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Can rope jumping everyday burn muscle?

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I am thirteen years old and a girl, will I grow five inches? I excercise every day and it includes jumping towards the ceiling and the treadmill.

I had a hysterectomy almost a year ago and was active with walks and roller derby and other workouts and now all I do is sit on the couch and watch tv?

I have inguinal hernia. Is it true that i shouldn't do exercises that involves jumping like skipping or jumping jacks?

I walk almost 4.5 miles a day and doing jump rope and sit ups and have not lost any weight .....

I want dancer's gluts. Can I do that with exercise and not jumps?

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Please help docs! is jump roping every day good for you?

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Weights gym safe disc bulge L 4 5 mirror doing leg press that seated and squats and lunges I no got build up core?

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What to eat to lose 10-20lbs in 1month? & is running 1hour a day with little squats lunges jumping jack and jogging work? What do you recommend??

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