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22 yr old male ,my muscles sometimes twitch in my neck,jaw when I make a jester ,hand shake when I squeeze tight can it be ALS, it does not in family?

22/m having cramps in my hands, arms , twitching al over my body , and neck when I make gesture , some weakness what's the % of me having ALS ?

22/m/190lbs have , neck twitch when I smile or make a gesture, no weakness , what are the chances if me having ALS , it does not run in my family ?

22/m/190lbs have leg cramps and in hands also weakness, I have facial twitch when I make gestures can this be Als , or can I rule that out, help plz?

22/m/Latino having small twitches all over my body, my neck twitches when I make gestures, cramps,some some weakness in arms , can it be als? Plz help

22/male constant hand cramps no weakness , what are chances it could be ALS , it does not run in my family ? Need some peace if mind please !!

29 y/o male woke up with a muscle spasm in hand casing thumb to twitch. Worried about parkinsons/als?

34 y/o female w extreme anxiety. Can twitching and brisk reflexes for nearly 2 yrs but no weakness/atrophy still be ALS? Neuro says anxiety, scared.

36 African-American scared had numb and tingling feet and hands and fatigued muscles...cpk went from 472-573.744! Body wide fasciculations. Als?

After a neuro exam mr dr said the reflexes on my left arm is weak. Is this a symptom of ALS?

ALS fear.Have muscle twitches random and intermittent more so in weakness.w/o weakness is this probably nothing?do the twitches precede ALS?

Als fear.muscles twitching randomly including eyelid.feel like arm is weak.thumb feels weird.normal neuro exam.als?scheduled for emg .

ALS: If a patient has tongue fibrillations (not fascis!), how long would you expect to be the total time from first appearing until weakness occurs?

Anything i can do to not have benign muscle fasciculations? It doesnt cause problems but can sometimes become annoying. Been tested its just BMF

Are all twiches fascis i mean if u twich somewhere will it shown on emg?Also anxiety twiches shown on emg?

Are fasciculations in ALS constant or do they come and go?

Are hands fasciculations always pathologic? Sometimes I have monolateral fasciculations. Thanks

Are muscle tics and fasciculations a lupus symptom? some saying yes and some saying no.

Are other symptoms of bipolar disorder muscle, body and finger twitching and shaking?

Are twitches that are caused by action/flexing or tension in muscle always of malignant cause like als?No dr can tell me and I am scared.It's in thumb

Arm sore with occasional muscle twitches.Worried ALS, doc did strength test and said "ur perfect just anxiety" but didnt do EMG or MRI. Stop worrying?

Arm Twitching all day. Uncle died of als?

Arms jerking for no reason, is this beginning of parkinson's?

Been experiencing muscle twitches all over for about ten years now, my question is can it be als? Even after ten years?

Been having twitching all over for 2 weeks. Clean EMG other than twitching in foot. How long should I leave it? Could it be anxiety? What should I do?

Been twitching all over body for 3 years. Could it be ALS. I do have generalized weakness.

Beentoa alsdocclean exam emg/ncv good. He said bfs for twitching but is it normal to get up and walk a little and soon as irest calves start twitching?

Began this week - intense bilateral nonstop muscle twitching in feet/calves. No weakness. Does a bilateral onset suggest something other than ALS?

Benign fasicucilation sydrome -is there anything in addition to B6 and magnesium that can improve this?

Brisk jaw jerk found. Als neuro said i was fine and i did not have als. All my others were good (babanski, hoffmann, emg, and ncv good) should I worry?

Brisk jaw jerks. Isn't that normal if it was very brisk than abnormal correct. Als specialist say its anxiety nothing else wrong though. Should worry?

Can a twitch be induced for people with benign fasciculatiom syndrome or only ALS patients?

Can an emg diagnose the cause of muscle fasciculations throughout the entire body?

Can anxiety cause facial fasciculations?

Can benign myoclonus involve the face?

Can bfs cause burning type muscle pain ? Never been diagnosed with bfs but I have muscle spams all over with normal emg/ncv

Can eyelid twitching be an early sign of a seizure?

Can fasciculations in ALS come and go with weeks apart?

Can it be als?22 male 4 neuro visit 1 bfs 3 depression anxiety emg slight fascis but feel pain and strange feeling legs really worried nothing clinica

Can lou gehrid disease cause buzzing in the bottoms of the souls of feet like a mobile phone ??

Can restless leg syndrome cause what look like myoclonic jerks or tremors all night long in 6 yr old. EEG was normal. Also how is row diagnosed?

Can someone confirm that twitches in the tongue is normal and not a sign of als? Myokymia? Have clesn emg of tongue.

Can stress causes fasciculations visible on emg?

Can twitches come before weakness in als?

Clinically diagnosed hypokalemia periodic paralysis, I've had my lower eye lid twitch but not for 5 days straight. What could this be? What can help?

Constant small twitch in tricep been going on for more than a month I have a nuro app. Next month. Did some reading now worried about ALS should I be?

Could fasciculations in ALS be sporadic at start and later become persistent? Or are they persistent once they start?

Do i probably have msa rather than Parkinson's because of poor balance and having a positive babinski's reflex sign in my left foot?

Do muscle twitches mean I have a disease!, or is it my health anxiety?

Does a clean emg mean no als?

Does a negative ANA rule out neuromyotonia? Have muscle twitches, weakness, and tremors. Getting worse

Does benign fasiculation syndrome register on emg?

Does fasciculations in ALS come and go, or are they constant until the muscle dies? I have tongue fasciculations.

Does localized painless twitching in muscle areas like bicep, & tricep warrant a visit to a neurologist for EMG? Any benign issues or ALS?

Does parkisons cause fascis?

Does parkisons causes fasciculations?

Experiencing jerks and twitches post-op spinal surgery. Is this common?

Eye twitching and muscle twitches random .had a normal brain MRI and this concerning ?or anxiety related ?

Fasciculations on tongue meaning. Also fasciculations in legs diagnosed with unknown auto immune disorder in 2012 and fasciculations is new symptom.

For 2 months I´ve had fasciculations in my tongue everyday. Maybe 10 single twitches a day. Could this be the hyperexcitability phase in ALS?

For the past 120 days I have had fascinations in my calves when they are at rest. Have had a clean EMG is ALS still possible? Highly concerned

For the past couple months I have noticed random muscle twitching. Lasts 2-3 seconds. No weakness. 34 yr old female. Chance of ALS?

Had an emg done on one side only. Was worried about muscle emg on one side only all you need to rule out ALS ?

Had an emg on one that enough to know I don't have als?

Had EMG several years ago and everything was OK. Have had intermittent twitching for 4 years now biceps shake when this als?

Have high anxiety. 35 yr old female. NormalCBC negative ANA, started muscle twitching random places, hand cramps. ALS? Brain MRI negative. Please advi

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a defasciculating drug in rsi ?

How confident should I be if my neurologist said I have nothing neurologically wrong with me but I still have weird symptoms? I have deep fear of ALS

How do you typically treat cramping fasciculation syndrome or benign fasciculation? My father is having terrible nocturnal cramping and can't sleep.

How does a multiple sclerosis twitch feel? How long does it last? More than one?

How many fasciculations a day would I have if I was in the hyperexcitability phase of ALS? I have a hand full a day on the tongue.

How often is twitching first sign of ALS. I read 6.7% in a study. Is this correct?

How to describe someone with fredrich ataxia, beside they always shake?

Husband:moderate to severe health anxiety/worries ofALS/no weakness/only Contraction Fasciculations/all drs say no ALS. 29yo. Cause of fasciculations?

I am experiencing slurred speech, friends are correcting me on words I say, I'm worried of als, had e clean emgs of arms and legs, afraid of bulbar,?

I am experiencing slurred speech. Clean emgs of al limbs, would emg of picked up if als was present regardless if it were bulbar onset?

I am having physical tics/spasms mostly in my upper body and my hands shake sometimes. What is my doctor looking for in a brain MRI and an EEG?

I been twiching for weakness.rare myokymia on eyes.i have permanent myokymia on my leg (35 hz and 1sec durat.) emg/MRI clean. possible aLs?

I had emg which showed fasciculations and told it was normal. Have brisk reflexes whole body muscle soreness and joint tightness. Can emg miss als?

I have been told I have bfs my tongue has been twitching for a few months now, Can your tongue twitch from bfs, feels like any other twitch u wouldget?

I have BFS & especially calves are twitching. After intensive workout its amplified but when back to normal life its alleviated. Should I be worried?

I have fasciculations and twitching of first web space of left hand for last one month. No diagnosis is being reached, please advise?

I have fasciculations mostly in my calfs but sometimes in other areas. I've had these for over 10 yers. Several neg EMG's, Ner con. No atrophy or Wea.

I have fear of having disease like als. I have fatigue in arms and twitching in calves but I have neck pain and don't sleep enough. Should I worry?

I have frequent fasciculations, I began experiencing them years ago. I have no signs of muscle weakness. Do I have ALS??

I have had a ALS scare for the last 3 months. Als spec said I have bfs and my emg/nvc and clinical exam was good. I noticed today my rleg calf is a 1/4in bigger than the lleg calf is this normal.

I have ms symptoms. Got MRI, it was clear. Could I have Primary Progressive? I'm 17 and scared. Twitching, tingling, tremors, Weakness, stiffness.

I have muscle twitching and fasciculations of first web space of left hand for last one month , please diagnose?

I have myasthenia gravis I have had a ct scan which showed a thymoma what does this mean? I also have shaking muscles which twitch I'm weak aswell

I have severe health anxiety diagnosed with tmj went for brain mri now I'm twitching all over body some cramping on hands and feet scared to death als?

I have SFN and recently began showing CNS issues (babinski and hoffman signs). Mouth twitches when I smile. Will have MRI Mon. Worried...

I have small painless muscle twitches almost daily. Only last a few minutes. In eyelid, arms, legs, fingers etc. Changes daily. Possibly lou gehrigs?

I have some facial muscle weakness. Brain MRI about a year ago showed nothing. Was told it was anxiety. Could that be the only cause? I fear als.

I have some muscle loss in my left hand with occasional twitching.. My Neurologist rated my strength at 4/5 when he tested me. I am having a nerve con?

I have twitches for 2 days now, it went down in severity, it's isolated to a single location on my thigh (sartorius muscle if I am not mistaken), should I be worried ?

I just noticed my tongue twitches a lot when I stick it out. Can this be something other than ALS?

I think i have atrophy in my foot, and i fear ALS. I also have alot of fasiculations in my feet and in my legs?

I took Flagyl 500mg twice a day for one week. During + now 6 weeks later: tremor in hands, some parethsia,dry crack skin,muscle twitching, jerking of my limbs, fingers every night before sleep.Neuro +EMG test ok, GP says it will pass. Still concern?

I was diagnosed with bfs normal emg only minor fasciculations and symptoms are twich spread random and legs pain can it be als?

I was diagnosed with MND 10 years ago with muscle wasting noticed in my left there any cure?