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3 full body circuit/3 cardio workouts week.Calves and forearm tightness after & during rest NOT during activity.This compartment syndrome? or creatine

3 yrs of rigorous exercise and pt after a tibial plateau fx+surgery, the muscles of that leg are still atrophied. Could it be permanent?

58 year old female, bursitis in shoulders and knees flares up when I rigorously run or cycle for more than twenty minutes to lower cholesterol. What ?

A week is a pain in the knees when walking and exercising and some time making sound that I wanted to know what to do? I do parkour and kung fu

After a vigorous exercise, my quads are extremely sore, causing my legs to buckle when I walk. What steps do I take to heal, and prevent more injury?

After some short term high intensity exercise, i rest flat on my back to rest. Then the leg muscles below my knee begins to hurt a lot which subside.

Although it is part of my routine during the cooler months, does it really benefit me walking in the heat in florida, as opposed to, a stationary bike?

An orthopedic surgeon told me not to run after I hit my knee falling on stairs. I lost weight and I'm thinking some speed of jogging is ok, is it?

Any exercises to have arched back like ballerina?

Any great exercises i can do that will not put too much pressure on my knees w/ arthritis? They ache at times.

Any suggestions for alleviating feet soreness in the morning which is caused by high impact activity? I. E. Long distance running, Thai boxing, skippi

Apart from r.I.C.E. What must I do for quick rehab of injured ( no tear) calf muscle? Would massage help? What about epsom salt bath 2 / day? Thanks

Are champion gymnasts abnormal for movement of joints/flexibility?

Are there other c/v exercises for 58 year old with bursitis in shoulders and knees besides swimming, cycling, and running/speed walking to lower chol?

Are there physical precautions and diet control for osteoarthritis of knee?

Arthritis ankles and I use exercise pedal machines. Do they cause more swelling?

As a runner, not being able to run because of peroneal tendonitis is a huge pain. Is it advisable to use a stationary bike instead? While i heal?

At what age is muscular dystrophy diagnosed? My 4 yo old has low muscle tone in legs and out toes but rides a bike, jumps, runs. Tires easy at times.

B4 orthitics I tore my calf muscle from running. W/ therapy, orthitics etc it heeled but is torn again. Any preventative suggestions? Love running.

Badminton coach, 22yrs.2months over with my ACL surgery, hamstring autograft.I only do standing core exercise, walk approx 4kms a day. Is it enough?

Believe I have developed patella tendinitis, what can I do to stop the pain when being active. Running, jumping, lifting, Ect....

Body is very stiff. Does reflexology help? I am fifty and just starting to be active again after a knee injury.

Can a do cycling for cardio if I have stree fracture on my shin?

Can anyone recommend a good exercise while I have/treat shin splints. I don't have access to a pool. Setups? Push-ups? Thank you

Can cycling after not cycling for long causes occasional numbness around knee after 1 day of cycling? I have neurofibromatosis type ii

Can exercise program with walking and stationary bike be effective? I cannot run due to back pain and wonder are other exercises still good for body?

Can I begin running track again after 5-6 weeks of my stress fracture femur?

Can I do Ice skating if I have OA of the right ankle? and could you please give me some sports/activities/exercises that is suitable for me? Thnks :)

Can i go alpine skiing with a light Achilles tendonitis?

Can I jogg or run with a compression fracture to t6 with slight kyphosis at that level? What about sports?

Can i join the marines after a injury to my cfa and cfv. End to end on one and a vortex to the vein. Will vigorous exercise hurt my injury in my legs?

Can I use a mini exercise bike for patella femoral syndrome?

Can knocking knees of my son aged 15 yrs be corrected by physiotherapy, exercises,yoga etc. Pl help.

Can lhermittes sign be from excessive exercise? Ex.Stair running, sit ups, weight lifting, sprints, etc?

Can missing several stairs going down the stairs and landing with all of your weight on one foot multiple times cause reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

Can or should you wear compression stockings when exercising? Running? Biking? Would it help with sport related injury to leg muscle or ankleinjury?

Can practicing karate stances (horse stance, bow stance, etc) and katas aggravate herniated discs or are they safe to practice?

Can routine heavy lifting cause future harm to back, hip, knee, shin and ankle if you have a leg length discrepancy?

Can someone tell me how to get exercise with a serious knee injury?

Can stretching the thigh muscles, in yoga class, cause bruising? I keep finding bruises on my thigh the day after I take class.??

Can you exercise in AF eg line dancing, disco dancing etc?

Can you please describe examples of exercises/equipment to use for wrist pronation/supination?

Can you ride an exercise bike if you're having Achilles pain?

Can you still get arthritis if you do hand conditioning exercises?

Can you tell me how to know when a calf strain is healed and resume exercise?

Can you tell me how to still exercise (specifically stamina improvement) with an injured left knee?

Can you use an elliptical trainer with a broken toe?

Can you use the elliptical machine with a broken toe?

Can't run due to disc probs, can't swim due to skin irritation from water. Aside from walking, what exercises help strengthen my core and all muscles?

Can't walk after personal training! how do I treat this soreness?

Compartment syndrome vs. Stress fracture. Can both happen in training for cross-country running?

Completed cardiac rehab and cleared for intense workouts. What is a good length for stationary rowing? Referring back to cardiac rehsb not helpful.

Compound fractures both tibia and fibula in the upper part of my leg. What should be the amount pressure of walking on it. It happen three months ago. Can i walk in a pool or swim. Also my doc told me a month after it happen i could ride an exercise bike.

Could a 40-minute brisk walk every day cause stress and chronic inflammation in the body?

Could i make it through army basic training with posterior tibial tendonitis?

Could it be healthy to train for a half marathon with a sprained ligament in the knee?

Could weight lifting or running/bicycling make an ankle sprain worse?

Could you be able to tell from a lumbar, hip, and leg MRI of the level of the athlete-i.E. Elite non-elite?

Could you describe "eccentric exercises" specifically for gluteuus minimus tendinosis? Thanks! (i'm asking for my wife.)

Could you tell me what are best gym equipment to use if you have a knee injury?

Curing slight runner's knee? I walk daily for 2.5 miles, have a BMI of 21.8, do quad sets, push ups and elevate my knee when sleeping using pillow.

Diagnosed with navicular accessory and wanted to know what type of cardio workout can i do because i like bike?

Difference between eliptical vs treadmil osteoarthritis?

Do cardio walk & low impact leg exercises. After exercising i stretch my entire body for 20 minutes. Why are my hamstrings sore despite stretching?

Do I have to give up running due to ankle tendonitis flair up and what can I do. Same ankle-just 2 mile 3'x wk = 6 total. Swell/what is a plan? .

Do I need a trainer if prior broken bone while running.?

Do I use evasive maneuvers when running away from a shooter?

Do injured muscles contract if you try to use them? E.G. Injured soleus, if try to run--> foot inverts

Doc said l ankle strain. Doing ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, ankle exercises for 1 month. Still pain. How long to recover? Need to reduce walking?

Does body weight , have a factor in injuries, I have been doing jogging and brisk walking for hour and now have got a neuroma in foot and swollen knee?

Does neuropathy or arthritis become conditioned to exercise? In other words, if i continue to walk for exercise - will i hurt less or pain stay same?

Does poor flexibility lead to poor muscular endurance becouse my legs have poor flexibility and my legs always burn when i run or walk up stairs?

Does riding a bus vs. Driving cause more wear-and-tear? What about walking up steps w/ osteoarthritic knees?

Does running require the use of supporters? I run 2-3 kms at the speed of 9kmph.Can this lead to hernia

Does wearing a weighted vest during exercise help prevent osteoporosis?

Does wearing high heels for long periods of time cause a physical change on the legs/thighs? E.G. Harden them or tone them up?

Dvt. My leg is becoming normal after extensive biking.   I do about 150 miles a week?

DX'D with arthritis of hip. sometimes very bad pain when walking/stairs, but never when jogging up to 90 minutes a day. Do I need further testing?

Excerise to treat or help hamstring tendonitis. Im athelete how long should I wait to run again?

Exercise for people with ankle injury history?

Fast/long walks cause joint pain (>4 months)but i'm no athlete, young, with no injury history?

Finished euflexxa did therpy exercise now in knee brace due to that, how long after last shot should I wait until I use exercise bike& ecliptal therpy?

Got patella tendonitis and bought patella strap for leg....What is recommended miles per week to run...Is 8mpw a good start and build up from there?

Grade 2 hamstring tear 2 days ago, heard pop, no bruise. Mobility low, but improving. Steep ski slope 3-mile mud run coming in 7 weeks. Advisable?

Had a ACL Surgery 2 yrs back, I do lunges and squats besides brisk walking for abt 30 mins everyday. Is this ok? wt 54kgs. want to prevent OArthritis

Had an inversion ankle sprain 3m ago, have no problem walking or jogging lightly but still some discomfort/pain when I sprint or stretch is this ok?

Had hip replacement on the 17th. Did regular exercises and walked twice for a short distance. Now my site is swollen and sore. Overdoing? Ice help?

Had knee pain think patella tendonitis...Been 2weeks now...Rice method used and stretches +strenghten..What a good amount of mpw to start runningagain?

Had lumbar laminectomy 6/2/11, any excercises i can do to strenghten my back muscles, and just excercise in general, (i kinda hate to walk, boring)?

Had patella tendonitis...Been using rice method 2weeks now+stretch+strenghing....Legs feel good can I start running again with patella straps?

Has anyone developed pain in the hip join when using elliptical?

Has the who really banned the exercise of knees and neck like rotation ?

Have disuse atrophy of legs/glutes. have femoroacetabular impingement. Athroscopic surgery in 8 weeks. Will a swimming pool help my recovery? exercise

Have naturally loose knee caps and occasional pain no arthritis. I read stationary/recumbent bikes low impact, but can constant motion hurt knees?

Have patella tendinopathy and currently treating with gtn and exercise but when i walk or exercise it causes swelling and pain after 12 weeks treating?

Have torn meniscus was advised but trainer at health club that I could walk on treadmill if I raised the incline to .5. Not good to walk on flat tread?

Hello, I have a morton neuroma in my right foot. What sports activities are recommended to do other than swimming? Thank you!

Hello. I am 6ft 92 kgs. I recently resumed by dancing and basketball. Develop pain below my knees in the bones. Please suggest exercises. Thank you ?

Help please! is an elliptical machine less likely to cause foot pain than a spin bike?

Hey running on treadmill causes future knee problems is it so ? Am using nike lunar ion series of shoes and i almost run for 2.5 kms daily