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I am having burning scalp,movement in my right wrist,waist pain,muscle problems,restless leg,difficulties in sleeping?Can low sugar cause this,thanks

pin pickling pain with rigidity to stomach with sob..what can it be? I'm healthy without any medical problems 42 yr old female.

(+) endometriosis, having a bad flare which includes leg pain (typical); however, recently developing leg weakness, could this be related?

11 weeks pregnant, 3rd pregnancy. Sever lower back pain no matter what position Im in.Can't sleep due to pain,also extreme feet swelling.Please help?

17 days After Microdisectomy, nerve pain also in 'other' leg plus 'weird feeling' in vagina. Reason for concern or just inflammation that will settle?

17 year old daughter- full body pain, agonizing tingling and burning primarily in her legs. History of autoimmune hep (normal ALT for 18 mos), seizures, undiag abdominal pain, long periods, ?

1yr post MF Craniotomy Past 6 months episodes of severe pain in my temporal region & headaches the muscle is painful to the touch is it muscle spasm?

2 discetomies of L4/L5 in 2008. Symptoms again, but most of pain suddenly stopped, but crotch semi-numbness remains. Is this bad with no pain anymore?

20yr female reletively healthy experiencing pain in both legs, comes and goes, on pain scale 5 mostly calve area no swelling or redness, been 4 days?

22 year old male , my hands cramp up occasionally and left foot , usually don't exercise, can it be ALS symptoms? it does not run in my family ?

22/male have cramps hand constantly and minor pain can it be ALS it does not run in my family ?

24 years old female having generalised muscle weakness cant walk much or move .waht possible she iss having?what the treatment?

24 weeks pregnant. Temperature 99.1. Visible blue vein in leg below knee causing dull ache and pinching like pain, bothersome enough to prevent sleep.

25 y/o male w/sudden widespread burning muscle fatigue. No pain or tenderness, just burning fatigue like when in the midst of a workout. Mostly legs. Hap'd.Once 1 yr ago but recovered after +-2 months?

28 y/o female, woke up with gradually worsening calf pain. Not much better with ambulation, and only temporarily relieved with elevation. no prior hx.

3 year old boy had dengue one month back, after medication he's ok but now he's experiencing leg pain at least twice a day is this a effect of dengue?

30 year old female with CP having a 2nd occurrence of jumping limbs, all over severe itching, intermittent pain. Bac pump interrogated and ok. one x

31 weeks pregnant. Severe arm muscles pain amd stiffness. Dr says sodium deficiency. What should I eat, as in diet, to cure this and ease pain?

34 female I have fever once every 2 months with very sharp leg ache in calf and front. happening since june 2014. no other symptom. What it can be?

34yr/M no health issues but stressed.Intermittent passive testicle pain (1 or both) for 3 weeks.Slight pain when press.No bumps,temp or visual. Help?

40 yof sud onset of severe joint pain. Every joint in my body. Constant ache, occ throbbing. No othr sympt ex fatigue. No spider or tic bites. Ideas?

45 years old.Severe pain in the legs especially the region below the kness. There is extreme weakness in that region. Fell down after waking from bed?

45y diadetic had rt shoulder pain associated with movement especially at night tenderness over many points maximum pain with supination of arm ?

48 yr old female w/pressure & discomfort in right flank plus excessive sweating and sharp increase in libido & anxiety. Any ideas?

68 yo M, having flushing of hands and feet with bilateral lower extremity intermittent ice cold and burning hot sensation and facial flushing, overall hightened sensation of all pain fibers. Would never complain unless its gotten bad. Hx of aflutter S/p

70 year old having artherities recently complaing of severe hip pain,vomiting & ecessive urinationation.what z it? Fell down 5 months ago.

8 year old with headaches, nausea, night sweats, joint pain particularly in fingers and knee during the night. Blood tests normal, where to from here?

8 year old, sweating at night even with air conditioner etc. Says it wakes her up as she's burning and it hurts. Hx joint pain, no diagnosis for it.

9 y-o f complains foot pain at night for months becoming severe and radiating to lower legs only at bedtime though.. Whats going on?

A few days after i had a cold and fever i couldnt walk due to severe calf pain. My doctor says it may relate to water shortage in the kidney. Opinion?

abnormal feelings in legs from ssris and nasty pain in left foot, it's from the tablet should I change it ?

About 3 days after getting off ambien, (zolpidem) feb 15th i started to experience muscle fasciculation from neck and below, to calves. Persistent lying down.

Aches and pains all over body however my arthritis tests came back negative as well as lyme. Any ideas as to why this is happening would be great, especially in my thighs and fingertips. Thanks!

Aching painful leg, can this be caused by pregnancy fluid?

Acute severe recurring neck and shoulder spasms, calf pain after resting, Upper right abdo painful spasms. Serious or gen.muscle problem Sister [email protected]?

Advised either depressed or its "the fibromyalgia."im extremely tired, sleepy, have palmar erythema & lower back pain. No diagnosis given to date?

After spending 7 restless days in hospital with a patient now I am feeling sensations, itching, very mild pain in the upper part of my left leg.

After waking up/long inactivity i feel mild joint pain.I have done c-rp & CBC couple of yrs ago, were -ve. Also long standing cause me lower backache.

Alkaline phosphate level is 160 lost 10 llbs in 2 wks weak, tired, frequent headaches bruising on arms and legs joint pain/aches stomach cramps ?

Am 62 , female, had a severe case of flu 7 weeks ago. Experiencing extreme weakness , arms feel heavy and bother me. My dr sending me to neurologist, why?

An 8 year old girl is having muscular spasms in her left hand and foot. There has been increased activity in the past 3 days. What can it ?

Ankle surgery 12/8 pain not under control, hot and cold flashes along with nausea Pain in calf is unbearable shortness of breath loss of balance

Anxiety/Stress - Can the symptoms be higher BP, arm pit pain, upper back pain? Can it also be triggered by not eating enough through a day?

Any advice? I have had unexplained bruising for the last 6 weeks also waking up in cold sweats and aching knees and hips?

Anyone have experience of severe, painful muscle spasms iin hand while typing for long time?

Are continuous leg pains are the symptom of hiv?

Are severe leg cramps 4 months after thyroid ablation a symptom?

Are the symptoms tingling in legs, pain in back during sex considered disabled?

Are there any pressure points that cause temporary paralysis or pain?

Bad fall in 06, back, slder, nck, leg pain, sev.Anxiety, epression, at 34 have add, restless leg. Now told by dr. Have fibromyalgia. Can you hlp?

Been getting an intermittent deep ache along my fifth metatarsal. Comes in waves but becoming more frequent. What could cause?

Been suffering from a migraine, fatigue, body pain all wk.on 2/5, I found myself limping, this morning my L side almost too weak to stand. Worth ER?

Body aches every night for 3 days after swimming along with week long headache, upper back muscle pain, had a CT done for amoeba but doc said brain ok?

Both of my big toes have been numb for months. I get random sciatica and also have incontinence of the bladder issues. Could these symptoms be related?

Breaking out in a sweat, cold extremities, anxious, 3 - 4 days of mild stomach cramps in lower abd region (improving.) cause?

Bulging disc, loss of bladder sensation, l-4 l-5 pars defect muscle weakness and numbness in left leg and also stenosis my primary care gier is so backed up i will not be ableto see him until january so how do I go about gettting my pain meds

Burning tongue sensation ? also joint and muscle pain everwhere. H.pylori diagnosed a month ago, treated 3 weeks ago. Could I be missing nutrients causing muscle and joint pain, dizziness, burnt tong?

Calf (right only) initially sore to touch now also aching when at rest. No known trauma. No recent strenuous exercise. ?

Calf cramp because of low sodium. Was a nerve damaged? It has been a week later and it still hurts. No cramps but pain. Sprang? Tear? Whats wrong?

Can an extremely low fat diet cause major joint pain especially in the back and cold appendages?

Can anemia due to low iron cause joint and muscle pain in the arms, legs, back, hands and feet? Will treating the anemia ease the pain?

Can being anaemic for a long time cause muscle pains or nerve type pain in the body?

Can checking yout blood pressure too often (20x per day) cause arm pain or nerve damage. Occasional arm pain no other symptoms.

Can Cipro cause (severe) nerve damage? Have taken twice for UTI symptoms despite culture being negative. Feeling nerve pain in feet, legs, & arms.

Can constant leg pain be caused out of anxiety stress when all tests ar clear?

Can cozaar (losartan) cause skin sensitivity, burning pain, and weak and soar muscles? Thank you

Can exposed nerve in tooth lead to blood clot or anyerism lower back tooth has fell apart , leaving tissue exposed.In last 2 months I have experienced a severe jolting, pulsatting pain. When this occurs; i also develope an earache and headache. Have not s

Can fibromyalgia cause burning prickling muscles in your back ? The pain seems to fluctuate also.

Can gallbladder issues cause right side/back to be sore similar to soreness after exercising muscles not often used? Can this cause a uti?

Can groin/testicle pain/injury be caused by a hacking dry cough due to a cold while having an erection in a sitting position?

Can having trigger points in your neck cause burning stinging and numbing pain? Please help if you can? What type of exam is done?

Can holding in your emotions result in random pains and/or cramps?

Can hyper anxioty disorder cause severe pain, making it feel like other problems are there.Like back pain, leg restlessness, and muscle pain?

Can I get sore groins due to a lack of core ?

Can metabolism issues cause burning pain in the extremities?

Can multiple lumbar radiculopathy cause leg muscles to feel fatigued quickly with walking that leads to mild cramping feeling sometimes?

Can one still have breathing difficulties in mild guillian barre syndrome, if the back muscles are involved? Will the pain in back ever go away?

Can overstretched upper back muscles cause symptoms like prickling, itching etc ? Lack of blood flow ?

Can posture or stress cause paresthesia of the back? My symptoms come and go, and I've noticed they sometimes occur when I'm hunching and others not.

Can primary cervical dystonia first present only at rest (lying down: initially on L side, later R) and only 18 mos later begin to appear when upright?

Can prolonged use of co codamol cause muscle pain such as burning and prickling sensations ?

Can random knee pain and muscle ache mean i hve herpes i haven't had sex in 3-4 years im 16?

Can someone have mild and tolerable symptoms with crps? I have mild burning in my left leg that comes and goes and varies in severity. Is this crps?

Can sudden adult asthma be a sign of another condition? Body pain and painful lumps on shins are other issues.

Can sudden stress or panic cause pain in legs. I m type 2 diabetic too.

Can withdrawal pain from co codamol occur in localized parts of the body ? Ie upper back and shoulders.

Can't sleep bc of severe pain from burns on hand. Any suggestions?

Cerebral palsy stiffness and trouble moving seems to be worse along w pain. What can i do? Is it age or zoloft side effects playing a role?

Chest pain, weight up and down, headaches, left arm, leg numbness, eye issues sore throat and more could I have thyroid disease? Or early signs?

Chronic pain, wearing any shoe builds diffuse pain and tension even if barely touches, central sensitization/hyper nerves, how can I wear again?

Ckd patient now feeling back pain.She also have osteiporocic.Can she use hot water beg for her beck pain?.

Constant muscle spasms 4 month entire body mostly legs and back tingling numbness in feet fatigue painful muscle cramps also pars defect l5- the cause

Correlation muscle twitching throughout body developed 6 years ago, followed by low extrem tightness months later to unilateral low leg swelling 2013?

Could constip/distension after prolonged diarrhea cause sciatic/nerve irritation? 3 days now w/continuous (ie constant not crampy) bilateral calf pain. No unusual exercise. Hist of ibs, fasciculation

Could dry sockets cause intermittent pain rather than continuous?

Could I have urinary pain due to pronlonged use of diphenhydramine?

Could my leg pain be a symptom of my chronic Lyme? My bone feels like it will snap in one spot w/ pressure on it. I also used to be on depo provera (medroxyprogesterone)

Could sciatica cause transient cramping in left hamstring, 10 seconds of painful clenching, then relaxing. Has recurred every few minutes for 3 days?

Crawling feeling in my back r shoulder (trapezoid/rhomboid) - intermittent, increasing intensity, for several weeks. Have probable diagnosis Behcets?

Dear Doctor, what type of pain med is allocated for this defect. The pain travels down my left leg to knee; especially whendriving. Sleepless nites.