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10yr old is having pains in lower outside of right leg, calf, upper leg.No injurys, no temperature.Walks with limp, pains throughout day.Had xray and ok?

17yo was born w/ hips or thighs turned in&never did anything about it.Pains in hips, thighs, feet, thighs snap&can't sit feet crossed. How do I fix this?

1st I was having pain in shin toe an knee now lower back an both hips an legs hurt like achey pain wat could it be? osteoporosis run in family an arth

2-3inch lump in back of thigh 2inches above knee, pain radiating down calf and up thigh with slight swelling of knee?

20 yr old male, for a few weeks my legs and thighs have been tingling, i can barly walk, and if i bend legs to far, they give out, legs barly working?

27 yrs had rod place in left leg that runs from knee to hip. Serve pain for a month in hip mainly but numbing all away down to toes?

29/f left foot is aching on and off. In the back by my heel mostly? Sometimes knee also. Any suggestions? Im not overwieght.

5 days after arthroscopy on knees, there's tightness & pain when pressed behind right knee and calf & bruise on back of calf. Is this worrying?

Ache on outside of one leg from hip to ankle. Knee has some pain as well especially when bending. No swelling.

After car accident my leg and foot are numb and I have pain in my knee. Is it serious?

Ankle pain outside of leg two inches up?

Arch of foot sore, outside of the calf hurts from knee to ankle with pinching / tingling sensation in middle of calf. Ultrasound normal. Cause be?

Are emg's painful? (left leg below knee)

Are there ways to just have your lower leg numbed during knee arthroscopy?

Back of leg swollen where the leg bends. No injury?

Been having left thigh, knee, shin and foot pain. Worked out today and knee and top of foot into ankle have shooting pains after workout. No swelling?

Been having on off pain in my knee for days now,Feel random pains in hip,In my foot/toes.Sometimes in my front calf.What is that?

Both knees are aching and my legs feel tight, what's wrong with me? And what should I do?

Both of my legs are aching from my knees downs front and back any ideas what might be going on?

Broken pelvis and sacrum, numbness on one leg ?

Bulge behind the knee and now there is weakness and pain in the leg, what could it be?

Burning in right foot, ankle, knee, upper leg and crotch.

Burning pain in ny right leg only fron hip to knees?

Calf locked up, now it's painful, tight, swells at ankle & foot, pain goes up to thigh all back leg pain & in bottom of foot, can't bend ankle, help?

Can a hip fracture cause your leg to go numb?

Can an infected toe cause pain in the hip, leg?

Can arthritis in both knees cause your legs to have random pain from toes to thigh with occasional burning? 2 negative d dimers

Can blood clots give you a "vibrating" feeling in you legs? Having a lot of pain in the very top of my thigh/hip radiats down leg and across pelvis

Can chondromalacia cause pain half way up thigh & down shin area?

Can cramping in my legs behind knee be DVT??

Can custom orthodics cause me upper leg and inner thigh pain when standing or walking. Pain for a week so far.

Can having a hypertonic pelvic floor cause leg pain in both legs? Pain from the hips all the way down each leg to the ankle?

Can legs bow due to patellofemoral pain?

Can lumbar radiculopathy cause severe knee, calf, and foot pain?

Can meralgia paresthetica cause swelling in the lower thigh and knee? And does it cause muscles, in the same area, to feel torn?

Can non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy cause lower leg to feel tight in back and on sides? Can it cause a pulling feeling when leg extended at knee

Can psoas muscle cause entire leg pain that starts at the top of the leg and goes down the leg/thigh and down to the foot ?

Can sciatica cause a cold spot on one leg and foot? i have pain in one leg, buttocks and lower back. walking used to help but now hurts my hip.

Can sciatica cause cramp pain in thigh, butt and leg when standing up or sitting and straighten my back up goes away after few seconds?

Can shin splints hurt the back of you legs?

Can siatic also hurt into the top of the leg as well As the groin?

Can somebody give me advice knee problem, 4 weeks after tearing my left leg's hamstring, my left knee feels stiff. Help?

Can the front of your thigh and back of your knee hurt if ur sciatic nerve hurts?

Can using a laptop on your knees give you leg pain?

Cause of pain behind knee after folding or stretching left leg?

Chronic hip, knee, occas. Ankle, wrist & elbow pain for 10 ys I have raynaud's in hands & feet & this past wk numb l upper hip/groin area, no pain. ?

Constant ache in leg muscles for over a week and my ankles and knees hurt and click when i move them... Why are my legs so weak and achy?

Could having an injured toe cause pain up my leg and my calf? What should I do?

Could you tell me what hurts more leg cramps or breaking a bone?

Couple weeks, my body's been hurting all over.My arms,legs,hands,knees,feet,ankles, fingers.Lower right leg & knee hurt more. Feels like bone and musc?

Crawling sensation on shin, twitches,quick warm sensations on thigh and shin, sciatic like leg pain thigh to ankle.Stiff sore knee.Back pain.Nerves???

Cyst on the lower tibia in my leg?

Did I pull something? Twisted my leg getting into a friends car. Pain shot through my leg and now my calf and the back of my thigh are very sore.

Does spondylolisthesis cause swelling in the left leg?

Dull ache in rt groin/hip/thigh for 2 mths, tingling in leg and pelvis when sitting. heat helps, walking helps, could this be from back injury?

Each time I do sprinting (3 to 4 times a week) I develop strong pains in my hamstring and through my thigh on my left leg. What should I do about it?

Edema in the leg and pain moves to another side on the same leg just before the my knee?

Every morning when I wake up my lower back, shoulders, knees and ankles are achey. What could be causing this?

Everything from hips down aches. Hips, buttocks,groin,thighs,knees,shins,calf and ankles. Not from exercise. Had a massage today and it's worse. ?

Excuating pain in feet, right leg & stiffness in both wrists What could be the cause?

Extreme tenderness in my lower legs & feet (from the knees, down.) what could be causing this?

Feel like I have a rubberband around my ankle. Have had pain in the same leg for months. Knee mri, leg us and ddimer all negative. What could this be?

Feel like I have a rubberband around my ankle. Have had pain in the same leg for months. Knee mri, leg us and ddimer all negative. What could this be?

Feeling lots of pain in knees, legs/pelvis, arm?

Feeling pain in nerve just above right leg knee and sometimes in left leg knee.

For 15 yrs (now23) I've had leg pains- can't tell at times if it is my knee or groin. Pain last days/weeks. Legs altern. I was told patellofemoral syn?

For what reasons has my calf muscle and knee been hurting for 2 weeks, and now my leg is swollen?

From knee down swells on right leg? Wat are causes for that

From sitting or sleeping, i develop a dullish pain in the back of the thigh near the buttock in a single spot. Pain walking, lifting leg, shifting or rotating leg. What nerve is this and what to do?

Front of my thigh hurts and I can't straighten my leg. Pulled muscle?

Had below-knee right leg amputation and damage around knee on left leg 2 years ago. Can walk on prosthetic leg. Can I still go through a pregnancy?

Had D dimer no dvt but have baker's cyst had Injection in knee now leg pain n stretching pain upto hip n swollen ankle too help what to do its painful?

Hard pain between angle and calf in my leg with swelling at ankle. What is it?

Have pain in my knee now my lower leg is swollen?

Have pain running down my legs from my right thigh down my leg, what could this means?

Having Leg Pain on my Left Leg for the Past two days below the Knees Above the Ankle?

Having pain in my left leg veins its paining when i walk i think it is gout..

Having pain in one leg hip area pelvis area sometimes knee to toe what could be the reason walking also uncomfortable?

Having pain in the front/ side of my left knee. When i lift my leg it feels like my knee joint is separated. I have to lift left leg with right leg?

Heat radiating from hip down back of leg all the way to my foot.

Hello Dr Conti, for the last week I have had numbness down both the front of my legs, from the knees down... what do you think this may be a result of?

Help please! i'm having knee pain after full leg cast?

Hi after doing pe I had pain above my right leg in the waist line only when I walk so what could this be ?

Hi I have easy bruising in my hand and leg today I have in my left leg between my two and heel and my hip and outer right leg is also swollen painfull?

Hi, for the last week my knees have been buckling and my leg gives out for a second and goes back to normal but causes ankle pain. Any insight?

Hip pain in left leg that has in the last two weeks radiated down front of leg and to the top of my foot?

Hip pain that runs down the front of the leg especially when walking?

Hip pain that runs down the front of the leg?

How can I address sprained lumbar with leg soreness?

How do I know if I have lower leg fracture?

How do I know if my leg is sprained if my leg has been hurting at the knee for a week?

How do I stretch what I think is my hamstring to the left of my left knee?

How long does leg swellong last after back surgery?

How would i know if i had a blood clot in my leg? I have a indention on the outside of my upper calf and pain running up the back of my thigh.

Husband has a pain on back of leg calf and when it walk hurts and limp?

I am having a lot of bad leg pain around the knee, upper thigh, and above my ankle on my driving leg, especially when I am driving. Lasting weeks.

I am 56 years old and have leg pain in both my legs and in right hip. I have a problem sitting upright in a chair for any lenght of time. They are tight in the back of the legs up into my buttocks. My right hip has the same simptoms and now wakes me at

I am experiencing left leg pain and hip pain that now has progressed to my big toe and calf and inner thigh. xray of my hip and knee shows nothing.

I am experiencing shooting pain down my lower legs, knees, ankles, and feet. My left leg is worse. Could an old S1/S2 injury cause this?

I am having Knee pain from the top of the knee cap that radiates down to the ankle and up to the thigh on the right leg ice is not helping?