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29 with severe lower back pain,pain in my legs& my whole right side, had Doppler test & no bloodclots were found in my legs.What else could be wrong?

my right calf seems to be swollen.With that I have Achy pain that goes behind my knee and into my lower back. No redness or warmth on my leg ?

20 year old experiencing pain in my left calf like growing pains and the night before it was my left thigh?

20 year old has pain that has traveled from right leg and knee to left leg and knee and now in left arm.  Pain seems to be high especially when moved?

26 yo theres a swollen place 2 weeks now on my right leg and its on the very left side of the nerve that goes through knee pit so what can it be ?

27f.I have a sharp shooting pain on the right side of my right leg, more toward the back and it goes all the way down to the side of my foot and toes.

28/f with sudden sharp pains down the back of left thigh into calf? Almost feel some tingling in foot as well.

3 month ago I had shingle on the right side under my breast .Since one month have burning, pinching pain on my leg above knee also on right side?

43 year m pain off /on for 4 months in right groin hurts in buttock when sitting w/pressure in right front groin no pain at night when lying down?

9 year old son complaining of right leg pain?

A sharp pain on my right side hip bone (right next to tailbone). Worse when laying down and sneeze/cough. Why? Also get tingling in right leg 1 toe.

About 10 years ago started with pain, swelling in lower abdomen was unable to diagnose, now severe swelling on left side effecting hip, leg dr stumped?

After work a few days ago I have been having pain in my right ankle on the lateral side. I can occasionally feel very mild discomfort in my lower leg ?

All of a sudden left side chest pain worser when walking around but I can feel it when sitting but not as bad and then along with left thigh numbness ?

Am 5 weeks pregnant started having cramp in left back calf muscle no swelling no redness. Hip always hurts on left side and have a cyst on left ovary. Does it sound like dvt?

Back hip pain on left side. Sore lumps on near back of hip and front side of hip, now have sore lumps on upper abdomen. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!??

Bearing kidney pain of my left side went to my leg...

Been having pain in front of left leg that goes down to my foot. What's going on?

Burning pain on left butt when sitting. What could this be?

Calf pain & tightness on left & right leg?

Can sciatica effect both legs? As like referred pain? Always get it in my left leg but now my right is aching

Can sciatica switch legs? Started in the right now seems to be going down the left. Two months on the right two weeks pain free now left leg pain.

Can slipped discs which previously causes pain in the left leg now cause pain to the right leg and not left?

Can you tell me how to know if I am doing squats right?

Cant sit with right leg crossed over left, cause then i get this pain in my right knee and thigh. What could cause this?

Constant tingling leg pain what could it be. I am a diabetic, for the last three months I have been having this tingling pain from my buttocks all the way down to my foot, but only on the left side. It hurts for me to sit or lay down.

Continuous pain on right jaw, right shoulder, right hip, right foot...Also get twitches in right eye and right side of hand?

Could a lesion within the right medial ilium bone cause pain in my hip just below my back and into the right side of my bottom?

Could numbness in lower right leg be related to bursitis?

Could the burning in the top of my right thigh n numbness in right foot be because of the cysts that I have on my right ovary?

Could the l5/s1 nerve cause very tender to the touch pain right below my right hip bone on the side of my leg?

Cramping in left leg and hands accompanied by a burning sensation in my right side from my legs to lower back. Any thoughts?

Dear sir , my friend is suffering from side pain on the left side of her may start from back go to leg ,leg to shoulder .it pain a lot sometim?

Deep radiating pain in my left forearm. I had the same pain in my left leg yesterday. What could be causing this?

Deep stabbing pain in back of upper left thigh. Should i be worried about dvt?

Doctor ever night pain right knee and tingling feeling right foot what could it be?

Dull pain and discomfort in whole left leg and groin Now right leg on top of thigh is stinging land feeling like being stabbed Is it blood clots?

Dull pain in left hip for 2 days no other symptoms, what could it be. 31yrs old whole left leg feels slightly sore on and off does not hurt to walk?

Dvt in right leg INR 1.5 today having pain in back of head sharp throbbing and pain in upper thigh almost to groin area. Get checked?

Every time i caugh or move, I have this intense pain on my right side, near my hip bone. What can this be?

Experiencing pain in right knee in front and outer side. Especially when lifting leg up to move or to get up out of a chair. ?

Experiencing spasms on my left foot and spasms on my right ankle. ?

Feeling an uncomfortable pressure in my left lower leg (the calf area) as well as an ache in my hip area on the left side as well. Is this urgent?

Feet are really sore and pains in legs. Not really active so what could this be? Also having pain in the crease of underarm on left side.

Fell at work onto buttucks, walk with a limp, left foot drop, and constant pain on the left side all the way down from my back to my leg, pain moving ?

Fell down now I have severe pain in left hip/top of ass check on left side only. Swell 2 to 3 times the size. What could be wrong? What can I do

Fell on my right side I have horrible pain Down my whole leg and lower back hip area. With bruising. ?

For 2 days i had pain in my right knee getting out of chairs, it went. Now i have a stinging recurring pain midway on front of fibula of the same leg?

For awhile now i get this pain on my hip on the right side, i can't lay on my right side because of it. I've seen physio and he said i might need mri?

Front middle shin pain when putting preassure on the left leg and sometimes when resting what can cause this ?

Got pain in groin and shooting pain down left leg and hurts when I move and can't open legs much why?

Groin pain right side female 51 had pain 4months goes down thigh into knee?

Have numb big left toe knee hip back shoulder pain twitch shaking spasm in riggt side right ribcage left lower leg. 39 fatigue vertigo upperback pain?

Have pain in my lower back and sometimes left buttock. Hard to turn over at ngt and sometimes left hip and thigh go numb if i lay in that side 2 long?

Have slight pain in my right side of my back when i walk my leg hurts had this 3 days now do you know what it is?

Having lower back pain on the left side of my back near my hip there a exact spot where there feels like a lump is there, could it be my sciatic nerve?

Having pain on the left side of my hip and it's spreading to my left buttock. I sleep on my left side... what could it be?

Having pain on the right side of my neck down my right arm into my right leg to my knee. It hurts all the time. What is going on? I see my doc thur

Having sever pain in left hip that shoots down my leg, left upper stomach pain, and chest pain, it is increasingly getting worse. What's going on?

Hello, I have numbness on the left leg below the knee only on the right side front if you were looking at it. No other problems ?

Hello, I have shooting pains every now and then in the bottom of my left arm and in the bottom of my right leg, is this normal?

Hello! I had a sudden onset of numbness that extends from the right side of my spine almost to the front of my right hip? No injury that I'm aware of.

Herniated disk in my lower back right above my butt, having numbness in my right leg. Hurts to breathe. Should i go to er?

Hi doc! There is pain in my right leg please tell me how to cure it?

Hi doctor i am 25 yrs old married woman i am suffering from left lower hand pain and left leg pain from knee to toe that to only during night?

Hi doctor i have a sharp pain at my right side lower waist which goes down to my right leg and the heel part will be more painful when i do houseworķ?

Hi I have a sharp pain on my right side near my hip bone, tender when pressure is applied and hurts when I walk. Could you advise? Thank you

Hi I have a very bad pain in my right thigh?

Hi, I have a pulsating sensation in my lower left leg, that shifts from right and left side of the leg. No pain, no swelling. Feels like bubbles.

Hi. I have lower left abdominal pain. Only when i walk. Or put pressure on my left foot/leg then my lower left abdomen hurts bad?

Hi. I have sharp shooting pain from left hip Down front of thigh.. like a great pulling from both directions especially when i lay on right side?

Hi. I'm a 30 year old man. Recently I've constant pain in my right knee and right elbow. What could be causing this?

Hi.For three days now i've had this pain on my right lower leg frontal radiating to my thigh and right arm and hand with blurred vision.

Horrible pain down left side of my leg especially when laying down? What test should they do for sciatica?

How can I find best doc for pain on left side by hip?

How come I have pain on my right hip, which makes my right leg numb?

How did I get pain in my upper left buttock and down my leg after shot from nurse?

Husbands left side of lower back hurts when he walks, when laying down flexing right leg sends a sharp pain. Some swelling, herniated disk?

I am 6 weeks pregnant some time I have right hip and leg pain what is the reason?

I am a power lifter and I was squatting and I had a sharp pain in my lower back on the right side, now when i lift my leg it hurts a lot?

I am a teenager who has sharp, intense back pain and left foot and leg tingling. What could that mean?

I am a track athlete. Recently my right hip flexor on my right leg started hurting . the pain now shoots down to my right leg when I walk.

I am experiencing pain in the left sole of my left leg?

I am getting pain in right thigh ; a nerve at right leg junction causing pain in thigh; right testical and back pain.Pls suggest whom i need to visit?

I am have sharp pains in my right leg. Starting from my right lower back to my right foot. I worried. Could it be a blood clot?

I am having a knee pain on the left side and i can't walk properly.Whats wrong?

I am having nerves in my hip or upper left leg go numb?

I am having pain on my left side going down my left leg . Pain in the waist part so painful when getting up to move around.Having problem urinating.

I am having sharp pains in by back on the right hand side right above the pelvic bone area . The pain progresses down my legs into my ankle.

I am having strange burning pain in my both legs, right hip and flank and also in right arm n shoulder don't know what to do this pain is really bad?

I am wondering can a sore hip cause swelling on your right side from the side hip to the ribs...Very uncomfortable wondering what can cause this ?

I been havin pain in right side groin, leg, and rectum, all right side back. Its worst when i sit down. No pain when walking. ?

I been having a pain above my hip n down my leg on my left side know its on my right side?

I do gym regularly. But now a days I feel a slight pain on my right leg when I bend down near my right hips?

I do single leg lunges and side lunges to stretch. Now feeling left back just above my left buttocks is paining. Should i stop? What do I do?

I don't have any health conditions that I know of. The last few days my right leg and right arm have been swollen (it lasts all day, but is at it's wo?

I don't know what to do about severe sharp lower back pain, numbness in right and left leg, and pain and pressure in testicles I have been experiencing progressive lower back pain for 3 months. Sometimes my right and left leg go numb, like their asleep.

I fell on my left side, pain, tingling, warm to touch, hard time walking, pain on left side of back, what could this be muscles nerves ?

I get a pain in the back of my left thigh and it runs up into my left butt check to the bone. What causes this ?

I get an intense burning in my left side when I bend my left leg, or raise my left arm. It has been about two days.