion problem

Can anxiety cause following symptoms. Tingling fingers and toes, numbness in back of thigh. Headache in right temple, acid reflux and sleep loss?

Can anxiety cause numbness, & tingling all over body, & a slight bit faster breathing?

Can anxiety cause stiffness and numbness in legs?

Can anxiety symptoms such as numbness to left of the body cause a stroke?

Can carrying a toddler too much on one side cause shoulder/arm pain/tingling + breathing issues from poor posture?

Can ciprofloxacin cause weakness in arm with some occasional twitching? Is that permanent?

Can constant worrying cause physical symptoms like prickling sensations in hands,feet, muscle twitching,jaw tightness?had normal brain mri,EKG

Can diabetes cause loss of balance, dizziness and a feeling of burning in hands and feet?

Can elatrol 50 mg cause tingeling in the forehead?

Can extreme anxiety cause your body to ache all over, stiff hands and feet, tingles onextremities, headaches, fatigue, cold feeling, no concentration?

Can extreme sleepiness and muscle weakness/fatigue go hand and hand with my period?

Can geodon (ziprasidone) cause weakness numbness pain in knees?

Can I have fatigue and headaches after stopping hrt? And numbness and tingling in feet no diabetes or bad circulation and no blood clots.

Can low b12 cause tingling In face and headaches on one side?

Can m. Gravis present with sudden arm and leg weakness, fatigue, double vision when really tired and trouble swallowing? Gait problems as well.

Can not eating properly cause my blood to feel like it's thinning(like pins are pricking my arms)A headache,shivering and fatigue ?

Can nuvaring cause leg weakness/pain/restlessness?

Can prolonged moderate to severe vitamin d deficiency be associated with extreme fatigue, tingling/needling sensations in feet, weakness & body ache?

Can sinus problems make my face feel numb or tingly even to the point where it's only one side sometimes my tongue too? My BP is116/81

Can slight hand tremors be related to predezone?