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Has A Neurologist heard of the term " Electrical & Chemical Dysfunction and is this due to an attack on nerve cells ?

,if the entire retrodiscal tmj tissue breaks could it lead also to nerve damage? ( as numbness on the eye lid,mouth corner etc).

"prominent aica branches are compressing 7th & 8th nerves. Have had tinnitus vertigo 10 weeks. Why do symptoms suddenly start what is the treatment?

2 months after a trip where my feet were exposed to frigid water for prolonged periods i still have numbness and tingling. Is there permanent damage?

20 yrs ago disectomy left blood clot in damaged my sciatic nerve serious nasty pain stimulated in place not touching pain levels can the nerve be fix?

2010 lost taste smell severed nerve doctor said nerve behind left ear, became deaf from shattered bones. Can nerve be repaired and taste recovered?

30 percent optic nerve damage. Pressure 31. If slt gets it down to 25 is it possible to be enough to stabilize? Doc says i could try.

8 months post thyroidectomy, how likely will my left cord become un-paralyzed and accessory nerve healed. My right arms affected by trap nerve damage?

A professional word for trapped nerve ?

Afraid it having having frontal dental numbing done afraid of nerve damage and permanent numbness ?

After I had a spinal fusion I lost all control of my bladder how can I cope with wearing diapers 24 / 7 at age 29 .with sever nerve damage .

Any big differences between nerve damage (back problems) and multiple sclerosis?

Any different symptoms of MS and nerve damage in the back?

Any good web-sites with symptoms you get with nerve damage?

Any thing to stop nerve degeneration?

Any treatment for penile nerve damage ? iam scared

Are there any nerve endings inside the penis head portion and will over masturbation cause damage to them if so will it heal by rest specify the time?

Are there similar symptoms of MS and nerve damage in the back?

Bed ridden with a trapped nerve, would acupuncture help?

Besides nerve ending damage, what can cause burning hands/palms?

Broke jaw have nerve damage to the inferior alveolar nerve bout 9 weeks ago most of numbnes gone but lip and chin tightness remain , how much longer?

Can an ER tell me if nerve damage came from a dislodged epidural?

Can a botched botox injection cause permanent nerve damage? I am thinking of getting botox in my forehead. Should i be concerned that injecting a toxin like this could possiblye cause permanent nerve damage? .

Can a brain tunor cause jaw nerve pain?

Can a chronic long standing sinus infection cause optic nerve damage? X-ray shows fluid line in eye socket. Problem for years. No medication helps.

Can a compressed nerve lead to permanent damage and paralysis? Specifically cervical and right arm. Thanks

Can a damaged vagus nerve cause pain /increased blood pressure?

Can a herniated disc (L 5) that is resting on a nerve affect the way blood flows to the brain?

Can a lumbar puncture that caused explosive pain in the thigh cause nerve damage and muscle weakness in the same area? Is that damage permanent?

Can a optic nerve be regeneration ? i read about it a lot in the internet and i seek for a solution , what can you tell me about it ?

Can a pinched optic nerve cause a loss in sexual desire?

Can a reactivation of shingles last for a lifetime, and the virus jumps from nerve to nerve slowly? or it always lasts 2-4 weeks?

Can a trapped nerve affect your breathing?

Can a vaginal birth cause inability to orgasm? Like from pudendal nerve damage? How common would this be?

Can a weak eye nerve rupture in the brain?

Can agent orange exposure cause ulnar nerve damage?

Can alcohol injection(s) around the site of a pancreatic tumor reduce nerve ending long term pain signals emanating from the tummy area?

Can an infected tooth be causing vision problems, mind fog and nerve issues on the side of the body it's on?

Can an untreated swollen spinal cord cause same symptoms as multiple sclerosis and if so can the nerve damage and muscle weakness be made better?

Can anal sex cause damage to the rectal branch of the pudendal nerve?

Can antidepressants cause nerve damage or loss of sensation i the vagina? Which ones causes this?

Can anything be done for nerve pain in the palate, been told it is not a tooth causing it or anything else had all nerve [email protected] they don't wrk? Plz

Can being diagnosed with 3 pinched nerve make you disabled?

Can bells palsy cause other body nerve sensitivity? Like upper body?

Can bone cancer damage the nerves and paralyze the arm or leg with the tumor?

Can C6-C7 nerve impingement cause permanent damage I've had the pain for 10 years it's only recently been diagnosed. Cervical epidural recommended?

Can cervical spine root damage cause permanent paralysis in your entire body? From c1-c8? Can a pinched nerve in this area cause full body paralysis?

Can chronic numbness and nerve pain in the testis from foraminal stenosis for half a year with no treatment yet cause permanent testicular damage?

Can damage to nerve roots at L4-L5 cause the calf to become swollen/inflamed?

Can diabetes M2 be associated with sciatic neuropathy as a cause for damaged nerve endings?

Can diarrhea be caused by nerves?

Can dust get up to the olfactory nerve?

Can facial nerve palsy occurring from trauma of gun shots be treated?

Can friction from compression by muscle actually cause the fat coating of a nerve to rub off?

Can gastroprasis be caused by ddd in spine with nerve damage. Could it damage vegus nerve? Could nerve from back create it? I never abused meds?

Can gralise help tremors, all neuropathies, chronic back pain, damaged nerves improve. They want to insert an electrode mechanism in my brain. Help pl?

Can Growth Hormone therapy aid in recovering from sustained neuropathy? Or mild nerve damage?. Expert opinions only please.

Can having foreskin rolled back a few days cause permanent nerve damage? Lost sensation in recent years & worried its my fault for doing this one time

Can hitting your hand against hard surfaces result in nerve damage?

Can hypokalemia make pre existing neuropathy, and or nerve root compression worse? Or seem worse?

Can I be tested for a vagus nerve infection in the er?

Can I get any particular types of nerve damage from having a baby?

Can infection cause significant damage to the nerves of the penis if done with dirty hands as skin is irritated and loss of feeling in it how to cure?

Can inflammation in a pinched nerve mean your body is attacking it's self.

Can injections of bupicavaine for pain relief lead to killing off tissue that's been compromised by a vascular disease?

Can laughing all the time be a sign of nerves?

Can nerve conduction tests b done to see if genitofemoral nerve is totally severed or not?can it b done to check If nerve cell body is not dead?

Can nerve damage be corrected? I've been having all symptoms of nerve damage in my legs, & left arm. What r the treatments cuz I'm terrified. Thanks!

Can nerve damage result from 2000 ml of urine?

Can nerve damage result from taking pain medication?

Can nerve supply to cremasteric muscle be damaged in a surgery on testis of a child ? What happens if this occur ? Will it affect his fertility ?

Can overuse of tens therapy unit reduce or eliminate effectiveness of tens or cause nerve damage that feeling of tens sensation is eliminated?

Can pelvic floor dysfunction be caused by a cyst in the spinal cord surrounding the nerve roots at s1-2? if so, would biofeedback be helpful?

Can phrenic nerve palsy lead to / create higher risk of hiatal hernia?

Can Prozac (fluoxetine) cause nerve damage to the legs which causes a little swelling?

Can sargenti paste get caught in your nerve channel?

Can severe migrains and blackout be brought on by nerve damage in the spinal cord?

Can stills Disease or perhaps the auto-immune repressive medications, cause nerve damage to the fingers (Numbness and pain)?

Can stress plus broken nerves/nf lead to fatty lumps that can sprout anywhere on the body.I know that nerve damage and nf can but can stress be factor?

Can suprorbital neuralgia also affect the L4/L5 region or is just localized to the eyebrow area?

Can tarlov cyst cause severe pain, and permanent nerve damage?

Can the herpes zoster virus affect nerves that innervate teeth and cause tooth and jaw pain?

Can the nerves from thorasic T11 thru l 2 cause digestive problems?

Can there be an easy and natural cure for a pinched nerve in the neck?

Can tingling of feet, hands, sore back be a neurology problem like damaged nerves? Or an underlaying disease?

Can trigeminal neuropathy be caused by a virus? and if so will it resolve?

Can untreated vitamin B12 Deficiency cause nerve damage ? If yes,can it be seen through Nerve conduction study ?

Can urinary incontinence be caused by decreased (improper) nerve function of the sacral nerve supply?

Can using a TENS unit on the front of the neck effect the vagus nerve?

Can vit B12 deficiency cause permanent nerve damage? If yes, how to know? Is there a test or a procedure to see visually the nerve damage ?

Can we see the capillary and nerve endings on our lids?

Can Xanax (alprazolam) or ambien cause your optic nerves to swell up. Got a spinal tap they said there was no pressure that could cause them to swell.

Can you compress trigeminal nerve in sleep after too much alcohol? Been 6 months...

Can you damage your thyroid by pressing on it?

Can you explain how a nerve block procedure work inside of your body? I have had a couple of these for my neuropathy condition.

Can you explain the agents that can stop nerve transmission?

Can you get a vaginal infection from a selective nerve root block? From maybe the steroids ?

Can you get cancer in the nerve endings?

Can you get vagus nerve damage from an abdominal massage or from a neck injury and can it heal?

Can you heal a damaged nerve due to injury?...Or the twitching feeling is forever now?