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Fell on mywrist Severep pain and swelling can't bend?

two screws to fix foot 7 weeks ago. Severe calf, ankle and knee pain in affected leg. No redness or warmth just awful pain. On blood thinners 9 weeks?

1 month in on recovery of sprained ankle. Did some exercises for ankle yesterday and swelling came back with slight pain. What does this mean?

1 wk s/p ankle sprain cont. Having stabbing, burning pain in ankle at end of fibula.Radiates up outside foot and knee, Ball like feeling under foot ?

10 weeks after met. ORIF, still some pain on walking and still swelling. Told to walk normally, physio exercises, but swelling esp. a problem. Normal?

11 weeks after l ankle sprain. No fracture. Still residual swelling on l side n pain on r ligament. Pain worse after ankle exercise. Should continue?

11 wks post op ORIF ankle. Have ligament laxity. Ankle OK- but foot having trouble. Have nerve & arch pain. Will walk again? How much nerve pain ok?

13 weeks after ankle sprain, was put under scotchcast for 3 weeks in beginning, now still pains on standing for more than 5 mins, pain in lower leg, swelling?

16 week post low fib fx and ankle sprain. Was running and felt sudden sharp pain. Now have swelling and extreme pain to touch. Could be reinjury?

2 weeks after an ankle sprain. I can stand on toes of that foot and swelling is down to 20%, but stinging pain when I touch the skin in front of talus?

2mths ago I sprained my ankle it was bad ,and no fracture and until this day it's still a little swollen and In pain, doc said rest but it's not help?

3 days ago I fractured the distal tip of the fibula. I'm having very severe heel pain with ankle pain. Normal? Heel pain is 10/10 and non stop almost

3 weeks ago, smashed my foot against a wall, doing stretching exercises after workout. Bruising gone but pain still intense. Had xray. No fracture. ?

3 weeks since simple broken fibula and sprain. When i walk with airboot i still get a sharp pain in outer and inner ankle. Still throbs. Normal?

5 weeks+ after 2nd grade ankle sprain. Mild pain above round bone on r side of l foot when i walk n sometimes when i stand or press it. What is that?

6 weeks after 2nd grade ankle sprain. Have lower back pain when i walk now. Why? What should I do?

6 weeks ago I sprained my ankle, still have pain. It feels sore tender & tight between both sides of ankle. How do I recover fully?

7 weeks after simple fib fx and sprained ankle. Still get horrible shooting pain and burning sensation in ankle. Is this normal?

8 weeks after l ankle sprain. Now l ptt pain n lower back pain that moves around (r, center, tailbone) when i walk. Complications of ankle sprain?

8wks ago trimalleor ankle fx, still need pain meds. Still have difficulty walking, even have pain at rest.Did not have surgery.Is this normal?

9 months after microfracture surgery still getting sharp pain in area and bone hurts all the way to my ankle ice makes it worst what can be wrong?

A year ago i fell an hurt my ankle an now I have severe leg pain, and joint pain in knee groin n ankle, foot?

A year ago i sprained my knee. The pain was on and off but scince 4 days ago its been constant. My doc said its a fracture. How can I reduce the pain?

Achilles pain a few days after twisted ankle. My ankle felt better, however today I started having pain and now it just hurts.

After 12 weeks of ankle dislocation without surgery , I started to walk by 8 weeks now still swelling and bit of pain in ankle what to do .

After 2 months of wearin orthotics due to knee injury i'm getting very bad arch and ancle pain and weakness? It fells sharp and achey

After 9 weak of ankle dislocation without surgery I have started to walk there is bit of pain and limping , is it normal , what should I do ?

After a broken foot and calf injury my calf was full of hematomas amd pain. It's permanently bruised and still hurts but I cannot feel electric stim. ?

After a fall at volleyball, I have had pain just above the ankle, increasingly worse for about 6 weeks. Is this a normal sprain?

After my ankle opperation I am still in so much pain 8 months on?

After playing basketball my feet was aching very badly i was having cramps but now i m not able to walk i m having pain in my left ankle is it sprain?

Amonth ago i rolled my ankle&felt immediate sharp pain, I have iced etc. But i still have sharp pain around ankle bone and up my ankle, any tips?

Ankle fracture 26 days ago, now in air splint and told i can walk on it. Excruciating pain is this normal?

Ankle gives out a lot, even when walking, and afterwards, i may be unable to walk due to the pain. And it sometimes has a sharp pain. Possible causes?

Ankle injury a week ago and now hurts to walk and the pain radiates to the knee. Sent?

Ankle pain can't hardly walk up stairs no injury but is elevated vein horizantally pain out of context with look of this do I panic?

Ankle pain in both feet for past 1 & 1/2 years near outer talus. Popping, no swelling. Pain so bad that I limp every day at work. Daily ice water soak?

Ankle pain on outer side of right.I was at MORP last night and when I was dancing I rolled sideways on it.Mild bruising and swelling.Pain when walk.

Ankle pain over a week behind ankle and near Bone swelling and bruising! When to doc for anti inflammatory meds... still in pain when walk ?

Ankle pain persists 6 years after bad sprain?

Ankle pain that is worse at rest. What can I do?

Ankle pain, a tweak of the ankle while walking? Is that possible?

Ankle popping and grinding woth every move also painful on side of right ankle and back. Is this ankle arthritis?

Ankle sprain 8 months ago. Till now, mild chronic ptt pain at inner ankle. Seen 3 orthopaedists, custom insoles, physio, nothing works. Who can help?

Ankle was sprained 3.5 months ago, xray 2 weeks later was neg. Still feeling a stabbing burning pain in my foot and my ankle bone is tender. Help?

Any ideas why my ankle aches but doesn't really hurt after a subtalar joint fusion?

Are ankle replacements an option for severe ankle pain?

Are stress fractures of the ankle extremely painful? I have started running on a treadmill recently and I am having moderate pain in my ankle.

Are there any ways to sprain your ankle and still have full range of motion without pain?

Began to walk on my feet after breaking an ankle, which lasted four months of treatment, but I feel severe pain and swelling what is the likely cause.

Between the ankle bone and the back of the foot, the soft area there, I get a sharp sustained pain. Doesn't last long, doesn't happen every day.

Bilateral knee pain only when climbing stairs or sitting to standing since one month, no pain in ankle but mild swelling in ankle and foot. help?

Broke ankle a while ago and can't move my foot! how can I speed up the recovery and dull the pain?

Broke tibia right under the knee of right leg and fractured it was in a cast for 6 weeks now in a brace my knee is swollen and I'm experiencing alot of pain. Should I have had surgery?

Broken ankle or sprain? Symptoms are swelling of ankle. Can rotate and walk on it with mild pain though. Happended 5 days ago

Burned my ankle over three weeks ago, still not healed and having very intense pain, what pain reliever would work best?

Burning pain in ankle up to knee. Ankle injury 20 days ago. No fracture in x-ray. Arch and heel pain with sweeling on ankle with burning while walking?

Burning pain in the ankle, what does it mean?

Can a fractured vertebrae cause severe leg pain upon walking?

Can a bone spur in your ankle cause swelling in your calf?I'm also having nerve pain up from my ankle into my calf.Are they related?

Can a sprained ankle ligament cause lower back pain? And how can treat it?

Can ankle tendonitis pain be pretty severe? Also have swelling. Taking shoe on and off hurts. I don't drive-have to walk! Could a brace help?

Can crutches be used for a coccyx (tailbone) injury if most of the pain is from walking and putting pressure on one leg?

Can I break my ankle without pain????

Can i walk like normal with no pain if I have a fracture in my ankle?

Can meloxicam relieve pain from a sprained ankle?

Can overweight cause pain in ankle n lower leg while weightbearing post 11 mnths of severe ankle sprain?Weightbearing activity of 10 minutes causes pain

Can paracetamol help ankle pain?

Can you still walk on a stress fracture? Horrible pain while walking but I am still able to walk. No trauma occurred. Random numbness. Dull throbbing

Can you tell me about post mild ankle sprain, pain only when running?

Can't bend my knee without severe pain after soccer injury. it's been a day ?

Can't turn my foot from side to side. Medial ligament in ankle is tender to touch but not very discolored. Difficulty walking & extreme pain. Sprain?

Cellulitis in my ankle, treated with fluocloxacillin 500 mg 4 a day from 10 days ago. It responded, but slight pain if touch, uncomfy if walk on heels?

Clicking and pain in flexing right foot. What can I take for this?

Continuous pain in ankle even when I am resting. What is it and what can I do about it?

Could walking with a sprain make it worse if there's no pain?

Daughter having alot of ankle pain on the inside and outside after inverting ankle(soccer).No bruising; some swelling.reasons why so much pain? Brace?

Diagnose w/ sesamoiditis (clean xray-dec). Springboard diver, & doing PT but pain much worse. Now, ankle/ mid-foot (top) stiffness/discomfort. Why?

Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis 3 months ago its getting worse. No pain in AM but I'm immobile w/PAIN after walking . Normal xray What can I do??

Did I fracture my foot or just sprain it. Hard to stand on it due to pain?

Dislocated shoulder 5 days ago broke a bone now pain down rigjt side feet an legs swollen an painful?

Doc said I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. in terrible pain and also that my foot and ankle still swollen. Should I go to the er?

Does constant icing help for ankles?

Does roaccutane can cause ankle pain?

Eight weeks ago i had a radial fracture of the fibula. I am now experiencing a dull constant pain under the heel of my foot. What could be the cause?

Every night I have severe pain in my left foot but the pain is worse on my heal i wear trainers so its not my shoes and both my ankles are puffy.?

Experienced short while sharp pain on my left leg and was too painful to walk. Doctor said slight injure ligament. But with 4 months physio, not recover?

Fell of jet ski. Now hard /pain to walk on leg in thigh upper and lower prior to a high ankle sprain . Ankle is sharp hit of pain on off. Help?

Fibula fracture and sprained ankle 2 weeks ago. Having pain above ankle and on shin area. Especially bad with pressure. Is this ok?

Fractured 2nd metatarsal 6/17 cast on 6/21 having harp pains constant in arch shooting into toe which i can not bend dr won't return calls what to do?

Front ankle pain that is radiating up leg, unable flex foot and feeling like ankle is clicking out of joint. Came on sudden, no injury.

G1 anterolisthesis L5 on s1. Left leg very painful and difficult to walk on. Pain radiates down to ankle. Safe to use crutches until pain subsides?

Getting swelling in one leg and ankle, with no injury, no pain?

Grade 2 sprain 7 years agao, steroid injection 2 years ago, hurt ankle last week, ankle now numb, feels like ankle isn't there when pushing off it?

Had a TKR 20 days ago. Ankle on the foot has so much pain!! Knee does also. What you feel causing ankle pain and any suggestions to help relieve it?

Had an ankle injury 12 months ago still having tenderness and pain after wearing high heel shoe, will this pain ever go away?

Had ankle fracture yr ago. Some stiffness, swelling. Most pain front of joint when bending knes over foot. Some popping and pain near inside archilles?

Had left ankle surgery recently: can walk with boot & still with pain. I did sprain my right ankle 3d ago, can walk but with pain. Any tips/advices?

Had outer ankle sprain 20 days back. x rayed ankle, its a ligament able to walk mostly no pain but swelling persists on inner & outer ankle?

Had pain in my Achilles and under my ankle had for about 5 weeks if i stop running for a week it eases had an X-ray no broken bones ?