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3Yr old has leg (shin) pain usually in one leg on and off for over a year could this be serious? Is this a symptom of cancer? :(

7 days post-sclerotherapy and having leg/muscle twitching all over legs. Is this typical or possibly from compression socks? Fear of blood clots...

A spine surgery was done because of foot drop in my right leg.Some weakness in left leg too. Symptoms are still prevailing. Any exercises to correct

Aching throughout leg a week after cardiac catheter ablation? The leg below the catheter insertion point, down to the foot. Mild aching but annoying.

Acute venu embolism and thrombosis of deep vessels of lower extremity alrady had stints in legs and 2 venaava filters now having severe leg pain?

Anyone know if DVT and intermittent claudication are related?

Are achy legs a sign of neurogenic claudication?

Are my legs throbbing from diabetes?

Are there any diet choices that will help with leg claudication?

Are there any drugs that may cause leg claudication?

Are there any venous disorders/diseases that would cause a lower leg to lose hair?

Cabg 11 months ago. Having a lot of cramps and pain in arms and legs. Is this common after this type of surgery?

Can a blood clot in the leg cause meralgia parathetica?

Can a person diagnosed with mild crps also have neuropathy pain in the lower extremity (left leg below knee)?

Can a venous pathology or a venous clot cause a leg to feel colder or is temperature of the legs only related to issues in the arteries?

Can antiphospholipid syndrome cause blood vessels in the brain, legs & arms to have burning pain & feeling of pressure?

Can anyone tell me what can be the reason of weakness, swelling in leg?

Can autonomic peripheral cause venous insufficiency? I have pain and tingling in right leg but US was normal. Previous removal of right saphenous.

Can baclofen lead to my leg buckling?

Can certain shoes help with leg claudication while exercising?

Can Diabetes cause Hematoma in the legs ?

Can diabetes cause severe inching of the lower legs?

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Can lower leg weakness be attributed to type 2 diabetes?

Can more than one compartment in the lower leg have increased pressure?

Can MRI tell if there is inflammation/swelling of a muscle in a leg or must it be compared to the other leg?

Can multiple sclerosis cause unilateral leg swelling, say, below the knee?

Can my cause for proximal weakness in both legs and arms be caused through lupus - with the result leg 'gives way' when i walk?

Can neuropathy affect just one limb (e.G-left leg just below knee)?

Can peripheral arterial disease stop hurting my leg for a certain period of time?

Can prednisone cause lymphadema in the lower legs?

Can prolonged swelling swelling of the leg unrelated to vascular issues cause hair loss in said leg?

Can raynaud's and livedo reticularis cause severe cramping in one area of the calf when I sit too long?

Can Raynaud's syndrome affect the entire extremity (like the entire leg or the entire arm)? and can Raynaud's syndrome affect more than one extremity?

Can scistica in the legs be cured?

Can shingles manifest on just the lower half of the body (eg: both legs & feet)?

Can small fiber neuropathy affect one leg or does it generally affect two limbs (e.G-leg, arm)?

Can someone get diabetic nerve pain in his lower leg following heart failure?

Can someone who has had arm surgery develop compartment syndrome of the leg relatively soon after the arm surgery?

Can venous problems cause cold foot/lower leg or is that only related to artery problems?

Can you die from lower leg swelling?

Can you explain claudication?

Can you explain how the operation for leg claudication is done?

Can you please tell me the potential causes of edema in lower leg muscles?

Can you tell me if one has weakness in the lower part of the body, legs, bladder what does that mean?

Can you tell me what you suggest if one has weakness in the lower part of the body, legs, bladder what does that mean?

Causes of lower extremity swelling in someone who injects dilaudid in her thighs?

Causes of severe bilateral calf pain while standing (relieved by rest or walking) in 58 yr old female with no DVT, no neuro, no arterial issues?

Chf diabetic hyponatraemia obesity geriatric with back and both lower limb weakness vitals r normalsevere generalized lower limb edema non pitting?

Cold knees (left colder), lower l. leg rounder than r. Hair loss + discomfort in lower l. leg. Have polycythemia + crohns. US + ABI normal. What now?

Conection between atopine and numbness in legs?

Could intermittent tingling in both arms and legs lasting for 2 months be caused by poor blood circulation?

Could smoking make my leg claudication worse?

Could vascular problems in your leg have an impact on migraene headaches?

Could you explain what is an intermittent claudication?

Could you explain what is intermittent claudication?

Diagnosed with peripheral artery disease in legs. Abnormal echogram in heart positive ANA. Memory loss and chest pain and achy sore feet .help. legs?

Do Axial images of the leg check the entire length of the leg or is it only localized to a suspected region of the leg?

Does anybody know anything about DVT and intermittent claudication?

Does hydrocephalus cause your legs to give out?

Does neurotonin cause swelling in extremities?

Foot numbness + leg pain + new visible vein. What does that indicate?

From 3 month my RT calf muscle compresses pains n makes foot numb. am not overweight. pls advise if its Atherosclerosis or peripheral artery disease.

Had tkr 4weeks ago have leg ulcer on operated leg what are risks of infection affecting knee?

Had two discetctomy but still has pain walking in both thighs. Not stable Diabetes. Abi (blood flow legs) was 1.3. What can it be?

Have chronic thrombosis of radial artery.Having pain in hand along with headache and dizziness. Is this caused by clot or something else?

Hi. For the last few months after having gnr analogues i've had aching, throbbing legs. Dvt and nerve damage already ruled out by doctor?

How can I tell if I have restless leg syndrome vs a blood clot in my left leg?

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How could medication cause edema in the lower extremities?

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How do physicians treat intermittent claudication of both legs?

How do they test for arterial insufficiency in a leg where the calf muscle cramps or reflects oxygen insufficiency, when there is a pulse at the foot.

How do you control pain of lesions on lower legs thought to be vasculitis?

How do you evaluate lower leg arterial disease?

How do you treat lower leg arterial disease?

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How does untreated PAD lead to the loss of a leg? Make sure to mention the specific arteries of the leg.

How is localized tetanus to the lower leg treated?

How is sympathetically maintained pain in the legs different than CRPS? How does a person get sympathetic pain in their legs?

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How long does swelling of legs or abdomen associated with hellp syndrome last?

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How to treat intermittent claudication of both legs?

How would you treat intermittent claudication?

I am feeling fatigue, occasionally dizziness swelling of calves&ankles., occasionally leg cramps. Heart cath was good, leg circulation test was good what could be wrong