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2 months of facial pain when washing face. Started in nasal area, headaches, night sweats.Had root canal this wednesday. Should symptoms go away?

9 yr old girl's left face swelling badly for 2 days, inside her inner upper jaw to front cheek to eyes. No allergy, rash or teeth decay. ?

A friend had a face lift about 6 months ago and is now suffering from facial pain, headaches and burning in the roof of her mouth. What can she do?

After getting a head injury stitched up, my face has swollen to the point where my eyes can't open. What could be causing this and what should I do?

Any help would be welcome. My face and eyes are puffed up and one side of my face is sore and i also have malaise. What could be causing it and what can I do to treat it?

Been having headache (less than 5 months) w/face pain that I feel in my jaw,through nose,above/between eyes, and forehead. What could it be?

Bilateral face itch (forehead, nose, nostrils, eyebrows, cheeks). Brain MRI= no compression of V nerve, no lesions, no MS. It's my anxiety related?

Boils on my face the one in between the eyebrows is getting worse , more swollen, swelling spreading up and down the middle of my face, hurts bad?

Can a blocked sinus cause half of face and neck to be numb?

Can a normal toothache cause swelling of the face?

Can a nose trauma deform the face. Causing forehead protrusion and crooked face. Or even some teeth problems.

Can a tooth abscess cause tingling in one arm and the feeling of pressure in your face, nose, and jaw? or should I be worried it's something worse?

Can an abscessed tooth cause a numbness sensation in your head and face?

Can an emg ncs be wrong or not pick up nerve damage on small branches in the cheek that are causing slightly lopsided smile, and slight cheek droop?

Can an epidural cause face swelling?

Can anxiety really cause numb face?

Can anything with my sinus and allergies cause numbness and tingling in my face. I also had teeth extracted on my left side can that be the cause?

Can benzocain injections to the neck and shoulders cause loss of sensation to face?

Can cavities give you headaches and at times make parts of your face hurt?

Can dental implants be harmful? Can they cause bell's palsy or somekind of numbness to your face?

Can dental problems cause paresthesias on the face?

Can getting a nose piercing cause paralysis in the face?

Can heart problems cause redness in the face, and if so, why? Thank you!

Can i get some advice for migraine, voiying facial swelling?

Can I go on a plane trip, the day after having a skin graft on face and neck?

Can lupus rash be all over face and forehead ears etc... Or is it only occurs on the cheeks and nose bridge only?

Can medroxyprogesterone cause headaches, flushed cheeks and chest, tightening in face and nausea?

Can neck spondylosis make your one eye swollen and give you face pain ?

Can Polyneuropathy cause your face to become numb (including your teeth) on one side?

Can pus be reason for facial pain? M suffering facial pain nostrills, nose bridge, eye brow, cheek. Please help.Can it bells palsy ? How to treat!

Can sinus cause facial discomfort.? Lip, eye, cheek, head?

Can sinus problems make the face tingle?

Can sinusitis really ause facial swelling into cheeks around jaw and neck?

Can stress cause numbeness in face?

Can stress cause numbing in the face?

Can supraorbital Neuralgia be triggered by food or supplements I also get tiny tingly sensations around the eyes, cheeks, and sometimes lips sometimes?

Can the face puffiness be a symptom of acromegaly?

Can this be a stroke? slight headache, face numbness in cheeks, stiffness, but can still make silly faces etc 1st day of period. etc 25 yrs old

Can too much sodium cause tingling of face?

Can u help. have nasal osteomas w/ much burning /pain in area. parts of cheek/eye socket numb & drooping. seen neuro's and ENT's. know any experts?

Can vomiting lead to redness of the face?

Can you have a stone in parotid gland without being able to feel it by touching cheek with hands of fingers ?

Can you twist or change position of forehead or facial features/face with hands? Someone twisted top of my head around forehead with hands & paranoid

Can your face hurt after dental work?

Coldsore swelling and tingling in face - is this normal, what to do?

Constant face flushing?

Could a cause of facial swelling and lips be just anxiety?

Could a stroke feel like nerve damage and pain in the face/head/jaw?

Could my facial numbness be caused by a punch in the face that happened a year ago?

Could over byte can cause head ache on one side of face and can only braces can fix it ?

Could shingles cause swelling on one side of face and temporary loss of vision without a rash?

Could sinus problem make face numb?

Could some sort of venous insufficiency cause hyperpigmentation, intermittent flushing on face and neck? Also puffiness, that's worse in the morning.

Could stress cause swelling of the face?

Dentist tell me novocaine stays local. Why when I get it does it numb my whole face and eyes nose ears. sometimes into my shoulder.

Did a mini face lift,two weeks ,eye still swollen,cheeks swollen,stitches remove from ears,how long before all swelling goes?

Do entrapped nerves in the face, head, or upper neck area cause humming sound like the bee buzz?

Do I have lupus if parts of my face and such are swelling?

Does ibprofen cause bruising even on face?

Does maxillary polyp need to be removed if it is causing major numbness in face up and around eye?

Does sinus infection cause numbness on half of your face?

Does sinusitis cause facial swelling on one side and red upper eyelid?

Does sleeping face down or face up help with chronic back pain?

Does the butterfly rash spread over face and make one eye swell shut?

Does tmj cause facial twitching around eyes and forehead and bridge of nose and also numbness in that area?

During a root canal tip of the file broke off, now my face hurts when smiling and it feels like there is swelling of my face,don't know what to do!

Face has been swelling on and off for 4 months, started around the jaw, then cheekbone, then next to nose and now under eye. No pain or redness. ?

Face injury. I have some bruising around my left eye and a lump between my eyebrows my nose. It's been a week. It's gone down a little. What can I do?

Face mildly aches, lip/tongue tingles often, TM joint sore to touch. No stabbing pain like TN, no TN triggers on face. Is this TMJ? (could it be?)

Face pain with dry skin and some muscle loss; all one sided. What is this please?

Face pressure, upper teeth pain, headache, eye pain when touching them, sometimes blurry, nose and cheek area feel full, nose runs. What could it be?

Face swelling only Lside.biweekly.lasts 2 days.hard with no pain/redness.location is dif evry time.Jaw, cheek, nose, now eye.x-ray found nothing. Help?

Face trauma. Partial face paralysis. When will my paralysis get better?

Face/eyelids/temple& tricep Twitching, face tingling, nose burning&eyeballs tingle occasionally, & chest pain. Multiple Sclerosis or Anxiety?

Facial ball type swelling, and when gives soar and more swelling on the face.Please help.

For about 2 weeks now I have been having a cold tingling sensation in my right cheek on my face. Followed by a migraine. Please tell me what this is.

For best results, how often should you micro needle your face/neck?

For no reason at all I sweat from the top of my head to my neck. My face becomes flush. This has been going on for about 5 years.

Frequently in morning and evening I get intense itching behind knees, on wrists and neck. Sometimes face swells up including lips.

Got Bell's palsy months ago. Able to close eye and make most of movements but have swelling in face and ear flutters when I move face. Normal?

Had a cold now have head and face pain what can it be?

Had a virus.My outer eyelid drooped 24 hours. DR said not stroke/ TIA but neurological. Could it be due to chest/throat virus? Was itchy before droop

Had midface lift, my lip and cheek droop slightly, smile is weak on the right side, I have numbness in the lip. Can emg ncs test the nerves accurately?

Had mild edema on cheeks sometimes under the eyes and on cheekbones, but always on cheeks closest to my nose for 2 months. no illness or pain. ?

Hai doctor, I have a question that I have reddened eye one day before and now toothache and one side sorethroat?

Have a swelling on outside of nose dr said not cancer, dosent know what it is.Also have slight swelling on that side of face.Also have trigeminal neura?

Have bells palsy after surgery. 2 months out and face healed well. Now my face is tingling, numb, and ear pressures up when making movement. Healing?

Head aches, face disfiguration, eye protrusion, what to do?

Help with facial pain. What can cause it? Face looks ok.

Hi doc, I had a bells parly 4 months ago, now I have this chronic pain in my face, what can i do?

Hi, what are the signs of prolonged dehydration on the face. I have what looks like permanent sun burn from my eyes towards my ears and forehead.

Hit my head and injured neck. Hurts at base of skull. Face numb and tongue numb on right side. Could this be damage or facial/cranial nerve?

How are the functions of the head and face controlled?

How can I bring down swelling of the face?

How can I express myself if my face hurts?

How can you tell if hives on my 5 yo's face are impitego?

How come I have facial swelling, but nobody else in the family has it?

How long do swelling and numbness last after being sucker punched in the face?

How to get face droopy ness back to normal after stroke other than surgery?

How to get swelling in face and jaw to go down from parotitis virus?