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Sudden pain in one breast with minor swelling?

26 f bruised feeling on ankle and calf no bruise and walking doesn't hurt also theres no injury no swelling no redness and not hot?

3yr old has pain in one leg calf area almost every night. No swelling fever or limping. hurting on and off for 1 1/2 yrs. No fever. Fine during day.

4 months post op tkr.Having severe pain and numbness around rt.Foot.Skin very sensitive to touch.No swelling.No knee pain. Bones do not seem to be pai?

4onths ago I had knee surgery and still have swelling and tightness, burning why?

64 y/o female had left knee pain & slight swelling 5 M ago. Pain and swelling are gone, but she can't lock her left knee when standing. What to do?

9 yr old son with left shoulder aching for appx 2 weeks. No know. Injury or swelling, redness, warmth. Possible causes?

A pain in the arm with swelling but don't know the cause?

A week ago I had a muscle pain between my ankle and foot, but it's no longer sore. Now it's squishy/swollen but no pain, warmness or discoloration?

About 4-5 times a day I get this warm sensation going down the left outer calf of my leg, I have no pain no redness and no warmth to the touch. ?

Achy dull ache in right calf, swelling at FRONT of leg with a sticking out vein, don't think its serious as no swelling in calf, protein s Defiency.

Ankle pain, no bruising or swelling. Feels like a bruise on inside of outer ankle. Present for over 4 weeks. Applying pressure causes severe pain.

Back swelling at waistline on left. Had a lot of sciatica pain , now much less but swelling unchanged, ?What test should I have

Bilateral calf/knee pain after rest. Pain subsides with movement. Calves tender to touch. No redness, rash, swelling. No strenuous exercise before.

Bothy legs have aching pain in the thigh and calf. No tenderness or swelling is present and no visible veins. It's day two and Otc meds don't help?

Bruising behind knee and numb feeling previous dislocatin some pain an swelling

Bruising sensation on legs and hips, but you can't see any bruising. It happens every now and then. You feel the pressure when you apply pressure ?

Brusing in the finger and pain swelling?

Burning and swelling in left ankle?

Burning hot pain on back of knee that spreads to calve with minor twitch. Gets worst when lying down or at rest. No injury, swelling nor redness?

Calf and ankle swollen two days ago from pant compression. Today no more swelling but that area of calf has some discomfort inside. Began this evening?

Calf pain with no redness or swelling sometimes spreads to thigh and rib cage?

Calf soreness best treatments?

Calf swelling and pain. Home treatments?

Can areas made painful by pinched nerves actually have swelling or redness?

Can you give me suggestions for ankle swelling/pain won't go away?

Can you have arthritis without swelling or would you not notice swelling?

Cause of pain in the top center of my foot when walking?Its tender with direct pressure, no swelling and discomfort in same area when bending toes.

Chance of dvt pain behind knee no swelling or heat or redness?

Child complains for a second day that a calf on one leg hurts and now also an ankle, limping for 2 days no swelling, redness and not hot. What is it?

Chronic ankle pain, both a burning and stiffening sensation and the past 2 days it has swollen and there is fluid around my ankle... any suggestions?

Coughing with upper right back pain hoarseness of voice, malaise? left calf and ankle w/pitting edema

Could a healing boil cause leg pain?

Could chronic pain and swelling in your ankle be related?

Could early arthritis cause pain in the middle of my left knee when i kneel it.I have no other symptoms such as swelling, hot sensation or stiffness?

Could I have blood clot in ankle area if no swelling? Have had a pulling pain for 3 days. Hurts to touch. No bruise/swelling/injury. What should I do?

Could Norvasc (amlodipine) cause thigh muscle swelling and pain?

Could prednisone have caused leg swelling and abdomen swelling?

CRPS left foot, stress fx, ORIF- redness, pain, sensitivity, swelling. Right foot swelling sometimes- no other symptoms. CRPS spreading?

Dear Sir, I have swelling over my left ribcage (1inch below xiphisternum). The swelling is painful but this swelling developed?

Discomfort in left leg all day on and off , tender to touch the side of my calf , no swelling or short of breath what could be wrong ?

Do lipomas cause extreme swelling when located in the foot?

Do swollen legs from Meloxicam cause Itching?

Do you know what would cause swelling, pain and burning in ankle?

Do you need to see a doctor right away for puffiness and swelling around the ankle?

Do you think I should see a doctor if pain and knee swelling lasted for 2 months?

Does a DVT in the leg always cause swelling? Or is it possible to have no noticeable swelling, just mild pain?

Every few months I get a warming sensation in my left calf for 3-7 days. No pain no swelling. What could this be? How to know when dangerous?

Experiencing calf pain, knot on posterior below knee, negative homans sign. +2 pitting edema. No fever or redness/warmth. Any ideas?

Fall on left wrist, horendous pain, minor-major swelling, heat around the swelling, bruising?

Foot swelling and pain for no apparent reason?

For a 10 yr old boy with infection in right groin and severe swelling in only right leg what could it be?

For the last year or so, I have had an area of bruising just above ankle area on each leg that won't go away. No past problems. What could this be?

For the past month i've had joint pain on my right elbow.There has been some swelling and the skin is whitended around the pain.Ican't have aspirin. ?

Getting bad pain in my groin 2 inches below / above the incision over a week after heart cath when walking/stretching. Normal? No bruising / swelling.

Got a tattoo done 2 days back on my leg. A lot of swelling and pain. What can I do to reduce the swelling and pain?

Had cts surgery last month. Pain & numbness gone. Am feeling new "burning" pain frm wrist down about 4" after heavy lift. Redness /swelling/bruising.

Have bad joint pain and weakness,very fatigued. No fever,no swelling, just a little inflamation in ankle.some twitching by knees. What could it be?

Have CRPS left foot- pain, swelling, redness, stiffness. Swelling over last 12 hours excessive, spreading to ankle and up leg. Advice?

Have pain in knee on top of it and on the sides and behind it no swelling no redness could it be blood clot?

Have pain in right hand with vein swelling. No injury. Swelling goes down if I raise hand above head only?

Have pain in the back of my knee, no swelling redness or warmth, haven't injured it; could it a blood clot or dvt?

Have swelling in r leg very painful goes down ti instep?

Have very uncomfortable pain in leg behind knee. No known injury. Leg is a little swollen; no discoloration.

Hello, I am having intermittent, sharp pain in my leg above my thigh. There is no swelling, redness, or warmth. It happens a few times a day.?

Help in so much pain in my legs , they are swelling and hurt to touch?

Help! i just have sudden pain, bruising and swelling in my foot?

Hi Doc. I'm a 26 year old female. Have no history of injury. I recently started getting this sharp pain originating behind my knee and radiating down to my leg. No swelling, warmth, redness or tenderness behind the knee. It comes and goes without warning

Hi, I am having moderate pain to exterior of left knee with no swelling or redness &mild warmth. Pain increases when taking weight on left leg ?

Hi, I fell on my wrist around 3 months ago. The swelling has gone down but I still have persistent pain, numbness and weakness around the area.

Hi, I have swelling for a week now in my left calf, mild pain inside left knee for 2 months prior, no injuries, no hlth ins to see a dr. Can you help?

Hi. I've had a sore calf muscle for about 2 months...No throbbing, swelling or redness. Didn't sound like a clot, right?

How can get relief from pain and swelling of the left knee?

How can I make the swelling and redness go away in my lower leg/ankles and is it normal for it to hurt when touched?

How do I figure out the causes of itchiness and swelling in my left knee?

How do you get persistent swelling in one leg?

How does get relief from pain and swelling of left knee?

How much should I worry about calf swelling?

How much should I worry about lower leg swelling?

How should I treat knee pain on inside area and swelling before i see doctor?

How to reduce bruising and pain on legs?

How to treat knee pain on anterolateral side with swelling?

How to treat pes anserine swelling and pain. It has been two years now and I still have pain?

I am a female and I have severe pain in my pelvic area. I have pain down to my knee and below my knee to ankle its red and warm to touch. What is it?

I am experiencing ankle pain. The following also describes me: Ankle swelling. What should I do?The bone on the side of my foot looks out

I am experiencing ankle swelling, leg tenderness and lower leg pain. I am 45 days post op from foot surgery but it's my other foot that's swollen ?

I am experiencing arm pain and bulging veins. The following also describes me: Calf pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing calf pain and calf swelling. The following also describe me: Lower leg pain and Leg tenderness. What should I do?

I am experiencing calf pain and leg swelling from a horse kick injury. 5 days ago,center spot still red and warm. Should I be taking nsaids daily?

I am experiencing cheek swelling, foot swelling, cold feet and cold hands. The following also describe me: Painful swollen joints and Finger pain....

I am experiencing foot swelling (quality: in the big toe) and ankle swelling. The following also describe me: Difficulty walking, Ankle pain, and...

I am experiencing leg pain and painful skin. The following also describe me: Pain shooting down the leg and Soft tissue swelling. What should I do?

I am experiencing leg pain, leg swelling and calf swelling my leg is red hot to touch my gp is not open don't know what to do ?

I am experiencing leg pain, wrist pain, painful swollen joints bones hurt all over hives on legs arms hands and face fever with chills extreme fatig

I am experiencing leg swelling, ankle swelling and knee pain. The following also describe me: Obesity and Knee pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing leg swelling. The following also describes me: Hip pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing leg swelling. The following also describes me: Lower leg pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing severe back pain and ankle pain. The following also describe me: Ankle swelling and ankle weakness. What should I do?

I am experiencing swelling on the tip of my toe (2nd toe). There's no pain or bruising, but the swelling continues after 3 weeks. ?

I am experiencing toe tenderness to touch and toe swelling.