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hot baths have caused stiffness in one calf! same leg below knee is a 1"X3"soft lump.No pain.Was runner-have stopped months ago.I found 60 days ago ?

"walking quadreplegic" can't feel one leg & have numb spots in random around trunk of body with C6 incom. SCI 5/2012. will I feel baby move round 18wk?

1 week+ recurring calf pain in alternating legs. Worse when stationary especially bad laying down. Tested no DVT or sciatica. Legs look normal. Ideas?

1 year ago i felt horrible tension in my legs with pain in muscles& joints.Later i was unable to walk with weakness in legs.Vit.D3 was 6.Is it a cause

13. I overstretch my hamstring on left leg a week ago in track and field and now although it doesn't hurt anymore, I can not stand up straight on it?

15 post-stroke, still relearning to walk. What type of scan is best to see what's going on in my thigh and hip? Feel bundled up sometimes.

15mo suddenly falling while walking 4 past hour. Looks like her legs are giving out from under her. No obvious injury. Possible causes? What can I do?

2 yr old developed limp/leg drag in left leg 10 days ago. Says owie a lot. No trauma. No swelling. X-ray today showed healthy leg. Any ideas??

22yo female my right leg aches on and off when i walk. Its not painful no swelling or warmth. Taking sertraline 50mg?

22yo female, woke up from nap with numb legs, progressive cold/wet sensation traveled up from toes to thighs bilaterally, lasted 10 min. Causes?

29 f, prolactinoma not yet treated. Heavy leg today, asleep 4 min upon standing, dull ache/burn behind knee and weakness when walking. Could be DVT?

29/f. Achy pain from thigh to ankle/foot. Its better when im sleeping but aa soon as i wake up i feel it starting to ache. Non-smoker, not on bc.?

29F pulsating sensation in both calves area throughout the day. towards end of day, weak legs. lifting legs or compression socks dont help. Suggestns?

29yrs old female a wk ago I've had discomfort on my foot calf and thigh.. Like Unrested.. Tightening muscle. Has affected my sleep. No swelling. ?

3 days ago, I had something pop in the back of my leg, felt/heard I have been doing RICE but pain worse I am having issues w straightening my leg?

31yr.Had sciatica yr ago,right leg too weak which improved with yoga.Now Its back.Right leg weak m stiff(no pain).Tried yoga but felt tired. Surgery?

33yo female, asthma, when I walk distances (& when walking dog) get severe pain in my lower legs and ft and some numbness in ft. Are these related?

37wks prg quite bad swelling all over bp etc all fine. R leg swells worse so both legs rested but become agony if rested hip height or higher why?

3yr old has occasional leg/knee pain usually in one leg going on and off for 2yrs mostly in the evening, now says finger hurts sometimes. No swelling?

4 a year had L leg/foot pain numbness/cramps up bad feels like went 2 ER said interm coagulation . Never stopped / in bed for10 y worse when.on myfeet?

4 bad disc in back that make my legs and arms hurt my leg gives out and fall a lot. I can not sleep any suggestions I'm doing shots but Not helping.

4 yo walks out toed. Took him to podiatrist. She said muscle tone good, feet good and his leg turns out from hip. She said he would grow of it. Worry?

44y old 4weeks pregnant lower abdominal pain legs and knees hurt headache always feeling cold had to wear woolen socks all the time tire fast?

5 neck surgeries on vertebrae 3-7. On narcotics for pain for 6 yrs. Recently having leg spasms and can't physically lift feet to walk. Must drag feet.

57 yrr old f. For months now, if i fall asleep on my side, i wake up because BOTH hips are aching, And lately hips and KNEES also. Whats going on?

7 months back, due to head injury, i developed right hemiplegia. Now i can walk comfortably but still my hand is weak. Can i ever recover completely?

78 year old female with a bump near the where I urinate from,when walking rubs against leg. What? Type of doctor?

8yrs didnt do much exercise.I work now at the warehouse.walking alot.My feet hurt bad.sitting on legs cuts off blood flow.tightening of veins.why?

9 month baby moves her legs a lot specially when trying to sleep with me and she is like she wants to be too close or she has leg it ok ?

A 69 year old woman has a foot pain that is going up her leg and its swollen. On a scale of 1-10, the pain is a 7.What should be done?

A relative (age 70) had a stroke 2 years ago. He can move one arm and leg well, and the other leg a little. Would physical therapy still be helpful at this late date? Is there a chance he could walk?

A vein in right calf n thigh pains with foot numbness, i happens when i walk and goes off after taking rest,please advise medication/remedy please?

Aching knee pain laying in bed I have spastic cerebral palsy and was on my feet for 5hrs today could this be arthritis?

Achy feeling in one leg for 2 days. Starts mid calf on outside and runs down leg. Seems to bother me regardless of activity.

After 2 knee replacements, I have numbness in both legs, years after surgery. I feel very clumsy and afraid of falling. What could it be?

After a lot of plane travel, my upper legs are killing me (nothing in calves though), especially when i first stand up and stair climbing. Thoughts?

After deconditioning from fall/pelvic fracture, can control of leg on that side be lost (shaky, sways when trying to stand)? Can standing hurt knee?

After each bite lsuffer lot of gastric. Lot of pains in legs and feet fingers. Feel a bit relax with essomeprazole?

After falling flat on my buttocks two weeks ago, I still have a lot of pain when I have to take a step up putting my weight on either leg. ?

After falling on sacrum and having acute sciatica 4 years ago, what should I do to stop symptoms of tingles I still get in my legs?

After I had lower back surgery, my left foot is numb. Doctor said I have poor circulation and that the pulse in my left foot is slower than my right. He said it could be too much fat being absorbed.

After laying down or sitting for any length of time my right thigh numbs and burns to the extreme it will wake me at night. I also am an IV drug user?

After sitting and rising left leg threatens to collapse .Once several steps. All ok some pain in calf?

After sitting on leg & causing it to go numb, how long until leg fully returns to normal. Its 4th day and lower leg has tightness & restlessness?

After the broken foot i began to do everything. But because of the inactiveness in the cast my leg is very weak. What can I do to make strong my leg?

Almost 33 weeks pregnant. Pubic bone pain especially while walking and turning over, but also while sitting. Is this normal?

Also, I eat very little I am not hungry plus the above back pain, numbness, rotting teeth, no energy leg pain, numbness in legs and feet. Help?

Am 7 weeks pregnant and been having circulation problems even more durning intercourse. I can't feel legs or feet . Is this normal?

Any suggestions on protecting my feet when I am kicking the bed due to sensations in my leg/rls?

Arm and leg pain..Charlie horses in palms and feet..It's affecting my ability to grasp. On a scale of 0-10 i'm at a 7. Ideas or suggestions?

Arms & legs ache, mild psoriasis, fatigue, knee hurts & hands cramp up & hurt my legs have ached since I was little. +ana & low vitamin d. What is it?

At night when I am trying to sleep, my leg aches starting at the ankle and goes to the knee if I am lying on either side, what could be causing this?

Av muscle weakness above my knees and my legs keep collapsing, but i keep getting the feeling of water trickling down my right leg. What could it be?

Back legs became immobile, blood pressure was 50, vision was impaired, now front legs are weak. Cannot stand, what is this?

Bad knee pain. (worse at night in bed) come on last 2 months. Old fib/tib compound on other leg 25 yrs ago- inc 4 inch shorter. No swelling at moment.

Bad muscle weakness, can't walk or keep arms up long. Stairs, standing up hard. Resisted rheum pushing arms, legs. Read this shows nrml strngth?

Been exercising 33 yrs w/no problems but in the last 6 mo the neck, knees, feet, hips, back are giving me trouble. Does everything just go at once?

Bf woke up w/ bad charlie horse pain in calf. His leg was really stiff & still won't relax completely. He has had 2 "attacks" this am. What to do?

Bilateral calf muscle pain at rest , pins and needles in both legs should I start to worry and seek medical help?

Body aches when trying to go to sleep. Specifically arms and legs. Back some also. Some nights are worse than other?

Born with small leg length discrepency. Left leg is shorter and less muscular than my right. Any at home solutions, such as excercises?

Both ant. knees + post. lower legs get ice cold when sitting for 30 mins. Takes 1hr walking to warm up. Arteriovenous US, D-dimer, ABI norm. What now?

Both legs are tight, cramping, aching from glute to calf. No exercise recently. No apparent reason. What could be cause, how to prevent, see doctor?

Both my legs are swollen to the max! And over past week I have gained 20lbs! My legs hurt and awfully painful when I try to bend my legs due to the ti?

Both of my legs are swelling up but my left one is worse. What might make my legs double in size and should I be worried?

Calf of right leg swollen, difficult to move and is hot I am a male that is 42 years old, i work at a tire shop

Calf throbbing--left leg otherwise healthy had groin problems while taking prevestatin -now on red yeast rice & no longer groin problems.

Can a calf muscle over compensating for a collapsing foot arch be tender to the touch? Anxiety makes me worry clot but no basis other than calf sore

Can a person be diagnosed with CRPS without the sensitivity of touch? They can still wear long pants touching their legs but they have burning in leg

Can anyone tell me what causes a person to have leg cramps while running?

Can anyone tell me what could be a reason/reasons for having deep bone pain in my legs, arms and ribs?

Can bow legs affect the way of walking? and should I go check with a doctor for treatment though i'm 19 years old?

Can driving 8 hours cause severe calve pain in right leg even if your calcium is normalCausing me to fall up a step? Now knee is purple& painful!

Can exertional compartment syndrome affect all of both legs(glutes, thighs, calves)? And still felt slightly during rest, but worse with use?

Can geodon (ziprasidone) damage knee joints? Have trouble standing on two feet. Is this caused by restless leg from geodon (ziprasidone)?

Can having ur legs elivated for a period of time cause ur feet to feel pins and needles or sleepy at times due to leg elivation?

Can i become paralyzed from a herniated disk ? I haven't had a road accident but very worried as my walking is bad and weak legs

Can I have artherosclerosis in legs at age 20? I have leg pain when running. I ate super unhealthy for a year, did I cause this

Can I sleep on my stomach with a full leg brace on?

Can leg lenght disperancy cause bowlegness? My left leg is 9mm longer than my right and when i'm walking/running my legs bow. How would i prevent it?

Can poor circulation in legs cause a prickly / burning sensation ? Seems worse when i'm sat down , especially when driving.

Can poor foot/ankle flexibility cause me to think all my lower leg is weak. Nerve and muscle test clear. Podiatry cancelled me off books now still wek?

Can sciatica feel like a giant cramp starting in hip down leg?

Can sitting crisscross legs cause pinched nerve I've done that a lot and mostly all day. My leg feels awkward now. It has gone away I'm just wondering?

Can sitting Indian style cause leg pain after words? I play games like that a lot for hours. Been developing leg pain calf and thigh

Can snapping hip syndrome cause leg numbness, can I get rid of it. I still have feleling in my leg. My knee gives out was well injury happend last ye?

Can thigh squeezing or leg crossing masturbation(without using fingers) cause problems?

Can you please tell me about some great swimming strokes, that work for your arms and legs and stomach?

Can you tell me if any of this was the reason, beyond being a "slow-twitch" muscle guy. Maybe my feet or my leg is off and doesn't hit the ground right?

Can't do leg raises when laying on back or raise up on own from lying down pos w/out assistance or pain/limb weakness/gait prob/sacroiliac arthrts. ?

Cause of throbbing leg pain at night? It wakes me up, usually running the length of my legs. Sometimes (rately) just knees down. I'm on enalapril.

Charlie horses at night in both calfs, numbness in one or both legs and have to stop walking, legs feel like I have done extreme leg exercises & sore?

Compartment syndrome I am still convinced I have this when i put the back of leg by my knee on my chair in the lounge at home my limbs feel warm again?

Constantly achy thigh and calf muscles also bruising really easy my legs are covered in them and pins and needles in feet when rested. Should i worry?

Could blood clots be a side effect of marvelon 28 day? Nasty pain from toes all the way up calf of right leg...Difficulty bearing weight and walking

Could it be alright to have a leg amputated to get rid of frequent knee pain?

Could my husband have a bloodclot in his leg? My husband is 40 and overweight with a history of knee and back troubles. His knee recently swelled and became painful with no obvious cause. He has been doing yardwork instead of resting and now his lower leg

Could my memory problems and RLS 5 out of 7 days not just nightime, also hands feet and lower leg paid, have a common cause?

Could tamoxifen cause a feeling of mice running up and down your legs?

Could vit.D3 defficiency cause legs to shiver &inability to walk or stand.Vit d was 6.My left knee couldn't bend &area above knee hurt so much&shake?