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(diabetes2, chiarimalf10mm++)red, infl, hot skin left side only-leg/arm/face.Saw neurologist -doingemg legs?He thought dermatologist-i'm cncrnd-vascular?

[22, F, Don't work out] This past week I've experienced symptoms of carpal tunnel while having pain in my left foot arch & right calf. Is this normal?

10 day history of altered sensation in legs/hands, tingling/numbness. My calves have become tight, MRI of spine clear, EMG tests good. Any ideas?

15 days pp C-section delivery due to breech position. Pain, numbness and reduced mobility in hands and feet when I wake up.. Should I be concerned?

18 yr old Son had mri(brain&spine), blood test, & found nothing. Muscle twitch, lightheaded, hand&feet tingly, tremor, kinda weak,cognitive funct off.

18yr old, muscle weakness in hands&legs, dizzy, tingle in feet&hands, vision change, leg stiff,feels weak. 6 months, 2 MRI's, blood test, clean. Help!

2 dr. Say carpel tunnel, 2 say no way don't have single symptom of that. What kind of dr do I need to see to find root of pain in my whole arm.

2 y/o male with severe leg/arm pain for 3 months almost daily, only 1 side at a time, blood work/eeg/mri's all normal, what could be the cause?

2 years ago i started getting bad headaches that last 1-4 days with vomiting, numbness and tingling in both hands, weakness in legs MRI and CT normal?

22 5'8 148 lbs 3 1/2 months postpartum I keep having numbing tingling sensation in left arm radiating to neck chest pain and hot flashes I breastfeed?

22 yo female. Second time within a year I am experiencing cold/weakness and tingling in left arm and leg with jaw ache. Tests show everything is fine ?

23 yo female laying on floor when arm went numb hand tingling for over an hr. No balance/cognitive issues. Cause for concern?

25yo. I have bulging disks in neck. Week ago i got new warm sensations down back of arm, triceps area, at random. I just need to know this isn't heart related. Chiro thinks it may b strained muscle..?

29y/o F. burning sensation back kidney area nausea. Numbness tingling hands and feet. Burning back head. CT stone (-). Bun/cre/Gfr good. u/a no wbc.

29y/o F. Numbness/tingling feet rt hand. Feet cold burning. upper arm ache to elbow. labs/mri/emg normal. Mild degenerative disc/ iron10. Flagyl X2 bv?

2mo, tingling & (+)sensitivity in ft, legs, hands & ab/pelv. Began in toes; ftips of l hand. Vertigo symptoms began 3wks ago. Tests norm. Thoughts?

3 Months - On and off tingly hands, lightheadness, tight right knee, floaters in eyes, hands fall asleep at night, - Brain MRI completely normal - MS?

3 Months - On and off tingly hands, lightheadness, tight right knee, floaters in eyes, hands fall asleep at night, Brain MRI completely normal - PPMS?

3 yrs ago i was dxg w/ a buldging l4-5. Recently i aggrevated it and now experiencing numbing/tingling on my r hip. Should i be concerned?

3 yrs ago i'd sudden back spasm aggravated by AC then lt leg sensory loss, numbness with jerky movements, should I do mri?What to expect if done?

30 year-old woman with a 4-year history of numbness in the upper body, and arms and legs, with undiagnostic imaging studies, but carries diagnos.....?

33 yrs old, hand numbness, pain in shoulder, mom has lupus, cort shot took pain away, have nerve test to check if carpal tunnel. Dr said may be lupus.

34 y/o m waking with "shiver up spine" sensation, chest/left arm. Mri, blood tests normal. Ekg-conduction block, dr. Says not it. Help with cause?

36 year old male with numbness of right side head, neck, arm and leg. Cat scan is clear. Is he going to die? What is it? He has hypertension.

38 female. Constant hand, arm, pelvic, foot pain.. dizzy spells. Bloods ok. Is this symptomatic of fibromyalgia?

38 wks preg Bad vein n right leg. Few leaky valves in heart. Cardiologist said prolly preg related. Pinched nerve in neck. Pains in neck N shoulder bl

38y f. Aphasia, neuropthy, fibromyalgia, delayed muscle movement(arms&legs won't go), recent swelling, drifting while walking. Could this be serious? Help.

39 femsle alwats activ but the last 3 years severe fatigue hit have numbness spasm in leg side that shake ne vertigo clear brain MRI pain left, slower?

39 year old male - right arm - pain, tingling, numbness and falling asleep when arm is bent. what could this be?

4 mnth of weakness, arms tingling, neck numness and nausea. All test ok. Can someone look at my head/neck/spine MRI http://hladilo.Com/nikolina/?

4 weeks ago awoke after headache left hand weak loss of grip dexterity of fingers brain MRI negative per pcp. Medro prescription did zip. What should I do ?

4 yrs ago tingling arms, legs, dizzy. Had MRIs, nerve tests, bloodwork. diangosis herniated disks. Seemed to grow taller then @ 35? What could have caused it

41 female, Fatigue, Tingling in face, legs and arms. MRI normal.. B12 was borderline low.. Could this be a cause of symptoms?

41 year old female... Off and On Facial Tingling, Now have twitching in right pinky. MRI was normal.. Any guesses? B12 is 201, Could this be a factor?

45 y/o male having burning mouth/sore throat x 5 mo. Facial/neck burning/tingling. Weakness in arms/legs at times. Sympts cm/go leg muscles twitch?

46 year old male with cerebral palsy (I walk pigeon toed). Have low back pain, twitching, low across ab pain, tingling in arms/back. ALS/MS or paranoi?

48old woman with Sjogren's syndrome, fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I feel numbness on my arms/legs for 1 wk both sides affected. Lasts abt 2-3 min. ?

55 yrs old male with diabetes .ECG was normal .having pain on left arm and finger numbness what could be the reason??


Abnormal ANA results, doctor did a rheumatoid factor test and it came back borderline (14) i have very very dry eyes and a constant fluctuating fever of 37.7-38.7nearly every day and night, swollen hands aching joints&numbness in hands arms legs&feet?

Afraid brain tumor also hypondriac p.O.T.S did MRI spine clear blod neuro test god have twiching legs weakness pain back arms hips insomnia muscle spa?

Any std's that cause neuropathy? Tingling in the leg, toroso and head.

Are occasional muscle spasms on the side of your foot and in your hands normal? Had unrelated brain MRI and neuro consult 6 months ago, came back fine

Are pins and needles related to lupus as I am starting to suffer this on my arms, back and legs?

Are there benign causes for numbness in 1 lower leg? Its been there for months and gradually got worse, seeing neurologist soon scared of ALS,MS,Lyme.

Arm has been numb for 4 days cardiac tests came out good in the ER but I have back arthritis and gastritis can this be affecting me in any way?

Arm numbness, tingling, a bit of itching, typing hurts, after five days from the blood test. What can it be?

Arm numbness, tingling, a bit of itching, typing or twisting hurts, after five days from the blood test. What can it be?

Arms and upper back aching. Arms and legs falling asleep easily. Vitamin deficincy? History of ehlers danlos GERD pots

Assume there is nerve pinch between thoracic and arm w/symptoms-arm pain & finger twitch & hand numb during sleep, will Bikram yoga help or worsen it?

At 33 would I need to worry about temperol arthertis due to all the spasms and twitching in the area all day for the past month. MRI norm. Emg norm.

At 39 had arm/leg tingling, dizziness; docs Dx as herniated disks. Since then feels like I've grown 3 inches taller. Could tests, anything cause that?

At my 20 weeks ultrasound my dr told my everything is great legs arms spine, fingers, toes, head but there is fluid around heart should I b worried?

At the start of my emg test, my foot went into a full spasm. Is this a normal reaction? Both my legs and feet are numb so i barely felt the test.

Blurred left eye, tingling in the left side of face, tingling in left hand in stressful periods with normal MR and physical exam. Only stress?? F, 32

Body aches off and on. Pain fel in fingers, hands, thigh, calf, forearms, knees. No muscle weakness. 2 weeks now. 25 yo/F . what tests shld I ask for?

Both arms and legs especially arms get numb only when i wake up and only for a while and I have no pain. I told doc to send me for a brain and cervical spine MRI and everything was fine.What is it?

Burmi ng sensation on hips and thighs. Been to rheumatologist and neurologist. No apparent problems found. Blood tests great. What can cause this.?

Burn sensation bottom front feet. Seen by neurologist who ran bunch tests-all come back normal. Told I have neuropothy-what now? Ed

Burning sensation down front of both thighs to the knee. Is this a sign of something worrisome? Convinced I have a brain tumor or MS

Burning sensation inner and outer arms/forearms and sometime on legs. Bloodwork normal ECG normal. Can GERD cause this? Bad headache earlier took advi

Buzzing, tingling twitching lasted 4 months in left leg.Now tingly foot after hot shower or weather.Clear Mris of brain and spine. Still worried of MS?

C3,C4 bulging disc. New numbness in hands, bladder leakage, bad pain at base of head that goes into shoulder. No mri in over a year, should I go to er?

C7 spine appear thin and irregular..Lot of pain in right arm n hanfs, numbness, weakness...Is it serious..What i ll do for this.

Can a C6 hemangioma in the neck cause tremors, tingling, and burning in the neck, arms, hands, and feet or is this probably not the cause, just something common they pick up in an MRI?

Can a low t3 (liothyronine) be the cause of tingling in the hands and feet, and burning in the arms? I've had a normal brain MRI and back/neck, as well as neuro exam.

Can a normal brain and neck MRI pretty much rule out ms?numb patch in bottom of foot along w muscle twitching all over body.emg normal

Can an anxiety disorder cause weakness in left hand pinky/ring fingers? I have had health anxiety for als, my gp says no, but I have not see a neuro.

Can b vitamin , iron deficiency or thyroid problems cause left arm and left side of face to feel numbish on and off for days? Did MRI and EEG good.

Can brachial neuritis cause tremors in the upper body and tingling in the hands? What's the cause? Had a neg brain, neck, and back MRI.

Can C5-C5 thecal sac indention cause right arm pain, weakness & the hand to be frozen cold? Can it cause constant dizziness & balance issues headaches

Can CRPS involve just temperate changes in the left leg and arm and no other symptoms?

Can elbow tendonitis cause weakness in hand and arm? Experiencing these symptoms after taking time off gym over 2 months. MRI came back normal

Can emg, ncv & EEG change from 1wk 2 next in barre syndrome or gbs? Last wk normal 2day have some pins and needles, no weak in legs.Flu shot 24dys ago

Can Hemeplegic migraines cause numbness only left leg arm face, I don't get migraines? All blood, MRI EEG EMG clear no family history can any mimic it

Can I have neuropathy even though the skin biopsies done on thigh/ankle/calf were negative for "peripheral neuropathy" bc my feet still tingle/feelhot?

Can i still have neuropathy even though my small nerve biopsys and qsart were negative - i get tingling in feet and left hand its not fun :(?

Can lost sensation/feeling in hand & arm get better w/out treatment after worsening & progressing for over a week, or permanent? (From cervical spurs)

Can one have Parkinson's and lupus? Xray hip fractures in ball and socket. Sleep apnea right leg tremors now left has started.

Can scoliosis cause Neuropathy? I've had episodes of foot tingling numbness and that travel up to my neck hands & lower back. Arms feel heavy too. This is not new, however it's getting worse. Started 30 years ago. I'm yo 66 female. All PE labs are excelle

Can shaky hands be related to cervical radiculopathy?

Can someone be having a stroke with b/p 120/65 i am on azrithomiacin and predinsone 10mg for sinus infection have tingling off and on left hand/foot?

Can spinal degeneration cause high blood pressure and a sore shoulder and pins n needles in face and neck ?

Can taking phentermine 37.5 and metformin 500mg for PCOS cause pain in left.forearm by elbow and left hand weakness. Unable to stretch my arm?

Can the CMV virus cause numbness in leg and is this something to worry about?

Can this be lhermitte sign I get very mild buzzing in the sole of my foot when i bend neck but it happens only after driving?

Can tingling feet, hands and back pain be symptoms of cervix cancer? Or gallbladder problems?

Can tingling in arms and legs that comes and goes be a symptom of a brain tumor?

Can tingling in feet, thighs, face, shoulders, back, hands be caused by spine/muscle problems? Dr. ruled out everything else. I am a new mom.

Can u subconsciously get symptoms that other ppl say they my sis said she had tingling n her leg for pinched nerve and now I have tingl to?

Can ulnar neuropathy in one arm/hand somehow be responsible for beginning symptoms in the other one? My left is useless and I can't lose the right one

Can't walk loss if feeling in right arm and can't write with a pen all right side. Mri. Shows lesion on spine. Does this sound like a newly diagnosis ms?

Cause string/cord feeling after 30 mins of exercise in legs bilateral? Chest pains sometimes too. Dizziness, nausea.Vascular? Neurology? Pulmonology

Causes of numb tingling legs & arms also double vision nothing has showed up on scan or mri?

Causes of weird sensation/pain on/under chin? Have 3 bulging discs in neck, have been a hairstylist for years working 8-10 hour days. Normal echo & ekg

Cervical nucleoplasty done c 5-6 6-7 6weeks ago due to hnp. Hand and forearm dullness and numbness got excruciating also pain.Why?! now what do I do?

Chin and fingers are a big tingly, read that chin tingling can be from cancer, help, I do have tjm and panic disorder, terrified?

Confirmed frozen shoulder; will that cause burning sensation down effected arm? Not constant, thru to pinky; start pt fri; no meds or cortisone shots

Connective tissue disease. Taking mtx. Vibrating sensation in legs, now shooting pains in right fingertips. Still safe to wait for rhumy appt 9/30?

Continued burning, tingling in hands which has radiated up my arms. Cervical MRI is fine. Emg is fine. No doctor has diagnosed it. ?