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Achy calf and achy knees, mainly at night. Work out 3-4 times a week, running on treadmill and squats with no supplements. Not painful, just achy?

After running the stairs, my knees ache.What should I do?

After running, I have pain on the inner part of my shins and I can barley walk. Sometimes the pain lessens, other times it feels unbarable. I have bow legs, are there any good ankle braces you recommend to prevent more pain while sprinting? I bought shoes

Ankel pain when I run?

Ankle pain: beginner treadmill runner, dull pain on outside of left ankle, why?

Ankle pain. I started using a recumbent bike about 2 weeks ago. This week I started having pain in both Achilles. Some popping and pain with walking. ?

Any suggestions to mitigate pain from it band syndrome in my right knee while running?

Been having shooting shin pain when walking in wedgies lately?

Been having thigh, knee and shin/calf/foot.Pain...Most of the pain is in my knee. Workout regularly.Can a knee injury.Cause.Pain everywhere else? 29f

Been running and gradually the last four runs my calves are really hurting , having pains down by the sides if my shins and i've noticed a vein poppin?

Calf pain at the start of running sports, what's wrong?

Can i walk 3 miles after pelvic stress fractures 6 months ago. Still have pain?

Can i walk long distances with sore calf muscles? I excersie everyday.

Can old running shoes cause back pain when running?

Can runner have hamstring strain of both legs (w/ no injury) that would stiffen up when sitting & be ok w/ jogging? And could it cause shooting pain?

Can venostasis cause shin pain?

Can you get sciatica pain running on the inside thigh and calf?

Can you tell me how i can reduce shin slimy pain before and after sprint training?

Causes for hip pain in 17 y/o? Not athletic but pain started 2 yrs ago. Feet turn in when she walks

Chest pain when jumping on a trampoline?


Constant pain in knee and clicks when walking for 3 weeks pain now moving down to shin. No injury. Not a sports player. 25 female. What could it be?

Does costochondritis cause discomfort when running?

Excerise gives pain in my shins?

Experiencing frontal leg pain above the ankle/lower shin area when going jogging/walks?!

For the first time my knees, shins and even thighs have been paining a lot. They pain while walking and now even in general. What should I do? I'm 21

Had shin pain for about a week but pain still there and radiates to my calf now any suggestions? No injury and not a athlete

Had some pain in my shin after a workout few days ago. Now the pain is gone but have a slight swelling in my calf. Is this shin splints or clot?

Hamstring pain when i jog?

Have patella tendonitis and was wearing strap during running had no pain..Now swelling down completely but now it hurts when i run...Why is this?

Having aching pain starting in hips and running down to the ankles. Nothing is helping.

Having pain in my ankle after elliptical. What do you recommend?

Help please! i'm having knee pain, running don't know why?

Help! i like to jog but have bunion foot pain at times. What can I do to continue jogging while alleviating the pain?

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How can I stop inner ankle pain during running?

How can I stop limping while running?

How do I manage knee pain after running?

How do I prevent shin pain when jogging?

How long will pain in leg last after a marathon?

How much pain should my runner's knee be giving me before I go see a doctor? (20 female, 5k runner)

How to deal with midfoot pain after running?

How to prevent my knee pains that come from running?

How to recover quickly from knee pain after running?

I am a runner.I have been having pain on the back of my heel that I think might be Achilles tendonitis. Now I have pain below my kneecap.Right leg.

I am experiencing knee pain. It specifically flares up after running for about a mile. The pain runs down the back of my upper leg, down into my calf?

I am having a pain in my left calf. While running I got something blew in my calf. What could be the reason? Will it heal by stretching and rest?

I am having soreness and pain on the top of my feet, is it normal after walking about 3 miles?

I am training for my first half marathon and am experiencing some pain in my knee, calf and heel. How do I know when to seek medical attention?

I do 6kms brisk walk in 66mints but after the walk I have pain around the calf muscles , & ankles and some times also at the back what should I do.

I feel pain in shin after running?

I get sharp pains in my knee while running. What could this be?

I had a successful knee replacement on may 6. I have progressed to walking up to 1 mile per day. I am having shin pain this week. Is it common?

I have a consistent throbbing pain up the front of my calf. Is this shin splints?

I have a deep throbbing pain in my calf muscle while going up and down the stairs and during football practice but no other time?

I have a jabbing pain in my left knee when climbing stairs following heavy exercise. What could this be and can I keep running?

I have a pain directly behind one knee after running - what could it be and what can I do? (i have the pain only after running.)

I have a pain in my leg between calf and ankle after a short running. What should I do?

I have a pain in my lower legs in tibia bones after running is that because of mastubrating. Is it dangerous?

I have a sharp pain in my calf when i walk as if there's a knife in my calf muscles. There is also pain in my knee but not in my ankle..

I have a very sharp pain in my ankles when i walk short distances and rollerblade. What to do?

I have an on and off dull ache around my knee cap even after resting from running for 2 weeks. I have strengthened the vmo muscle aswell. What to do?

I have ankle pain when ever I get through running..What could I do?

I have ant. Left hip pain for one month that started one week after running a 5k (new runner). I'm limping. Advil (ibuprofen) 800mg doesn't help. What can it be?

I have bad pain in my knees when running, any suggestions?

I have been training for a 1/2 marathon and after an 11 mile run 2, weeks ago I have a sharp pain just to the right of my kneecap on my left knee.?

I have burning pain in toes walking long distance, what to do?

I have foot pain after hard workout, why is this?

I have knee pain from running. What should I do?

I have leg pain below knee..running for last two months..but pain is so much high that even I can't Walk me?

I have little pain in my calf when walking and bending my foot. I had this for 5 days, what should I do?

I have pad and when walking my buttocks hurt what can I do to ease pain?

I have pain above my knee after speed running...Is it muscle, bone or cartilage, and what can I do about it?

I have pain around the outside of my ankle and heel. For the past two weeks I have been doing some rigorous running and exercising. What's wrong?

I have pain in my Achilles tendon when I start running on the treadmill only. On the left leg mostly.what should I do?

I have pain in my knees from running is this normal I am a in shape runner?

I have pain in my left lower leg while running.just while running not after i stop.what should i do?

I have pain in my shins after walking or standing and "charlie horses" in my legs and arches of my feet. Could this be shin splints or something worse?

I have pain in y upper thigh my athletic trainer says it is my quad. what should i do? it hurts when i run and sprint? what do you thing it is?

I have pain on the outside of my leg just below the knee when running. Could it be IT band related?

I have pains in my gastrocnemius especially when i walk or squat, please why this pains?

I have pains in my inner ankle and shin splints when training for the marathon what shall i do?

I have pains in my inner ankle when training for the marathon what shall i do?

I have throbbing leg pain b/w knee and ankle after jogging or playing sports. Pain is getting worse. What could be the cause of this? Has been 3 month

I have upper thigh pain from running ( had a weeks rest still have pain). Can i workout ( like crunches) what should I do?

I have upper thigh pain from running i rested my muscles for a week but still have pain. I was told to run slowly . Is it okay to still do crunches?

I run on a treadmill 3x a week and recently have been experiencing knee discomfort when i walk. The pain is bearable. Could I have runners knee?

I took my first spin class today, after some time as a runner. I now have tenderness and localized swelling in my calf. Is this a shin splint?

I twisted my ankle on a sidewalk running today. Had immediate sharp pain along the lateral calf all the way to below the knee. Any recommendations?

I was a runner as a teen and notice that now running causes me hip and knee pain i never had before. Why is this and what can I do?

I'm a new runner. After running, I have some pain in my left leg (upper calf muscle and inside of my foot). What could cause this? Thanks!

I'm having back pain because of rock climbing (sport)..What should I do sir to heel that pain. .?

I'm new to jogging and had my lower leg pain when i jog. May i know is this normal for new jogger?

I'm training for a marathon and rolled my ankle and was out for 3 weeks now back but bad pain below knee, is this a shin splint?

I've been having some knee pain after running. how can I stop it so that I can keep running?

I've had 2 c-sections, and i'm a runner. I have had lower back pain and hip flexor pain. Stretching and time off running don't help. Help?!?

If ankle pain, how long should I stop running for? 18

Im having collum pain. Could it be because of running exercises?

Im having shin pain while jogging?

Intermittent intercostal pain (sternum area) for 6 months. Longtime weightlifter & tennis player. No pain when running hard. Why so long to heal??