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After the bloody is drained from Knee when I be able to walk again?

;ve been running a lot while playing man hunt my toe hurts whenever i walk. Does that mean it is broken?

"why do I have knee pain when i exercise or walk and then swells up?" i was swimming breastroke the other day and my knee suddenly popped out of nowhere. It started to swell and hurt severely. I am a young teenage athlete that runs and swims and i also ha

2 years ago I fell from a ladder.Got hip replacement surgery.I still can't run, have pain when carrying heavy things,and feel hip when walking.Normal?

22 weeks pregnant. Took car ride but kept stopping to stretch, now I have top of knee pain only when I walk or knee is bended. Can this be DVT?

3 month old ankle sprain. Pops when i tilt it and hurts after long standing or walking. What could this be? Should I have it checked again?

4 year old complained of knee pain in both knees while biking. It went away quickly after he stopped biking. Anything I should be worried about?

43f. My friends are distance runners . I want to join them but running is painful for me. My feet, back , knees all hurt when i'm done ! why? I need to pack myself in ice and take motrin ! why

58 years old knee hurts when I walk unless I hunch forward but does not hurt while running or cycling. What's going on? Thx.

6 weeks ago got pat tendonitis left knee now only tight pain while on run on treadmill is it safe to start run outside or can I cause more damage?

About once every 2 weeks my knee swells up and i cannot move it much. Im 18 yrs old and work a very physical job. This has been happening for 7 mths?

Acheing knees when walk up hill i struggle to keep going when getting up off my knees its very diffcult to get back up even going up stairs a few they?

After i walk steadily for about half kilometer, the front muscles below the knee state to tighten and hurt a lot. Is anything wrong?

After my basketball matches I feel severe pain in my Tibia. I can barely walk. I think it's because I jump a lot during the games. What am I lacking?

After standing long periods, I get swollen knees, they pop and hurt when bending them. Could it be an injurie or just resting will make it stop?

After twisting my ankel monday. Would hurt to swimming in a pool to try and relax some of the stiff ness in the ankel?

After, for example gardening, and i squat or partially squat, later, I have pain on the outside of my knee, at the fibula head, when i put weight on l?

All my joints crack when i start walking, should I be worried?

Almost every time I bend my knees, there is a painful crack. It started when I ran everyday for high school cross country. Is this symptom of running?

Almost every time i exercise both my knees hurt. What could be happening?

Are squats bad for your knees? Is it worth it?

Been on Depo-Provera for 4yrs im 20 now!my knees hurt they hurt even more when i walk up the stairs i feel like a baby trying to walk all over again!

Bending in squat position makes knees burn. Had mri's nothing torn/broken. I avoid squatting- but would stretching or anything else help ease this?

Both of my knees were replaced in october 2010. They hurt and i even fall. I am very unsteady on them. What could be happening? I exercise in the pool and i ride my bicycle

Both of my quads hurt from squats. Take off a day?

Both of my shins hurt for the last few days, but I have done no out of the ordinary exercise, only hurts when i flex foot up or am walking?

Burning pain inside my knee when i run for a long time. What could this be. I did hit my knee off the ground last week what could be wrong?

By using bike clips giving you the up and down when riding.Is this hard on my knee?

Calf & knees are sore daily even when I am not active.My legs feel week when standing. I figure skate and have fallen many times on my knee?

Calf cramp. Took a small step backwards and the it hit me. Painful to walk-worse walking uphill. Trying to stretch and icing as I type.

Can a ankle boot fix a pulled or torn muscle in the front of my ankle that won't heal? It's been 4 months but little things like stairs/bending hurt

Can catching and pressure in knee while walking be a runners knee flare up? Also aftet kneeling it continues to catch and lock all day.

Can going back to running and military workouts after pat tendonitis if you have very min discomfort on side of knee cause a tear or more damage?

Can I burn calories riding stationary bike and is it a good idea with bad knee?I have TKR coming up in February.Also, should I get second opinion?Ty

Can i get runner or jumper knee from an jump rope injury? I was jump roping for 1st time ever for only 1min but had bad form.Next day both knees ache

Can i hip hop dance and do yoga after three quarters of my back have been fused?

Can I make my meniscus tear worse by walking a couple miles?

Can I run an 8km if I have an osteoarthritis-like condition on my right ankle?

Can jumping and landing on heels/straight leg cause a concussion from vibrations? Or running and then slamming heel to stop abruptly (head whiplash)?

Can running make arthritic knees worse?

Can you let me know how many days should I keep off my knee before i can head back to the gym?

Can you please discuss the injury in your knee that you feel a tearing feeling when ever you run?

Can you tell me how I could jump higher without hurting my knees?

Can you tell me if it's common for dancers to get knee strains?

Can you tell me what to do if i hurt my knee in gym so is there any way to recover my knee and say good bye with knee pain ?

Child with jra outside playing and knee started hurting bad and don't want to bear weight on it. How can u tell if its a injury or her jra pain?

Could I have stress fractures in my shins, or worse? I have never ran before, but recently have been running 5-7 miles a week. My shins, calves, ankles, and knees are hurting all the time. My shins throb for hours after a small run, and i can barely walk.

Daughter knee has deep bad pain when putting weight on it or bending it, never been broken & doesn't do much sports what could that be?

Did leg press yesterday with ~400 lbs. I heard a loud pop in my knee but it didn't hurt. I started to run on the treadmill today and my knee hurts?

Does putting ice on the meniscus good? Why does my knee feel different when i wear a tens unit? It is worse when i sit for a long time?

Doing squats yesterday no weights and it felt like something above my knee cap ripped. I only did 8. Today go down stairs or sit down on Couch same?

During long hike, going uphill was fine. On downhill, sharp knee pain under kneecap. Any ideas? Why only pain on downhill not uphill? Thank you.

Every time I stretch my Achilles tendon by kneeling, I get a sharp pain and sometimes even a popping sensation. I have had this for about 2 weeks. Oh, and by the way, I am a cross country runner in the middle of my summer training. What could be wrong?

Every time my friend does sprinting, she gets strong pains in her hamstring and it's difficult for her to walk. What should she do?

Everytime i "overuse" my knees esp the left knee, like in running & swimming, i felt pain in my knee. What would probably be it? How can I manage it?

F. 26 yrs. Sharp pain in hip/butt. Hurts to run/walk downhill. Can run uphill, hop on 1 or both ft no prob. Can't lift while lying down. What is this?

Fell and hit my knee, have been icing, walking is fine, but running or walking up/down stairs somewhat hurts still. Is it serious?

Fell biking 5 days ago, landed and grazed left knee. Rested, iced, elevated knee but still get pain particularly flexing. Should i go get it checked?

Fell of my bike and injured knee a week ago. It hurts to bend knee and lift leg when walking. Torn tendon? Deep muscle bruising? See Dr or wait?

Fell on my knee walikng up the stairs knee felt like it gave out on me. Having sharp pain and can't hardly put full weight on it. Recently tore acl.

Fell on my knees&hands10 weeks 1/2 ago.A few days ago,danced including twist dancing 30-35'.Dancing hurt my knees(esp. right)which were injured in the accident.Have put ice on knees.How long keep ice on knees?20 minutes?How often daily?How many days?

Fell on my knees10 wks ago.Had x-rays on my right knee.No fracture on it.It still hurts when I walk&has some numbness sometimes.Today,I danced(did some "twist dancing"&other)for about 25-30 minutes.Can the dance reinjure my knee?Pain didn't get worse

Fell on my knees7wks1/2 ago.X-ray on right no fracture.Right knee still hurt.Left knee better.Should I limit walking/climbing?What else to do?

Going to pt to strenghten muscles around knee is it normal for the knee to hurt alittle the next day?

Had a benign tumor removed near my patella twenty years ago. Hurts if walk up hill or pull something. What could be going on?

Had knee pain after jump roping.Knee felt unstable/hurt.Calves wear weak, and tight quads...Now everything feels better after 2weeks..What was this?

Had knee pain around knee and below....Bought foam roller and rolled my quads, hamstring, itband...And now pain is like gone in 2 days.Is this normal?

Had knee scoped in 1996. Started working out in July and knee hurting on and off and now hurting consistent. Can this be osteosarcoma?Or from exercise

Have bad knee on outside and can't run without limping. Forced to stop running through pain and last for weeks after. Also have morton's toe?

Have cracking sound on knees especially walking down the stairs, hurts after a jog. Used to dance a lot, but stopped. Xray result ok. What can I do?

Have patella tendonitis.Rested 3weeks and was better been running now for month very slowly but now have pain above knee.What is this?

Have psoriatic arthritis in my knees but it doesn't hurt.I'm 42.I'm on enbrel+arava. Can i jog in park on concrete/asphalt, a mile or 2. Dr. Said no.

Have severe knee pain..Can hear d bone rubbing sounds..Wen i walk i feel water flowing in knee, am a basketball player, had high jumps, uneven landings

Hello I'm a college track sprinter, my knee is giving out as I walk, and it hurts a lot. Doc thinks it's meniscus but xray and MRI are both normal?

Hello, i can't bend my knee back. I have fallen back while playing on 4th jan and was not able to stand until phisyiotherapy. Can walk but can't bend?

Hello, I have a hyperextended knee and its been hurting for about a month. Im wondering what i can do to speed up the heeling process. Thank you.

Hey my knee pops everytime I run or walk or even bend my knee. I had acl surgery April 2016. I went to see doctor he said it could be cuz my muscles a?

Hi my knee has been hurting for more than a week now.. Everytime I bend it low and put weight on it it hurts... When I'm walking or standing its fine.

Hi there I have just returned to running after a year out with patella tendinities and after 3 short runs my knee is a bit sore what should I do? Thanks!

Hi, I am having trouble with my kneels and ankles anytime I do an excessive walk or hard football training, what can I do stop the pains?

Hi, i twisted my knee when playing football. Now the pain is decreasing but when i try to run, suddenly my knee gave away. Can i know why?

Hi. I had injured both of my knees back then. It's not cured till now. Once I run I can feel that my knees going to be twisted again. What should I do?

Hip injuries from falling down the stairs. Are the very bad if you're over 65 years?

Hip problem usually hurts if walking on uneven ground/uphill. 3 mon preg and hip hurting constantly yet I'm not walking on uneven/uphill grounds. ??

Hips popping on inside of leg while walking/exercise. Feels like needs to be popped/uncomfortable. Sometimes better. Runners knee both knees. Ideas?

Hospital said i sprained my knee. It's been 2 and a half months and i still have numbness on my shin. My knee hurts at times. I can walk but not run. ?

How can I be sure that iam running currect and don't hurm my knees?

How can I keep my ankle from hurting too badly when high jumping?

How can I recover from hurting my knee jointafter a long jump?

How can I stay in shape and healthy when my back and leg hurt at rest, much less walking or running?

How do I circuit train with a bad knee?

How do I deal with severe shins splints and knee pain? It hurts even when I walk and go up the stairs. (Cross Country and Track and Field runner)

How do I get the swelling down around my knee-cap, from running?

How do I know when a sore knee is doctor visit worthy I think I may have twisted it a little I can still walk fine but trouble with stairs one weekago?

How long does it take for a sprain knee to heel, I'm going on a week and still in pain, it doesn't hurt to much to walk just to get up or down, kneel.

How long does it take for a swollen knee to heal after you hurt it when getting up from squatting?

Hurt knee 2 days ago very sore not swollen ice every hour pain relief 4 hr elevated min weight bear hurt to straighten it bend ?

Hurt my ankle running up hill two years ago and it's still hurt what do I do can surgery or a shot help me

Hurt my ankle. How long until i can exercise again?

I always hurt my ankles running or joying or just jumping! How can I fix this?