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All of my teeth seem to ache. I have a tingling numbness inmy jaw, front of the ear and tingling in lips. Can this be tmj? I do have axonal polyneuropathy. Could it be this?

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Can numbness and tingling in teeth be cause from anxiety?

Can numbness, tingling, and itching be psychological?

Can occasional numbness in the lips be a symptom of something?

Can pressure on the sciatic nerve cause permanent numbness / tingling. If so, how long before it does?

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Dizziness tingling in toes?

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Experience numbness in thumbs while driving?

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Facial numbness that moves around and pressure?

Facial numbness with a toothache worry me. Is it normal?

Facial numbness with a toothache?

For the last few days I have had numbness and tingling all over my body, and my ears occasionally ring. What could be the cause of this?

Having tingling and numbness all over bout what can cause this please help me been having this for a month?

Headache with numbness tingling on leftside of face head what could be problem

Headache, impaired vision, numbness in hands and face, what's wrong?

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How can a repaired orbital fracture that happened 8 years ago , give me problems now with tingling and numbness?

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How can I tell if my numbness is a mild stroke or something else.

How can someone differentiate MS numbness from other numbness and Is MS numbness always accompanied by weakness ? I have numbness but not weakness

How common is piriformis syndrome? Can it cause neuropathic symptoms too such as numbness, tingling, burning?

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I am 2 months pregnant and have numbness and tingling all over body, what can cause it?

I am experiencing headache (worst ever), finger numbness and arm weakness. The following also describe me: Numbness or tingling, Finger tingling, ...

I am experiencing numbness or tingling (side: both) (time frame: gradual onset) . The following also describe me: Finger tingling, Leg numbness,not ?

I experience nimbness on my arms when sleeping what could be causing the numbness?

I have headcahe and face and lip tingling and coldness and numbness. I also have weekness in my jaw and breathshortage.Do I have brain tumor?

I have numbness and tingling after epidural?

I'm having numbness and tingling after epidural, what do I do?

I've had some facial sensation resembling pressure and feeling a facial drooping on the right side, however I have no facial weakness or numbness?

I've had tingling & numbness in fingers with onset of arthritis. Is this normal?

I've had tingling and pain in my face for the last week! i thought it might be trigeminal neuralgia but it's on both sides, not just one! what to do?

Im having numbness in tingling in my head any idea's to what my be causing this?

Is facial nerve paralysis painful?

Is intermittent numbness in the face cause for concern?

Is it normal to have numbness 6 weeks after cts if you had no numbness before surgery?

Is it possible for face numbness and tingling to be a symptom of anxiety?

Is numbness and tingling (especially in the extremities) all that constitutes "neuropathy?" Is it possible to have neuropathy without pain?

Is numbness caused by neck nerves complete numbness where you can't feel it at all or can it just kind of dull sensation?

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Slight numbness and tingling in hands with on and off muscle twitching. Could this be vitamins d deficiency?

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