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Had an epidural with my son almost 3 yrs ago. I have nerve damage to my heel in my left foot. I have no feelingWhat can i do? Will accupunture help

I am struggling with what I think may be pudendal nerve entrapment. I am a serious runner but have been battling this pain for a long time now and I ?

I'm having several symptoms of sensory nerve damage in my comp dr says its only a muscle strain its been 6 wks. Why isnt it getting better?

1 month recovring from microdisectomy, l4/l5, l5/s1. Back ok, numbness/tingling/pressure in right knee persists, prtclurly whn leg extnded. Possbltes?

1 torn & 3 slipped disc. Had epidural injec 11/20-back/neck still in severe pain-shooting/stabbing. Face&hand numb/tingling-can't sit/stand 10+ min?

1 yr ago I was in an accident and my calf ended up with a continuous 24/7 non-stop numb to the touch area, no pain just numb if touched. Neuropathy?

1 yr post posterior cx laminectomy, have wide depressed scar, get very uncomfortable sensation in arms & legs with light pat on back of neck...

10 weeks ago i was hit by a car, calf now has an area of numbness - physios say that it is not nerve damage and movement will return with stretches.

2 to 3 weeks after a vehicle collision i began experiencing itching on my legs and pain in my toes. Possible nerve damage?

2 years ago had 5" incision at elbow, ulnar nerve decompressed; 10 mos. Later another surgeon moved nerve; now, 16 mos since 2nd surgery, still having pain and tingling in last 2 fingers and much pain in upper underarm; another doctor suggested the nerve

2big toes permanently numb for 2 yrs. now my lower spine/back isnumb. The only sensation I feel is pressure.. Why?

3 weeks ago i developed numbness side of thigh from crotch down to knee. Has not subsided. Will this cause permanent damage? Being worked up for ms.

3 wks ago I pinched the nerve on the right side of my thumb using scissors. Still numb & tingly, is there a brace or something I can do?

30yrmale.right nerve L5pinched.Dont have too much pain but cant run as leg burns.but can bend fully.On yoga now.Will it heal or operation only option?

31yrold.Legs burnNweak since month.No sciatica.Physio tells muscles r weak.Nerve conduction normal.Which specialist to see?Lot of travelNsitting daily

7 months after ingernal hernia surgery the area is still numb and even the left side of my penis is numb. Whats causing this numbness?

7days post op(microdiscectomy),no pain,no sciatica but I can still feel the nerv tingling sometimes,will that feeling go away?

8 months ago suddenly my penis went numb urologist said I have no physical problem now slowly I am gaining sensation after 8 months is it nerve damage?

A nerve problem, some say its brachialplex,for example if i sit down and put my hand in my jacket's pocket, i can feel it tingling, what nerve is that?

A new nerve grew from my back to my left foot which was discovered during a surgery 5 years ago. My left small toe istingling. Now i can't sleep. The tingling won't stop. Whatshould i do?

A weird nerve like awareness in my front tooth 2 months after septoplasty/turbinate reduction. No pain or numbness, just nerve like feeling. Normal?

After 2nd opinion, i'm now told I have nerve trauma, not dry socket isthis the same as nerve injury?No numbness tingling sensitivity to cold just pain

After a lumbar nerve block IV some numbness/drop in foot ihave feeling but little movement.Pysio thinks its from the block. Can you help explain this?

After having a bad rxn to 300 mg of caffiene, I developed nerve pain. Its gotten better but still a lot of pain. Do I have pernament nerve damage?

After i had the implanon inserted i noticed my arm feels as if my nerve is being pinched and twitches more so towards my wrist any reason why?

After lower lumbar fusion I have sharp pain in foot at ancle.With numbness how long till the nerves heal? It's been a year on the 18th of this month.

After shoveling into a wheelbarrow to redo flower beds, I now have tingling on entire right side for 5 days now. Can pinched nerve affect entire side?

Aggravated a pinched nerve during recent move. Left arm/hand going numb at night. Is there sleeping position that could provide some relief?

An operation in neck that affect spinal cord as a lesion , i feel hotness , coldness and sometimes numbness n my legs that transfer from up till my toes?

And sometimes my toes hurt. Would this maybe be the effect of my spinal injury?

Arm hurts and hand numb (left) and my doc says it is a pinched nerve at c4. Time, anti inflamm & pain killers are treatment. Should I do more?

Back pain right foot nerve pain, numbness in both feet,specially when bending moving object running,MRI is normal Is that common?Should i have x-ray?

Best treatment option for foot? A bit of small fibre neuropathy and a pinched nerve in back. My foot is sore when stand. Start endep very drowsy

Bf told he has a pain near solar plexus. Why? What is that?

Both arms are so sore pinch nerve whst exercise can I do relieve pain?

Broke ankle in 1992 - stretched a nerve. Can nerve become irritated years later? Burning pain in top of foot. Any treatment suggestions?

Broken ankle in '92. Stretched a nerve. No problems until recent years. Now, burning in top of foot espec. At night. Did nerve regenerate?

Bruised nerve in leg, should I be concerned?

Cactus spines removed last week , now my son feels a sort of tingle in the area?

Can a epson salt bath help with pinched nerves in lower back and thighs?

Can a pinched nerve cause body to feel tingly and weak. Had dislocated knees and shoulder. Not recent though. Can my chiropractor help solve this?

Can a pinched nerve in the L4-L5 and/or S1 cause a muscle in the leg to stay in a contracted state?

Can a pinched nerve in ur back cause one side of ur whole body to feel tingly even ur face?

Can a pinched sural nerve cause swelling in the lower part of the affected leg?

Can an auxiliary pinched nerve cause burning sensation and swollen area around underarm and side? Pcp diagnosed it and rep strain muscle could be also

Can apinched nerve in lumbar4 cause foot drop? If yes, what can be done?

Can arthritis in my back affect my arms and chest as in pain wise or maybe the nerves perspective of it?

Can compressed nerve come and go? Is it usual for a nerve issue to get worse during the day? Feeling a bubbling tingling sensation upper right back

Can nerve damage on palm cause injured area to feel cold?

Can nerve healing or irratation causes tingling bubbling feel in shoulder blade/spine & pinch feeling .upper chest.. Will it show on EMG?

Can nerves make your legs numb while your sitting?

Can osteoarthritis cause one limb to be shorter then other? My father is having tingling and sharp pain in the same limb. Is that nerve damage as wel

Can pitch nerve cause bad digestion, I think I might b have a pinched nerve in my body, leg and arm weak. And digestion not working properly.

Can Prozac (fluoxetine) give nerve pain in shoulder and bottom back and legs while in the settling in stage?

Can sleeping on a hard floor for a while cause pressure on nerves in back, legs, etc and lead to tingling in toes?

Can tarsal tunnel be chronic? Can it come back again after it has been gone for a while?

Can u get pain in ball of foot and toes from a pinched nerve in back. Mri of fooot normal. Neurologist tells me pain from back. Hard to believe.

Can upper back pinch nerve paralyze arms and legs if untreated?How long does it take if so?

Can whiplash cause paralysis and loos of legs and arms movement permenantly,because my neurosurgeon said like that?

Can you fix pudendal nerve damage ? i think i might have it it feels numb down their on one side but i also have a UTI and yeast infection right now

Can you tell me about nerve pain doc gave me meds but I am feeling numbness all body ?

Can you tell me how to heal my median nerve to where I'll have feeling back in my hand?

Can you tell me if i hit a nerve on the bottom of my foot and my leg hurts from it, can that affect bowel movements?

Can you tell me the name of the rare disease where your feet go numb, and the numbness slowly works it's way up then back down your body?

Can your sciatic nerve be hurt by getting hit?

Cold, wet, tingling sensation on the upper leg. I went to pt for ciatica nerve for 1 month but it did not do much. What should I do next?

Constant pinch nerve and numbness starting from buttocks to hips and ending in left leg. Nerves feel pulled and tight. Leg moves inward when walking?

Contacted doc, & he sugg nerve root block at L5 s1 for pain in my leg with numbish, asleep, feels hot like, pain goes into foot. How successful is thi?

Could a pinched nerve in knee cause pain and numbness is thigh. Fell a week ago, sore/ no fracture. Doc has no other explanation for the numbness.

Could foot numbness while sitting be caused by a siatic nerve like some of my doctors say?

Could I have pinched nerve pain in vagina in the same spot with burning no STDs I have pain that shoots down arm i fell on my back a couple of time?

Could my pinched nerve in my neck and lower back be causing my tongue to believe like a snake?

Could my sciatic nerve problem be causing jerks on my right mostly in my hand and leg? Also sometimes I can not get my words out! This scaring me !!!

Could the pain that is felt in a left butt due to nerve damage or sarciatica hurt if you press on .Plz advise.?

Currently I struggle to get a full erection. Can this be a pinched nerve as my left buttock seems to flutter and my left foot seems numb occasionally.

Deep burning in forearm. Negativefor pinched nerve on mri. Comes and goes. Doesn't feel muscular. What could it be?

Diagnosed with ddd in back. Mail carrier as career. R hand worse than l but both going numb and sharp pains in arms. Related to back or carpel tunnel?

Diagnosed with nerve damage, as a complication from back surgery which then led to (left) foot drop.The outside of my right foot is now going numb. Wh?

Direct impact on posterior tibial nerve at ankle.Calf n foot went numb immediately lasted for ≈4min. 3/10 Tingling sensation still felt 13 hrs later?

Do neurologist immediately do surgery if they see that a pinch nerve cause your arm and leg muscles to be weak and wasting away.

Do overworked muscles of the arms cause painful numbing thru the whole arm when no longer in use? How to stop the pain & numbness ?

Do pinched nerves last forever? I haven't felt my right knee for 4 years..

Do to gunshot wound still have bullet lodged in brachial plexus on left and extreme nerve pain from elbow down now fingernails are hurting badly?

Does burning pain on my hands and feet are part of nerve damage from back surgeries?

Does lying in bed for too long cause pinched nerves?

Does the epidural completely numb you from the waist down? How can you walk?

Dr suspects disc herniation bc I have bad pain&numbness in my back,arms,&both legs.Lately my hands/bottom of feet hurt to.could it be RA instead?

Dr tried placing epidural during labour four times but it never worked. It made my right leg numb once and left leg another time. Why didn't it work?

During my phlebotomy class my partrner stuck me with a needle.Can this cause pain, numbness in my whole left arm?

Every morning I wake up and my Vastas lateralis is numb, I don't know what's causing this? I am 16 years old! Please help.

Every time i sneeze my left legs spasms! it feels like a nerve problem. Help?

Fell from bunkbed 2 wks ago.Docs said its lumbar contusion.Lately,I feel zaps of electricity lasting 3 secs in my lumbar.Pain does not radiate to legs

Felt my hip/thigh go numb, went to get a massage around the area, but afterwards I got paralyzed? MRI results awaiting. could this be a nerve problem?

Foot pain right after surgery. Foot and my ortho surgeon say all ok nuero test says s/1 nerve being pinched. Neurology surgeon says nerve it self is causing pain. What or who can help me. What to do ?

Foot problem or piched nerve in back? Pain in foot when standing. When lift foot off ground pain goes away? Mri of foot normal. Pinched nerve in back

For years now I have a problem on my leg. Sometimes it hurts, burns, its numb, its really sensitive... Its not the nerves and nobody knows what it is?

Forearms have been numb & painful on and off for weeks, especially after riding a bike. Sometimes the pain is excruciating, and nerve meds don't help.

Former gymnast, now starting yoga. Numbness/tickle/tingle feeling waist down anytime I do a backbend. Never had this before. Possible pinched nerve?

Going to have lumbar sympathetic block for pmy foot. Will I still have feeling?

Great toes have been numb with occasional stabbing pain for years(mystery to dr) it 's not gout or diabetes. Should i see a chiro. For pinched nerve?