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Irritation/ burning sensation on left side of Tongue,Oral Surgeon said it maybe a nerve pressing on my Brain ! Could this be a Brain Tumor ?

10 months nunmbess, left leg getting worse white matter right side brian mri, , nerogrogist say adnormal mri can not use left leg dr not helping ?

2 years ago i experienced numbness on the right side of my face and arm. I had a brain scan n it showed a lot of scarring is this ms?

34yr fem left facial palsy?

5yr girl has right side body seizures since age 3. She sufferred meconium aspiration at birth and had a slight stroke to her right side. Coincidence?

5yr girl suffers from seizures on right side body. She had a slight stroke to right side at birth from meconium aspiration. Coincidence?

78 yr mom with dementia is numb on entire left side of body. Dr said not stroke but will send to get test. list of possible reason?

A 22 year old female has bilateral infarcts and mild hemiparesis of right side and mild dystonia of left side after 9 month of TB meningitis. Can she come back to normal as i heard from other survivor

A cyst or polyp was found in the left side of my face on an MRI. My ENT Dr is ignoring it. I get facial pain there and migraines on that side. Help?

A stroke can show up as temporary weakness on one side of body?

A stroke has left my mother with constant nagstagmis, what to do?

After lipoma removal l have numbness over the top of head ...L have been told l have superorbital palsy...Will it recover?

After a stroke would an eldery woman recover movement on the right side of her body?

After being evaluated by the ER for the numbness on the left side of my body they couldn't find anything wrong. What the chances of me having stroke at 24 years old? The numbness won't go away. It's been 4-5 days now. I'm terrified!

After craneoctmy on left temporal side.What kind of care should be taken?

After fracture of mastoid part of left temporal , how memory loss and clotting related to it.Pls answer. Thnx?

After having a mini stroke I have been left with a continuous sponge feeling in my feet is there any help?

After optic neuritis in march this year, followed my numbness, skin pain on my right side, how quickly will MS symptoms worsen?

Am 8 months post-stroke (ICH). What can botox injections do for my right side hemiparesis? How does it work in cases like this? Thank you.

Angiogenesis goes along with carcinogenesis, right?

Are numbness in left side of face and acute sinuitis related?

Are people with right hemiplegia worse then people with left hemi?

Been having different systems since may and getting worse all on left side of face, numb, speaking, twiching, what could this mean? No lung problems.

Behcets disease, lost feeling and function in my upper right side a few weeks ago. Now my right hand and arm is weak. How can I regain my strength?

Bells palsy on right side of my face, what does this mean?

Born with torticollis, quickly diagnosed.Still have a head tilt, on the same side facial features droop slightly, many issues all on my left side, help?

Breathing speaking lil hearing loss.. Right side nose blocked.. Right side face numbness weakness.. B12 256 .. 20 year.. Lukosytosis in WBC 10800 now?

Bulged disk right c4-c5. Mri says spinal cord not affected, but daily neck pain on right side, right ear fullness and lightheadeness. What to do?

Can a benign brain tumor cause severe muscle and nerve pain on the left side of the body from the shoulder down to the ankle?

Can a brain tumor cause only a nervous tic in my lower lip right side or it will affect all my right side of my face? I have nervous tic from a month

Can a brain tumor cause only sudden numbness in lower right lip last seconds several times a day i khnow its affect entire side of face rule out tumor?

Can a prolonged paralysis be cured? Its since last 2 years. It has effected the entire left side.

Can a small nonenhancing right middle 3rd flax meningioma have symptoms: left side weakness numbness, cognitive issues, no headache. If so how likely?

Can a small nonenhancing right middle third falx meningioma be the likely cause of symptoms: left side asthenia, cognitive problems, no headaches.

Can bells palsy cause chest pain on same side?

Can facial nerve palsy affecting the left lips, left eye blinking, and vocal cord all arising from trauma of gunshot at the neck, ear , be corrected?

Can migraines with aura can numbness on my whole right side?

Can neck dissection, rad, and chemo cause after effects like swelling, numbness, and trouble swallowing.

Can neurocardiogenic syncope cause the left side of your mouth to droop? I have ncs and the left side of my mouth droops randomly for a few seconds.

Can only double vision at upper left (that also reducing) be the reason for multiple sclerosis.

Can palsy (like facial palsy which can cause the muscles on one side of the face to go limp) be inherited?

Can tingling in left hand mean seizure or stroke?

Can tmjd (via long-term night and day bruxism) contribute to / cause intermittent non-painful paresthesia in the (one side - left in my case) jawline?

Can tumors and aneurysms cause numbness on one side of the body?

Can u have the babinski reflex in one foot my right foot is positive, I am having many neuro. Issues on my left side. Wondering if that is related.

Can u have the babinski reflex in one foot? My right foot is positive, I am having many neuro. Issues on my left side. Wondering if that is related

Can unexplained numbness on the side of head and face be a precursor to a stroke?

Can you go back to work right away after having optic neuritis?

Can you please tell me the implications of a stroke in the left side of the brain?

Can you tell me how one move their left hand if they have their right hemisphere of the brain removed?

Can you tell me if I have limited facial movement on the right side of my face, does that have anything to do with hearing loss in my left ear?

Can you tell me if it's common with bells palsy for the affected side of your face and neck to ache?

Can you tell me if one has stroke on the left side of the body, is it possible for her to walk again. Secondly?

Cause of left hemiparesis and right facial droop?

Could brain damage on the right side affect my writing?

Could i go into the medical field after a left temporal lobectomy?

Could left arm radiculopathy be caused by left ribs misaligned? Cause symptoms similar to pheochromocytoma as well as enlarged lymph on that side?

Could MS effect speach and movement of left side of the body suddenly with no numbness?

Could my tremors on rt side be related to positive babinski on left side?

Could my tremors on rt side be related to positive babinski on lt side?

Could pancreatic cancer cause a tingling type sensation on the left side... sort of under the ribcage? What else could this be?

Could right middle lobe syndrome ever go away?

Dad suffered stroke 5 yrs ago affecting his right side. He still complains of pain/stiffness in right hand. Any sugges. For improving his cond.?

Day 6 my mom has a stroke on the right side of her brain, what to do?

Diagnosed with 65% carotid stenosis right side, 50 left. Trouble after 4 days taking statins, with peripheral neuropathy. What can I do instead?

Diagnosed with Bells Palsy 6/18/17right side. Noticed twitching over left eye 6/30/17 does it mean I'm getting bilateral palsy. Are twitches normal?

Diagnosed with Bells palsy on right side of face 3 yrs ago and in the last 3 weeks my right eye has started to water is this due to the BP?

Disorganized scrambled thoughts and a perceived cognitive decline i'm 20 years old and one night i had head pain in the top left area of my head. Help?

Do u think stroke patient with right side paralysis would benefit from massage?

Does a brain tumor cause symptoms (tingling/numb) on one side only or can it affect both sides equally? Was told only one because of brain hemispheres

Does a stroke only paralyze the right side?

Does left side paralysis accompany hemiplegia?

Does right hemiplegia cause dysphagia more than the left ?

Dr ordered an MRI for demyelination due to hypaesthesia and weakness on left side & pain in left eye + left field restriction What she looking for?

DVT in left calf diagnosed a week ago. On Lovenox (2x day) and 5mg Coumadin (warfarin). Experiencing left sided tingling in leg, arm and head (slight headache too). Is this a side affect from meds?

Dx with parkinisons 2 years. Tremors, hemipalegia, dystonia in l foot. No arm swing on left side. Multiple meds with little improvement- suggestios?

Dx: palatal myoclonus symptoms, left eye pain and right throat pain. Mri says t2 hyper intensity. 23 yrs. One doctor says be worried other says normal?

Dx: palatal tremor and trigeminal neuralgia. Mri single hyper intense frontal gyrus. 23 years old. Left eye pain and right throat pain. Is this ms?

EX of complex partial seizures, seizure free 1 yr. Taking Depakote. Recent intermittant "spike" feeling at right side of head above tempoal area. Sudden appearance of vein on face underneath right side of eye. DX?

Facial droop on right side means stroke where?

Facial sensations and sometimes oversensitivity in one ear on left side only. MRI showed all was fine. Neurologist was clueless. ENT thought it was a facial muscle. What next?

Father had a stroke 4 yrs ago and lost balance, coordination of right side. Suffers from lot of stiffness in his right body. Any treatment possible?

For 15 years I have experienced an uncomfortable 'tingling' sensation that travels down my right side, including my head and limbs. I had physiotherapy but it is still an issue. What could it be?

Get intermittent nerve pain on dorsal side, outer edge of left hand, along right side of knuckle. 61 female, on tegratol and lamictal for epilepsy. ?

Had an eminectomy 10 yrs ago, frontal branch nerve was cut so left side of my face is paralysed, could this ever be rectified?

Had bell's palsy 5 years ago on left side of face n my left eye is now smaller than the right. Shows mostly when laughing. Will it regain its size?

Had clear CT in 2011 for right sided headed and left sided tingling in foot.Still have the same symptoms.How likely to be a brain tumour?Also nausea

Had CT in 2011 for right side headache and left side foot tingling-results normal.I still have same constant symptoms!how likely to be a brain tumour?

Had headaches for weeks,left eye got blurry,woke up total numbness on left side of the body.MRI shows brain(ischemic stroke).feel so sick what to do?

Had left side and right side treatment for bilateral possioning vertigo. Dr said if this don't work then physical therapy. What do I expect?

Had lipoma removed from my left temple of my forehead 2 days ago. I have swelling, numbness and reduced movement still. How long until this recovers?

Have Bell's palsy, one month so far but noticed my eye brow on side of paralysis is higher than the normal side of face. Is this common or normal?

Have cyst in brain 3cm in left front, severe headaches, memory loss, and sometimes loss of vision and feeling in right hand. Could all be related.

Have diabetes,had a slight stroke 2 months ago,more pain on the one side than the other,speech not the same,what type of doctor should i see?

Have Glossopharyngeal neuralgia on right side, bilateral palatal tremors, and nerve compression on mri, but my uvula deviates to side of lesion. Why?

Have had headache, facial pain for 6 months, left side. Mri revealed large mucus retention cyst right side. Any link?

Having pain in my left breast and numbness in left arm and hand. Have had 2 previous small strokes and pain is different. Take isosorbide 30 mg daily.

Having severe pain under left ear and down the jaw. Also have partial facial paralysis, can't raise left eyebrow, can't close left eye independent of right eye, while eating or talking left side of mouth does not open fully nor raise up while smiling. Pre

Having strange sensations on the right side of my face. Could this be a brain tumor?

Having trial of sacral nerve stimulation, doctor wants to see both sides, for now left side- little improvement, can I expect more from the other side?