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I have pain behind my knee. Happened after i tried to squat and had a pop but it never swelled?

What causes pricking pain, as if I'm receiving an injection in my right calf. It's worse when I bend my knee and has lasted 10 days.

10 weeks ago i had a left total knee replacement and now I have a dull, achy pain in my left hip and left foot ankle. What could this be?

12 months ago, I had an ACL reco on my left knee. I've had a lot of pain under my scar & my inner knee, it's a really sharp pain, what should I do?

12 yr old complains of knee and ankle pain when sitting.not all the time. Could it be growing pains ?

16 years ago i hurt back at work I am now disabled. Three hern. Disk inside lower back &tear have no feeling below knees. Bad painfeet ankles shin?

19 year old male and my knee cap randomly started to feel hot to the touch?

1st noticed mild knee pain, giving way while climbing stairs Now severe pain, constant and throbbing. Not swollen. I'm limping. Knee is stiff. ?

2 back surgeries in ~1 month. Wondering if increased [email protected] from overdoing it could cause severe burning/cramping pain behind knee, in calf/ankle, & thigh? Have to lie down & hard to walk/sit.

21y/o female athlete with pain in front of knee cap, stiff, some swelling. Should I see a doctor?

22, previous trauma to right knee (about 4 years ago) never had it looked at, burning sensation when still for too long also happens in both knees?

2y/o painful limp 10 days. X-ray showed healthy leg. When I extend his leg back&forth at knee, I feel a pop behind knee/thigh. Does it sound sprained?

38 yof. Severe burning stinging & throbbing pain started behind left knee 2 weeks ago now goes from back hamstring down leg feels like kneecap slips pop?

4 days post op. L knee arthroscopy. Alot of pain on outer side of lower thigh. Is this normal? Thankyou

6 yr old has sever knee pain at night and cant walk?

64yr old woman. Sharp pain in knee, feels like underneath knee cap only when knee is bent and general weakness. There is no swelling. What can it be?

A crunching or tearing sensation felt by hand in the left side of Rknee while using stairs no pain in it?

A dull, aching pain under or around the front of the kneecap where it connects with the lower end of the thighbone .. Pain occurs when squating :( !!

A few weeks ago my knee got very painful when I kneel, now I have a constant pain on the inside of my knee that's is getting worst. What could this be?

A week ago, the vein on my knee cap burst & bruised. I put Ice on it. Now it's burning, has pain, & sudden onset bruising. What next?

Abrupt stop in soccer, knee hyperextended.Sharp pain/swelling, no pop.Swelling gone overnight w ice.Now back outside of knee (lcl) is tight.Pain inside front of knee walking-what is this?Bad to walk?

Ache pain in my legs at night . It hurts a lot especially calves and behind knees . Any suggestions ?

After a fall I have burning pain on side of knee when touched, what could cause this?

After a session of shooting a soccer ball, I have a pain on the left of my right knee just below the joint, every time I shoot. No sound or tear, why?

After a soccer game, I felt pain at the back of my knee.Using ibuprofen and wrapping it, pain was gone, but still feels unstable. No swelling at all. ?

After about 2 weeks I felt pain in my shin and ankle. What should I do to ease the pain?

After accident last week my ankle/lower leg hurts after activity on it, inner ankle bone isn't sticking out all the way. What does this sound like?

After driving for a couple of hours I often have a lot of pain in and around my knee area, particularly the right knee and the area just above the kne?

After i go running my knee becomes sore and stiff for a coupe days. What could he causing this?

After jogging my knee is swollen and feels like there is fluid in the joint. What should I do?

After joining crossfit Ive noticed I favor my right leg & my left knee hurts/clicks when I bend it. What can I do, squats have become quite painful.

After mva have knee problems 1st wk walked only on toes of r leg swollen knee unable to do certain thing now constantly have chronic aching/sharp pain?

After playing tennis, I have a small pain in the front right part of my knee, and soreness/stiffiness along the back inside of that knee. What is it?

After shooting a soccer ball i now have a pain on the left side of my right knee just below the joint. What happened and what should i do?

After standing with locked-out knees for more than 1.5 hours, knee bit swelled and feels strange. No previous knee injuries or problems.

After years of martial arts im experiencing pain in my left and right hip joints. What do I do?

Almost bent my knee the wrong way 2yrs ago & have a hard lump just above the crease of my knee. It doesn't move & is now painful mainly after exercise?

Ankle pain right when I wake up before moving?

Any reason for feeling burn below knee cap?

Are the reflex reaction on your knees suppose to react on any part of the knee that is tapped? The top and sides of your thigh suppose to react ?

Arthritis? I have been hurting in my joints going to my hips. It really hurts at night. Mostly on my right side. I don't think it's arthritis because it hurts if it rains or not if that makes a difference. It has been hurting on my right side for about

As of recent when kneeling I sometimes get sharp pain In knee and feel like it might snap. After pain to side of knee? Is this serious?

Awhile ago my left knee popped and rolled. It has occasional pain. I fell on the knee recently, it hurts down the tibia to foot. What should I do?

Back of knee pain.When i put pressure on it there is a sharp pain in the back/middle of my knee. It also hurts to bend it. Is it just a sprain?

Bad knee pain during softball help?

Bad knee pain?

Bad pains in left knee no injury hurts down to top of foot when I use stairs i noticed swelling and it feels like it slips out from under me?

Behind knee (burning)and calf (dull/sharp) pain that's been getting worse over the last 3weeks. X-ray normal ultrasound knee to groin normal. No injur?

Behind knee a bit sore and stiff and it clicks sometimes?

Behind my knees, bottom of my butt, and lrgs all together hurt and feel weak. My hips too. Dr says its tight hamstrings but he didn't do any tests.?

Behind my left knee hurts constantly. My orthopedic specialist thinks its maybe baker cyst. How do we know?

Bent my knees&as I rose my knee felt it was about to pop. Instead of popping, I felt a sharp pain behind kneecap. Been sore for 2 days to bend?

Both knees have been hurting,sharp pains on the inner parts and underneath the petella,my orthopedic surgeon told me to do pt, it didn't help, ideas?

Both knees have recently started having a painful, stinging pain in the fron under the actual knee cap in the soft tissue area. What could be the cau?

Bruise on inside knee bend gets darker/constant severe pain/tripped twice wearing heels/landed hard on bare toe tips/toes ok/knee not ok/back of knee and top of calf sore. Pain making me cry.

Bruised my knee 2 weeks ago.pain has gotten better but still goes from ankle to just above knee,still black.could there be something wrong inside it?

Bumped the inside of my knee with another player in football, pain is only on a specific part of knee bone and has a sort of prickly poking feeling.. ?

Burning and pain just in my left leg that comes and goes with pain in my knee?

Burning or a cold sensation associated with my left knee below yhe knee cap no swelling that i can tell but it does have a puple color like a bruise ?

Burning pain inside my knee when cycling. It feel like its friction heat in side my knee what could be wrong?

Burning pain left calve jumping around?

Burning pain when standing on inner/medial behind knee. Not middle behind knee, inner behind knee. Likeliness of nerve (saphenous?) Or clot?

Bursitis just below knee cap (size of apple) burst when I bent down & drained into leg. Now leg is sore but no pain, is it ok/safe for it to rupture?

Can a knee injury cause you to feel unwell?

Can Achilles tendonitis cause constant pain that does not go away?

Can doctors tell me what does knee pain on top of the platella mean?

Can falling on a knee that has osgood schlatters disease make thhe condition worse? I had osgood schlatters disease in my left knee. I tripped and fell on concrete today, and right on the botton of my knee cap it is badly bruised. It hurts pretty bad, i c

Can knee bursitis cause a lump in the thigh just above knee?Waiting for xray to verify. Lump is painless,feels deep in muscle,very mild ache in knee.

Can medial colateral ligament level 2 tear hurt for 8 months and still get better? I feel small pain right on the inside of the knee. It gets worse.

Can Osgood Schlatters Diesease be a bump on the inner side of my knee? It sounds like i have it but its below the knee cap? Plz help ASAP.

Can sciatic pain be felt from knee down to foot its a dull pain and not feel pain at thigh?

Can somebody give me advice knee feels twisted, clicking but only light pain?

Can someone explain to me how come there lumps under my knees?

Can you explain why I have joint pain and why it hurts when i walk?

Can you help? I woke up with swelling and extreme pain in left knee?

Cannot bend my right knee all the way to my buttocks when I try to pull it in my knee hurts also my right knee has slight pain especially after drivin?

Catching at knee randomly then small popping sound... numbness right above knee... minimal to no pain happened after doing a large number of squats.

Comes/goes. Been happening for years. I get sharp pain in my knee near cap at front. Pressure on, painful and my knee gives way under me sometimes.

Constant knee pain from two month old incident. What should I do?

Constant knee pain seems lateral collateral ligament is tight & painful?

Constant leg pain, 24 years old. Best way to describe it would be "growing pains". My knees hurt in side as well, and my achilles.

Could cellulitis cause achilles' tendon pain and pain in calf almost like stabbing/arthritis pain?

Could it be sciatica even i don't have back pain but pain that starts from above knee and radiates behind the fumer to the hip or below knee from behi?

Could my back be causing pain from my ankles to my knees and my elbows . But no back ache?

Could my knee have possible scar tissue left from when I broke it 13 years ago.... My knee keeps popping when I run and then gets a bubble of fluid ?

Diagnosis for swollen knee, constant pain,limited movement, locking feeling, have to keep knee straight, swollen for 5 months,?

Discomfort all about knee especially just above knee & to outside of it. Feels like tight squeezing when knee is bent. Some pain behind knee too.

Discomfort in knee which swelled up after a few days. Dr said to walk on it and X-ray doesn't show anything. What do I do as it still hurts @front?

Dislocated my knee in June 2014. Since then, I have been experiencing catching and a lot of pain mostly on the outer side of my knee. what could it be?

Do I have knee bursitis? Knee is very swollen, tender near the front, feels warm & very difficult to bend. It hit the edge of a bathtub last summer.

Do i need to see someone for a pain on the outside of my knee? I was doing zumba and i did a jump with my legs in a v. When i landed i felt a sharp pain on the outside of one of my knees. I have been wearing a knee wrap to protect that knee due to a str

Do labor pains start in the top of the groin and move down toward the knee cap?

Doc, 2 days ago until this momment my right knee suddenly ache when I was walking.. It's hurt when my leg straight... Can I know the treatment? Thx

Does an osteosarcoma appear in the front of the knee or behind it?

Does twisting your knee to the left or right with pain indicate a medial meniscus tear? If i move my knee that way the pain is unbearable

Dok I have problem with my knee for one side only?

Dull consistent pain in right hip like it's bruised but there's no bruise was not in any circumstances recently where I would have hurt my hip either ?

During a yoga ex. that required extreme stretch to back of kneeI felt a sudden, sharp pull behind and just above middle of knee? Same pain 3 wks

Entire knee hurts, side, inside, behind. Landed with all weight on foot and wrenched knee on numerous occasions. Can this cause swollen hamstring?

Every morning i wake up with ankle, knee, and hip pain. Its been happening for a couple years now and its getting worse.