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My right heel is numb from the back to about 1 inch forward on the bottom of my foot. YMYM?

The middle toe on my left foot is quite red for the last three days and only painful when I stand on it. The pain is a 5 on a scale of 10. No swel?

3 raised markings of vein on left side of foot cause pain when pressed and hurts to walk on & throbs. Will this go away with time or home treatment?

Bad Blood circulation in my feet to my toes. CA aching arms and dull shooting pains in my legs????

buzzing in foot little in calf/little pain in thigh, most symptoms in foot, if this is disk bulge wouldn't it be bad bulge for symptoms to reach foot?

 i can't bent my foot to the right hand side because it hurt my knee?

I play basketball and occasionally during practice I will feel a sharp pull/pain in the bottom of my foot, been happening for a couple years now?

I pulled some off the side of my toenail & the side of my toe is infected & swelled & hurting my foot & lower leg. What should I do? I'm very scared!

1- I find my hands and feet are cold all the time (and often hurt). 2- my heel hurts with sharp pain. 3- I smell blood all the time?

16 F exterior left foot pain worse in morning hurts throughout day. I felt tendons pop out of place twice causing pain up ankle and couldn't walk. ?

2 days pain in left foot. Feel sort of ball under toes no injury at all. Can't bend toes tingling, burnWorse upon standing and is swollen

2 dys ago woke upw sudden foot pain. the pain is located in left foot along outside. small toe joint seems to be swollen and is red. hurts to walk on?

2 nights ago i had very strong pain in my ankle, now 3 of my toes are numb and i feel a constant pressure in my calf, ankle foot?

2 nights ago i had very strong pain in my ankle, now 3 of my toes are numb and i feel a constant pressure in my calf, ankle foot.?

2 weeks very intensive throbbing pain in right big toe . Nothing to see at all. No trauma. Sometimes similar pain in other toes in both feet. Why?

24f, my left foot is throbbing just sitting there and hurts on my right side when I move my foot/toes get a shooting pain up to my leg an can't walk.?

29F hip pain. Waling is painful, noticed my leg/foot are turning inward hip is painful to touch & pops more often knee/foot pain also foot asleep?

34yr male. For 2 dayspain behind right knee into top of calf when walking. Seems to get worse as work day progresses. New job/ on feet all day. Cause?

4yr old has flat feet and ankles look like they go in a lil but causing him no pain. Should he see a dr and needs treated?

52 male pain in middle of sole right foot and heel esp after sitting or folding leg Pain increasing over last few months Pain not same every day at worst heel painful cannot walk?

5th metatarsal avulsion fracture at base 2 weeks ago. Sharp pains in ankle& back of calf. Burning sensation at times on top of foot. Is this normal?

7 year old complains about foot pain to the point of crying his doctor says its nothing im not so sure what should I do?

A bone in my right foot has been hurting me for about 1 year now, but i don't know what to do. Who should I talk to about this?

A heavy object fell on my toe and there is a painful blood blister. What can I do to relieve pain or make the blister go away?

A pain on a single spot at the top of right foot. Seems to worsen when pressed and especially when stretching foot. What can it be?

A sharp tingling pain in my left foot and down to the ankles and toes. I have a history of sciatica but there was never any pain on the left side?

About a month ago, I was helping move a back door and dropped it on my big toe. I continue to have a burning pain under the nail. Have it checked?

Aching pain on the outside of my feet near the arch. the pain makes it hard to walk. there is swelling and it only happens when cold outside?

After an evening out of drinking beer, I often get pain in my foot along the outer side and acoss the top. Not in toe like gout. Indicin resolves it.?

After my can injury I have paresthesia in right back leg now im having pain in my big toe and the bottom of my right foot. What can I do?

After rolling my ankle a few days ago there is a dull pain and a little discoloration and I don't really want to go to the doctor what should I do?

After running had sharp needle like pain in big toe and sharp needle pain in heel just in those two spots what on earth?!

After taking the stinger out from the bottom of the foot, what's the best thing to reduce swelling and pain for a 6-year-old?

All of a sudden I have pain in my foot towards my ankle and the bone opposite my ankle on my left foot only when i put pressure on it i didn't hurt it?

All of a sudden I have pain in the top of my rt foot. It hurts to walk. It's the top from mid foot to ankle and i haven't hurt myself . I woke up with?

Along the outside of my right thumb has been tingly and numb.. Now the inside of my right foot is doing it too. What could this be?

Always had one leg longer than the other, past year ball of my foot on shorter leg increasingly more pain now arch pain and big toe numb. No injury?

Am obese and now I have sharp pain in sole of my left feet. Is it because of weight. Please suggest few remedies to relieve the pain?

Ankle hurting a week sharp pain when standing dull achy when relaxing 4 on pain scale no bruising has lil puffy spot by ankle ball if on feet long ?

Any explanation for why i get a burning pain in foot when i jump?

Anytime I jump/touch/move some ways the joint,under toes on the right side of my right foot hurts really bad after lots of exertion up my shin hurts?

Arch pain in both feet starting Monday I had aplantar fasia sprain before in right foot but this feels worse. It's dull pain and keeps me up at night?

Are excruciating foot cramps and sharp shooting debilitating pains from butt to foot common side effects a month after surgery done to 5th metatarsal?

At first right leg and foot was burning now only my right foot is that because of my sergery on my spine. I also can not feel hot or cold ?

Bad fall on knee three weeks later numbness and swelling remain bottom of kneecap. Pressure to touch but little pain. Need to see doc?

Ball of foot under big toe on left foot is sore when pressure is applied. Pain has come and gone over last several weeks.

Bearable Pain And discomfort in my foot for several months. Along the outer side of my foot, There is a point with a lot of pain. Now hurts resting?

Been having pain in right heel of foot noticed a hole?

Big toe swollen and uncomfortable and pain in left knee. ?

Body is acting strange. Sharp pains under part of forearm 2 my palm sometimes, ankles hurt sometimes, sharp pain in arch of foot and knees. Why?!

Bone spur and Plantar fascitis in left foot from accident that fractured entire left side of body. Severe pain left outside of foot,under+behind heel.

Bone sticking out from left foot, substantially more than right foot, pain every time i play football, been few yrs had this prob, getting worse atm?

Both feets toes get sharp searing pain for twenty minutes 5-7 times per week?

Both of my ankles on the outside are tingling. No pain, little swelling. Put feet up before bed, woke up to no tingling. At it again today. Thanks!!!

Both of my legs and feet and toes are swollen and hurting. My left foot looks slightly bruised on top. And both of my feet have bruises on both sides.

Both of the heels of my feet were numb for the last 5 days with the left heel a bit worse. I am just wondering what could be causing this?

Bottom of both heels give me throbbing pain every night I get into bed what could this be ?

Bottom of foot pain on my feet for 5hrs at work n I have spastic cerebral palsy my left foot always get stiff and is very painful?

Bottom of heel feels like someone took a hammer and hit it. No trauma to heel. Also feel a throb/pulse in the same area at times. What could this be?

Bottom of heel pops when go onto tiptoe.Feels like strumming of harp strings, followed by cold tingling sensation in heel & ankle. What can this be?

Bottom of my foot is swollen and top of my foot has sharp pain, what to do?

Bottom of my right foot hurts. Towards the outside. Shoes or posture?

Bottom&left side of second toe on left foot is numb. The second toe on my right foot isn't numb, but doesn't feel quite right. Not diabetic?

Bottoms of my feet covered w/ muscle knots.Too painful to walk. They are so bad they are visible. I have ms, could that be why.How to stop them?

Brother hurt ankle at practice a week ago. Now has two huge knots on side and top off foot. What could it be? What would ease pain till doctor appt?

Bruise on top foot but no pain at all. What is this plzz help.

Bruised throbbing toenail, how do I relieve the pain?

Buring feet and hands ln night I have knee pains?

Burning middle toes in pain?

Burning pain in left toe after surgery, should I be concerned?

Burning sensation on bottom of my feet right below my big toe bone. Feels like fire. No pain no swelling or numbness. Should I get checked out?

Burning sensation on left side of right ankle with no swelling. Sometimes it at the left side of the foot. Both heels hurt in morning when getting up?

Burning sensation under left knee in when trying to touch my toes sitting flat on the ground. Im 16, any idea what causes this?

Burning sensationon left side of right ankle, no swelling?

Burning stinging pain down right shin into top of right foot with a tight/burning feeling in both calfs top of right foot is swollen/discolored cause?

Burning top of foot near big toe where stretched nerve years ago after broken ankle. Also bone spurs in ball of foot. What to do for burning pain?

Burning, stabbing pain in my left foot around the heel area, hurts to walk on it at times, even feels numb also?

Can a sore on your right buttock cause your foot to tingle and hurt?

Can athletes foot cause a pinky toe to swell up and cause pain half way up a foot to the point of intense pain and unable to walk?

Can doctors tell me what does sharp pain in leg and weird sensation in arch of foot mean?

Can flat feet cause pain in the tops of your feet all the time even when resting and pain in knees?

Can pain in my toes for 3 weeks now be due to standing a lot?

Can plantar fasciitis feel like burning aching pain on entire bottom of feet?

Can shin splints cause a burning feeling on the top of foot aswell as the shin ?

Can sleeping on a hard floor surface for long time put pressure on nerves in lower body? Tingling in middle toes of left foot recently

Can Thalamic pain on right side cause ankle/ foot swelling ?

Can the right foot have an effect on the left foot? Sprained right ankle three years ago but left foot it's hurting where bone ends on foot. Crackalot

Can you tell me about diabetes numbness in toes on left foot , how can I ease pain?

Can you tell me about foot spasms/cramps in the tops of their feet?

Can you tell me reasons why i get a burning pain in foot when i jump?

Can't put my right foot flat on floor in morning. Pain runs along inside arch. Have to walk on outside edge of it for about 1 hour. What causes this?

Causes for bottom of foot to have stinging pain when standing on feet?

Child is complaining of foot pain with burning all over what can cause this?

Clicking and pain in flexing right foot. What does this mean?

Cold foot right side only?

Complains of a sharp pain that comes and goes in toe next to big toe as well as strange taste in mouth.

Constant pain in my right foot usually when resting or sitting, usually compression on the top of the foot eases the pain?

Could gout cause lower leg pain in addition to the pain in the big toe?

Could the arch pain in my left foot be caused by a bump on my tendon? What could it be?

Couldsomeone advise on foot pain?